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RPG Conquest of the Awakened


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[COLOR=#001824][FONT="Trebuchet MS"][SIZE="1"]It was cold now, colder than yesterday. It was only going to get worse. The familiar sign of twilight began to streak the sky. Half of it showing the warm embrace of daylight, the other showing the cold grasp of night, and it was approaching fast. Melech’s breath began to quicken in anticipation. It had been a while since he had… re-awoken, that he felt heat of battle rush through him. His body felt clammy. It had been so long since he even ate. Claymores were built to last long periods of time without food or water, but even this was pushing it. Soon he fell, hunched over behind a boulder as a light pitter-patter of snow began to fall. Painfully, he began to claw himself back up alongside the face of the rock. His weakness was surely going to be his downfall. After regaining his footing, Melech laid spread against the face of the rock, staring upwards into the heavens while his mind rolled back in thoughts of the past.

Once the will to move came back, Melech slowly began to move, rolling his body until he was forced to stand. When he did however, his eyes locked right onto a body. It wasn’t dead; it seemed to be a female…sitting? Quickly he rolled back behind the protection of the boulder. He hadn’t sensed any Yoki at all. Then again, it had been so long, who knew if he could even sense it anymore? Let alone emit it. That ruled out sensing Yoki to determine what this thing in front of him was. Melech took an after take. That hair, that body, it seemed so familiar. It couldn’t be…?

His mind began to run back into the past. Back to when he ravished the world as an awakened one. It wasn’t like he was the only who went rogue. Isley, Ligardes, Dauf, all others who were higher than him in rank. All who had awoken and took to their new desires. His case was no different. Only he chose to go alone for the most part.

There were three, no four of them just like usual. It’s not like he hadn’t killed these futile four man squads before. It was starting to become a redundant task dealing with them now. Their energies made it easy to determine who was the strongest and who would do what. Now the only thing to determine was how they were going to attack.

[B]“Fools…” [/B]The awakened being growled, claws grinding into the coarse earth beneath him,[B] “you really think you can succeed… where so many others have failed?”[/B] No response followed his statement. Either they were too coordinated to and refused to respond. Or fear had taken over their bodies. It was obviously one of the two.

After a few moments of silence the girls began to attack. Two of them ran the outside whilst another tried for him straight on. A new technique indeed, but it wasn’t anything that Melech would be unable to counter. His digits dug under the ground only to curve and shoot out from the depths, hoping to impale them. Only to see that they dodged the attack. Quickly he retracted his claws from underneath the ground with a quick snap of his wrist [B]“Che, missed.”[/B]

Melech, groaned a bit as the fourth girl seemed to have disappeared from his sight the moment he attacked. If she wasn’t hiding it could cause a problem for him in the future. He tried to ignore that minor fault for a moment to instead focus on the three who seemed to be buzzing around him in an annoying fashion. Their attacks seemed to come from the sides. Probably trying to catch him off guard to deal a fatal blow from the side, his mane was easily able to fend of their attacks. This apparent stalemate seemed to go on for a while only until he grabbed onto one to toss her head long into a stone placement. [B]“Too easy…” [/B]Melech smirked only to turn to see a claymore being thrust towards his ribs from his blind spot. Was this still part of their plan? [B]“Oh shi-..” [/B]The false worry that soon masked his face feel to leave him smirking and leaving the young Claymore gasping for breath and coughing up copious amounts of blood. [B]“Just kidding.”[/B]

Her partners were surprised to see what had just happened. An extra arm? Had he hid it to deceive them into coming within a close proximity of him? Whatever the reason, the young claymore now was impaled with this awakened one’s limbs. She was obviously an offensive type. Meaning that this wound would probably be fatal. His hand soon began to retract through the claymore grabbing most of her intestines on the way out. She was sure to be dead now. Melech brought the freshly pulled innards to his mouth, letting his snake like tongue run them. Tasting the blood that coated the tissue as well as his arm. [B]“Delicious…” [/B]He remarked at the bitter taste of the claymore

This of course didn’t go unseen with the other Claymores, whom remained ice still through the whole moment. One of them actually turned tail and ran. Well, at least tried to run, she didn’t get far before she was back in his grasp. His bladed mane pierced her through her shoulders and thighs. Lifting her from the ground only to bring her back. [B]“Now my dear, you honestly didn’t get that far away did you?” [/B]Melech laughed sharply running another bladed tendril along the woman. Making a small incision only to pull her in half. [B]“And then there were two…”[/B]

Melech estimated that those last two had to be two of the strongest, seeing as the last girl seemed to be shivering in place. Her Yoki seemed low. At least what was being released from that slim body of hers. She wasn’t interesting though. That third one, where was she. Melech wanted her now, not this false excuse of a warrior. Melech seemed to do nothing, only turned about searching for his final meal. First the feminine warrior’s arms fell, then her wrists, finally her head and the rest of her body. He had moved so fast and his slices were so precise. She died before even she realized it. [B]“And so there was one...”[/B]

This last one was gone, or so it felt like it. [B]“She must be suppressing her Yoki…” [/B]The being said to himself looking about the area, [B]“I doubt could have run off that quickly. She must be waiting for the right time to attack." [/B] All he needed was a quick spike in Yoki, anything that he could detect and see. Attacking randomly would be foolish and a waste of energy. To his surprise though, it wasn’t even needed. She was…right there.

[B]“How audacious of you… coming at me after I took care of your comrades so easily...”


Although the thread has started, sign ups are still open for those who are interested. Any other questions and the like should be directed to the underground thread.[/SIZE][/FONT][/COLOR]
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[COLOR="DarkOrchid"][FONT="Times New Roman"][i]The Awakened Being crawled from her icy prison, standing, shaking slightly in her human form. Thick dark hair tumbled around her shoulders, dripping with melted snow and ice. Her soft pale skin reflected light, and as she sat in the feeble sun, her body began to come back to her. Slowly, she turned, drying her hair, willing her third eye to form on her forehead, noting the weak presence of Another.

"Who is he that feels so faint, but smells like an Awakened?"[/i]

[i]Circe eyed the Awakened Being, showing no trace of true fear, and no disdain that she knew her other comrades felt for him. He was monstrous, that was true, but underneath she could recall that Melech was once a good Claymore. Not that he bore any resemblance then to what he was now, with a bright blue mouth, four arms, and claws so long they could pierce through trees on their own. She flicked a lock of that characteristic platinum blonde hair from her face and took a step forward, raising her Claymore. Her voice was cool and quiet, almost like silk brushing against ice, and it floated from her lips.[/i]

"If I ran away now, the organization would never forgive me. I couldn't live with myself and my cowardice. ...it's better to stay and fight."

"Even with the tragic death of your comrades?"

"...I'll be over it shortly."

[i]She took a step forward, and predicting a head on attack, Melech swung two of his elongated mane strands, nearly catching her, only to realize that both of them had been gently pushed aside by the flat of her blade. Confused, but still overconfident, he swung again, this time using the two arachnid like arms, hurling both forward with a speed that should've taken her off guard. Instead, Circe shrugged her shoulder's casually, and twisted her blade up as if it were a fan, deflecting his dead on attack once again.[/i]

"...your soft sword technique is remarkable...but what will you do with only defensive moves?"

[i]Melech narrowed bright purple eyes at her and she smiled back at him in the most condescending, mocking manner he'd ever seen. She tossed her hair carelessly from her face and shoulders, taking a loose, relaxed stance. Her silver eyes glittered in the dying sun and she raised her blade above her head and he felt Yoki flowing through her body, but as to where, he couldn't determine. ...but by then it was too late. With a rush of energy and the blinding flash of metal, she forced his eyes shut with the attack for which she'd been named and hurled herself towards him, swinging her sword above her head, bringing it down with a burst of power, in that instant releasing energy. Her eyes snapped a bright gold and she cut down, taking a heavy chunk from his right shoulder, and landing a remarkably safe distance away from him, turning in the same instant to face him again.

He gave her a nearly empty, mindless stare and she hissed at him through remarkably feral teeth. Even when releasing her youma powers only 30 percent, she grew fangs large enough to take his arm in her mouth and tear off flesh. He jumped and swung at her with a vicious movement, hardly making a sound and she caught his forearm in her teeth, shaking her head in one jerk, the sounds of ripping meat filling the air. She dropped it and stabbed forward, scoring his side with her Claymore, laughing as she did. Sensing his yoki flowing to his mane from his chest, she leapt back once more, and he turned slowly; facing her down, his pelt rippling in its own private breeze.[/i]

"So you can swing that thing..."

[i]She tilted her head to one side, regarding him with a mildly deranged smile. Her eyes clung to the hectic glow characteristic to her kind, even though he couldn't sense the slightest shred of yoki flowing from her body.[/i]

"You're definitely interesting...Circe of the Cold Light."[/FONT][/COLOR]
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[COLOR=#001824][FONT="Trebuchet MS"][SIZE="1"]What kind of a person was this?? This Claymore he was up against, she was obviously more skilled than the other three that he had dispatched without breaking a sweat. Her Yoki kept changing itself, busting out in large proportions when needed. Only to be reduced to next to nothing a second later. His rage was beginning to cloud his rational though with every passing second. She even managed to wound him with what seemed to be ease. It wasn?t anything that would be everlasting. Leaving some time to regenerate the lost cells would fix him up. But he couldn?t do it now. An offensive type like him lacked the ability to do things like that in the midst of combat. A tactical retreat seemed very plausible now.

He wouldn?t retreat, not now at least. Those eyes of hers, that smile. With every movement that Circe made, it only served to fuel his growing rage. [B]?Perhaps I may have underestimated you,? [/B]His voice bellowed as blood ran down his arms, [B]?It is not something that I will do? again!? [/B]His mane which had been rippling with his own yoki finally shot out at that pest of a creature that stood in front of him.

Circe didn?t waste any time to parry his attacks all the while having that same disgusting smirk on her face. Oh only if he could get the chance to wipe that smirk smile off her face. Or better yet, take of her head in its entirety and mount it somewhere to gaze and deride at.

[B]?You can try.? [/B]The tart of a Claymore said to the awakened being, [B]?It will not matter anyways; you?ll be dead soon.?[/B] Melech retracted his mane strands while listening to that manic laughter of hers. She needed to die, in the most painful way he could possibly think of. While still reeling from those words which spewed from her mouth she came back with what seemed like a head on attack.

Circe pressed her claymore forward, aiming for the wound she had made in his side earlier. Melech simply pressed his mane like tendrils against the broad side of the sword only to meet the familiar pain of her feral like teeth sinking into his flesh. [B]?Don?t think that just because you have bite, that you have the edge.?[/B] He easily threw her off of his limb while reeling for a moment, thinking of a way to regain the upper hand.

Although injured, Melech brought all his arms across his chest looking as if he were hugging himself or burning in pain.[B] ?You are a thousand years too early to think you have the upper hand, just because you have gotten some ?nicks? on my flesh? [/B]His yoki began to burn around his arms before he ripped at the air. It was the attack that he was known for while still a claymore, an attack that went naked to the eye, but rippled with the tremendous amounts of yoki embedded with in. It was still ineffective against the current number two. Being able to sense yoki with the ability of an expert, she moved out of the attack, dodging most of them only leaving some deep cuts in her skin. Which was by a large margin better than the area she was just it, which was completely leveled by this attack.

[B]?If you keep attacking like that this fight will be over sooner than later.? [/B]Her voice was like ice as it pierced his mind. How dare a Claymore mock him. She had no right; she should have been bowing before his feet begging him spare her life. And yet she stood, defiant and rebelling against him, how that sickened him. It didn?t take long for his rage to take him over as he brought his fist up only to thrust it at her small body.

She moved to avoid the attack, as he expected her to. Call it a different mindset or basic instincts. His mane strands ruffled as they shot out impaling her through her left shoulder and pinning her back down to the ground. Now he had her right where he wanted her.

[B]?Now I will END you!? [/B]The awakened being looked down at the trapped woman under him and bright his fist up only to bring it crashing down. The Claymore was trapped; there was no possible means for her to escape. Yet she did. Circe blinded him once more diverting his punch only centimeters for her head. Melech?s limbs retracted freeing her from his grip of death only to hold his eyes as they burnt with pain.

By the time he recovered from her attack, she seemed to have as well. Regenerating the large mass of flesh he had just taken away from her. His breathing was ragged and heavy. No matter what he did, she could counter it in some way. It really began to grow irritating and fighting blindly like this wasn?t going to help his health at all. [B]?You are indeed a different one, Circe of the Cold Light. Fighting you anymore would only endanger my health as well as your own.?[/B] Melech scoffed for a moment feeling his blood continue to fall on the ground beneath him. [B]?You shall live for now, don?t be so sure about next time. So then, see you.?[/B] Within a moment the large awakened being which stood before her was gone. It seemed impossible for something as large as him to move away so quickly. Whatever the fact, their battle was a draw for now.

Melech?s body froze after hearing that voice. If that body didn?t tell him enough then the voice told him everything he needed to know. It was that same person as before. Circe of the Cold Light. Who?d imagine that he would see that face once again? Their battle must have been ages ago. How had she been able to find him after so much time had past?

His body was in no doubt to take the offensive against a person like her. While his ability to sense yoki was pretty much nil at this point. She seemed different. Had she awoken in all this time? Most likely, there would be no other reason for her to be apart in a place like this if she was still a member of the Organization.

Grunting a bit Melech rolled out from behind the bolder he had been resting on, recalling on memories from long ago to face her. Her beauty still the same as it was so many years ago.

[B]?So we meet again, Circe of the Cold light.[/B]?[/SIZE][/FONT][/COLOR]
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[COLOR="DarkOrchid"][FONT="Times New Roman"][i]She turned in a burst of a smile and iridescence, the third eye of her forehead narrowing as it took in the form of Melech. He recoiled instantly, nearly pinned down by the burst of green light that poured from her eyes. Circe saw his flesh ripple and a tendril of his hair burst towards her only to be swatted down and pinned with a flick of her wing. He stepped back and withdrew as she stood and turned to face him completely. Melech looked up in surprise. The eye was one thing... ...and then his vision was clouded in a snowstorm of pale blue, purple, and green feathers. They enveloped him, holding him still, even as he struggled to turn to his Awakened form, nearly making it, but falling back as she moved her head very close to his.

Her smile seemed to pierce him, and her voice was exactly the same as it was when she was human. The same soft tones caressed his ears, made his thoughts less simple to decipher.[/i]

"Hello Melech....it is so nice to see you again. ...I'm...so hungry."

"You Awakened. ....when was that?"

[i]The abruptness and directness of the question made Circe blink once. She withdrew her wings from his body slowly, tilting them so they spread down from her back like a cloak. He noticed that several delicate fan-like tendrils burst from her arms and from behind her ears, giving her the appearance of wearing a queen's diadem. Her thoughtful expression was new to him, and she tilted her head to one side, her third eye considering him all the while. Apparently she'd forgotten she had just wanted to consume him to sate her hunger.[/i]

"After Riful turned, and set up her alliance with Dauf. I was on a hunt for Ligardes with three other girls. Like when we last fought, he killed every girl but me, and I was wounded to the point where I had to awaken or simply roll over and die. ......I'm sure the organization would've been happier if I had died. They wouldn't have had to force me this far north."

"Couldn't you have killed them all?"

"Not necessarily what I wanted. ....some of them were still my friends. I can still feel their pull now and again. It was better to stay here and avoid them completely. After I turned, I fled Ligardes, Isley was too close for me to risk it."

"....he always was such a pompous jerk. It's so irritating he has the strength to back it up."

[i]Circe smiled at him cooly, then tilted her head back up to look at the sky. He noticed she had slits down the sides of her body, making it look as though she was wearing a very long skirt. She raised a heavily taloned arm and considered the points of her claws, looking at him through them all the while.[/i]

"If I would've known how good it felt... ...I would've turned sooner."

[i]Melech paused. She was smiling at him, not with the same irritating smug smile she'd worn when they fought, but with a sunny, inhuman look that intrigued him.[/i][/FONT][/COLOR]
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[COLOR=#001824][SIZE="1"][FONT="Trebuchet MS"]Circe's awakened form [URL="http://img479.imageshack.us/img479/5127/n6007074346595761234gz0.jpg"]click[/URL]


Melech was generously… surprised at this former Claymore’s attitude. It was hard to believe that this was the same person he had fought so long ago. Let alone her increased beauty that she shown in every movement she made. Her touch, her voice, her looks. Everything about her seemed as if it were cut from the very essence of beauty in its entirety. Bedding her would probably give him even more satisfaction then the feeling of when he first awakened.

Then she looked at him with a smile that seemed as if it had the power to melt this frozen wasteland in the north into a lush ocean brimming with life. God was she a sight for sore eyes. [B]“Just what would an Awakened Being like you be doing in a place like this anyway?”[/B]

Circe lightly stepped forward through the frozen earth to look at humanoid awakened being before her before sliding a digit along his neck. Her warm body a pleasure to have as opposed to this cold environment.[B] “I could say the same about you; just what are you doing here?”
Melech turned a bit, a little cautious at her audacious approach to him. This could have been an extensive trap made just for him, or it could be just simple company. Everyone changed in one way or another the day they awakened for the first time. Some more than others. It was doubtful that she hadn’t had something up her sleeve for later.
“I guess you can say that, I took a wrong turn and ended up here. You said you had to go up against Ligardes though. A mission like that seems more like suicide than anything that can be somewhat tactical. Perhaps they really were trying to get rid of you like they did to so many others in ‘missions’.” [/B]

[b]“Whatever the reason, that’s all in the past now. Luciela is dead leaving Isley control of the north and the south. Riful is trying to build up an army of awakened beings to try and go against Isley for control.”[/B]

Melech scoffed for whiles she continued to inform him over the current situation. [B]“Perhaps she lost because of the lack of a significant other. Think about it, Isley has that one-horned demon Priscilla. Riful has Dauf.[/B]” A smirk started to form as he moved a strand of hair from his face. [B]“Don’t tell me you are aiming to take over the east?”[/B]

“You must be hungry…” [/b]Melech interrupted swaying himself near her only to nudge towards a nearby village. [b]“Would you care to share a meal of the inhabitants of Pieta with me?”[/B][/FONT][/SIZE][/COLOR]
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[COLOR="DarkOrchid"][FONT="Times New Roman"][i]Circe laughed high and soft, childlike. [/i]

"I would love to..."

[i]The emphasis she placed on love was disturbing, at least it would've been if Melech hadn't been expecting it. She retracted all of her wings at once, keeping only the claws and the third eye. Although, once she opened her mouth, he caught a flash of a bright purple tongue and teeth that were pointed like any large cat's. She purred aloud and then jumped down from the rocky ledge in her human form, barely pausing as Melech leapt down next to her. The two slipped down from the top of the mountain, Circe moving so quickly, even for someone so hungry that Melech briefly considered why she'd be moving so fast.

Then he realized it. She'd seen a lone man walking back to the village, and by the way her yoki suddenly expanded into a monstrous level, and she leapt high into the air, extending her claws only, keeping a moderately human face, and slammed down on him, impaling him in vital areas, her head tossed back, eyes closed in exquisite pleasure. Without even looking at him, she tore him apart and consumed every part of him she cared to, feasting with the abandonment of a child.

Melech found his own prey, consuming with gusto, but for some reason, even though he was male, Circe seemed to kill with more pleasure than any other male he'd seen, or female for that matter. Dripping blood, and utterly satiated, Circe turned to him, corpses scattered around her like flower petals.[/i]

"Too tasty for words...don't you think?"

"Absolutely. Absence makes the heart grow fonder."

"Or the stomach."

[i]Circe licked her talons clean, savoring the traces of blood much like any other feral being, the slender length of her tongue whisking the flavor from her lips and fangs. She shuddered her body slowly in the shock of renewed energy and grew several wings, apparently on a whim, flickering them outwards in the snow and ice.[/i][/FONT][/COLOR]
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[FONT="Trebuchet MS"][COLOR=#001824][SIZE="1"]It was more of an arduous task than an ability for Melech to keep his eyes off that beauty of an Awakened Being. The way Circe ate. She moved with such grace and elegance. It was hard enough for Melech to not loose all inhibition right there and ravish her body. She wanted for him to feel this way. As much as he had tried to resist it, she was too temping of a force to go against. He was falling for her fast.
?I take it you are enjoying your meal?? [/B]He cooed to her in the midst of blood and bodies decorated around them. Her body count double, no, nearly triple the amount he had feasted on. Her body seemed to go through snaps of pleasure with each and every bite. There was no real need to explain it, after going so long without food., anyone would have a powerful craving for a meal. Circe however, brought a new meaning to the word ?Feast?.

[B]?It is a taste that I?ve grown to love, as well as crave.? [/B]Her voice still smooth even while dressed in blood. [B]?I?m sure you are enjoying your own meal as well?? [/B]Her voice rang out like that of an angel. Well, as far as Melech was concerned. He watched as she maneuvered from one body to the next, pinning it to the ground only to run a sharpened talon up its chest exposing the organs. No matter how Circe seemed to feast on her prey, she did it with an bloodlust he had never seen before.

[B]?I wonder though?? [/B]Melech muffled still engorged in one of his meals. [B]?Just why didn?t you decide to consume me whilst still weakened, I wouldn?t doubt you had more power even when we both were weakened."[/B]

Circe paused momentarily, her head twisting only to glance at his form behind her. [B]?Would you rather me to consume you and move on to find another??[/B] The smile on her face seemed to brim with the true sadistic impulses she was still yet to show. Slowly she began to stride over towards him. [B]?That option is still available? just so you know.? [/B]Her tongue coiled around one of her elongated teeth, the distance between the two of them closing with each passing second.

[B]?Now now, there is no need to get hasty.? [/B]A smirk began to form while he looked up to stare at her body. [B]?Besides, if it were to get to that, don?t think I wouldn?t be bothered to try to fight back.?
[B]?Oh? You couldn?t beat me back then, and I bet you can't even touch me now.?[/B]

Melech huffed a bit rolling his eyes only to end up staring back into hers.

[B]?Try me.?[/B]
?I will?
He snickered only to smirk as he slowly began to transform. His body enlarging slightly just as his skin began to change its color.[B] ?It has been a while since I even got to do this in front of a girl??[/B] His hair lengthened, its color changing slightly as the strands from his mane fell to his sides. [B]?I always forgot?? [/B]His nails lengthened till they became claws, ripping at the ground as if in an attempt to rip off the face of the earth. [B]?Just how good it felt.?[/B] The marks on his flesh slowly began to show while his snake like tongue ran across his lips. [B]?Now? if you can?t fight me, fuck me.? His body heaved, fully awakened, waiting for her next move.[/B][/SIZE][/COLOR][/FONT]
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[COLOR="darkorchid"][FONT="Times New Roman"]"Just because I can fight you...doesn't mean I won't... ...fuck you as well.

[i]This time, she awakened slowly, taking her grand sweet time. This time, she grew wings first, and they sprouted from behind her slowly growing beyond the expected length she'd shown him before. First two curved up, then two to the sides just beyond them, the next snaked down to curl over her shoulders, and the last two pairs trailed down behind and around her shoulders. Her laughter filled the air as her eye flicked open in a burst of energy and light, nearly blinding him. She slowly curved out both arms like a welcoming friend and he watched as the fans and tendrils on her body slowly sprouted.

Like a cat extending its claws, her talons exploded from her fingers with the same gentle noise that drawing a blade gave. Her smile was beyond what he'd seen before, darker blue lips contrasting bright white teeth, and then he saw the frame around her face burst up higher this time, like Isley's form... ...yet she still recalled the delicacy and grace of any Claymore like her, and he felt warm just watching. She drifted towards him, and Melech raised his mane around him in a defensive pattern.[/i]

"Tell me you like what you see..... ....tell me it's beautiful to you."

[i]He opened his mouth to speak, but his body shot forward of its own accord, six strands of his mane, all a blooded red burst from his shoulders to strike at her wings, all of them piercing one, leaving four unscathed. Circe laughed once more and instead of pausing, let the flesh of her wings heal around his own tendrils instantaneously. She whipped all of them back at once, dragging him closer to her, until she could reach him with her own claws.

He raised his in response, the extra pair bursting forward only to be softly pushed aside with two of her other wings. The two main arms instantly locked with Circe's, his brute strength useless in the face of her own raw power. With a soft look from her third eye, she flicked her final pair of wings upwards and out, taking two chunks from both shoulders this time around and he grimaced. They weren't feathery like the others she'd flashed in front of him before. These were raw blades merely shaped like wings, and they cut far stronger than he'd expected from a defensive warrior.[/i]

"...you're wonderful...."

[i]She let him strike towards her, releasing both of his arms to free his claws for slashing, and as quickly as he put marks into her body, she healed them up. Melech was surprised at how tactically she'd taken this. By pulling him close, he couldn't use his special attack; there wasn't enough room for him to wind back to release the energy silently. ....the look she gave him was knowing, proud, so utterly mindless it was beautiful to see. In an instant, she released his body and let them rip through her again, only so she could heal them for the second time. He turned and flicked his claws at her again, only she'd given him enough space to use his technique this time around, and the attack surged forward.

This time he saw both of her eyes close and the third remained open. She swung her body around in a rush of power and all of her wings together flickered forward to form a solid shield, all of them frying beneath his attack, and reforming even as the slashes rent them apart. As the attack ended, she let her body fall back slowly, and she caught herself with four of six wings, letting her body recover from the assault, seemingly wounded. ...of course at that point Melech was taken completely off guard.

When he blinked, she'd turned back to her human form and stood before him completely naked, completely exposed, with her hair trailing around her neck, looking up at him fearlessly.[/i][/FONT][/COLOR]
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[COLOR=#001824][SIZE="1"][FONT="Trebuchet MS"]Melech’s mind was going through a series of conflicts, Trying to judge one thing from another, when to maneuver in one direction instead of another. Circe though, it was her whom was really racking his mind. It was a matter of what feeling outweighed the other. The will to defeat her in a battle, or the will to take here in amidst the frozen wasteland setting.

With every passing second the battle intensified. She had the upper hand. They had already fought once before, only this time she was awakened as well. She knew the way he fought. He had no clue how she did. Those wings of hers needed to be subdued. They provided for her offense as well as her defense. Clipping them wouldn’t be easy.

As their battle continued Melech slowly began to loose power, his body battered and beaten while Circe had nothing but some scratches on her. Well, what was left over of her wounds after her frenzied regeneration kicked in. For a defensive type, her offense was a force to be reckoned with. As expected from someone who was the same rank of Ligardes.

He moved backwards, unless distracted somehow a head on attack would be pointless when used against her. Those numerous wings would only put up a defense. Not to mention those bladed ones she had tucked away. He scoffed cracking his wrists. She seemed only able to attack with her claws and those dreadful wings. His claws dug back into the ground as well as a couple strands of his mane, surging through the ground appearing next to her hoping to somewhat catch her off guard only to try a frontal assault once more.

His claws slashed at her only to be blocked by a pair of her dazzling wings. He grunted trying once more with his spider like forearms. Only to once more meet the guard of her wings. The two of them struggled trying to win one another over in power. Circe’s playful smirk only met the same styled smirk as her own. Amidst the coating of blood he had on his arms from the missing chunks of flesh. Melech eventually let off on the attack and pulled back only to dodge those bladed wings by less than a hair.

He hunched over tightly pulling his arms across his body as he prepared for his attack. Because of his shoulder damage the power would be limited significantly but hopefully it would be enough to at least take care of those troublesome wings of hers. After building up enough yoki he released it. The silent killer flew through the air till it made contact with her shield. He was pleased to see that even though they were regenerating, it had caused a bit of damage. Maybe a full powered on could do just a bit more. Melech hunched forward, his claws digging into the ground as if he were about to take of sprinting until… she made her move.

There she was, standing before, completely naked and open. She had either been reading his mind or decided to make the first move. Even Melech didn’t expect such a bold action from her. “[B]Now look at what we have here...”[/B] his eyes scanned her body taking in every curve and shape.[B] “And here I was thinking you wouldn’t dare to make the first move.”[/B]

Circe smirked as her eyes locked with his as if luring for him to come. [B]“One of us had to, its as I said before. Just because I can fight you, doesn’t mean I won’t fuck you as well. We’ve had our fight for now…”[/B]

Melech moved towards those eyes that seemed to beckon for him, his form altering slowly till he reached his human form naked along side her as he made his way behind her. His hand slowly made its way around her, wrapping around her chest just underneath her breast while he whispered into her ear.

[B]“Now then, I suppose you want to now? Don’t think I won’t return what you did to me ten fold during this.[/B]” His head left her ear and began to bite at the nape of her neck, while he began to regenerate the loss amounts of flesh.

[B]“I wouldn’t want it any other way.”[/B][/FONT][/SIZE][/COLOR]
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[COLOR="DarkOrchid"][FONT="Times New Roman"]"Thats what I like to hear."

[i]He pulled her closer, his free arm covering her shoulder and throat. He dug his fingers through her flesh, feeling her yoki tingling against his fingers. Melech's teeth sank into Circe's throat, tasting purple blood, drawing lines in her body... ...but rather than just showing signs of pain, she arched against him, writhing with pleasure. She dug her shoulder blades, sharper than he anticipated, and tilted her own head up, back towards his shoulder, to bite his flesh.

With a grunt, he pushed her back, and held her at arms length, a fold of skin disappearing into her mouth, her smile playful. At times, he forgot that she was so much younger than him, even if he still retained his youthful appearance. Her smile was fading into a flushed look of heady pleasure. Her cheeks bloomed with color, and he saw the tinge of blood through pale skin. Circe tilted her head to one side and watched him quizzically, until he brought his head down, very close to her, his tongue slithering down to caress her cheek, down to her chin, under her throat.[/i]

"Oh, so he knows what he's doing..."

"Do you?"

[i]She sank her fingers into his shoulders, barely healed, her claws barely piercing his flesh, gentle...almost sweet. Her scratches were nothing more than another interesting sensation, unfortunately for him, her sadism was tinged with the sort of masochism that would've only worked if she had the capacity to heal. Which she did. And as she pushed herself against his flesh, tilting her head back to let his lips touch her throat. This time, he arched over her and touched his lips to hers. Unbeknownst to him, it was the first kiss she'd ever received from anyone, and it burned her mind like fire.

Circe cried aloud, and threw her arms around his neck, nails retracting, her body becoming more human by the second. He pulled into him, his tongue pressing against hers, his hand on her cheek, the other pressed against the small of her back. [/i][/FONT][/COLOR]
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[COLOr=#001824][FONT="Trebuchet MS"][SIZE="1"]Their kiss was their pact, bonding with one another as their passions went wild. Biting, ripping, and clawing. The both of them causing horrendous amounts of damage to their bodies only to regenerate it seconds later. Her cries only fueled the burning lust that he had for her. With every passing moment the need to rip at her body grew. The white hot passion of their two bodies on one another seemed enough to burn the ice around them.
“Looks like this one is as much of a masochist as she is a sadist.” [/B]Melech pressed his body harder against hers, their skin coursing with copious amounts of yoki.

[B]“Don’t tell me you’re afraid of having it rough. Or are you afraid?” [/B]Her grip around his neck tightened pulling him against her once more to embrace in a kiss. Their tongues twined with one another while their bodies grinded.

[B]“I’ll show you rough…” [/B]It was a bit surprising to see her retract her claws. One would think that a person like he would enjoy the feeling of flesh being ripped. From her hand none the less. Either she was showing a more… masochist side to that rampant show of sadism she had only moments ago. [B]“Either you like to be cut while in a rampart fit of lust. Or you’re just opening yourself to me.” [/B]His tongue ran across her collarbone, sliding his teeth against her flushed skin.

[B]“Well… why not come and find out for yourself?” [/B]

A smirked formed on his face at her challenge. He slid a sharpened claw down her chest, between her breasts only to stop just above her naval. It was no where near deep enough to bleed. Instead he began to trace the mark with his tongue, gliding his body about her form. When he came to the end he only left to find another mark he made in her skin only moments ago as she clawed at his. His body tracing its outline as a predator chases its prey.

[B]“Don’t worry, I will”[/B][/SIZE][/FONT][/COLOR]
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[COLOR="DarkOrchid"][FONT="Times New Roman"][i]A sharp thrust into her desire, a sharp push against her body, and Circe's head was flung back among the snow and ice. Dark hair on the snow, and purple blood dripping down all around them, and Melech's expression changed. He pushed down against her once more, and then nearly laughed aloud and tilted his head down to place his lips against her seashell of an ear. His voice wasn't mocking, merely filled with surprise. [/i]

"All this time, and you stayed a virgin..... ....do you know how delightful that is?"

"I had a rough idea.."

[i]Her voice sounded strained to him, but then again, he could hardly fault her. She was small and slight beneath him, with her hair framing her pale face, her slender fingers on his arms, and he wanted to keep her looking this way for as long as he could. Half of him wanted to shift, and to pierce her through and through, again and again with his mane. But she'd shown her trust in him, and she'd put enough faith into him enough to give him this gift of hers. Best to not squander it. Better to make her writhe, to scream, to give it to her, to forget himself...

"She's perfect...any more perfect and I'd have to kill her."

Circe's eyes were wide open, staring, almost mindless, and her lips parted slightly as her breathing came harsh. This feeling, it was just like Awakening for the first time. She could almost feel Ligardes's claws on her body, ripping her to shreds faster than she could recover. His mocking laughter, the way he'd ripped her armor apart, and the wild look that nearly blinded him on its own merit. He'd fallen back, he'd had a look of true fear on his face. She'd grown the wings first, used them to pull herself off the ground, her body had shaped itself into a form of power, and she was bigger than him.

"How now...?"

She was stronger, and she'd come so close to killing him. So close, feel her wings impaling his shoulders, mutilating, hurting..... .....and then Circe came back to the present, with Melech's hands on her body, hers on his cheeks. Without warning, she screamed aloud, shoving all claws into the middle of his back, ripping up towards his shoulders, moaning, screaming, crying aloud. Her cries, breathy gasps for air, they were more than enough for him, until she began to struggle, to dig her heels into his back, wrap her legs around her hips... ...her mind assaulted by that rush of white light that'd taken her over so many times before when she awakened...[/i][/FONT][/COLOR]
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[COLOR=#001824][SIZE="1"][FONT="Trebuchet MS"]Melech?s body twisted and turned against hers. Ever movement only gave him that much more pleasure knowing that this was her first. She could have easily been able to pick another after awakening. God knows she had the body to pick whomever she wished. Either she had been whisked off her feat by his charm, or perhaps there was no need for her to even fight to keep it from him.

[B]?That?s pretty bold of you, giving me the chance to deflower you. Strip the last bit of innocence that you have. I wonder though, just what made you decide to keep it??[/B]

[B]?Simple,?[/B] her breathing began to heighten with each passing second, [B]?There was no one worthy enough to take it from me.?[/B]

A smirk began to form on his face, her moans slowly driving him into a lustful madness. [B]?You?re saying you find me worthy enough to steal it from you then?? [/B]

She didn?t respond, verbally at least. Her laughter that mixed in with her sounds told him enough. His movements began to intensify. Almost like taking her laughter as a challenge to bring her closer the ends of her wits. He was determined to break her.

A couple of twists later even he was surprised to feel her strike him once again. Had she taken this opportunity to attack while his guard was down? Daring to betray the trust they had built up while they were laying amongst once another. It didn?t take long for his eyes to slowly begin to lid. His body partially exhausted from their previous fight, the other from him taking his time with her. His breathing grew ragged and heavy. With every press against her body, his yoki seemed to swell in one point of his body. Movements on her began to slow as it seemed he was tiring.

That was until he snapped. Whatever it was, he lost control, his body taking control over his mind. As her heels began to dig into his back, his grip on her shoulders tightened. His claws pierced her skin only to dive in deeper, deeper, and deeper still. After a deep breath he let out a growl. The same feeling from when he awakened began to course through his body. It hadn?t reached its peak yet, but he could feel it coursing through his body. It was slowly becoming impossible for him to hold back anymore. While his body would love to take her lovely body and rip it apart, his mind still wanted her. She gave him just as much satisfaction as he gave her, the two opposing forces trying to coax the outcome.

Eventually he could feel it. The same feeling of awakening began to take over his body. While he took a glance underneath him only to see Circe caught up in her own mind. If only he could pry into it. Experience just what she was feeling when she began to awaken. The thoughts, the feelings, everything that must have rushed passed her while she was slowly being taken over by her yoma energy. It was the rush that he craved, a rush he got every time he awakened. Yet it had been so long since he did something like this.

Soon the white hot passion flew through him. His body jerked violently before he gripped down harder. His claws driving themselves deeper through her shoulders. His body began to throb, as every hair on his body was brimming with his yoki. This was the feeling of awakening, only this time it had an added twist with it. His claws began to withdraw themselves from inside her becoming more human as he placed them on either side of her head. His gaze looked back down only to finally meet the amber hues of her own.
?Was that enough for you? Or do you still need more coaxing.?[/B][/FONT][/SIZE][/COLOR]
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[COLOR="DarkOrchid"][FONT="Times New Roman"][i]As soon as Melech said those words, he instantly regretted it. She raised herself up by simply contracting and pulling her torso without use of her hands, and flipped over on top of him, drawing her legs together to compress his sides sharply. He felt her slowly squeezing, until he felt like he couldn't breathe, when she suddenly released him and dug very human nails into his skin, raking them down to raise red marks that quickly faded.[/i]

"...I always want more."

[i]He caught her shoulder in one hand, enveloping it completely, only to watch as she snatched it up in her own hand, twisting to one side and biting into his wrist. Circe laughed and released it in an instant, then flung her head back all at once in a cloud of hair against her shoulders He raised his hands in what was most likely instinctual self defense, but it was too late. Moving faster than he could follow, she jerked her body down and sank her teeth deep into his neck, shaking her head back and forth, moaning through a locked jaw.

"I shouldn't, but my body won't stop.... ......want to stop... ...can't...won't...."

.......hours later, she'd come back down, her breathing was normal, and neither were the worse for wear. Circe had fallen asleep like a little child, senseless and silent in his arms, her hands around his neck like a child, her body completely unmarked. If he hadn't known better, he would've sworn she'd simply been tired and peacefully resting this whole time. In her sleep, she turned over and he saw the slender lines down her back, points where her wings sprouted, and slowly trailed a finger down them. She twitched once under his touch, then again, and before he could move away, several slender ridges of wing pressed through her skin and wrapped around his wrist, pulling him back down to her.

Melech looked over her shoulder and saw she'd opened one eye and had been watching him observe her the whole time. The rest of her hair was covering the third, or he would've figured it out.. ....and Circe released his hand.[/i][/FONT][/COLOR]
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[COLOR=#001824][SIZE="1"][FONT="Trebuchet MS"]Circe?s eyes carefully began to scan her body. The way she laid, her hair spread out obscuring her face except that that eye. A smirk crawled onto her face as her wing pulled him back to her.[B] ?Looks like someone is awake, just how long have you been watching??[/B] Carefully Melech?s hand stretched down to brush a couple of strands away from her head. There was no longer any doubt in his mind if it was just a spur of the moment or his lusts running wild. He was in love.

[B]?Just long enough?? [/B]She slowly began to stir. Her head rising to meet his. [B]?To feel your touch. As gentle as it was.?[/B] A moment later, her arms wrapped around his neck pulling herself up using his body as leverage. He began to idly trace those lines down along her back once more. Only to hear a soft moan radiate from her lips.

[B]?What can I say? You are as interesting on the inside as you are on the outside.? [/B]Melech pulled himself up till he was sitting only to pull her into his lap.[B] ?The only thing keeping me from exploring your body any more? was that feigned sleep of yours.? [/B]Meanwhile his hands continued to trace along the many lines etched into her back.

Circe?s grasp broke from his neck only to reform around his. [B]?It seems as you have had your fun.?[/B] His hands continued to move along that lined part of her flesh. The sun finally began to peak over the mountains edge. Their bodies seeming to glow in the rising sun.

[B]?I bet I know what you want to do.? [/B]A smirk rolled over his face, his hands moving up to attempt to scan about her neck.[B]" You want what Riful and Isley have, don?t you? To be an Abyssal one, a Dweller of the Deep. Yet, going in alone would be suicide, seeing as they both have a significant other with them.?[/B]

[B]?Perhaps, such a title is only fit for me, wouldn?t you say??[/B]

[B]?All you need to do is take over a region. Kill either Isley and Priscilla, or Riful and Dauf. The latter would seem to be easier, seeing as we?ve been in both of their times. While the other, well I?m sure I don?t need to tell you about the one horned demon.?
Circe chuckled, the though of taking over did run through her mind. Even amidst her powers two against one did seem as a futile attempt. Yet with Melech?[B] ?If you were to assist, it would be a plausible idea.?[/B] Her hands unlocked from his waist and idly began to trace up along his spine. [B]?We could start there? or??


?Why start in a place where an awakened being has claimed it as their territory? Why not dare to venture to the east??[/B]

[B]?Looks like someone is feeling adventurous??[/B] slowly his eyes lidded still tracing over her form with his finger while her hands roamed his body. [B]?Daring to go into a place, you know there is a reason why nobody has tried taking it over don?t you?"[/B]

[B]?Scared?? [/B]Her hands stopped their movement and began to claw into his shoulders, sinking into the flesh as she climbed him. It wasn?t long before a rush of pain ran through his body. She had sunk her teeth into his ear.

[B]?I was able to take you wasn?t I??

?Only because I offered.?

?Maybe. Maybe not. You still haven?t answered the question, which route do you want to take? Take down an abyssal one, or overthrow the east??[/B][/FONT][/SIZE][/COLOR]
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[COLOR="DarkOrchid"][FONT="Times New Roman"][i]Circe considered things, her amber eyes widening and then narrowing again in thought. For a moment, they flickered between normal and then back to vertical demonic slits. She held up one finger to Melech's lips and purred like a kitten.[/i]

"Our ultimate goal of course is the conquest of the east. But for fun...we should destroy Dauf or Riful..."

"I take it you're going to just not bother with Isley?"

"Not for years."

[i]Her laughter filled the air like the chime of a thousand bells. And then she paused and considered him again seriously. She arched an eyebrow delicately and purred softly.[/i]

"But first I think we should find the rest of the Awakened that are here and still loyal to Isley."

"Convince them to join us?"

"Of course not."

"Then you mean we slaughter them."

[i]Circe stood in the burgeoning light and let the sun wash over her face and hands. She smiled once more and he stood up next to her, a hand over her slim shoulder. Her gaze seemed to cover the entire land of Alphonse, and her smile would've lit up the sky alone. She turned and her eyes flicked slowly across Melech's own, her amber eyes reflecting his purple ones. He laughed aloud and pushed his hair from his face.[/i]

"We should get started then. There are more than just a few."

"....you can have first pick."

[i]As she said so, she tilted her head to one side with a smile, an almost girlish gesture, and he smirked, his body shifting over.[/i][/FONT][/COLOR]
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[COLOR=#001824][SIZE="1"][FONT="Trebuchet MS"]Melech scoffed, his form pressing away from Circe to searching along some of the corpses they just ripped apart. While at first it seemed as if he was simply searching their bodies for something, his aim quickly changed. Within seconds the corpses, well what remained of the corpses, were stripped of their clothes. With ease they both dawned the clothes. It could be enough for them to remain somewhat clad. Well until the next time that they would have to awaken.

[B]?You can at least find all of them can?t you??[/B]

Circe paused for a moment, slightly adjusting her clothing only to turn towards him. [B]?Are you serious? It is not that difficult to detect the horrendous amounts of Yoki they unconsciously emit.?
Almost on cue Melech quickly turned his face away. Blood quickly rushed to his cheeks in a blush while his eyes quickly moved from one place to another. [B]?Its not as much as detecting Yoki is hard? I?m just not as? adept at the skill as you are.[/B]?
?So even he who smells so good and tastes even better? has his own flaws.?[/B]

[B]?Quiet?? [/B]

Circe laughed once again, that heavenly sound of hers singing as their journey began. The beginning of their soon to be epic conquest didn?t start very exhilarating. Most of the awakened beings they decimated were easily dispatched. A simple decapitation, disembowelment, or enough impalements were enough to take most of them out in one clean shot. Sure, every now and then one would put up a decent fight. It still wasn?t enough. The lust for blood that they both felt slowly began to build. An Awakened Being could kill for so long before the need of a feast took them over.

Melech?s body was hunched over, slowly dining on a spare human he found wondering in the wrong place and the wrong time. Its innards tasted exquisite. Like others but with a hint of a little difference. This once must have been doing something unusual through the course of their life.

Whilst he ate Circe?s eyes began to flicker from one spot on the ground to another, as if she were tracing something. Every place she looked through was bare. Nothing there but the cold embrace that the land of Alphonse placed on its inhabitants. Something was there though, if not above then it had to be?

[B]?Are you ready for another go?? [/B]Her eyes slowly began to lid whilst she spoke. [B]?It looks like you have some company.?[/B]

[B]?From where? I can feel the presence of another? but I though that yoki was just from you? It didn?t make sense seeing as it seemed as if it were coming from everywhere??[/B]

Circe slowly raised her hand twirling it about in the air. ?[B]If it isn?t in front of you or above??[/B] Her twirling soon stopped and pointed at the ground. [B]? Where else do you think they could be??
[B]?Underneath? How many are there??[/B]
?Only two? no three. Nothing that you shouldn?t be able to handle I assume??[/B]

[B]?Of course?? [/B]The ground underneath him began to shake slightly. Melech slyly began to cleanse his fingers of the blood from his last victim as the awakened ones burst from the ground. There were indeed three of them; their strengths seemed to be varying slightly from the way their Yoki was shifting. He actually decided against awakening for once, instead only stood down the three of them in his human form.
?You aren?t going to awaken?"[/B] Circe asked, seemingly puzzled.

[B]?I wanna try something first? just to see if I can use it?properly?[/B]

[B]?This boy is trying to sound so tough? I bet its talk is worse than its bite.?[/B] The Awakened Being said clicking its wrists, exposing what seemed to be claws hinted with a tad of poison. It quickly lurched forward, arms extended while its muscles snapped at the excitement. Just before they were about to make contact though, the fight was already over.

It happened in an instant maybe even less. In such a short amount of time Melech was able to take away the Awakened Beings? hands and use them for his own attack. The claws were grounded down to the flesh, all the Yoki that had been built up inside them still brimming within the flesh. [B]?Che? They broke.?[/B] He tossed the limbs aside looking at the Awakened Being sent flying backwards a couple of yards, in a multitude of pieces.

The other two seemed confused, disoriented, here was what an Awakened Being, its body still in a human state, and was easily able to dismantle another Awakened Being with one attack. One of them judged it to be too dangerous, most male Awakened Ones were. The female behind him though seemed less of a threat. Besides, with her beauty it was doubtful for her strength to be greater than the male. [B]?The only reason you must be here is to protect that?female behind you.?
Melech lightly scoffed a bit turning his gaze to the one who spoke. [B]?You can try if you wish to die; I have no means of stopping you.?[/B] The Awakened being seemed to expand before throwing its arms, all six of them towards Circe. Stretching themselves to lengths only attainable by an awakened being. Without even flinching Circe?s wings broke out from her back. Her bladed tendrils wrapping around the limbs, slicing them in multiple places before they broke off and lodged themselves right into the skull of the Awakened One, right through its eye sockets only to burst out the back and slip themselves through its chest cavity. Ripping it into two separate pieces. The purple blood slowly slid down her appendages and Circe wasted no time in discarding them. Throwing the corps in two different directions. [B]?And who were you calling weak??[/B] her voice was like a snarl leaving only a single survivor.

Melech didn?t even think twice about Awakening, thinking to take down this final obstacle with as much pleasure as he could squeeze out of it. This finally Awakened one seemed to have a bit of intellect, thinking up a sneak attack that Melech didn?t anticipate. While its body remained still and unmoving, its tail elongated and slid below the surface hoping to strike him from behind. When its tail finally did emerge Melech was hardly able to avoid it. The tail struck him through his left arm, impaling the limb and wrapping around it in an attempt to rip it off.

The strike seemed to be the ignition that he needed to set him off. His man talons quickly wrapped around the tail trying to pry it loose but quickly resorted to constricting it instead. His lust for blood began to take over his senses. He had been killing too much this day to go without a strike of his own. The talons finally ripped through tail freeing his arms. For the moment his Yoki was pulsing in his mane. It shot out impaling the being only to reel it back to him. Their bodies were close enough to touch. It didn?t last long before Melech?s fangs sunk into its neck, pulling at it until his throat until it was ripped clean out.

Melech?s body heaved. The blood running down his arm as well as the taste in his mouth drove him into an insane lust. He needed more, He wanted more. His senses seemed to be sharper and improved from before. His head quickly scanned the area to find something, anything, to satisfy his hunger. His claws digger into the earth and began to dive towards what he though smelt like a human only to have slender wings slowly encase his body. They pulled him backwards flying until he was pinned against Circe?s chest. With every thrash her wings seemed to constrict him. His breathing soon sharpened into quick breaths still trying to break free from her death grip.

[B]?Shhh?? [/B]she whispered biting down into his flesh. [B]?It won?t be worth it if we kill everyone... you need to let at least one live? to tell the rest.? [/B]His body continued to put up a fight against her. The thrashes became weaker and weaker in time eventually stopping. Melech?s eyes were wide open. His entire body gasping for breath from her grip. With a bit of pain still flowing through his body he managed to turn his head a bit to face her. His eyes slanted in an angry glow.[/FONT][/SIZE][/COLOR]
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[COLOR="DarkOrchid"][FONT="Times New Roman"][i]Circe regarded him with the cold and terrible eyes of any awakened, the cool green brushing his own gaze aside. Her voice was soft, and it pushed against his ears, reaching him even as he would remove himself from it if only to get in the final kill he so desperately desired.[/i]

"Save your strength. Recover that arm of yours, and get better why don't you...."

"I'll kill... ....kill them all..."

[i]The female Awakened Being smiled, closing her eyes very slowly, even the third. Meanwhile the surviving Awakened, catching the barest glimpse of her true power in the moment when she chose to align her Yoki with Melech's, fled for his life as it was. His panic infected all others that he came across in his wild flight from Alphonse and from the horrifying beauty that was Circe of the Cold Light. Of course he would have no way of describing her. They hadn't spoken their names aloud, but he recalled the yoki. The complete release of Melech's and the clever cloaking of her own. Someone would have to know. Someone would see. Someone....

...And moments after his departure, Melech had stopped struggling, and was cradled in the wings of the only creature that was capable of returning his love. He paused long enough to notice Circe's eyes were still closed, and she smiled at him, drawing him closer, and then shrinking, and setting him down as her body shrank to its normal size. With a soft movement, she pulled up the robes she'd liberated from a hapless human and slid them up over her body, the slim arms that had held him immobile now holding up his own shirt for him. She laughed aloud at his expression and leaned against his chest so softly the reversal of positions was thrown into sharp relief.[/i]

"You're sweet when you're upset. I do appreciate your return."

"And thank you for that."

[i]He cupped her cheek in one hand and smoothed back her hair slowly. It flared up in the snow and wind and she showed no sign of discomfort, merely snuggling closer to him with a decidedly girlish gesture. Melech placed his good hand around her waist and focused on the other with some concentration of will. Circe placed a gentle hand on his wounded arm, her touch light as the snowflakes on his cheek.[/i]

"You're a good protector."

[i]Even as the words fell from her lips, she turned and faced her body to the South. She considered the view, narrowing her eyes yet again, and her third eye snapped wide open to take in the sights as well. Circe pointed with a delicate finger, and Melech followed the line she drew. It wasn't a shocker really, but the vague forms of several awakened advancing.[/i][/FONT][/COLOR]
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[COLOR=#001824][SIZE="1"][FONT="Trebuchet MS"]Melech?s body lurched forward, taking in the sight before him. His breathing slowed to an eerie level, the sound like that out a dark horror film. The numbers before them seemed impressive. Six to eight? Easily double to the number that he?d engaged moments ago. It was hard enough to not go, the rush that ran through the body during a fight. Melech wanted to feel at again. The difference this time being he wasn?t going to get lost in the pleasure, well at least not on purpose.

Amidst the want for him to fight, with every heartbeat his arm pulsed. Every moment the pain growing greater before soothing once more. The feeling annoying at best, it was possible that its condition could deteriorate. The wound slowly began to seal. Healing was the one thing he hated the most being an offensive type. It always took to long, and if it were to be enough, he would only have the power to regenerate as a human, not the Awakened Being he was.

Circe looked over him, her eyes flickering in the light that peered over their bodies. Melech wanted to fight even more. He probably only wanted to protect? but his body was in no condition to do so. Her hand snaked out, lightly wrapping around Melech?s neck from behind. Pulling him behind her while she looked on at the awakened.
?You?re going to fight???[/B]

?With an injury like that? you?re bound to be ineffective against a number like that?? A sly smile curled about her lips. [B]?Offensive types should know when its best to recuperate and wait rather than risk further energy to fight.?[/B]

Melech scoffed, the wound in his arm still attempting to heal itself. He moved forwards standing beside her. His eyes glared at her own before they softened into a glazed over state. [B]?You Defensive types should know when you?re outmatched??[/B]

[B]?I doubt it.? [/B]Circe said moving towards the mob that stared down at them. [B]?I was able to handle you under such dire circumstances though? I?m sure this can?t be any different.?[/B]
?Well then after this is over? Would you want to have fun with our watcher??[/B]

Circe?s head tilted, her hair falling to one side. [B]?You could feel it too???
[B]?Of course, they smell so good?and are even better to toy with. We can play with the Claymore? after we kill these Awakened? Ladies first??
[B]?I though you?d never ask.?[/B][/FONT][/SIZE][/COLOR]
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[COLOR="DarkOrchid"][FONT="Times New Roman"][i]Circe laughed to herself, and stood quietly with Melech standing a full head taller than her. He held his arm, focusing his will, while Circe padded forward silently, on bare feet, while seven female Awakened, fully transformed came closer. She laughed in a soft burst of of sound, and they paused within shouting distance, then continued forward. Circe stood with one hand on her hip, completely relaxed, nearly laughing aloud at their pompous behavior. She held her Yoki at a steady, weak level, changing her wavelength to reflect all of theirs.[/i]

"Join us or die."

[i]Her voice rang out, making Melech flinch. She'd used her own abilities, and projected her voice loud enough to be heard over the howling wind. No yoki here. The Awakened laughed with the cocky lilt that only supreme overconfidence could give. And that was too fun. Just too much fun. Melech frowned. The odds weren't good, but it was too late. Circe was committed. She was releasing yoki at a furious rate, and she was changing her shape quickly this time. In one instance, she burst upwards several stories, going from a lithe, slender woman to a demonic being of monstrous proportions. Keeping in line with her penchant for deception, she kept all but one pair of wings visible, concealing the others under the main of sleek blueish green hair. One of the slightly weaker Awakened pointed a finger-like appendage at Circe, her gaze tracing the third eye on Circe's forehead. [/i]

"You're Circe. Former number 2 from Riful's time."

"Guilty as charged. ...and all of you are from the era before the Class of 47. Of Alicia and Bess ...but that doesn't appear to have helped you in any way."

"You talk big, but you've got a badly wounded male, and just yourself against all of us."


[i]The two biggest Awakened exchanged glances, and shot forward in a surge of energy, going for Circe's exposed arms, only to feel a burst of agony as wings, and tendrils on her arms alike, wrenched through flesh. Circe twisted her body's tendrils, growing the viciously hooked barbs that she'd always concealed. With a rush of power, she jerked her whole body backwards, the wings and limbs ripping as they went, slicing with enough force to completely wrench off limbs at the shoulder. One attempted to regenerate, but Circe flickered one of her still hidden wings and completely removed it's head, moving so quickly it didn't even realize it was already vanquished. The others took that as their cue to gang up on Circe, whipping limbs and tentacles at her like it was going out of style. One lashed against her lower half, another going for her head, and still another shooting directly for her third eye.

Melech started and was about to lurch forward to help, when in an instant, four of the surviving six Awakened leapt back, dripping purple blood, covered in multiple lacerations. The Awakened female Circe had badly wounded earlier was beheaded at her feet, and she had spread four of five pairs of wings, and was laughing with the sort of manic, hysterical mirth that had shaken Melech before. Her head was tossed back carelessly, her hair fanning out behind her shoulders. Claws splayed and dripping with fluids, eyes snapping and sparkling with life, and her voice echoing beyond them all.[/i]

"I will destroy the lot of you. ...weaklings and cowards.... .....I will taste your flesh and mutilate your corpses...."[/FONT][/COLOR]
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[COLOR=#001824][SIZE="1"][FONT="Trebuchet MS"]An eerie laugh went through the air as Circe kept the Awakened Beings occupied in her Awakened form. He grabbed his injured arm cracking and twisting it about with his palm till he felt the bones set in place. [B]“Now who were you calling badly injured..?” [/B]He carefully stood at full high. His height dwarfed by his lover.[B] “You two seem to be having all the fun… I’ll show you who is…badly injured..”[/B]

Melech took a moment to breathe in the cool air of the land of Alphonse before he transformed. His form was only slightly smaller than hers when side by side. Melech could probably be a bit taller if he were to stand upright.

He threw his slightly injured hand backwards, digging his claws into the frozen earth. Once he felt a strong enough grip his thrust them forward using the ground as a spring for his offensive attack. It launched with easily twice the power it did before. The silent strike moved through the air undetected until it hit an Awakened. Ripping across its chest flinging it backwards until it fell over, deep gashes embedded in its chest. [B]“I must still be weak… That attack should have ripped that thing in half…Did you actually try and convince trash like them to join us? What happened to slaughtering them all..?”[/B]

[B]“I’ve already started…” [/B]Her body motioned to the decapitated corpse on the ground. [B]“Are you even able to fight, seeing as you were so badly wounded… and I already disabled most of them…” [/B]

Melech started only to press against his advance. [B]“You seem zealous enough… Show me how you have fun.” [/B]

Circe didn’t bother to respond as an Awakened being foolishly charged against her. When up against unprepared, Circe could turn into one’s worst nightmare of an opponent. Taking her beauty as a sight of weakness. Her wings tightly wrapped around the Awakened’s outstretched limbs. Slowly compressing, twisting, and breaking its bones only to press it the fractured shards back into the body. The wings tightly wrapped around the body in an embrace before her wings opened to show the body. The remnants of the Awakened being fell from her form. The body in pieces from the compression of her sharpened wings.

[B]" Now, how to finish the rest.. there are just oh so many things I could do, rip out your organs...crush your skeletons, decapitation..” [/B]She moved forward, the head of the decapitated awakened one she’d killed earlier resting on the underside of her foot. [B] “So many choices, so little time.. I’ll try them all.” [/B]She lent forward, crushing the head in one swift movement before jerking forward. The battle didn’t take long.

All Melech could comprehend was the sound of flesh being ripped from bone and limbs being torn apart before the silence of death settled in. Melech looked about only to see her blood stained body waltz back. [B]“My goodness… you sure seemed to enjoy yourself…”[/B] He cooed, their bodies reverting intot heir human forms.

[B]“Did you enjoy it?” [/B]Her eyes seemed to be looking through him rather than at him.

[B]“Did I what?”

“Did you like the way I killed? Did it please you? Watching me take apart an Awakened only using my body.” [/B]Her green orbs stared deep into his purple ones. Her gaze never leaving his for even the slightest moment.

[B]“Of course… You perform in a style that I’ve yet to see another mimic.” [/B]Melech’s lungs seemed to be caught in his throat as he spoke. The was she seemed so forward seemed awkward enough. Then again she seemed to return to normal only a few seconds later. It was more or less a spur of the moment.

[B]“Now lets go find a toy to play with..”[/B][/FONT][/SIZE][/COLOR]
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[COLOR="DarkOrchid"][FONT="Times New Roman"][i]Circe stepped delicately down from the snow covered rocks she'd been perched on and began to drift down into the lower valley that led up to Pieta. Melech followed barely a handsbreadth behind her, hovering behind her left shoulder like a scion of protection. The Claymore briefly considered running, but she'd seen enough of Circe to know better. Or at least she thought so.

The girl stared in abject fascination as Circe stepped down the stones as if on a staircase wrought of marble and paused, turning her head to stare directly at the Organization's number 6. She who had thought she'd hidden her Yoki so cleverly forced her will to steel itself, and drew her weapon, the symbol she'd obtained years ago holding steady. When she spoke, her voice rang out soft, yet strong enough to be heard, and Melech forced back a brief flickering of desire.[/i]

Circe, of the Cold Light. Former number 2."

"And you? So charming and cute. ....you must be a new one."

[i]The Claymore stood tall enough to look Circe in the eye, and she did. Silver clashing against dark green. Beautiful and impossible. Melech felt the tension sweep across the pair of them, and sensed the girl sending yoki to her arm, about to strike forward in an offensive maneuver meant to take Circe's head off. Definitely a mistake.

Circe didn't appear to move to either the Claymore girl or Melech, but that hardly mattered. The sword had been swung directly for her face, but it had stopped cold several inches away, and when the warrior tried to withdraw her blade, she found herself tugging pointlessly. Her blood ran cold. Circe had caught her blade cleanly in one hand. A transformed, awakened limb. Her right hand had become the huge taloned appendage that had so recently been destroying others of its kind. Circe was smiling now. Amused in a gentle, pleasant way.[/i]

"That was a very good try. Now tell me your name and I promise to allow your head to stay attached to your shoulders."

[i]The girl didn't gulp audibly, but she had to swallow once to clear her throat. Normally she would've continued with her attack, but powering up her own yoki would only make it that much easier for Circe to know where to defend. Instead, she relaxed her grip slowly, even though Circe certainly hadn't.[/i]

"I am number six. Lyrra."

[i]Circe's smile widened. Her teeth sparkled impossibly white and her eyes snapped and glittered with pleasure. She paused, considering the options; Kill the little thing or torture her into awakening? Ah choices. They were always so delightful.[/i][/FONT][/COLOR]
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[COLOR=#001824][SIZE="1"][FONT="Trebuchet MS"]The aura of these two women before him was amazing. While Circe?s was greater by far. The Claymore seemed to have some fight still left in that body of hers. The scene sent him into a quick flashback. Back to when the two of them first met. Circe and Melech. One of the two already awakened while the other was still a dog of the organization. The other still lacked the pleasure and multiple benefits that Awakening gave to its user. No, there was a difference, even though small, the difference was obvious.

Back then, Circe looked up to Melech as an equal. Not a claymore fighting against a former claymore, whose powers alone took four of her kind to dispatch. But as equals. Soon all the feelings began rushing back through his mind. Her laugh, that smile, but most of all, those eyes? Those menacing eyes of her. They were enough to demoralize a legion of the strongest warriors time had ever seen.

Yet here he was, willingly serving under a beast that could manipulate people to do her wants and needs. It disgusted him, the very though did. Yet, she did give him the best present that any male could ever recieve?

Quickly he snapped back into reality. Circe still held the Claymore, both mentally and physically. Lyrra?s Yoki burnt in her arm. Her attempts to dislodge her sword from Circe grasp were growing more futile by the second. It was obvious that Circe was toying with this one, instead of just dismantling her cell by cell as per usual. Melech?s mind was thrown in a wrought of confusion trying to understand the ways of this Awakened being. Did she want to keep it as a toy? Something for entertainment? Or build an army as Riful and Isley had before them? God were her thoughts a mystery. And why hadn?t this Claymore done anything else. Surely an ability or something could help her break free from this Awakened Being?s grip.

[B]?Are you going to keep it..?? [/B]Melech began to circle about the claymore, taking in her features. Head. Chest. Height. Width. All features that he though were necessary for future knowledge.

[B]?I?ve got a better idea?? [/B]Circe?s lips curled into a sadistic smile. Her Awakened arm released its grip from Lyrra?s. The young Claymore gripped her sword in her hands ready to attack. She swiped downwards in one full thrust which Circe evaded stepping off to a side. Circe stepped forward, embedding the sword into the ground with only the base of her feet. The sharp edge of the blade seemed to go unnoticed as she advanced forward.[B] ?Why not get her to Awaken? It should be interesting to se what it turns into. The higher the number the stronger the being.?
[B]?You?re so twisted? and I love it.? [/B]

Circe didn?t respond or at least she didn't need to. Her actions did the talking. Her wings expanded aiming from the weaponless Claymore. Lyrra hesitated only to move backwards. Lyrra?s eyes looked on at form of the wings. Morphing, twisting, turning. Its movement forward seemed to mimic a flower opening.

[B]?Now to take care of you properly??[/B][/FONT][/SIZE][/COLOR]
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[COLOR="DarkOrchid"][FONT="Times New Roman"][i]Lyrra didn't panic, denoting her experience with Awakened Beings in the very manner with which she stood. Of course she was still afraid, and what insignificant being wouldn't be? Perhaps insignificant was too harsh of a word. After all, she hadn't run screaming in panic, and she wouldn't have time to if she wanted to. Instead, Circe advanced very slowly, her wings fluttering behind her, mimicking the movement of any beautiful butterfly's. Her third eye slowly focused on Lyrra's face, taking in the yoki slowly streaming through her body.[/i]

"You're so cute... .....I'll bet we can make you even more lovely."

[i]Circe flicked her wings forward and tendrils of feathers coursed around Lyrra's form, pulling her closer to Circe's body. She struggled as best she could, her eyes changing color, but even as she did struggle, it did very little good, and all the straining and writhing of her limbs didn't lessen the power of the grip she was held in. Snaking slender lines of flesh around Lyrra's neck, and extending a trailing claw to slowly rip down the throat of the Claymore, Circe smiled with what could only be a mindless, twisted pleasure. Her voice snaked through the air, choking the bravado out of the response Lyrra was about to snap out, as Melech prowled around both his woman and his prey.[/i]

"Struggling will do you very little good. But if it makes you feel any better..."

[i]The Awakened female whipped her whole body around, nearly crushing the breath out of Lyrra's throat instead of simply holding her immobile. The sound of happy laughter drifted across the sound of howling snow, caressing Melech's ears. In an instant, Circe had dumped Lyrra's body down next to her sword, swirling back to watch her from more than a short distance, her wings swirling around her like an evening gown. She casually crossed her arms, splaying her fingers and flicking the trailing pieces of her body back out of reach of a casual sword swing.[/i]

"Let's see what you're capable of. Dancing Lyrra."

[i]Lyrra ducked forward, grasping her blade in an instant and swinging it around, her arm fluttering in a dazzling burst of speed and light that made her claymore fan outwards in ever widening arcs. Circe deflected her attack with a swing of her left arm, the tendrils across her elbow and upper arm pushing back with very little force. Her right snapped forward, clipping off a few strands of Lyrra's hair in passing, and she stepped back, the platinum blonde hairs glowing gold against the pale snow.[/i]

"You'll have to release more of your powers if you want even a chance of hitting me..."

[i]Lyrra stepped back to reposition her arms as she looked at the ground in what seemed like defeat. Then she whipped her head back up in a blaze of light as her eyes snapped into a feral gold and she brought her Claymore up faster than Melech anticipated.[/i][/FONT][/COLOR]
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[COLOR=#001824][SIZE="1"][FONT="Trebuchet MS"]The speed of Lyrra?s movements increased over time. Melech could feel her yoki snapping throughout her body in the same way lightning streaks the sky. Those once delicate shades of sliver now changed into a burning gold. Her appearance slowly began to grow more muscular with each passing second. Biceps, Triceps, Calves, Abdominals. Her new body had features that would easily put any normal human male to shame.

Yet with each attempt to grow stronger with her abilities, Circe put them to shame. Her movements were so graceful and dazzling that it gave her the façade of a royal dancer. The wings draped over her body moved with every bit of elegance as the body did. The only moments that her body didn?t dance were the times she gripped onto the sword. Circe?s fingers gripped the weapon in such an artistic way to as avoid its point. Not like she even feared the feeble attempts from this Claymore. She was talented; there was no question on that. Focus was what she lacked.
?What?s wrong???[/B] Circe?s voice had that same sound of innocence dashed in with her own personal flicker of sadism. [B]?Don?t you wanna? Kill me??
Lyrra?s eyes slanted into an angry glare. The hands on her claymore tensed up, gripping tightly before ripping the weapon free from Circe?s grip. [B]?Shut up??[/B]

The small remark lit up Circe?s mind. Deep within those now golden eyes of hers a fire still burnt. The flames of it increasing and stretching out with each passing second. Lyrra was slowly being consumed in the heat of battle. The one true sin of Lyrra?s was supplying the fire with wood to burn. Pride. Lyrra couldn?t be defeated by a rogue and her plaything. She shouldn?t. Couldn?t. Wouldn?t. Lyrra needed more power, just a little bit more. It should be enough to at least wound her. Offensive types were like that right? Perhaps she weren?t offensive though? No way, something with her amount of power had to be. She needed more power none the less.

Lyrra was about to do it, let go of those final limits in her brain go and let her power run wild? Then though ran through her. If she did, would she be any better then the two of them? A whore and her slut. Her mind spat at the thought of it. She stabbed her claymore forward, only to feel Circe?s hand on her wrist, pulling her forward across the way. Circe wanted to play with this toy before she bored of it, her manic laughter watching the Claymore turn about to face her again.
?I thought I told you to shut u-??[/B] The warrior?s words were cut short by the approaching limbs from Circe, those beautiful wings of her expanding out to capture the young tart in its limbs. Lyrra saw them in their advance and made an attempt to evade. She seemed to dancing amongst the expanding limbs until a leg was caught. Then another, and another. Then those feathered tentacles wrapped about her waist, then her arms. It wasn?t soon until she was immobilized in the awakened beings grip.

[B]?Bitch?? [/B]Lyrra groaned against the limbs, her body left open and defenseless.

[B]?Now then? Don?t you want to assist me? Or do I?? [/B]A bladed talon crept up from the small of her back, weaving in and out of the spaces her spine made to top off at her neck. [B]?Need to make her bloom myself??[/B]

Melech exhaled sharply, moving from where he was viewing the female?s fight and crept closer, and closer. Soon Lyrra?s body was sandwiched in between the two Claymores'

[B]?I think I can make this flower bloom? well enough on my own. Care to hold her??[/B]

A sadistic smirk ran over Melech?s face, his tongue caressing his upper lip. Now it was his time to join the fun.[/FONT][/SIZE][/COLOR]
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