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Coming to America

vegeta rocker

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Have you ever seen a really bad show and wondered how they rationalized doing it?
Well i caught Victoria Beckham: Coming to America on tv and must say, that was the biggest waste of my entire life.

It was an hour long pompous load of fluff.

I thought they would touch on the challenges and issues they would face coming to our country. What did i see?

Victoria decorating, shopping and chatting.

I guess i shouldn't be surprised, but i was.

So anybody else catch this, or something just as dumb?
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[SIZE="1"]Man, I clicked into here hoping this was about the old Coming to America with Eddie Murphy. I was sorely dissapointed.

These kinds of television shows have become the trend, and they're one of the reasons I've strayed away from watching television. What happened to the good old days of kicking back and watching [i]The Cosby Show[/i] or [i]The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air[/i]? These shows were fantastic and really entertaining, but all you have now is watching some people go through their actual lives, and it's quite annoying. It seems that television corporations believe that for every one person who doesn't give a damn if "Posh" is getting a manicure, there are legions that do.

You know it's a sad day when an average footballer, such as David Beckham, is making millions to do what? Nothing? He's still nursing his "injury", albeit playing in a friendly match. Okay, so he can pass the ball and shoot? What else can he do? He can't dribble, can't shoot with his off-foot, and doesn't have any speed. But, he's the saviour of football in the US.

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I don't know that it was ever advertised to be anything else, so I guess you just missed all the stuff leading up to it? lol

That said, it's largely an attempt to get people in the US to even give two shits about her and her husband. A LOT of money was spent to get him on a US team, I think largely in the interest of him perhaps pushing interest for the sport up here. As it stands now, the US has never had someone on the scale of say Michael Jordan or Dan Marino for its national soccer league.

The problem is that I still don't think people will care. You have to know who the man is in the first place to even want to know about him playing soccer. Bizarrely, Victoria is probably still more well known here thanks to the Spice Girls. This show is her "soccer game" so to speak. It's to get her name and such in your face. It's very much a publicity stunt for her, obviously, and the network is hoping to cash in on that. I mean, it's not like costs much to follow someone around with a couple of cameras.

I'm kind of predicting that it will all eventually just turn into tabloid articles like it does with every "new" celebrity couple, general interest will die down and whoever paid Beckham all that money to come here will realize it was not a useful endeavor.

[quote name='Posthumous'][SIZE="1"]Man, I clicked into here hoping this was about the old Coming to America with Eddie Murphy. I was sorely dissapointed.[/SIZE][/QUOTE]

You win.
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