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You may know the puzzle by different names, but Picture Crosswords (Picross) is what Nintendo chooses to call it. Using a matrix-logic style of decoding, you'll uncover pixels in a minesweeper-esque style to discover what the secret image is.

The numbers along the side and top tell you how many pixels and how many spaces there are in the row or column, and your only tool is the "X" marker.


The above example picture has its almost completed form in the below right picture.


The game is pretty simple, and actually isn't that new. It has a Gameboy version ancestor called Mario's Picross. If you like Sudoku, Minesweeper, or Matrix Logic Puzzles, you'll flip over Picross.

Uh... so who else has tried it out?

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[quote name='Aceburner']I thought it was just a drawing program. Nothing I can't do on Pictochat.[/QUOTE][color=#007520]Yes, you can draw on Pictochat. Yes, you can draw on Picross.
The difference is that Picross isn't a game about drawing. It's a game of completing puzzles. The only time you draw is when you want to create your own puzzles to send to friends, and even in that (added on) mode there are a lot more options than Pictochat. The comparison is like saying Sudoku is math, but I won't get into that.

[quote name='Aceburner']seriously, people, go buy Elite Beat Agents. Tell them Ace sent you and you might be able to confuse 'em into a discount[/QUOTE]Thanks, Ace. I'm already finished with Elite Beat Agents, though. It's been sitting on my shelf for months now. And yes, I've played Ouendan 1 and 2. Fun games, but that's for when I'm in a different mood.

Picross is great for when you're on the bus and just want something quick and light to keep your mind entertained. Oh, and you don't need headphones to play Picross in a loud area. :)

If you don't like pen and paper puzzle games, you might want to rent Picross or borrow it from a friend to see what it's all about. It's not for everyone since it's more about thinking and using your mind for logic, rather than beat counting and good timing.

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The EBA thing was just my commentary on how a concept can surprise you with your sudden addiction to it. The DS is full of these (Brain Age comes to mind, I mean what poor soul who ever attended public school ever thought that learning could be fun?)
The Picross idea is starting to grow on me, though. Besides, Best Buy is offering that free game rental thing, so I might give it a shot. I like puzzles. I like to draw. Why not?
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I picked it up the second I saw it the other day. Can't pass this up for $20. I loved the old Mario's Picross on Game Boy.

Its presentation is a bit bland, although thankfully there are different designs used as you progress. Plus it's pretty nice that once you wear out the preset puzzles, there are random ones you can still do.

Great time waster. Probably more so than anything I own on the DS right now. It's one of those games that clearly benefits from the input system too.
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