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RPG Vampire Slayers 2: The Reckoning is Nigh

The Enemy

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OK, the rp is up now post away. Try getting your characters in one place so we can all meet up.
Drew walked down the streets of Venice admiring the water ways and beautiful night sky. His night was disturbed however when he heard a scream. Instantly he recognized it as human and female. "And just when my night was going so well." Drew spoke aloud as he changed course toward the scream. Not any were in the streets at night any more, one of the reasons Drew enjoyed them so much. He heard the scream again, more enunciated this time "Help!!! Someone help me!!" called the girl.

He found her as she ran onto the sidewalk he was on "Hello ma'am" Drew said kindly. The girl looked no more than 19. Drew wondered why she was out so late to begin with but had no time to fulfill his thoughts, as they were interrupted by a vampire. It ran after the girl ,calling "it would be over faster if-" Stopping as he saw Drew, the girl now hiding behind him. "Out of the way! No one needs you to ply hero." The vampire said angrily. "counter offer, you leave." Drew replied. The vampire lunged forward but Drew did not flinch. He waited, the vampire made it mere inches from Drew before any action was made. In a flash Drew pulled out his black pistol and elbowed the vampire in the head with one fluid motion.

The vampire was up in seconds but by then Drew had taken aim. "What are you!?" Demanded the vampire. "I'm not sure I understand. Rephrase the question." Drew answered. The vampire fumed and shouted "No human is that fast!!" The girl behind Drew took a step away, not noticing before but in actual fact Drew moved barely fast enough to see. "Tell me why you would care first," said Drew "you probably won't be among the living long enough to acknowledge the information." He continued. "Why you!! I don't care whatever you are, you'll be dead soon and it won't matter to anyone!!" The vampire foolishly attacked again, he didn't make it 2 feet before Drew ha pulled the trigger and send him flying backward into a pile of ember and ash.

"Thank you mister. Thank you for saving me." The girl said before running off again, presumably to her home. Drew blew the smoke from the tip of his gun's barrel and continued walking. "I remember hearing something of a vampire issue in England. Perhaps I'll head over there sometime for a little winter cleaning." After speaking with himself again Drew began to whistle as he strolled down the sidewalk.
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Reilly sat in the pub as per his uaual routine. It wasnt as busy as it usually is, but there was still enough commotion to fill the room with noise. Conversations being traded back and forth, and the fruit machine "Oh Ahh Dracula" had its alarm going do to some drunk who appreaently dosent run out of change. Reilly sat there spinning his empty glass in his hand. Then The server cam back and grabbed the empty glass and left him a lauger. He quickly drank it left his tip and exited th pub.

Walking to the shop Reilly felt unusually comfortable in the cold snowy streets of London, the streetlights illuminated his way as he passed into the alley behind his shop. He pulled out his keys and was fiddling with the lock before he was interrupted by a voice.

"You sure this is the one Charlie?" asked a man with a high pitched tone.

"Positive, This is the blighter that smote Johnny," replyed Charlie.

"Who cares lets just kill em', if it isnt him it wont matter," this was a girls voice. Reilly turned to see the thre of them staring right at him.

"Can I help you?" aske Reilly calmly when one of them lunged at him. Reilly drew his 1911 from his jacket and fired two rounds. One missing but the other hitting his right in the head. Now the others had lunged ath him He raised his gun again but he was too slow the man knocking him to the ground and his gun out of his hand and pinning him. The girl then walked over and knelt by him.

"Oh he is handsome, I think ill make him mine," She said sliding her flinger down his neck and them licking him befor bearing her fangs.

"NO THANKS!" Reilly yelled flipping his hand overtop of the vampire holding him down, a sickening hissing noise cam forth as what seemed like steam frose from his hand. The vampire jumped off him cradling his hand. The girl turned to her friend and Reilly took this oppertunity to do the same on her face. She jumped off too smacking and scrathing at her face. They looked at the wonds. Burns in the shape of a cross. Reilly held up his hand to show a roseary tied around his wrist. "Put meaning to the saying 'trick up your sleve' dont it?"

Both the vampires hissed and ran off into the shadows. Reilly pulled out a silver cigarette case and pulled out a black hand rolled cigarette, he lit it and retrived his gun. He walked to the door and whent indide to finally go to sleep. "Let the guild clean up this mess." he muttered to the body as he closed the door.
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[FONT="Comic Sans MS"][COLOR="Navy"]Ezra followed her target closely as it walked down the sidewalk, the fluid movements of a vampire were well known to her for she was part vampire herself. She silently pulled out her pistol she was now close enough to smell the blood from a fresh kill, although she was still feet away from her target she knew that he just eatten not to long ago and it was the girl's father that had hired her, she took a deep breath as he turned a corner and walked into the alley.
"You've been following me for quite some time hunter."
"I was hired to follow you."
"How much are you getting paid?"
"Enough to hold me until I need another hunt."
"So a few weeks. That's a worthy job I have to admit."
"Shut up!"
She aimed and shot, the UV rounds killing the vampire in one shot. She holstered her pistol and walked away, her mind heavy once again like it was after many of her kills. Entering a bar she sat down and ordered her drink, noticeing that she was in a vampire bar, she was allowed being half blooded, and none of them would dare start something with her, she was to well known in this city.[/COLOR][/FONT]
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[FONT="Lucida Sans Unicode"][COLOR="Red"]Zefie walked down the streets of the busy city. She looked up and saw that the sun was still high. As she walked around she noticed a couple of police officers wandering the streets. She followed them swiftly and noticed that they were headed to where a killing had taken place. This was her bait. As the officers entered the alley, they saw many corpses lying on the floor. As an officer got closer to one of the bodies, he was instantly killed. The other officers ran over to him and saw that a dagger had been aimed at his temple. Blood oozed and the officers were all in a fury. Zefie laughed and the officers looked up. She looked down at them with her bright purple eyes and then held up a dagger. She moved her lips as in saying words which looked like it said, "You die here."

Zefie threw the dagger in front of the officers and as they watched it hit the ground, she fired off her pistol and they were dead. She kept one still barely alive to ask him questions. As she jumped down from the roof, she walked over to the man and asked, "Why are you guys hunting us down?" She said with a very cold and evil voice.

"We ha-hate you Blood-Blood Runners. All yo-you do is kill us," he said.
Zefie giggled and said, "Good luck officer when dealing with the dead." Zefie cut the man's throat a dagger and sucked his blood for energy. She then returned to the world beyond the alley and back into the daylight.

[I]I still don't know what they want with us. I need to confirm some things with the head master then return back and gather more. Too bad none of them are a challenge. I need someone that will help me with the blood lust that I yearn for.[/I]
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[COLOR="Purple"]Eva walked the nightlite streets of New York City. It was buzzing with people walking to movies, restuarnts, stores, and what not. To everyone she was just a normal person like everyone else. She was kind of hungery and was in search of a pub or club anywhere. She searched for about a few minutes when she found one. She walked in and saw that it was filled with humans or hunters for that matter. They were talking about how to eliminate them ane how they shouldn't have come to earth. She walked through the tables of people and arrived at the bar table. She sat down and looked at the menu to see what kind of drinks that they had.

"What would you like to drink?" asked the bartender.
"I'll have your special," she said.

She watched hime make her drink and set it in front of her.

"Thanks," she said as she took a sip.
"No problem. That'll be $8.46," he said with a smile.
She pulled out her wallet and gave him the money and said," Here ya go."

She watched as he left and looked around at all the people that were talking and drinking and getting themselves drunk. She saw a couple of guys in particular. They were talking about when their next target was to arrive and how they would kill it. She overheard them saying that they were going to hunt it tonight at Central Park. They soon left the place and Eva chugged her drink down and headed for the door to follow them. She followed them all the way to Central Park. She was the type to help out vampires even though she was in a totally different class from them.

They walked into the Central Park and waited. They were talking about when the vampire was going to show up and wondered how long it would be before it arrives. Soon a vampire appeared out of nowhere and attacked a woman that was out walking. The woman was sucked of her blood and died. The hunters ran after the vampire holding roseries to keep it at bay. Eva put on her mask and ran to help the vampire. She was faster than the hunters and intersected them.

"Wha...What the fuck?!" said one of the hunters.
"I felt as though I was just stabbed in the heart," said another.
"Is...is this murderer's intent?" said another.
"Who is that?" said another.
She mouthed off words that they interpeted to be: "I will not let you harm this vampire. You will die where you stand."

She attacked. She was very fast and the hunters couldn't see her. She unsheathed her long swords and sliced off one of the guys's heads. Then she lunged at another guy and threw her sword into his heart. Then she brought out her parasol and spun it around releasing the hidden items that hide under it. Kunai and needles filled with poison pierced the bodies of the hunters. They screamed in pain and terror as their bodies were slowly turning black and killing them slowly. The night was filled with the screams that came from them. Soon they died.

Eva walked up to the vampire and extended her hand to him.

"Thank you," said the vampire as he took her hand and she helped him up.
She mouthed off more words which read: " No problem. I help those who are of the Blood Runners."
She handed him a card and left.

[I]'Another job well done. I am sure that he will come visit me the next time we meet. I think that now I will head for England and see what I could do there,'[/I] Eva thought as she walked the streets of nighttime New York City.[/COLOR]
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Reilly sat at his work station cleaning his gun from last nights ordeal. He was cleaning the barrel when he heard the bell ring at the door of the shop. He walked to the door wiping his hands on a towel. A man stood wearing a along grey coat at the entrance.

"How can I help you?" Reilly asked in a unwelcoming tone.

"Im with the Guild," the man said pulling out a silver badge. "I need to ask you some questions."

"Sure ya do, lets go in my office... POPS!" A portly man in reverands garb and a leather apron came from the back.

"Yes Reilly?"

"Watch the counter, I've got some business to tend to," Pops nodded and whent behind the counter. "Shall we then?" Reilly said gesturing to the back. They walked back through the workshop into a small cluttered office. Reilly sat down putting his feet up on the desk and lighting a cigarette. "Now whats this all about?"

"The Guild is investigating you work around the area, you have been quite busy havent you?"

"Yes I have, and I wouldn't need to be if The Guild would stop wasting time investigating what I'm doing and start helping these people."

"Well, The Guild is offering you a position-"

"No," interrupted Reilly blowing out a cloud of smoke. "If I join The Guild then nothing will get done around here and that would lead to a major infestation, I am sorry I have wasted your time, but I will not join," reill sat up and poited to the door "Good day," the man stood up and started to walk out of the office, he turned around and gave Reilly a menacing look.

"Then this is a warning, continue what you are doing and The Guild will take action," He then left the room and Reilly heard the bell ring at the front door. Reilly walked out there and stood next to the counter with Pops.

"What was that all about?" asked Pops getting up from his seat.

""Some prat from the Guild giving me a final warnoing and whatever, I'll take over the counter, you can take a break." Reilly said pulling out a flask and taking a swig. Pops nodded and scuttled off to the back, leaving Reilly staring out the door as the man crossed the street.
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Phill walked down a busy road in london and looked up into the sky and decided he might want to get some rest before night came as it was dangerous for him at night as vampires now seemed to come at him for vengance or whatever other reason, he didn't really understand the minds of the beasts but it sure made it easier to find them when they are searching for you as well, tho did make ur survival a fair bit harder.

Looking at a scrap of paper in his pocket he thought for a small bit and figuring it'd be faster on his bike he walked down an alleyway and opened a garage at the end of it leading into his living quarters and revealing a large motorcycle. He jumped on the bike and left down towards a shop that he had learnt from a vampire desciple that there was a skilled vampire hunter that had incured the wrath of a fair few vampires and that there was very high number of vampires gathering in that area of town.

After a half hour of driving he came to a motel and payed for a room and figured he'd get some rest before getting there for it seemed there would be alot of fighting once he got to the district of town and it wouldn't help to be tired. Setting his alarm clock to 5pm he set up various stuff to wake him and ward off vampires while he slept, After laying down for a few minutes he fell to sleep wondering what the vampires where really up to.
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[COLOR="Red"][FONT="Lucida Sans Unicode"]It was getting late and Zefie had to report back at home. As she walked around she found the house and walked to it. There were other people around and just saw her walk through a solid wall. She looked back at the people with their frightening faces. [I]Of course. Normal humans can't tell that vampires live here. The ward protects us. I only need to do what was possible before the elder finds out.[/I]Zefie thought as she continued to walk towards the house.

As she arrived, the house looked like it was an old Victorian home. The moon was high and clouds covered it. As she walked through the two large doors, she saw them waiting. "What have you gathered, Zefie?" asked the elder sitting in a nice commfy chair. He was an old vampire who was very calm yet very respected. He was a pureblood and that made him have his nobilty.

Zefie walked over to where a sofa was and sat on it. "Is that all you ask for Grandpa? I guess it seems that you haven't changed. It seems that the humans have become aware of our presence. Even more so, I hear that they don't like us for what we are trying to do," she said sacastically.


Zefie turned to see who had it been to slap her. "Don't you dare call him that name! You are to address him as Elder! Do you got that Miss Irius?! Also, cut the sarcastic act too while you are at it!" It was her Aunt. Her Aunt took care of Zefie but I guess you really can't call her an Aunt. She's not related to Zefie at all. Zefie stood up and grabbed the woman's throat and slammed her against the wall.

"Do you know who you are talking to? Hmm? I am his granddaughter and a pureblood at that. You are a common vampire. You need to learn your place. Do you see? Right now I can kill you. You have no right to try and act like my mother! You don't really even know me so why don't you find yourself a nice place amoung the dead." With that, Zefie slit the woman's throat and her "Aunt" was dead.

"It seems that even my granddaughter has issues with others taking care of her. Zefie, thank you for your report. You may now go to your room and rest. We'll take if from here," said her Grandpa.
"Yeah. Thanks. I'll rest up and do more investigating tommorrow. Good night," said Zefie as she headed up the stairs. All the vampires in the house moved out of the way.

Zefie went to her room. It looked just like a normal teen's room. She layed down on her bed and slept. [I]Damn. It seems like I really lost my temper there. I talked way too much at that time too. I need to stop that an just... whatever. That old man will see. I guess even vampires are still willing to act out of place. Damn those others. I guess it's no use trying to sleep.[/I] Zefie got out of bed and walked to her balcony. She stood there and watched the moon. She soon fell asleep.
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[COLOR="Purple"]Eva walked into an airport and sat in the waiting area. She was at the New York Airport and had bought a ticket and passport to England. She sat in the waiting area waiting for the plane to get ready. She looked around at the mostly empty room. She saw a family that had two kids, a boy and a girl. They seemed to be a happy family and not care about the problems at hand. There was a young couple there and a few individuals as well. She noticed that some of the individuals happened to be vampire hunters. She watched them to make sure that they didn't do anything suspicious.

*Bing. The next flight to London, England is now ready to be boarded. I repeat, the next flight to London, England is now boarding.*

That was the intercom telling everyone that the flight to England was ready. Eva got up out her seat and walked to the docking station. She soon walked onto the plane and sat down in the first class seating. The happy familiy she saw earlier was there as well as the couple and the hunters. She watched as they all acted happy-go-lucky. It disgusted her. Soon the plane took off and they were on their way to England. She decided to look around at what kind of drinks were being served at the bar. She got out of her chair and walked over to the bartable. She stared at the menu.

"Excuse me," she said getting the bartender's attention," I'd like to have your best sake."
"Sure miss," said the bartender as he brought some out and gave it to her.

She drank it all and left him a tip and sat back down in her chair. She pulled out a book from her coat and started reading it. It had seemed that time had gone on forever when the plane arrived in England. Eva had finished her book and put it back into her coat. Everyone boarded off the plane. Eva walked out of the airport terminals and out into the cold streets of London, England. She pulled out her pipe and lite it. She stuck it into her mouth and went her merry way. She was looking for someone. Someone who owned a shop. She didn't know where to start so she went anywhere. She blew out a cloud a smoke from her pipe and walked to see if she could find anything suspicious that could sturr up in this city.[/COLOR]
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OOC: I?m at your place Forest

"Ahhh Paris!" Drew exclaimed walking along the snowy roads. The sun was shining brightly. Drew had taken a slight detour on his way to England to make a stop in Paris. A wine glass in his hand and his red coat blowing n the faint wind, Drew had a wide smile. He tapped a man on the shoulder to point out "Isn't French wine one of the best made??" The man raised an eye brow then replied "Oh oui oui!" Drew continued grinning and sipped his drink while admiring the scenery.[I] "It's a pity vampires will ruin this wonderful place." [/I]he thought to himself.

He then looked at his watch "Hmm only 3 hours until my ship leaves." he said to himself. He took another sip of wine and headed toward England once more. He took a private limo to the French city of Le Havre. On the docks he stepped out and walked to a large cruise ship. He walked on and got to his suite, a large room with a double bed . He slept for hours, he couldn?t remember the last time he actually had slept. And in what seemed like no time at all he arrived at Brighton England. He caught another limo to London.

"Here we are sir." said the limo driver. Drew nodded and stepped out. As the limo drove away drew saw the glories London. Then he took out a small crumbled piece of paper, read it, and began walking down the road. Soon he walked up to a shady looking ammunition store and opened the door. ?May I speak to the owner of this establishment?? he asked kindly.
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Pops walked into the workshop where Reilly was busy working on a scope for a rifle. He was adjusting the sights after adding in a fiber optic element when he was interrupted by Pops. bustleing in. Pops knocked over a tin filled with tools making a lot of noise and making Reilly turn.

"Whats all the commotion Pops?" Reilly asked.

"A well dressed man is asking for you at the front Reilly," Pops relied

"Shit, not anoth Guild prat is it?"

"No, someone else" Reilly sighed grabbing his 1911 from off the workbench and sliding it behind his back. He passed Pops patting him on the shoulder and walking into the shop to see a man wearing a red jacket inspecting one of the rifles mounted on the wall. Reilly cleared his throught and the man turned to him. "May I help you?"

"Right, I ordered some ammuntion a week ago, I have come to claim it?" replied the man walking up to the counter.

"Right, right, Mr. Andrewselvok?"

"That is me," Reilly turned to the wall behind the counter, he reached up onto the shelf and pulled off a box with a red cross drawn on it. He handed it to Drew and he opened the box to inspect the bullets.

"Hollow-point 'vampire bites', just like you asked"

"Vampire bites?" Drew said questionably.

"Blessed bullets, in laymans terms, it isnt an instant kill like UV bullets, but one of these will leave a nasty burn and the vamp wont be regenerating from this bullet wound like it would a regular,"

"Good enough," Drew said setting money on the counter and walking out. He had made it to the limo and opened the dor when he heard a gunshot. He instantly drew his handgun and spun around to see a vampire land about three feet from him and Reilly holding his gun outstretched and smoke coming from the barrel. "Good shot, didnt think you were a hunter, just a supplier,"

"I'm both, this is my town and the vamps are pissed the fuck off that i am trying to retake it,"

"Then maybe we have more to talk about," Drew said closing the door of the limo and gesturing to the driver to leave. "May I join you?"

"By all means I was just heading out for a drink," Reilly replied lighting a cigarette. "Lemme just grab my coat and we'll go,"
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phil waking up before his alarm went off like normal gathered up his stuff he had left laying about and disarmed his traps. Walking outside he looked up at the sun and saw it would go down soon enough and that he'd better get going. Jumping on his motorcycle he looked at the scrap of paper again and drove off towards his destination.

After a few minutes as he was stopped at a stop light he heard a gunshot and felt a pain in his chest, "shit" phil said as he dropped behind his motorcycle looking up he saw 2 vampires in a building window across the intersection and 1 had a rifle in his hands. Luckily his vest had caught the bullet stopping it from peircing his skin but it still hurt like a bitch.

Quickly jumping back on his motorcycle he drove through the intersection and ran into the apartment building that the vampires where in. As he ran up the stairs he ripped off all the curtains he passed knowing it may help him escape if he was to be overnumbered. After a few flights of stairs he reached the room the vampires had been in and the door was shut.

Knowing there must be a trap he grabbed the hand rail running up the wall pulling it out of the drywall. Pushing the door open while pointing his shotgun in the room with his other hand he looked around walking into the room, "hmm noone's in here too bad i was hoping for a fight" turning around and walking out of the room he fired his gun straight up into the ventilation shaft and heard a yell of agony as his silver buckshot ripped through the vampire hiding there. "now then where is the other one" scanning the room with his shotgun. "maby he was smarter than his friend and knowing the rumors about me fled in fear", hearing a noise behind him he ducked to his knees and rolled behind a table as 3 bullets flew over his head, he turned looking at the vampire and fired sending the second vampire to his death, "tho vampires are never that smart".

Leaving the building surprised that there wasn't more he jumped on his bike and continued on his way. After a short time he got to his destination and he saw a limo outside the store, slowing down he parked across the street and walked towards the shop.
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Reilly stepped inside to grab his coat and perhaps a few clips, and Drew decided to wait inside. Moments later Reilly came out of the back room, now donning his coat, and with smoke in his mouth. An instant before they left the store Reilly called to Pop's that he'd be out for a while, then almost walked into Phil as he entered. "Whoa careful buddy, wouldn't wanna ruin your classy clothes" Reilly sarcastically remarked. "May we help you?" Asked Drew kindly.

Phil replied "Just wanted to stock up on ammo and find out the location of some local vamps." Reilly sighed and walked behind the counter "what kind of ammunition?" he asked. Phil leaned in and whispered "This may seem kind of odd but I'd like some silver SCIMTR rounds... for a shotgun" Reilly raised an eyebrow and answered "Riight" before reaching for a box with a white cross on it, and a small arrow like marking. He opened the box on the counter and took out several smaller boxes with what looked like shotgun shells inside. he took out two of the smaller boxes and said "There's 12 rounds in each of these. They are 125 euros per box. how many can you take?"

Thinking for a moment Phil answered "5" for a moment Reilly was thrown off, Drew had occupied himself reading a chart of all the ammunition the store had near the door. Reilly typed out the order on the register and gave Phil 5 small boxes of ammo. Then said to Pops yet again that he was heading out. Drew looked over with a smile and they both walked out after Phil had paid. Phil followed behind asking "where are you going?" to which drew explained "Out for a drink, maybe to clean up a little." Phil asked "can I come along?" This time Reilly answered "Alright, but you're paying for yourself." Then they all made their way toward Reilly's favourite pub.
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Reilly entered the pub with drew and phil right on his heels. They went and sat at a table while Reilly got the drinks.

"Who are your friends Rei'?" asked asked the young woman behind the bar.

"Your guess is as good as mine Dev, the one in the coat seems alright if not a bit off, and that classy gent," Reilly scoffed pointing at Phil. "He sems normal but I'm not turning my back on him."

"I know whatcha mean Rei', so what can i get you?"

"Oh yeah, two laugers and a glass of your red wine." Reilly said then turning around and walking to the table. Reilly pulled out the seat and sat with the other two with a rather dispeased look on his face.

"So, where do the blood Runners reside in this area?" Phil blurted out as soon as Reilly ass hit the seat. Reilly looked up and rubbed his eyes.

"I dont know, they leave me alone, but the street-trash vamps cant get enough of me," Both men looked at Reilly wondering what he meant. "ever since I started hunting the blighters they come after me, along with demons, the occastional halfbreed out for revenge or something, or the rare witch even."

"Why you?" Drew asked leaning forward.

"Well I'm the only guy who is doing anything round here, all The guild dose is complain and sit on their asses, when there is an attack or someone has a problem they call me." Reilly stopped as the drinks arrived.

"Rei's a saint, he his," said the Dev placing the drinks down. "He single-handedly saved my whole family from those ruddy fucking Blood Runners." She then leaned down and kissed him on the cheak before he groaned and pushed her off smiling. She walked away and Reilly turned and watched her return to the bar.

"Is she-?" started Drew

"No, Dev's been like a little sister to me since I was bout' ye high," Reilly gestrned to his waist with his hand. "But to answer your question, no i dont know where the Blood Runners are centered out of and frankly, as long as they keep to themselves, I dont give a flying fuck, the only ones that are after me are teh regular street-trash vamps. The Blood Runners havent messed with anyone around here since the incident with Dev and her family, guess they figured that it isnt worth the trouble to operate down here when they could operate uptown and not be killed by me." Reilly finished smiling and leaning back in his chair.

"Oh." Phil said a little disapointed.

"Well I'm going outside for a smoke." Reoilly said getting up and walking out the door. He fished the lighter out of his pocket and lighting the cigarett. Reilly looked out across the dark street, it looked completly deserted. Rei started into the darkness, then he heard a crunshing in the snow. He spun around to see his attacker but didnt have enough time to react. He was knocked to the gorund and then he felt cold metal touch his forehead. Not looking up he knew it was the barrel of a revolver being preseed against his forehead.

"Fucks sakes, I thought he wuld never come out of the blood pub." cried a woman behind the guy with the gun. "Watch his hands he has a roseary with him,"

"Good to see you again," Reilly remarked looking up to see the vampire with the cross burn on her face. "I mean its only been a day and you are already taking revenge, my you are motivated."

"Well when you have a cross burnt onto your face you get the sudden urge to wok hard to kill the person that put it there," she replied. "Kill him, I dont want him doing any more of his tricks." reilly heard the man pull back the hammer and then a gunshot from another gun whent off making Reilly jump. He looked over to see drew and Phil walk out of the bar Drew now holding two handguns one of which was smoking.

"If you wouldn't mind I'd like it if you would leave him alone." Drew said pulling back the hammer of his gun.
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[FONT="Comic Sans MS"][COLOR="Navy"]All three men jumped as the vampire with the cross burn exploded into dust, the echo of a gunshot still hanging in the air. Ezra came from the shadows holstering her gun, a smug expression on her face.
"Don't thank me."
Drew blinked as he looked at her, her eyes were off color for a human, but she wore a cross around her neck. She also held her mouth closed oddly as if hideing fangs. His face lite up with realization and he pointed to her.
"Your a half-breed aren't you?"
She looked at him, her pupils dialateing to take all of him in, studieing him, measureing him up.
"And if I am? What would you do about it?"
The men looked at her as she picked up the fang left from the vampire she had just killed and pocketed it into a small satchel on her side. Pushing past them she entered the pub and asked for a staight shot of taquila, the bar tender looked at her with a questioning look.
"Aren't you alittle young-"
He paused as the barrel of her gun was pushed into his face.
"I asked for a fucking drink."
He nodded and handed her a glass with a light golden liquid in it; downing it she shook the after taste out of her mouth. She looked up as the men followed after her, she gave them a cold stare when a young girl ran up to her.
"Your Ezra aren't you?"
"Maybe, why do you ask?"
"You save my village from nightwalkers a year ago."
"Well, it's my job kid. Don't think to much on it."
She still gave her a kind smile and a pat on the leg then went back to sit with her parents. Ezra met the eyes of the men and sighed. Her only thought at the moment?
'Well, cats out of the bag now.'[/COLOR][/FONT]
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Drew and the others walked back into the bar as Era heavily threatened Dev, Reilly's not quite not a sister. "Why you?!" Reilly started as he saw the act against Dev. He drew his pistol and fired three times. As he drew however Drew himself muttered "Letta." as he adjusted his orange sunglasses. The bullets froze in the air as they left the barrel then fell to the ground. "Let's not do anything rash." said Drew calmly "she is clearly a hunter perhaps she could help us with something. I know of a night club that's being used as a massive vampire safe house. I was going to clean it out, but I could use some help." Phil smiled and said "I'm in." and Reilly answered "sounds good." then Drew turned to Ezra. "And you?" She smirked smugly and said "Thanks for the heads up but I don't need you people slowing me down." insultingly.

Drew leaning in so his head was parallel with hers and his voice could only be heard by her "You think I actually need you? You stupid half breed, you're nothing, not as lowly as a human but not as high up as even the weakest pure blood vampire. Don't forget your place, and don't forget that there are species better than a pathetic half blood with a god complex." After coming away again, his steely voice still ringing in Ezra's ears he bared a cold smile and said "If you want to tag along you may, but stay out of my line of fire." His voice was temporarily warm again and gentlemanly then he spoke in his vocalized ice once more "you look too much like those who I wish to kill." Ezra's eyes were wide with shock.

Shortly afterward Drew walked out of the bar, followed closely by Reilly and then Phil. "What was that all about?" asked Reilly. "Just putting a half breed in her place." he said coldly. This was a tone which Drew did not normally speak, he usually hid is cold demeanour and acted more human, but every once in a while Drew reminds those around that he is still a shade.
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[COLOR="Red"][FONT="Lucida Sans Unicode"]Zefie woke up the next morning at her balcony. [I]Must have fallen asleep.[/I] She looked up at the sun and shaded her eyes. Normally, she would have been dead by now, but Zefie was a more modern vampire that can walk out in the sunlight and not turn to ashes. Zefie walked back into her room. Sitting on her bed a note from her Grandpa. [I]Must be another assignment.[/I]Zefie left out a yawn and rubbed her eyes.

She opened the letter. It read:
Last night was probably very hard for you. You had killed one of your own. But I can see where that would come from. After all, she wasn't your real mother and had no right to hit you at that. Just make sure to keep your temper at bay. For today's assignment, you are to find out what the hunters are to do with us. We know already that some humans are banning together to finish us once and for all. We need you to help us with that.


[I]Feh. Old bastard. Doesn't think at all.[/I] Zefie went to her bathroom and took a shower. She thought about last night and laughed at how her "Aunt" was trying to teach her a lesson. After her shower, she got dressed and grabbed her weapons. It was quiet on the way downstairs. All of the other vampires in the house were asleep. It was like this every morning. She headed to the kitchen and saw that one of the vampires where sleeping in the kitchen with a bucket of ice cream that was half eaten next to them. It was Zefie's ice cream. She looked at the vampire. It was one of the old bastard's friend's son. He was a handsome vampire but most vampires eat real food. Only she did.

As she got closer to him, he woke up. "Huh? Who are you?" he asked half asleep.
Zefie put her finger to her lip. She shook her head. The vampire boy blinked and then woke up in shock. "Sorry! I didn't mean to eat your ice cream. I never had real food before and it looked good so I guess I had some and then fell asleep. Sorry!"

Zefie shook her head and put it back into the freezer. She made herself something to eat and then sat down at the counter. The vampire boy looked at her surprised and said, "You're not mad at me?"
Zefie continued to eat her breakfast. The whole time she ate, the boy just looked at her and then he relaxed. After she was done eating. She washed her dishes and headed out the door. The vampire boy followed her. She turned around and finally said something, "Why are you following me? You can't go outside."

The vampire boy hung his head, ''Y' know. I can go outside. It's just bright out there but I don't get affected like the other vampires do."
"Just like me huh? Well then, come with me. I could use some help. What's your name?"
"Nice name. Let's go."

As they walked down the streets of the city they started to talk about their lives and such.

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[COLOR="Purple"]Eva was searching everywhere to find some fucking vampire hunters to kill. When she couldn't find any, she headed for a pub. She walked inside and looked around. There were hunters in there and they didn't seem to notice her. She headed for the bartable and sat on a stoll. The bartender came over to her.

"What would you like to drink?" he asked.
"Anything is fine. Give me your best drink," she said as she put her hands under her head and watched the bartender whip up a drink.
"Here you go," he said as he set it on the counter.
"Thanks," she said as she drank it.
"You're not from around here are you?" said the bartender in curiosity
"What makes you say that?" Eva questioned back.
"You have an accent for starters and you don't seem to know where to go."
"I can see how that can be determined. I am not from around here but I'm looking for something. Something that will be good to kill."
"Vampires? Well they're everywhere and strike in certain places. If you ask some of the hunters then you'll sure to find a shit load of those fucking beasts."
"Hmmm... I see that you do not like the vampires by the tone of your voice," she said as she drank a few more sips of the drink.
"Yeah, those beasts killed my family and I can never forgive them. I'm not a very good hunter so all I do is supply information for the hunters to find and kill those fucking animals."
"Hmmm... Thanks for the drink," said Eva as she set down the payment and left.

[I]'That bastard of a man. He has no right to talk about vampires. I'll show all who defy our kind that we will rule this fucking earth and destory every last one of their fucking race,'[/I] thought Eva as she walked down the cold snowy streets of London. [I]'Dammit. I wish I knew where that pure blood Zefie is. Damn. I have a few words to talk about with their elder. He needs to know the situation that is at hand.'[/I]

Eva walked to a park and sat down on a bench. She pulled out her pipe and stuffed some tobbacco into it. She lite it and stuck it into her mouth. "I need to find a place to stay if I'm gonna be here for a while," she said as she blew out a cloud of smoke.
"Well, I'll go check to see if there's any place good enough." She got up from the bench and started walking again.[/COLOR]
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Drew, Reilly ,and Phil made there way to what seemed like an abandoned warehouse. "What's all this then?" Reilly asked. "This is fun in warehouse form." Drew replied. "So there are vampires in there" asked Phil. "Plenty for all of us." Said Drew "Just go in shooting." He continued. Then walked up to the door and slowly opened it. There was a narrow corridor lading to a double door now. They walked down the hallway and noticed odd lights coming from within the room, all colours, some moving , others flashing. Drew smiled "Shall we?" He backed up a sep or two and drew his pistols. Reilly also got his out, and Phil brought around his assault rifle. Drew then heavily stepped forward and kicked in the door. The room was packed with vampires, they were all dancing and screaming to loud music, like a giant party. Drew was the first to fire, taking one shot with his silver pistol he took out one of the vampires closest to the door. All the vampires turned and hissed angrily, to which Drew just smiled. He proceeded to firing off several rounds and walking into the crowd itself. Reilly and Phil looked at each other, then nodded and joined in. Reilly followed the style Drew had firing round after round and walking into the crowd, they gave each other cover fire while the other was reloading.

Phil stood at the door sweeping over the crowd wit the UV light on his gun as well as the many bullets it was firing off. The vampires fell like flies. Drew looked over to Reilly to see if he needed help and he did, he shot two vampires and one went at him from behind, Drew shot it in the back then turned to shoot the one lunging at his back. His pistol clicked and didn't fire, no even 3 seconds later the vampire fell, Drew looked over to see Phil smirking with his assault rifle at his shoulder. Phil also had the shot gun attachment on his assault rife now filled with silver SCIMTR shells. He fired over the crowd and took out 9 at once, each drove itself into a vampire and took it down. The loud music was hidden by sound proof walls, and so were the gun shots. There were only 40 or so vampires left after hardly 10 minutes of fire. Now Drew and Reilly were both out of ammunition and turned to melee. Reilly drew a katana from his back and Drew reached into his coat to holster his pistols then came out with duel hunting knives. Phil had a little more ammo but didn't want to feel left out so he swung hi rifle to his back and drew his trench knives, before jumping into the action as well. Blades whirling all three hunters shredded threw the vampires coming at them in anger and covered those who had a sneak attack from behind.

Drew slashed out one vampires throat then turned and stabbed another threw the heard. He turned to cut up another but was blocked from doing so when a silver sword blade pierced the vampire from behind. It fell to the floor revealing Reilly standing and smiling smugly. A look of shock appeared on Drew?s face as a vampire leaped at Reilly from behind. Before Drew could mention it however a silver blade flew into the vampire from the side, quickly followed by Phil running past the body to retrieve his knife. They all smiled and nodded as they turned to finish the last ten off. Drew spun around decapitating on vamp, the turned the opposite direction to stab another in the neck. Pulling his blade out he caught a glimpse of Reilly. Reilly stabbed a vampire in the stomach then turned around twisting the blade but leaving it in then pulled in out and over his head chopping two blood suckers in half at once. As the slit open vampire fell don he got a clear view of Phil. He was pulling his knife out of a vampires head and turning to the last one. The last vampire jumped but stopped short as Drew came down behind him driving his knives into the vamp's calves. It wailed in pain and went to slash as Phil anyway, Phil stopped it by plunging both blades into the creatures shoulders. Finally Reilly walked over and with one swift slash took it's head off. Phil, and Drew took out their blades then all three sheathed their weapons and casually walked out of the warehouse, music still blaring.
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[FONT="Comic Sans MS"][COLOR="Navy"]She knew that the reason she was here as well was the nightclub he was refering to.
"I'll meet you there."
She left the money on the table and walked out, feeling the ground viberate she knew the club wasn't that far away and followed the noise till she got there she put on her sunglasses and enteredthe club as a techno song came on. The bounce looked at her but as she smiled he saw her fangs and allowed her in she took a few steps and took off the shades and went to the bar.
"I'll have taquilla."
"We only carry Bloody Mary's"
She bit her lip and nodded. She looked at the thick liquid placed in front of her and felt a unsastified hunger well up in her chest.
'Damnit, the last thing I need is this kind of temptation placed infront of me. Shit I'm in the last predicament I need to be in.'
She took the drink and smiled as she tilted it up to her lips, not drinking just make it look like it. The smell alone made her want it but she held back. She put it down and wiped her lips gently and stood up going to the floor to start danceing. Not seeing them she felt that maybe they had been talking about diffrent clubs when she heard a vampire couple talking.
"You hear about the night club on St. Anthonys?"
"Hears hunters got it. You think we're next?"
She smiled to her self figureing that the other three were on their way.[/COLOR][/FONT]
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Happy with their work the gang walked back to Reilly's place to suit up again. As they walked in Drew took out a large number of 20 euro bills and placed it on the counter. "Suit up gentlemen the night's not over yet." Reilly smiled and nodded then took out several boxes of ammunition and laid them out on the counter. Each of them grabbed their fill and headed out the door once more. "You know of another place like that one??" Phil asked eagerly. "Indeed I do" Drew answered. They walked over to a much more popular looking night club. It had a massive "Exploitica" sign over the door written in neon lights. The 'O' in the sign was the symbol for male and the first "I" was the sign for female.

They walked up and heard loud music from outside as well as the ground shaking from vibrations. Drew walked in front and smiled to the bouncer, revealing an oddly sharp grin, the bouncer, tough vampiric, felt a chill up his spine and nodded for drew to enter. The bouncer then turned to Phil and Reilly, looked them up and down then shook his head. Drew was still standing with them and said "Well men looks like we won't get in the easy way." calmly. A quick flash of silver and Drew?s coat spun threw the air... then the bouncer's head fell to the ground, his body not far behind.

Drew opened the door and saw a similar sight. A large room full of vampires dancing. In seconds he picked out Ezra in the crowd. He pointed her out to the others so they didn't accidentally shoot her. Drew checked that his pistols had full clips while turning to Phil and Reilly then said "Well, let's get this party started!"
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Phil looked as slowly the various vampires noticed the small group at the front door. "i'll break through to the back door to stop too many from escaping" phil said as he turned on the UV light on his gun and started to make his way onto the floor. Firing 2 SCIMTR shots into the croud he ran through the hole it made in the crowd firing his assualt gun into the crowd many fell before him as he quickly made his way towards the other side of the club. As his assualt rifle silence he clicked a button sending the clip steaming onto the ground, bracing the butt of the gun on his hip he grabbed the second clip in his right hand.

The vampires seeing this as a time to strike all charged in at once and smiling phil pulled the trigger turned and pulled it again as 2 more SCIMTR rounds cut through their ranks. Phil raised the gun now bracing it with his shoulder fired more gunfire infront of him as he looked back seeing that Drew and Reilly where covering his back well as he avanced through the crowd. Still firing infront of him he grabbed a 4 more SCIMTR rounds quickly reloading the shotgun attachment under his assualt rifle.

Now at the other side of the club surprised that he made it unharmed he turned around firing 2 more SCIMTR round into the crowd as he reloaded again followed by firing 2 more into the crowd as he scanned the area firing his assualt rifle and hitting them with his UV light. Reloading he looked across the room at the other 2 who had covered his back until this point and the half breed who was still in the crowd amonst all the remaining vampires which there where many, tho now that he was here almost none would escape.
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[FONT="Comic Sans MS"][COLOR="Navy"]Ezra pulled her sword out and began to dance to the music more and more swinging the sword with her cutting down the vampires as she danced, the area she was inhabiting was becomeing more and more clear, the vampires arund her falling and turning to dust from the silver of her sword, she spun around and slshed downward on a vampire looking up and meeting Drews eyes, she saw him frown as he saw her eyes were no longer the cool silver violet that they usually were, they were yellow, a deep dark yellow as in the pictures of old evils that had not exsisted for centuries. She looked anamalistic, her fangs longer and her nails like claws she was injoying the slaughter and he could see it in her eyes. She turned away from him and continued to dance to the music and swing her sword expertly killing the vampires around her and the ones that had the nerve to come near her. She licked her lips and smiled crulely and went on continueing her slaughter.[/COLOR][/FONT]
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Drew and Reilly gave cover fire to Phil as he made his way across the dance floor. Careful not to shoot Ezra as she spun rhythmically with her sword. He caught a glimpse of her eyes threw her glasses, they had become a different colour, he frowned not knowing what that could mean. As Reilly continued firing he made his way onto the crowd as both Phil and Drew gave cover fire. A loud whistle caught Phil's attention as he looked up at the source, he saw Drew was reloading. He gave Drew cover stopping any vamps that got within 5 feet of him.

Once reloaded Drew stood and fired threw the vampires closest to him before turning his aim to the ones now advancing on Phil while his focus was changed. e took out a good 6 or 7 before both he and Phil noticed Reilly was reloading with back up from Ezra. Reilly stood and Drew nodded to Ezra in thanks as he began shooting into the crown again. "Phil use your light on the left of the vampire crowd" Called Drew as he understood Reilly could take care of the right side with Ezra. Phil did as told sweeping over the general group and giving them all slight burns.

They turned and began advancing on Phil as Drew crept up from behind. He took out his knives as to not let the vampires notice he was so close with the sound of gun fire, and began tearing threw the ranks from their blind side. Phil kept his light on them while firing to keep the vamps out of striking distance while Reilly, now with his katana, helped Ezra chop up the right side of the group. Ezra twisted around swinging at Reilly instinctively and he blocked with his katana "Careful, we're on the same side." he exclaimed. Ezra merely growled and continued her killing spree on the vampires.
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[COLOR="Red"][FONT="Lucida Sans Unicode"]As Zefie and Alberio walked down the street, Zefie noticed some hunters. Zefie looked around and Alberio just stood there with a blank expression on his face. Zefie found an alley way and led Alberio to it. "What are we going to do, Zefie? There are hunters out there," said Alberio frightened.

[I]Great. He's more of a wuss then I thought he was. I guess that he'll have to do.[/I]"Alberio," Zefie whispered, "I need you to..."
After discussing the plan, Alberio and Zefie got into their areas.

As the hunters walked down the street talking about how disgusting vampires were, they heard a loud scream. They all headed to where the alley way was and found that a vampire was attacking a girl.

As Zefie screamed to great away from Alberio the hunters came and blocked the way to get to Zefie. One of the hunters picked Zefie up. "Thank you knid sir," Zefie said changing her voice to make it sound innocent.
Alberio showed his fangs and hissed. "AHHHHHH!!!!!" Zefie shouted.
The hunter tried to lead her away. [I]Heh. Gotcha.[/I] Zefie smiled and a dagger came down her sleeve to her hand. She caught it and put the dagger to the hunters throat. "Wh-what? You're vampire too?!" said the hunter.

Zefie smiled and the other hunters were caught off guard. Alberio jumped in and held them by their necks. Zefie nodded and Alberio killed the two men. Blood sprayed all over the concrete of the alley and the two hunters' heads were cut clean off of their bodies. Alberio dropped the two headless hunters and walked towards Zefie. The hunter by Zefie's dagger was starting to get frightened. As Alberio stopped the man looked behind him and Zefie asked, "Where is the guild going?"
"What Guild? It was disbanned ages ago," said the man nervously.
"You know what I mean. There are a group of hunters meeting someplace to kill us. You, as a hunter should know this. Tell me or you die a humiliating death."
"I-I heard that some hunters were in Europe- London somewhere."
"Thank you kind sir. You life may now belong to the devil." Zefie smiled.
"Wa-wait! You sai---"

Zefie cut his throat and killed him. She drank his blood and so did Alberio. They cleaned up and left the bodies there.

"What do you think the police are going to do when they see those bodies?" asked Alberio.
"Whatever they want. But before my assignment is done I would like to go to my work now," said Zefie.
"You work?"
"Yeah. I have to pay for the electricity in the house and the water and food bill. Wanna come?"
"Are you sure?"
"It would be fun. I can finally talke to someone of my own kind." Zefie smiled as they headed towards the diner that Zefie works at.

When they arrived, Zefie asked her manager if Alberio could become an employee. The manager took a look at Alberio and smiled, "Well, if you're considering him, then that must mean you really trust this boy."
Zefie nodded. "Well, I guess he's hired."
Zefie smiled and showed Alberio to the back. After a few hours working, Alberio was getting used to how the diner ran. He could pick up food and bus the tables. He was even able to take orders and make trips to the tables with food. After a few hours they started to close the shop.

"Thanks for coming, Alberio," said Zefie.
Alberio shook his head and said, "No, thank you. If I never came with you today I would just sit at home while the elders slept. I'm glad that I can work here with you"
Zefie blushed and said, "Well, now I have to go do some shopping."
"I'll carry the bags for you."

They said goodbye to the manger and headed to the store.
OOC: Alberio is the other character that I will be playing. His sign up is in the Inn
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