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How different things affect you.


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Now I was starting to notice things, like how when I was a Kid watching
power rangers I wanted to know karate and used to fool around with my cusin fighting. Now as a kid you imitate things you see hear etc. because your mind is growing, but now as I get older I notice that certain things like Movies things people do etc. affect me in different ways. Like watching a movie now depending on the film will get my mind racing, if it's about religion my mind goes religious crazy. Or if I watch a gory twisted film like Saw or Hostile, it makes me think of nothing but torture etc. So this convorsation is about why our minds do this, and how other things affect us.
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[COLOR="DarkRed"]This type of thing is what advertisers, companies, and economists study for a living pretty much. Take a mass media class and you will see. There are certain factors or rather theories that advertisers made up to describe such things that you are thinking about. Such things like the band wagon theory, and I think subtismal theory?

If you watch the sprite commercials I think it is. Where they say lemon lime really fast and have really odd commercials. That is a type of advertising. I lost my mass media text book otherwise I would go into more detail about the various details of advertising theories.

Basically, companies and advertisers keep these theories in mind when they make shows and commercials so that they can sell ratings and sell their product. They also used these kind of things in the propoganda films during the cold war and brainwash the German children to believe in a pure Germanic bloodline and to scorn the Jews.

All it comes down to for what you are saying are these theories. Which I think are called mind control theories. They give an understanding of why we feel the way we feel and so on. Hope this helped.[/COLOR]
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