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[center][SIZE=3][B][U]Doctor Who

[SIZE=2]Episode One: Leeches

[/SIZE][/U][/B][SIZE=2][SIZE=1]Synopsis: [I]The Doctor arrives on Earth to find a young computer hacker by the name of Dani Posner in trouble. He soon takes matters into his own hands, and uncovers a dangerous plot...



Dani Posner read the words that flashed up on his computer screen and scowled. This "Torchwood" had been blocking his attempts for months, and he was beginning to get irritable. His fingers flew across the keyboard, his eyes still locked on the screen. As he typed, the words began to melt away, replaced by the government site he had been trying to get access to.

[B]"Yes,"[/B] he whispered to himself, and continued to tap away at his keyboard, downloading a number of government files regarding "Torchwood." One of them, a video file, intrigued him, so he opened it and displayed it on the full screen. It just showed a swirling spiral of pale blue light, which he watched for a few moments, then got bored and moved his mouse to the Exit button.


[B]"No computer's gonna tell me what to do,"[/B] he said, hitting the Exit button and causing the video file to vanish. As he continued to download the files, his Media Player popped up again, and began to play the same video. He raised an eyebrow and hit the Exit button again, but it didn't work.


"Apparently I couldn't if I wanted to,"[/B] he said, and resigned himself to leaving the video file open.

[B]"This is some messed-up video,"[/B] he said with a smirk, and continued to watch, "The government files have gone downhill."


"What?"[/B] he whispered, and moved his head closer to the screen, apparently without realising it, [B]"How does this thing know who I am?" [/B] He tried to move his hands to hit the keyboard, to try and disable the program, but he couldn't move his hands, as if they were glued to his desk.


"Who? Who wants my mind? Who are you?"


"What?!"[/B] Dani shouted as a thin tendril of blue light snaked from the computer screen and hit him square in the forehead. He shook and spasmed as the tendril began to force it's way inside his mind, never breaking the skin, but penetrating his mind. The tendril began to quiver, and turned pale pink, glowing softly in the darkness of Dani's room, lighting up posters for The Clash, The Sex Pistols and other punk bands that were plastered across Dani's walls.

[B]"Get out of his head,"[/B] said a cold voice from behind Dani, and a hand reached across his shoulder, some sort of weird device clenched in his hand, emitting a dark blue glow from the tip, and a strange humming noise. The program on the computer shut down, and then the computer itself shut down, the screen going black, and smoke began to pour from the hard drive. The tendril withdrew itself, turning from pink back to blue, and dissipated into thin air.

Dani coughed and spluttered as he was released from the tendril's grasp, and he looked up at the figure standing behind him. He was a tall-ish man, with dark brown hair, wearing a blue suit with a pale blue shirt and a maroon tie. The device he had used was in his pocket, along with his hand, and he had a cold expression on his face.

[B]"Wh-who are you?"[/B] Dani gasped.

[B]"I'm the Doctor."[/B]


[I]Five minutes earlier...

The park, just outside Camden, was deserted, bizarrely for this time of day. There was a chilly sort of wind whipping up, and the autumn leaves were whipping around, caught on the breeze. The swings swung slowly back and forth, and the merry-go-round creaked as it spun of its own accord.

A single little girl hopped over the steel fence and ran to the climbing frame, which she clambered up and sat on top of. She looked down over her childish dominion and smiled - this was one of the few places she was happy.

A strange noise suddenly filled the air, seeming to come from everywhere and yet nowhere, all at once. A stronger wind blew up around the merry-go-round, sending it into a faster spin, the metal squealing. And as the little girl looked over to where the sound seemed to be coming from, she saw a light, about eight feet up in the air, and slowly but surely a large object followed it into existence. As she looked on, astonished, she saw a blue box appear from mid-air. It became totally solid, and the light and sound stopped, fading into nothing, and the door of the box opened.

A smartly-dressed man stepped out, wearing a blue suit under a long brown jacket, which reached right down to his ankles. His feet were clad in red trainers, which shattered the illusion that he could be a businessman. He loosened his maroon tie a little, ran his hand through his thick brown hair and locked the door of the blue box.

He turned around to go, and saw the little girl staring at him, her mouth open wide. His eyes widened, and he looked from the box to the little girl and back. He clenched his teeth and blew a lungful of air out between them.

[B]"It's magic. You can't tell anyone about it, alright?"[/B] he said with a smile and a wink, and the girl nodded furiously, [B]"Good girl. Now, have you seen anyone in trouble around here?"
[B]"What sort of trouble?"[/B] she replied, [B]"We get all sorts around here."[/B]

[B]"Something you haven't really seen before,"[/B] said the man, wandering over to her, his hands in his pockets, [B]"Something...weird. I got a strange beacon reading from somewhere around here."[/B] The girl looked at him blankly, and he shook his head and said: "[B]Sorry. Um, I found out someone might be in trouble around here. Do you have any idea who it might be?"

"Not really,"[/B] she said, shaking her head, [B]"Although there is a boy who walks round here sometimes. He always wear really weird clothes. He's funny."

"Ok, and where does this strange boy live?"[/B] he asked, folding his arms on the top of the climbing frame and resting his chin on them, [B]"I might need to pay him a visit."

"Over there,"[/B] she said, pointing to a block of flats not far from the park, [B]"Right up on the top floor."[/B] The man looked up, and suddenly a flash of blue light shone through the curtained window. His head perked up, his eyes widening again, and he took off at a run, vaulting over the park fence, turning round briefly to shout to the little girl:

[B]"Thanks! Remember, the magic box is our little secret!"[/B] She nodded and waved as he ran off, his jacket flapping in the breeze as he did, his trainers slapping on the concrete of the path.[/I]


[B]"What was happening to me?"[/B] asked Dani, pouring himself a glass of water from the tap in the kitchen.

[B]"I'm not sure,"[/B] said the Doctor, shrugging his jacket off and placing it on the arm of the nearest chair, [B]"Something was getting at you through the computer, but I've never seen anything like that before, and I've seen a lot of stuff."

"You're him, though, aren't you?"[/B] asked Dani, stepping back into his room and sipping the glass of water, [B]"You're this "Doctor" all the government sites are talking about? The man who killed Mr Saxon?"

"Is that what they're saying about me now?"[/B] asked the Doctor, surprised, [B]"Blimey. The government have never liked me much, but this is a bit far."

"But you were on the Valiant when he died? I'm not that bothered, really, Saxon was a bit of a scumbag anyway."

"Yeah, I was on the Valiant, but...wait, how do you know about me? And how do you know about the Valiant?"

"I do a lot of...internet research."

"So I see. Was that Torchwood you were hacking into?"

"Trying to, at least, before whatever that thing was tried to do me in."

"That's impressive. I've only ever met one other person who got around the Torchwood firewalls, and he's...well, he's gone now. Course, that doesn't really matter now...what was your name again?"

"Dani Posner,"[/B] said the boy. The Doctor looked him up and down - he looked a little scruffy, but then who was he to talk?

[B]"Well, Dani Posner,"[/B] he said finally, [B]"I may well need your help. Do you have another computer?"[/B] Dani pulled a laptop out from a cupboard and placed it down on the desk, flipping it open. The Doctor busied himself scanning the edges of the original computer's hard drive with his sonic screwdriver, taking the front off and selecting a few circuit boards from inside.

[B]"If I can use your internet connection to isolate the source of the signal from before, maybe I can find out what was doing this to you. We just need to trace the energy signature from...wait a second. Who's the Prime Minister now?"

"James Redfield. He's been on the news a lot lately - says he's cracking down on any and all unusual activities in Britain - he's not a fan of Torchwood, from what I read on his personel file."

"Jack won't be happy..."[/B] the Doctor mumbled.

[B]"Who's Jack?"

"Oh, no-one...just an old friend. Very old, actually,"[/B] he said as he aimed his sonic screwdriver at the laptop screen. It emitted the usual buzzing noise, and the screen changed to a map of the United Kingdom.

[B]"How did you do that?"[/B] asked Dani, astonished.

[B]"Sonic screwdriver,"[/B] the Doctor replied, holding up the little object, [B]"Can do just about anything with the right persuasion."

"I have got to get me one of them,"[/B] he said, his eyes glazing over.

[B]"No no no," [/B]said the Doctor, snatching the screwdriver back, [B]"I can't just go around letting humans play with advanced technology. You'll find this stuff out yourself, in time."

"So you're not human?"[/B] asked Dani, [B]"The Torchwood files were right?"

"Nope, not human,"[/B] the Doctor replied, staring at the screen as the program isolated the source of the signal, [B]"There you go. The signal's coming from the top of Tower Bridge. We go there, we find what we've been looking for, we find the thing that tried to attack you. Are you coming with me, Dani Posner? I could use a helping hand."

"Um...alright then,"[/B] said Dani, [B]"Let me just grab a few things."[/B] He hunted around the apartment, grabbing a bag and stuffing a jacket and his laptop into it, then swung it onto his back and opened the front door.

[B]"Excited?"[/B] the Doctor asked with a broad grin on his face as he shrugged his jacket on again and headed out the door, [B]"You should be!"


[/B][I]OOC: It's on you now, Vicky. PM me if you have any questions, if not, just get us to Tower Bridge![/I]
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[SIZE=1][I]OOC: Not sure if this is what you wanted, but send me a PM if you want me to put a bit more into or anything like that. Sorry if it's not XD I wasn't sure what to do.[/I]

Dani tried hard not to think about it too much. Really, some guy turning up at his house wasn?t [i]that[/i] out of the ordinary? at least if he kept convincing himself that (and the fact it was [I]the[/I] Doctor), everything?d be alright. He followed the Doctor down the stairway as quickly as he could, hauling his bag along, jumping down a few steps to catch up. When he took a leap over a few steps, Dani nearly dropped his bag and was forced to stop for a moment, losing sight of the Doctor.

[B]?Hurry up then!?[/B] the Doctor shouted from below.

Dani sighed, picking up his bag and chasing after the Doctor again. When they arrived outside, the Doctor had yet to stop moving. He slowed down a bit and looked around, ignoring Dani for the most and instead concentrating on his location more than anything else.

[B]?Why?re you in such a hurry to get to Tower Bridge??[/B] Dani panted.

[B]?Well don?t you want to see what?s there? I know I do.?[/B]

Dani frowned. [B]?I?ve been there before. It?s borin?.?[/B]

[B]?It?s an iconic symbol!?[/B] the Doctor told him, astonished.

[B]?Yeah, but it?s [i]borin?[/i].?[/B] Dani smirked slightly, intent on keeping his opinion a fixed ideal. The Doctor didn?t have much to say to that and continued on ahead, but Dani was sure he didn?t know which direction to go in.

[B]?Which way is it again??[/B]

The Doctor had stopped, turning around to Dani and seemingly proving him right. Dani folded his arms, raising an eyebrow slightly. He was aware that they had to get there quickly ? to deal with the whole business of the blue light and whoever attacked him ? so Dani nodded his head towards the direction he knew best.

[B]?You defeated Saxon and you don?t even know your way ?round London??[/B] Dani laughed.

[B]?Not with all this in the way. You?d think with all the changes to the Prime Minister one of them would do something about this urban mess? mind you this?ll all be rebuilt in the next twenty years or so? maybe thirty? not sure I can?t really remember the date ? anyway!?[/B]

Dani hadn?t really seen much like this. He?d seen his fair share of people, but this man seemed to be by far the most eccentric. And by far the most likely to go on with himself.

[B]?I?ll ?ave you know I happen to like this Urban Jungle - ?[/B] Dani started as they came to a main road. He waved his arm out for an upcoming black cab and continued, [B]?an? so far there ain?t been much this government?s done for us. I bet half of them were aliens... that Saxon guy didn?t seem to believable.?[/B]

The Doctor shrugged. [B]?Weeell? you?d be quite surprised what goes on behind those parliament doors??[/B]

Dani gave him a nervous glance for a moment and then proceeded towards the taxi. He was aware it would cost more than ringing for a taxi this way, but he just hoped the Doctor carried as much money as his reputation? or they could always use Dani?s method of transport.

Just before either of them could approach the taxi, the driver stuck his head out of the window. He narrowed his eyes at Dani, who stopped and seemed taken a back. Dani gave the driver a grin and started to talk, until the driver drove off.

[B]?Was it the hair??[/b] the Doctor asked.

[B]?No, it was me not payin? for the last ride??[/B] Dani shrugged, [B]?I get around.?[/B]

[B]?We could always take the TARDIS??[/B] the Doctor said, putting his hands in his pocket as if to be insisting.


[B]?Time and Relative Dimen -?[/B]

[B]?Ayup, this guy?s alright ? oi!?[/B]

Dani had interrupted the Doctor and ran off to the side of the road, waving down another taxi, this time presumably someone he knew well. Dani felt a little odd right now, as even after only a few minutes of meeting the Doctor he was content of following behind him down the stairs instead of in front.

The drive didn?t taken longer than a few minutes, as Dani had asked the driver to go as fast as he could with the promise he would pay him double at a later date. It was apparent Dani did this to a lot of the taxi drivers he knew well, except some of them didn?t stay friends for long.

When they arrived the Doctor jumped out and Dani followed, giving the driver a thumbs up and a grin. He then followed after the Doctor, looking up at the Tower Bridge. Dani winced slightly at the thought of what happened earlier, but let it pass. Damn aliens, he guessed.

[B]?The Tower Bridge. Started in 1887 an? opened by Edward VII in 1894. Never ?as been a more absurd structure thrown over the River.?[/B]

Dani looked over to the Doctor but found he wasn?t listening, instead he was fiddling with that ?sonic screwdriver? of his, probably looking for the signal. Dani shook his head slightly and laughed.

[B]?I think you already knew that??[/B]

[B]?Hmm??[/b] the Doctor looked up for a moment, [B]?ah yes, the bridge. I was here when they started building the foundations. Sir John Jackson? nice fellow??[/B] he caught himself from trailing off again and put his screwdriver away. [B]?The signal is from the top of the Bridge like I said. I think we should go and investigate.?[/B]

Dani nodded slowly. [B]?How old are you???[/b] he asked before the strange man got a chance to move again.

The Doctor grinned broadly. [B]?Oh, I?m very old. Older than you could imagine.?[/B]

Dani just frowned.[/SIZE]
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[SIZE=1]The Doctor ran down a little flight of steps at the base of one of the Bridge's towers, and found a steel door at the bottom. He whipped out his sonic screwdriver again and aimed it at the door. It buzzed and the door clunked open. He looked up at Dani, gave a broad grin, and pushed the door open.

[B]"Come on," [/B]he said, and ran through the door, taking the steps inside two at a time. Dani followed, more slowly, but nonetheless he followed. The Doctor's coat flapped out behind him as he ran, his Converse slapping on the steps.

[I]Aliens in London, [/I]he thought, [I]Last time that happened, I was here with...Martha...

[/I]He shook his head and blinked his eyes as he reached the door at the top of the tower. Dani reached the top of the stairs a few seconds after him, thoroughly puffed out.

[B]"How do you run...so fast?" [/B]he gasped. The Doctor shrugged.

[B]"I get a lot of practice. Been running all my life, really," [/B]he looked at the wall opposite him, and Dani got the distinct impression he was wandering down memory lane.

[B]"You were in such a hurry to get up here, there's no point messin' about now we're here. So, you gonna open that door?"

"What? Yes, sorry," [/B]mumbled the Doctor, shaking his head and turning to the door with his sonic screwdriver. It buzzed, but nothing happened.

[B]"What's wrong?" [/B]asked Dani, [B]"Why can't you open it?"

"It's a deadbolt seal. The one thing that can withstand the power of the sonic screwdriver."

"So we can't get in?"

"Oh, there's always the old-fashioned way," [/B]said the Doctor, [B]"We knock." [/B]He rapped three times on the door with his knuckles, and it swung open. He stepped out into a small room, dark and dank, water dripping from the ceiling. He stepped in and looked all around, from left to right, up and down.

[B]"Well, I think we've found what was doing this to you," [/B]he said, moving forward to let Dani in, [B]"Look up there." [/B]Dani looked up and saw what the Doctor had seen.

There were a dozen vaguely humanoid creatures, hanging upside down from the rafters, their bodies covered by strange, cocoon-type structures. As Dani took a closer look, they had one single eye in the centre of their foreheads, bright crimson skin, and a number of claws on their hands and feet, the latter digging deep into the rafters, holding them aloft. They all had their eyes closed, and appeared to be sleeping.

[B]"Vordraxis," [/B]whispered the Doctor, [B]"But how are they connecting with you?" [/B]He moved over to the corner of the room, where there was a torch, presumably left by workmen who had been up here, and flicked it on, shining it up at the hanging Vordraxis. Dani saw as the light flashed on them, they all had long electrical cables plugged into their cocoons, which laced around the ceiling like a spider's web, and all connected over in the corner where the Doctor was standing.

[B]"Doctor," [/B]Dani called, [B]"I think they might be connected to something where you are. Have a look around." [/B]The Doctor turned around and found a computer monitor sitting right behind him, one which he hadn't seen in the darkness.

[B]"Oh, this can't be what I think it is," [/B]said the Doctor, tapping the screen with a finger. It lit up, and on it was a number of pictures of human faces - passport photos, most likely, [B]"It is! Oh, that's fantastic!"

"What is? What are they doing?"

"The Vordraxis are like...they're like mind vampires. They feed off psychic energy - everyone gives it off, some people give it off stronger than others - but they were supposed to have died out years ago. But someone installed them on Earth, someone put a number of infant Vordraxis here, right here in Tower Bridge, must have been years ago. They've been in suspended animation here ever since, just hanging there in mid-air, waiting to reach adulthood. But they needed sustenance - the Vordraxis die if they run out of psychic energy to live on. So whoever installed them here connected them to the internet. Their self-preservation instinct forces them to absorb the nearest source of psychic energy, even when they're in hibernation like this."

"So what does that have to do with the internet?"

"Don't you see? The Vordraxis are connected to the internet, and they're absorbing the psychic energy of people who are using the internet - and they're starting with the most intelligent people!"

"So I'm one of the most intelligent people on the planet?" [/B]asked Dani expectantly.

[B]"Well, they've been feeding off various people for almost a decade - about a hundred people a week. So you're not quite, I'm afraid, Dani-boy!"

"So how are we gonna kill 'em?"

"Kill them? No-one said anything about killing them. In fact, I'm going to give them life!" [/B]The Doctor began unplugging various cables, and fixed them to the computer monitor. He then sat down in front of it, and aimed his sonic screwdriver at it.

[B]"Whatever happens, Dani, don't unplug me." [/B]The Doctor smiled and activated the sonic screwdriver. The screen immediately burst into life, a tendril of energy the same as the one which had attacked Dani flicking out and hitting the Doctor between the eyes, which went blank as he began to spasm, the tendril turning pink as it had done in Dani's apartment. Energy began to flow through the room, the light turning from pink to crimson, and Dani had to shield his eyes as it got brighter. The Doctor seemed to be screaming in pain, but as Dani listened closer, he seemed to be laughing.

Energy flowed from the Doctor and into the sleeping Vordraxis, who began to stir, waking up. They pulled apart their slimy cocoons and clambered out of them, dropping down to the floor to watch as the Doctor woke them all up.

Finally, as all twelve of the Vordraxis had dropped to the floor, the light snaked back into the monitor, and the Doctor slumped to the floor.

[B]"Doctor!" [/B]shouted Dani, rushing between the Vordraxis towards the figure on the floor. He rolled him over, and the Doctor greeted the sight of Dani's face with a broad grin.

[B]"We gave them life!" [/B]he said, getting to his feet and facing the lead Vordraxis.

[B]"I am Kelthor of the Vordraxis," [/B]he said in a deep baritone, [B]"And we owe you a great debt, Doctor."

"Just do one thing for me, will you?" [/B]the Doctor asked, [B]"Make a new life for the Vordraxis. Don't do what your forebears did and drain unwilling victims for sustenance, try and find somewhere with an abundance of spare psychic energy and use that. The planet Hadron might be a good place to start looking. Be peaceful."

"We will do as you ask, Doctor," [/B]said Kelthor, before turning to his fellows, who raised their hands in the air, and in an instant they all vanished, disappearing in a blast of blue light.

[B]"Wow," [/B]said Dani. That was all he could say, and the Doctor just beamed at him.


Back at the park outside Dani's flat, the Doctor unlocked the TARDIS and opened the door.

[B]"Doctor," [/B]said Dani, [B]"I just have a few questions."

"Go on then," [/B]sighed the Doctor, [B]"Make it quick."

"Right. First of all, what did you do with the computer? How did you wake the Vordraxis up?"

"Oh, it was a simple matter of directing all that primal instinct to absorb psychic energy to focus in on me, rather than everyone out there on the internet. I seem to have rather a lot of it going spare, you see."

"How come the Vordraxis were speaking English?"

"Psychic field set up by the TARDIS," [/B]he patted the blue box, [B]"It automatically translates for you. You were affected because you were near me, that's the way it works."

"And the last question...who are you?"

"You know that one," [/B]he replied with a smile, [B]"I'm the Doctor!"

"Yeah, but who exactly [I]is [/I]the Doctor? You're an alien, right?"

[/B]The Doctor looked up into the sky, his expression suddenly serious. He looked around at the clouds for a few moments, then turned back to Dani and said:

[B]"If you really want to find out, you could always...come with me. I could use a new travelling companion - you seem to know what you're doing. So if you want to come along, then hop in the TARDIS, and I'll show you some things you wouldn't believe. If not, then it was a pleasure, Dani Posner." [/B]He withdrew into the blue box, leaving the door open a tiny crack.

Dani bit his lip, weighed up all the options in his head, then pushed open the door and went inside the TARDIS, closing the door after him.

The machine started, making that peculiar noise, and disappeared from sight...


[I]ooc: Alright, that's episode one finished - Vicky, the next episode is yours. You have a totally free reign over what is going to happen - just send me a PM with a brief outline of what the story is and then make your first post![/I]
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[CENTER][B][U]Episode Two: Masterpiece Society[/U][/B]

The Doctor and Dani arrive on Koschei III in 2204, one of Earth's longest surviving colonies for over a thousand years and a civilisation built entirely out of genetically enhanced human clones for the perfect, peaceful, masterpiece society. But the colonists are suffering from genetic disorders brought on by thousand of years of cloning and seem more than interest fresh samples of DNA...[/CENTER]

[I][size=1]’Alright… so it’s bigger on the inside than the outside… what’d you expect from an’ Alien?’[/I]

Dani thought to himself walking around the TARDIS console and looking up. It was definitely an odd shaped room, quite creative really, and it was definitely an odd machine. The Doctor himself seem engrossed in its control at the moment, whizzing around the console and flicking levers and switches. Dani smiled a little, looking at one of the consoles and then over to the Doctor.

[B]“So ‘ow’s this work then?”[/B] he asked. The Doctor looked up briefly and went back to whatever he was doing, mumbling something scientific under his breath.

[B]“It’s complicated, one of the last in the Universe,”[/b] he told his new companion, touching the console almost nostalgically, [B]“very complicated machine, far too complicated for silly little humans to be flying it around the Universe!”[/B] he ran off again, moving another switch.

[B]“Well, could I learn? I mean… I’m good with computers…”[/B]

The Doctor was still occupied with his machine, so Dani left him to it and decided to go over what he had in his bag. The TARDIS shuddered for a moment, causing Dani a bit of concern. He just hoped the Doctor really [i]did[/i] know how to fly his machine.

Dani began going through his bag, taking out a studded jacket, hairspray, his laptop, a spare pair of clothing and a few odd parts of his laptop. He decided while the Doctor was busy he would quickly swap t-shirts to the more classy, black and white Clash shirt he had bought the other week.

He rejoined the Doctor near the console and tried to figure out exactly what he was doing. Dani had no such luck, and he decided not to ask, either.

[B]“A tattoo?”[/B] the Doctor suddenly spoke up, rising his eyebrow at a small red star just above Dani’s elbow that had been concealed by the previous t-shirt. [B]“I never understood you humans and the need to draw on yourselfs – especially permanent! – but I suppose you’ll grow up, eh? In fact here’s an interesting group of humans you’ll meet – have you ever been to the future, Dani Posner?”[/B]

Dani’s jaw dropped. [B]“You travel in time? I guess that explains London Bridge…”[/B]

The Doctor beamed, standing with one hand on a large lever. [B]“Hold on tight.”[/B]

He pulled down the lever, sending the TARDIS hurdling across the galaxy in a violent shudder, knocking Dani to the floor without warning. The trip only lasted for a few seconds and ended with a sudden jolt and a groan from the ship. Dani got up slowly, breathing heavily and sighing in relief.

[B]“Wh…where are we?”[/b]

The Doctor grinned, pointing towards the doors. [B]“Take a look.”[/B]

Dani glanced and shook his head. [B]“Nooo way man, you first. I don’t want to be gettin’ me face mauled by vampires or whatever…”[/B]

The Doctor shrugged, pulling up his jacket and racing forward out of the door. Dani followed him… quite hesitant, to say the least.

They had landed at the end of a long corridor, painted white all the way a long with a few plants dotted here and there. Paintings hung off the walls and arches led off in every direction, like the building was accommodating an awful lot of people. Despite this, there didn’t seem to be anyone around. Dani stepped out of the TARDIS, closing the door carefully and looking around. This clean-cut lifestyle wasn’t what he was used to.

[B]“Well, we’re quite far from your little flat, Dani,”[/B] the Doctor said looking out of a nearby window. Dani glanced over his shoulder and was suddenly taken aback by the green and red sky outside over an outlandish, alien landscape.

[B]“I’m pleased you like the view.”[/B]

The Doctor and Dani spun round to find a man, middle aged and dressed in a plain black and grey suit stood beside one of the arches with a young blonde woman beside him. He nodded at both the Doctor and Dani, smiling.

[B]“You have made an unexpected arrival here… and through quite unconventional means…”[/B] he looked over at the TARDIS, then back to the Doctor, [B]“my name is Adrian, the chief engineer of this complex. As always we offer our hospitality to any guests, but unfortunately you have come at a rather… unfortunate time…”[/B]

The Doctor stepped forward with a grin. [B]“Excellent! I’m the Doctor, and this is Dani. So tell me, what’s so unfortunate about this time? Hm?”[/B] he inquired.

Adrian hesitated for a moment and looked down. [B]“Our main computer seems to be having some… difficulties. We have it under control, though it will take a few weeks to repair. Tarina and myself are the only ones qualified for the repairs and we simply cannot do it quickly enough.”[/B]

[B]“What, on the [I]entire[/I] colony, only you two know how to fix the computer?”[/B] the Doctor asked, rather sceptical.

Adrian looked confused. [B]“Of course.”[/B]

[B]“I’m sure we could explain along the way,”[/B] the woman, presumably Tarina, interrupted. [B]“Would you like to follow us?”[/B]

Dani looked over at the Doctor. He was worried, just a little. The Doctor, however, seemed more than confident in what he was doing. Exploring a colony was nothing out of the ordinary, Dani supposed he had nothing to be afraid of. The two engineers led the Doctor and Dani further into the complex, winding through white corridors that looked identical except for the differences in paintings.

[B]“Our main computer was brought here over a thousand years ago as part of the Earth ship’s systems. It has been updated and improved, although the original components are wearing thin after so long. We are having trouble replacing some components.”[/B] Adrian told them.

[B]“It provides us with everything, from clothes to the air we breath,”[/B] Tarina said, looking over at Dani, who responded with a smirk. [B]“Without it, we would be lost.”[/B]

[B]“I think you’ve found the right visitors!”[/B] the Doctor chirped, [B]“I’m sure I could be some kind of assistance, I’m pretty good with the old computer systems. And so is this young fellow! We can have you up and running in a jiffy!”[/B]

Adrian stopped when they came to a circle room with a dome glass above them and a small desk to one side, run by a woman was who working on documents at the moment. Dani watched her, smiling, and then turned back to Adrian.

[B]“We would be most grateful for your assistance.”[/B] He said with a modest smile. [B]“But Doctor, I must ask a much bigger favour of you. Alone, if you permit it.”[/B]

The Doctor considered it for only a moment and nodded.

[B]“You can come with me and I can show you some of the computer systems, if you’re interested.”[/B] Tarina said to Dani, indicating down another set of long white halls once again.

[B]“Yeah, sure…”[/B] Dani grinned, broadly nodding at the Doctor once before walking off the follow Tarina.

Adrian waited for awhile, folding his arms across his suit and staring at the floor once more. When Tarina and Dani had turned through another arch out of sight Adrian had watched them, looking back up at the Doctor and smiling again.

[B]“You are the first visitors we have had in a few hundred years.”[/B] He told them.

[B]“What? Oh, no, a beautiful solar system like this and no one’s stopped by to take a look? Haven’t had any neighbours popping in for a cup of sugar? No? Not at all?”[/B]

Adrian shook his head. [B]“I’m afraid not. And that, Doctor, is a fair greater dilemma than our computer. Whether you know or not, we arrived here as one of the human ships to colonise other planets. We have built a society with no laws, no prisons, and no boundaries, for we need none,”[/B]

He had paused for a moment, walking towards yet another arch, this time with doors. The Doctor glanced at the blonde woman at the desk, who looked up briefly, displaying the sharp features incredibly similar to Tarina. The Doctor barely took any notice of this, supposing they were twins. He looked ahead as Adrian opened the doors, stepping into a most fashionable area of the complex, filled with plants, paintings, music and life. The Doctor looked around the circular room at the people in it, performing a variety of skilled tasks and genuinely seeming happy and peaceful. It was only a few seconds later that the Doctor noticed many of them resembled each other like twins – and some even looked exactly like Adrian.

[B]“Clones?”[/B] the Doctor raised an eyebrow.

Dani was fascinated by the computers in the room. It was a large lab filled to the brim with computer screens, computer processors and consoles. He had never seen anything so advanced in his life – the prospect of learning how to work this technology was beyond believable.

[B]“Are you familiar with this design?”[/B]

Dani spun around to one of the consoles and shook his head. Was he heck familiar with it. Tarina only laugh, and Dani smirk again, moving beside her. She placed her hand on the console, using the other hand to punch a few keys. Dani couldn’t see anything on the console; it was just a blank panel to him, although Tarina seemed to know what she was doing.

[B]“Place your hand on here.”[/B]

Dani was about to, but hesitated. [B]“I don’t know. Bad experiences with computers recently.”[/B]

Tarina tilted her head and gave him a confused look. [B]“You don’t trust us?”[/B]

No, Dani did not. But he knew better than to tell a lady that. He just smirk at her again, nodding quite arrogantly and shrugging.

[B]“Alright.”[/B] He placed his hand on the console, wincing a little and expecting something bad to happen. Nothing happened to him. For a few seconds, at least.

In a few moments Dani could see how Tarina knew what she was doing. Numbers, keys, controls and statistics appeared as if they were projected into thin air, 3D images. Dani reached out for the with one hand but found he could only touch the console, and even when he did that, nothing happened. He pulled away quickly and the images flashed away.

[B]“W-what the…”[/B]

[B]“Our computer interfaces with the user’s mind and we are all linked together through it. Instead of the standard method, we find it faster. You can think what you want and the computer will do it. What you saw then was the statistics of one our clothing replicators.”[/B]

Dani nodded slowly. [B]“You must have a real big problem to fix if it’s taking so long to do with this interface then, huh?”[/B]

Tarina smiled a little and nodded. [B]“Yes. Try it again while I retrieve some information for you – maybe you could find an interest in this area.”[/B]

Dani grinned inwardly and agreed with a slight nod of his head. He turned back to the computer and placed his hand on it, looking closely at the 3D images that popped up. He realised it was too close for him to make out what the designs were, and upon thinking this, the image moved back. He smiled, now able to pinpoint the circuits of a very, very complicated device.

He heard Tarina coming up behind him and turned to tell her what he had just done, until he was stopped by a sharp pain in his neck. A bee sting feeling.

He backed away from the console and fell down, catching himself just before the floor. He suddenly felt dizzy, weak, sick even. He looked up and saw Tarina placing something inside her pocket and looking down at him, but neither helping nor asking him if he was alright. Dani tried to speak, but only gawped like a stuck fish, quickly collapsing into a deep sleep…

[I][B]“It will only be a matter of time now…”[/B]

Everything seemed so far away. In a tunnel, like being drunk, only too drunk, far too drunk to know what was going on. When he moved his head, he felt sick like he was going to throw up but never did. When he tried to speak no words came out and his mouth barely moved. He tried to life his arms, but they did not move, nor did his legs. Something was holding him down, something cold and metal…

He turned his head to the side, opening his eyes slowly. His vision, blurry as it was, was enough to see the figures in front of him. He could her a noise, a whirring noise and he could see one figure running an object over one side of his head, cutting off half a head of hair and letting it fall to the ground. The other figure, a woman, appeared with a black t-shirt, handing it to the man who was giving himself a haircut. He pulled it over him, smirking.

Dani gritted his teeth and tried to shake the feeling. He opened and closed his eyes trying to get rid of the blurry feeling and cleared his vision just a little, turning back to the scene before him.

[B]“You must try to bring his friend, the Doctor, to us. Two fresh samples of DNA can keep us alive for another few years.”[/B]

Dani blinked at what he was hearing. The woman, Tarina he supposed, turned to leave, and the man smirked, walking behind her. They came closer and Dani realised he was laying on a lab table, strapped down with metal. When he looked up again he saw the figures were close… and what he saw was not pleasing…

The man stood beside Tarina was [i]him[/i]. Wearing his clothes, his hair, his smirk and even he demeanour. Dani gulped slightly. He didn’t know what to think… the only difference he saw was that whoever the impostor was didn’t have the small star tattoo the Doctor had previously saw.

His first day out in the Universe wasn’t looking too good…[/I][/SIZE]
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[B][SIZE=1]"Do you have any form of grasp of genetic science, Doctor?" [/SIZE][/B][SIZE=1]asked Adrian, never looking up from the console he was working at.

[B]"I have some, yeah," [/B]sighed the Doctor, [B]"I made a pig-man human once. Helped two races combine their DNA, almost at the cost of both of them. But you've been cloning humans here, see, and that's fantastic."

"We've been doing it for years now," [/B]said Adrian, [B]"Ever since the colony first formed, almost. The number of settlers was pitifully small, and the breeding rate wasn't nearly high enough, so we perfected the cloning technique one of the original settlers had begun to research, and began to build a colony. But the colony was plagued by the same problems the human race had faced on Earth - war, violence, crime. So we eliminated the need for any of these from the genome."

"Wait," [/B]said the Doctor, holding his hand up, [B]"You haven't been making pure clones? You've been...fiddling around with the human genome to try and make a "better" race? That's a dangerous path you're heading down, Adrian. I know a man who tried that once, and he became a monster."

"But don't you agree that this society is perfect? No need for crime, no need for violence, aggression."

"But soon you'll be saying there's no need for passion - it only leads to aggression. And from there you'll be wanting to eliminate love because love can only lead to passion, and passion can only lead to violence. You're removing everything about yourselves that makes you human."

"Then maybe it is right that we should no longer be human," [/B]replied Adrian, finally looking up from the work station, [B]"Maybe we are destined to become something...better."

"Have you ever heard of a race called the Daleks, Adrian?" [/B]asked the Doctor, moving towards Adrian now, [B]"Hmm? No? Well, let me tell you about them. They were a peaceful race, they never wanted to do any harm to anyone. But then a genius, a madman, decided he didn't want them to be peaceful, he wanted them to be an army. So he began fiddling with their DNA coding, removing everything he didn't want until he was left with all that he wanted. Mutants, obsessed with war, beings who almost succeeded in wiping out half the universe. But now there's only one left, Adrian, because they destroyed themselves, trying to be something that they weren't. And you're heading down the exact same path with these clones."

"We are not like these...Daleks you speak of, Doctor. We are creating a peaceful society, one where no anger destroys lives, ends families. Isn't that what all humans want, Doctor?"

"Oh no. All humans want is to be human, secure in their own existence. Humans are just tiny creatures, caught in a universe far too big for them, and they are just trying to get by. They have no need for "perfect" civilisations, and they don't try to reach them by taking away what it is to be human."

[/B]At this tirade, the door whooshed open and Dani walked in, scratching his head.

[B]"Dani, we're leaving," [/B]said the Doctor, storming out of the room, [B]"These people are beyond our help."

"But, Doctor!" [/B]called Dani, rushing along the corridor after him, [B]"There was something I needed to ask you. In private." [/B]The Doctor looked around uncomfortably, but then caved.

[B]"Alright. But quickly, mind." [/B]He led Dani into a side room, and closed the door, [B]"So what is it?"

"What are you doing here?" [/B]he asked, [B]"Why have you come here?"

"We came together, Dani," [/B]replied the Doctor, a little puzzled, [B]"Remember? In the TARDIS? Big blue box? Not ringing any bells?"

"Not really. Maybe this will help," [/B]he said, jabbing something into the side of the Doctor's neck.

[B]"Ow! What was that?" [/B]cried the Doctor, rubbing the side of his neck. He looked down at what Dani was holding.


He hit the floor.


The Doctor forced his eyes open, and saw Dani staring down at him, his mouth moving, but the Doctor couldn't hear a word he was saying. Eventually the fuzz cleared, and words came to him.

[B]"Are you alright, Doctor?" [/B]Dani was asking, [B]"They hit you with the same stuff they hit me with - must'a been a stronger dose, though - you were out the whole time you were on the table."

"The table? What? Where are we?" [/B]the Doctor slurred, his mind moving too quickly for his mouth.

[B]"Some kind'a holding cell, I'd guess," [/B]Dani shrugged, [B]"Stuck me in here after they got me off the table."

"What's going on here? Why have I been on a table?"

"Oh, they cloned us," [/B]said Dani, [B]"Sent my clone after you - now they've cloned you too. Said somethin' about keeping them alive for a few years."

"No," [/B]said the Doctor, getting to his feet, [B]"They can't have cloned me. That means...they have my DNA."

"Yeah, that's basically what I'm getting at," [/B]replied Dani a little sarcastically.

[B]"No, Dani, you don't understand how much damage my DNA could do in the wrong hands," [/B]said the Doctor, searching around the walls for a door or some kind of opening, [B]"I'm different to you - if they get my DNA then...who knows what they could do with it."

[/B]The door whooshed open, and in stepped three figures. The first was Tarina, the girl from earlier, or at least a clone of her. The second was the clone of Dani. The third...well, the Doctor knew what it was going to be, but he was still dreading it.

He saw himself walk through the door, dressed in exactly the same clothes, even down to the bright blue socks. The Doctor, the real one that is, sank down into a nearby chair.

[B]"Hello, Doctor," [/B]said Tarina with a smug grin.


ooc: [I]hope this is all ok for you, Vicky - let me know if not and I'll change it. Otherwise, go ahead and end the episode![/I]
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[SIZE=1][I]I am tired. It's 3am, and I don't like this post, but it's the best I could do. Sorry ^_^;;[/I]

The Doctor, the real one, seemed less than pleased about the situation. Dani wasn?t all that pleased either ? the bloody clone copied his hairstyle! But, on a much more serious note? he didn?t see how they were going to get out of this. Tarina, who Dani had assumed he could trust at one point, was still smirking at them both at the other side.

[B]?You have no idea of the great favour you have done for our civilisation. Cloning clones for a thousand years has had? severe effects on our society,?[/B] Tarina smiled, but it wasn?t a warm smile. [B]?We really can?t thank us enough.?[/B]

[B]?You can?t do this.?[/B] The Doctor said, [B]?you have no idea what you?re doing!?[/B]

Dani was a bit taken aback. He hadn?t heard this side of the Doctor yet ? obviously the situation was much direr. Well, Dani kind of figured? a thousand Doctors running around the Universe? Could have its advantages? then again?

[B]?I don?t know why you?re so defensive about this. We?re only using your DNA; the difference in clones and the real deal is drastic. Think of yourselves as blueprints. After all, we do have the right to survival.?[/B]

Dani frowned. [B]?That?s me though! You can?t go ?round copyin? people! You didn?t even ask!?[/B]

Tarina shrugged. [B]?You would have said no.?[/B] She nodded at the cloned Doctor. [B]?Stay here and watch them. Remember, he?s as cunning as you. If not more.?[/B]

She walked off, still smirking and grinning like she had won. And she probably had done.

The Doctor?s wondered about the lab aimlessly with his hands in his pockets, looking back at them once in a while with all the expressions the original Doctor hand. But even Dani could see it, he wasn?t the same as the original. There was the experience of a life time (or ten life times) missing.

[B]?There has to be a way out of here,?[/b] the real Doctor stood up from his chair, looking around the cell. [B]?They have no idea what they?re doing.?[/B]

Dani was at a bit of a loss of what to do. He just watched the Doctor, who ran his hands across the walls looking for a way out. He stopped near the cell?s opening, which was blocked by a light blue screen. Dani reckoned it was probably some ?force field? crap he?d seen on sci-fi shows. The Doctor placed his hand at the side of it, aware that the control panel for the field was on the other side of the wall.

The Doctor then patted down his jacket, stopping in the top pocket and pulling out a small object, grinning at Dani.

[B]?Oh! Is that you?re sonic? screwy thing -?[/B]

[B]?Sonic screwdriver, opens just about any door in the Universe.?[/B] The Doctor interrupted, looking up at the ceiling. [B]?But even if we do get out here we?ve got me ? him ? it out there to deal with. And no plan beyond that.?[/B] He was looking at his clone from the corner of his eyes, watching him poking at the blank consoles.

[B]?He doesn?t seem like you really??[/B] Dani muttered.

[B]??course not! He?s a clone! Nothing like the original, but still, we can?t have Time Lord clones running around the Universe - ?[/B] he paused for a moment, looking over at his clone to see if he was watching. [B]?I think we need a plan.?[/B]

[B]?Maybe we would use the computer? Tarina let me use it. She said everyone?s linked through the computer.?[/B]

[B]??course they are, this whole society seems dependant on technology and clones! It wouldn?t surprise me if they needed the computer to survive for the first few years of ? wait a second! They do! They?re clones who don?t have a childhood to grow and develop and when you?re a child you have people to depend on, parents, family??[/B] he paused for a moment, pacing around, and turning sharply to Dani, [B]?but these clones don?t have parents! They depend on their computer! I?m willing to bet that their computer being broken was just a lie of some sort but if we can disable their computer, the newly created clones have nothing to depend on ? their DNA would distablised!?[/B]

Dani raised his eyebrow. [B]?And you know this? how??[/B]

[B]?Just a random guess really??[/B]

Dani rolled his eyes. [B]?I don?t think shuttin? that thing down?ll work. The computer?s too smart. It looked pretty complicated.?[/B]

[B]?Dani Posner, how many computer?s have you broke in your life? Intentionally??[/B]

[B]?Half a dozen. I crashed a school computer with a logic test once??[/B]

The Doctor grinned. [B]?Then you?ll crash this one!?[/B]

[B]?I can?t do that. The thing?s huge? it?s a smart computer, it ain?t goin? to let some half arsed punk break it now.?[/B] He looked over, seeing the Doctor?s clone eyeing them suspiciously. [B]?An? a computer smart enough to make clones is a computer too smart fer me to break with that stupid logic test.?[/B]

[B]?If it?s so smart, then the computer knows when it?s broken, just like all your little technology at home. I?m willing to bet that if the computer thinks it?s too damaged to function ? that?ll be your part ? it?s going to shut itself down, then bob?s your uncle.?[/B] The Doctor grinned, obviously satisfied with his plan.

[B]?How do you know it won?t kill ?em??[/B]

[B]?Nah, it should just knock the new clones out for awhile, scramble their brain patterns, lose everything they were cloned from. They?ll end up like empty shells??[/B] the Doctor looked over at his clone once again and saw he was occupied with a console, then he began to use his sonic screwdriver on the wall, under the assumption the control panel was on the otherside. [B]?When I get this open you need to use the tranquilizer on him, Dani. They?re genetically enhanced and I doubt he?s going to share everything I have ? including compassion ? so be careful.?[/B]

Dani nodded. Things were moving along quite fast now, even he wasn?t sure what was going to happen. He glanced nervously at the Doctor, who gave him a serious nod, waiting for a moment. Dani gulped.

As soon as the Doctor had successfully removed the force field, his clone had turned around. It took Dani awhile to release, but Dani instantly looked over towards the tranquilizers laying on the table. The clone had followed his gaze and both had ran for it.

Dani was nearer and managed to get there first, but not before the clone Doctor had come close enough to apprehend Dani. It was then that Dani had the shocking realisation that these clones ? whatever they had changed in their DNA ? only looked like the real thing. The Doctor?s clone had wrapped his arm around Dani with tremendous strength and Dani, both instinctively and in shock, lifted his arm up and knocked the clone on the head.


Dani and the real Doctor were quite surprised to see the clone crumple to the floor in one accidentally hit. Dani had expected the clone to be incredibly resistant after that display of power.

[B]?I didn?t mean? uh? that was an accident??[/B] Dani spluttered.

[B]?No harm done, he looks alive,?[/B] the Doctor said, leaning over his clone to examine it. [B]?They haven?t cloned anything like me before. They haven?t got it right? all that aggression? this one?s unstable. I doubt he?ll live??[/B]

Dani looked mortified. [B]?I killed him? I didn?t mean - ?[/B]

The Doctor shook his head. [B]?No, they did. Trying to find the short cut to having a perfect life, killing themselves in process. They did it to themselves and had no right to take out DNA.?[/B]

[B]?A Masterpiece Society??[/B] Dani mumbled.

The Doctor looked at him suspiciously. [B]?That?s just what Adrian said??[/B]

Dani smiled. [B]?It?s a book. Well old, an? it?s about how this guy envisioned the perfect society.?[/B] Dani lifted the edge of his t-shirt a bit. [B]?I ain?t a clone, Doc?, I?ve been drawing on myself. Permanently.?[/B]

[B]?Well, you better cover that up, we need to find the main computer area. Come on!?[/B]

The Doctor had sped off as fast as he could again and Dani followed him as quickly as possible. They ran through the corridors, the Doctor turning corners everywhere, although Dani was sure he didn?t know where he was going. It was hard to tell if they were going in circles, as well. Everything looked the same.

When they came to a clone of someone they had yet to see, the Doctor slowed down and put his hands in his pockets, walking past casually and nodding. To both their surprise, the clone did not seem to be alarmed, and simply greeted them back with a polite nod before returning to the papers he was carrying.

[B]?Doctor, where we goin???[/B]

[B]?Straight ahead. The paintings are the maps here, the entire complex is circular with different coloured paintings depending on the circle you?re in and the closer you are to the middle where I assume the main part of the computer is. The paintings go in a rainbow ? white is what we?re looking for.?[/B]

[B]?How?d you figure that out??[/B]

[B]?Just a guess.?[/B]

Dani wasn?t going to doubt that guess. An alien with a thousand years of experience was bound to be right at almost every turn. And he did indeed seem to be right. After awhile and running and causal walking, the two came to corridors with white paintings. Empty corridors, almost darker than the rest of them? colder, even.

They continued walking and didn?t encounter anyone. The walk towards the main computer was long and kind of creepy to Dani, though he stuck it up and didn?t let it bother him. When they reached what seemed fitting for a ?main computer? area, Dani smirked.

The room itself was circular, just like many others, with a large metallic beam running through the middle, through the roof and through the floor. It had panels and wires all around it, and panels decorating the walls around the room.

The Doctor ran to the far side of the room, the whirring of his sonic screwdriver popping open a nearby panel and he set to work.

[B]?See if you can work the computer well enough for your logic test.?[/B]

Dani nodded and walked over to a panel. He breathed in at the sight of it, fully aware that he seemed to be having a lot of bad luck with computers lately. He breathed in and touched the panel below with his hand, watching the 3D, glowing computer systems flash up before his eyes. As he was doing this, the entire society ? the clones, how they came here, everything ? had been flashing through his mind. The computer, reading that, brought up a small search box before his eyes, asking in neon green letters what he would like to search.

Dani reckoned this was better practice than anything else. He thought of the term ?Masterpiece Society? and watched the words appear. The computer searched it, bringing up two glowing files: ?The Masterpiece Society by Michael Lank? and ?The Masterpiece Society Computer Personality Programme?.

[B]?Doctor, there?s a computer programme titled after the book??[/B] Dani shouted.

The Doctor came waltzing past, clearly preoccupied with a small computer chip in his hand. Dani stepped aside but didn?t take his palm off the panel. The Doctor looked at him for a moment and then to the panel, putting the chip away and placing his hand on it. The computer brought up the same interface as Dani?s.

[B]?Oh, you are a beauty. Predictable Interface Software? very smart? there?s nothing wrong with you, you can think for yourself??[/B]

Dani raised an eyebrow. Why was the Doctor talking to the computer?

[B]?The colonist must have come here in bad shape. They must have programmed this computer to help them survive? thinking for itself? it adapted a personality from a book. The opinions and world of its author? and the colonist relied so much on this computer that they began to [i]think[/i] like it??[/B] the Doctor removed his hand slowly and Dani wondered if he was still sure of himself.

[B]?If it thinks for itself like a perfectionist, I can shut it down. I just need the right? application? if it?s got ?em.?[/B] Dani said. [B]?We can still shut it down, right? I mean? can?t ?ave two Doctors runnin? ?round??[/B]

The Doctor seemed to dwell on it, but only for a moment. He sprinted off back to his work, placing the chip back in.

[B]?I?m bypassing all the security codes and this should make things easier for you??[/B] it was then the Doctor continued ranting in technobabble that Dani only half understood, so he zoned out for a minute. A computer with a personality? he began to wonder if it was alive? even sentient?

[B]?Alright, give that a shot.?[/B]

The Doctor suddenly interrupted Dani?s thoughts and Dani gave the computer a mental impression he wanted to view the Personality File. The computer opened the file and the colours disappeared, being replaced by a red ?hello?, taking Dani aback a bit,

[B]?The computer should think you built it! Pretty good eh??[/B]

Dani nodded and scanned the files that were appearing before him. He knew what to do now and began editing the right files, surprised how easy this was.

[B]?I?m sorry, we can?t allow you to do that.?[/B]

A voice, familiar, especially to Dani, warned them from behind. Dani didn?t break away from what he was doing and continued working, tapping at the panel. He let the Doctor deal with it.

[B]?Do you think it?s right you were created with his DNA? A print of his life??[/B] the Doctor inquired to the clone of Dani which seemed, for lack of a better word, pretty pissed off. [B]?You don?t have any of his memories or experiences and you think it?s right to wear his clothes and talking like him??[/B]

[B]?I?m not concerned with what?s right or wrong.?[/B]

[B]?Ah, ?course you?re not, doesn?t really matter, you?re just an infant. Created by a computer and you?re still not used to thinking by yourself, are you??[/B] the Doctor walked around, stalling Dani for time, [B]?I don?t think you could even survive properly with out this machine here??[/B] he tapped the computer lightly with the tip of his converse, grinning.

The clone did not reply. It turned to Dani.

[B]?You must stop.?[/B] It ordered.

Dani glanced at him with the corner of his eye. [B]?You don?t even talk like me, man. That?s some pretty crappy clonin?? the other one was better? more personality??[/B] Dani mumbled.

[B]?Dani, I think this one was just created a few moments ago; you need to hurry up, right now it?s bests interests are its survival.?[/B] The Doctor warned.

[B]?Almost done.?[/B]

The clone continued warning Dani to no avail. Dani located something that made his task much easier ? a query programme. It was easy to understand ? it was like a human, but if you changed the coding and circuits, the computer?s personality changed. Now it thought it could not function if it were wrong? and it would shut down.

Dani began this inquiry to the computer. He smirked, using an old ?statement paradox? technique to confuse it. While the computer calculator his question, he typed in another paradox, and another, and another?

[B]?Back away!?[/B]

Dani was suddenly swung around by his own clone, breaking away his connection to the computer. The clone was about to drag Dani away when it suddenly stopped, a confused look on its face and suddenly reeling back in pain.

Dani looked around for an explanation and found it immediately. The Doctor had but himself to work on another part of the machine with his sonic screwdriver, finishing quickly and standing back up. He waved the screw driver at Dani with a grin.

[B]?Feedback loop. Should give me a bit of a headache.?[/B]

Dani smiled. He would have never thought of that.

There was suddenly a flicker in the lights. Dani and the Doctor looked up, a whirring sound coming from the components of the computer. Dani assumed and hope his ?logic test? he used on the computer had worked.

[B]?We haven?t got much time, come on!?[/B]

The Doctor dragged Dani away from the computer, running out of the door with the same energetic speed he always had. And just as Dani was about to follow, something grasped his boot.

His clones. In the flickering lights his clones still seemed to be alive and kicking, although it was barely called life. His head was shaking as well as most of his body, his face angry more than anything else, though it didn?t last for long. The computer, having been proven wrong by Dani?s paradoxes, was shutting itself down; the clones, newly born, had nothing to survive with.

[B]?Dani!?[/B] the Doctor prompted. Dani shook his foot loose and started after the Doctor.

The shutdown spread almost like a crawl throughout the complex, flickering the illuminated hallways into dismal grey darkness, the only light coming from the outlandish world outside. Dani kept up with the Doctor as best he could, wondering where the hell he got his energy from.

The Doctor knew where he was going and what he was doing. In a matter of moments Dani?s thoughts no longer dwelled on becoming lost in the darkening complex as they found themselves on a familiar corridor, one which they had first entered upon arrival and the TARDIS waiting quietly at the end of it.

[B]?Wait, how do we know it?ll even work??[/B] Dani blurted.

[B]?They can restart the systems but they can?t bring back our clones and by the time they get their computer out of it?s mood swing our DNA will be useless.?[/B]

The Doctor seemed almost pleased with himself as he went to open the TARDIS door. Dani was about to smile, but he felt someone watching him. He turned, seeing the familiar face of someone he would have assumed was a friend and her partner in crime stood at the archway. The Doctor noticed it too and paused.

[B]?You?ve condemned us.?[/B]

[B]?We did no such thing, Adrian.?[/B] The Doctor stated firmly.

[B]?I am not Adrian. My name is Seth Kovar, the leader of this colony.?[/B]

Dani thought for a moment that maybe the name ?Seth? was as old as the colony, and just another man cloned constantly.

[B]?We [i]need[/i] our computer back.?[/B] Tarina said.

The Doctor thought for a moment. [B]?It may take time, but I think you can adapt to life without that? machine. You let it go mad and it created a society for you out of a book... and you believed it, really. Programmed into your brains that you had to be perfect. That?s not what human beings are for.?[/B]

Seth shook his head. [B]?Then human beings are inferior.?[/B]

[B]?Well, it was a human being who helped me break your computer.?[/B]

Seth raised his head a little and was at a loss of what to say. The Doctor, having finished with his explanation, opened the door to his time machine and stepped in backwards. Dani did the same, stopping when Seth addressed him.

[B]?What did you do to our computer??[/B]

Dani smiled. [B]?It was already sure everythin? ?ad to be perfect, and the Doc? did a load of fiddling with the machine anyway. He scrambled a load of stuff for me, and then all I did was tell it a paradox an? ask for the answer. It didn?t know it, so it kinda decided it wasn?t perfect enough for you guys.?[/B] He smiled, but the smile quickly faded away when Seth didn?t reply.

Dani stepped into the TARDIS and closed the door, wondering if this was the kind of thing the Doctor did everyday?[/SIZE]
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