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Sign Up Naruto:The Legendary Ninjas


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I was walking in the forest when suddenely a ball of paper hit me in the back of my head. 'Ouch' I thought rubbing my head as I bent down to pick it up. When I opened the scrunched up peice of paper, I realized that this was a note from the Hokage asking for an audience with her.

'What could be so important to request an audience with me?' I thought to myself as I walked towards the hokage's building. Everyone knew my name by now considering I was now a Sannin. And i had surpassed the hokage. So why would she request an audience with me. Whatever it was it had to be bad because normally I'm only called in when i have to go battle the Akatsuki.

When I entered the Hokage's office,Tsunade was sitting down doing some paper work. She told me to sit without even looking up.

"Well Nami....your probably wondering why I called you here" She told me.

"Yeah I am" I replied.

"Nami...I have just received news that Kyuubi is now in the Akatsuki's hands and that they have recruited 2 of your sisters" She sighed out.

"No!Which 2?" I asked her

"Myoko and Kyuchi" She said bluntly.

"Myoko and Kyuchi?!They're almost as strong as me!Together they could destroy the country. Nevermind the fact that if they're using Kyuubi they're stronger then they already were together!" I nearly screamed jumping up and sending my chair crashing to the ground.

"Nami. I am fully aware of that. Thats why you need to bring out The Golden Tiger Ninga one more time and find a group of kids like you who have unatural powers. Together you guys are the The Legendary Ninga's" Tsunade said.

"Fine" I grumbled.

"Your dismissed" She said sternly.

As I walked out the door I thought about what Tsunade had just said and I realized that one of my best friends were one of the so called Legendary Ninga's.
OK thats the backstory. The point is that Nami is a Sannin but she cant take on her 2 sisters who are using Kyuubi's power(yes he was taken out of naruto) and they're now a threat to the entire world of ninga's. Nami must band together with a group of kids/teens to destroy Kyuubi and defeat her sisters and save the world. There will be a list of some of the Legendary Ninga names but some of you may have to come up with a name. You can either use a pre-made name or make up your own til i have about 6-8 people then the sign ups will close for sure. I may decide to close them before i have about 6-8 people signed up I may not. It all depends. Now here are the rules:
~No GOD modding
~No invincability(your character has to be able to get hit)
~If your on the Akatsuki you can NOT make ur character have "Ultamite Power"
~This is the most important one "HAVE FUN"

Here's the list:
Scarlet Butterfly-
Jade Dragon-
Shadow Tiger-Sayoko~Me
Goled Tiger Ninga-Nami~Me
Sapphire Amulet-
Shadow Misstress-
Bloodied Amulet-
Weapon Mistress-

Here's the sign up:
Name-Self explanatory
Clan-What clan do they belong to?
Bloodline trait- Do they have any bloodline traits?If so what is it/are they?
Age-Self explanatory
Alias-What name do they use instead of their real name if they use any
Side-Akatsuki or Nami's side?
Rank-What are they?Genin,Chuunin,Jounin,ANBU or Sannin(Only 4 of these please)?
Personality-Self explanatory
Appearance-pic or detailed description is fine
Weapons-WHat weapons do they use? If possible please try to stay away from any kind of gun or firearm. Only swords and stuff please. can have up to 4 weapons only.
Powers-What element can they control?Do they have any special powers other then jutsu's?
Jutsu's-What Jutsu's do they know?
Bio-Are they well known for they're background?Or is they're background a mystery to everyone including them? If they're background is known please type at least 1-2 paragraphs if it isnt then type at least 1-3 sentences.

Ill post my sign up now
Name-Sayoko Hyuuga
Clan-Hyuuga Clan
Bloodline trait-Byakugan
Alias-Shadow Tiger
Side-Nami's Side
Personality-Cold and quiet. Like thinking that you create your own destiny. She can be hyper and fun if you get to know her and get her to trust you. She can be very trusting and is protective of her friends. She's quite weird from time to time and is often misunderstood. Sasuke's opposite all the way.
Appearance-[URL="http://www.animanga.be/Wallpaper/Uniform/2-37.jpg"]http://www.animanga.be/Wallpaper/Uniform/2-37.jpg[/URL] (she's the one in the back)
Weapons-Uses a katana she calls orokimi and a sword. Has a kunai and shuriken pouch on her leg and on her hip.
Powers-Shadows and darkness
Jutsu's-Shadows flame punch- Is engulfed in flames and darkness and absorbs it into her fists and charges at the enemy and punches them with whatever fist has the darkness and flames in the chakra gathered.
Bio-Sayoko lost her parents when she was three and neji's family took her in. She has been a hyuuga all her life and learned to control her Byakugan better then anyone else in the family. She learned from Neji and there fore adopted his coldness and attitude. When she was sent to the academy she aced everything including the chuunin exams.

Ill post Nami's sign up l8ter
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Name- Tetra
Clan- She's Orochimaru's daughter.
Bloodline trait- N/A
Age- 13
Alias- N/A
Side- Nami's
Rank- Gennin
Personality- Quiet, yet when she does talk, it is usually something serious. She is quite intelligent. She is so quiet, though, no one can notice her until she speaks. She can wander past the Akatsuki unnoticed for up to 3 hours straight. She specializes in medical knowledge.
Appearance- She has long, black hair. Her eyes are like Orochimaru's. She always wears black, regardless of occasion. Stands about 5 feet tall.
Weapons- A large blade, 5 kunai, 5 shuriken, and a medical kit.
Powers- She has all of Orochimaru's from birth. She can talk to animals, as well. Manipulation of sound waves and air currents is what makes her so unnoticeable.
Jutsu's- Shadow clone, fireball, chidori, summoning, and Orochimaru's forbidden jutsu.
Bio- She has been a social outcast for as long as she has lived in Konoha. She does not know Orochimaru is her true father. She remembers only these words from her past after awakening in Konoha, with only that memory:

The birds sing of life
The crickets sing of love
The mice squeal in joy
When the dragon roars

The birds mourn
The crickets sob
The mice cry
When evil succeeds
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Name- Chyoko/Kira Kagura


Clan- Kagura clan

Bloodline trait- The ability to see peoples greatest fears, and use illusions to play with their minds.

Alias-The Reaper


Rank- ANBU

Personality- Chyoko is a very shy, self conscience girl. She hates big crowds, peppy people, and frogs (No one knows why). Her past has lots of secrets and death, which is why she is the way she is. Most people would say she's an anti-socail goth, but she's really very nice and misunderstood.

If it was her choice, she wouldn't fight anyone, but her darker side switches on when she gets angry. (This side of her is named Kira) When Kira comes out she becomes a blood thirsty monster who shows no mercy...killing everyone. Thus her name...The Reaper. (yes, she's a schitso)

Appearance-[URL="http://images.quizilla.com/S/SH/SHI/ShinigamiGirl/1144259609_es78550f2d.jpg"]http://images.quizilla.com/S/SH/SHI/ShinigamiGirl/1144259609_es78550f2d.jpg[/URL] Chyoko

Weapons-Powers-Jutsu's- Six Kunai, one Kusarigama ( A small scythe connected to a chain), and two Katars (The claw ones). She uses the Katars for close range attacks, and the scythe for long range.

Jutsu's- Mind Puppet jutsu: This jutsu Takes over the mind of a weak opponent and controls them for as long as the user wishes.
Dark Shadow jutsu: With this jutsu, the user releases a black mist from their hands with is pitch black, and poisoness.
The third Hokages Forbidden jutsu: With this jutsu, the user summons the reaper the trap a persons soul, with the cost of their own.
Summoning jutsu: This jutsu summons a giant spider, even the littlest spiders can be deadly if bitten.

Bio- Chyoko was born in the village hidden in the mist, by her parents Konkura and Shoji Kagura. Her father was a gounin from the leaf village when he married her mother, a common villager fromm the mist village. He decided to move to the mist village and keep his daughter from fighting. Unfortunetly, his past caught up with her, and she decided to go to the academy anyway.

Her skills definately showed while in the academy. She surpassed all of her classmates, and passed the academy at the age of nine. She quickly climed the ranks of chunin to gounin, and was a ANBU black op by the time she was twelve. Since then, Kira joined Akatsuki's group and Chyoko had to go along with it. Though, she tries her best to calm her other team members down.
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[FONT="Tahoma"]Name-Kredion Hamachi

Clan- N/A

Bloodline trait- The Ability to see Chakra flowing through the bodies of enemies as well as the ability to tell how it's about to be used.

Age-Self : 12

Alias- N/a

Side- Nami's


Personality-Annoying, Arrogant, Self Controlled, Low Self-Esteem, Quiet, Serious and Protective

Appearance- 5,1 , Green Eyes, Dirty Blonde Hair, Pale Skin and a Slightly Muscler Body.

Weapons- Two Double Sided Kunai, Ten Throwing Spikes, Eight Shuriken and a Small Katana Strapped to his back.

Powers- He has the best control over the Elements of Wind and Air.

Jutsu's- Whirlwind Jutsu, Kawuinjo's Jutsu and Backlash Jutsu

Bio- Kredion Was found shortly after his birth and was taken in by a kind older lady with two children of her own. As he grew he knew he was different when the kids he was fighting ended up becoming nothing more then a anger management problem. As he grew up a bit he found that He could if he looked hard see the Chakra Points in a body and how the energy flowed thru them. A few months later he applied for the Ninja Academy in the Village hidden in the Sands.
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Your excepted [COLOR="Green"](The word is "accepted". - Sandy)[/COLOR]

Name-Nami Uchiha
Bloodline trait-Mangekyou Sharingan
Alias-Golden Tiger Ninja
Side-her side
Personality- Kind and caring. One of the youngest sannin's around. She somewhat hates arrogant people and thinks her family name is a curse to her cause of sasuke and itachi's histories. Hates almost every other Uchiha
Weapons-Two long swords, a double sided sword and a katana all strapped to her back. Various shuriken and kunai pouches on her body.
Powers- Fire and Darkness
Jutsu's-Dragon fire jutsu- Lets out the breath of a dragon from her mouth
Bio-Having her parents killed by itachi and being taken in by her cousin Sasuke Uchiha was not a blessing for Nami. She hated his attitude and his ways of doing things. She was always being kind to sasuke and in return he was alway cold to her. Her cousin's family hated her for being of special parents she inherited their elemental powers. WHenever she lost her temper something would flare up around her. When the time came to be a ninja the hokage saw her potential and imediately ordered special training for her like her parents. When her training was finished she had become The Golden Tiger Ninja and after about 6 missions S-ranked she became a sannin because her power was even greater then that the mission's required. Now she's stuck in the village until a mission comes up that she can do.

Here is my Akatsuki sign up:
Bloodline trait-Can read the opponents mind and can see the flow of elemental powers
Personality-Cold heart and arrogant. Hates anyone and everything alive. Works with Myoko and Kyuchi. Extremely sarcastic
Weapons-A double bladed sword as well as a katana and 2 fuma shuriken
Jutsu's-Spirit Rivive Jutsu-Revives the spirits of those who are dead. Can revive anyone he wants in flesh and bone and make them fight for him
Bio-BY now Rei is the most famous Akatsuki member being the coldest and most arrogant. He arrived being almost completely unknown except to those who kept a tag on him. Now he is the most famous. Working with Myoko and Kyuchi has helped his attitude towards other much either. Almost no one knows his history. The two that know it are Myoko and Kyuchi being the ones he knew as a child and being the ones who kept a tag on him. He is also the youngest akatsuki member.

well sign ups are now closed

[COLOR="Green"]Please do not double post, but use the edit button instead. If you want to make the thread appear on top of the topic list, just cut & paste the text of the previous post into a new reply.

Also, please don't use pictures that distort the page width. Just put them as links. Thank you.

- Sandy[/COLOR]
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Name- Adoma Shittake
Clan- Unknown
Bloodline trait-None
Age- 18
Alias- Ninja of the Plains
Side- Nami

Rank- /Missing Nin

Personality- He likes kids and most ninja except for Hunter Nin
Appearance-5'11" Blue eyes, brown hair and tanned skin. Has round glasses overhis eyes and wears a black sleeveless shirt with a flower on the back along with black pants and ninja slippers. His head band has no symbol on it.

Weapons- Katana and Giant Shuriken

Powers- He dabs in all elements.
Transformation: Elemental - He acquires element forms by touching the element he wishes to transform into. After he becomes adept at one element he has no reason to touch it anymore.

Item Transformation

Bio-Are they well known for they're background?Or is they're background a mystery to everyone including them? If they're background is known please type at least 1-2 paragraphs if it isnt then type at least 1-3 sentences.
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I Pmed monipo to get in.

Name: Dymzoo Byacu
Age: 24
Clan: Byacu
Bloodline Trait: Sutaki-this makes his reaction time better as well as making him see what the target is seeing.
Alias: Ikustaka
Personality-He is barely ever serious.
Appearance-[URL="http://i7.photobucket.com/albums/y293/sweetdragongurl/bleach_hitsugaya0063.jpg"]SEE HERE [/URL]
Weapons-Ichigo carries around a big giant scroll that is his weapon, and he has a bag with his supplies and four small scrolls that he use four his summoning jutsus.
Jutsu's-Paper clone jutsu, Summoning jutsu: Paper things = Paper thing 1: defending tutle. Paper thing 2: attacking human cutout. Paper thing 3: capturing eight armed spider. Paper thing 4: Transporting bird.
Paper Drying Jutsu,Paper Armour Jutsu,Paper Chain Jutsu, Paper Origami Technque Paper Needle Spit, and I still haven't come up with the rest.
Bio-Dymzoo was born in the highest branch of the Byacu clan, and had no problem with his life until his family was demoted to the lowest branch of his clan. He was laughed at, until some one else was demoted to the lowest branch. Then he was premoted. His branch of the family were killed by the lowest branch. He was accepted into the highest branch. His hatred built up and then was let out when he found out that the person that killed his branch had died he had no need for the hate and it was turnt into power. At 16 he was a jounin and was already a sensei to a bunch of genin. All that had been paired with him had passed to chounin. Even if they didn't have enough skill. Also, when Ikustaka's goal of getting revenge was found impossible because the guy died, he outraged and the head of his new branch had to surpress the chakara and rage with 4 curse marks. The first one is the seal of feelings, the second is the seal sarrow, the third is the seal of revenge, and the last is the seal of rage. Each time one of the seals are broken he gets stronger.
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Name- Salene Uchiha

Clan- Uchiha

Bloodline trait- Reversed Sharingan, Midnight wolf demon.




Rank- Would be Gennin if she had attended an acadamy, but is almost jonin level.

Personality- She is shy at first but then can be very stubborn at times.

Appearance- She has black hair that gets longer in the front. Her eye's are a deep navy blue, but get brighter and drker with her mood. She where's a black skirt and a blue shirt. She also wears a black collar that Orochimaru put on as a torture device, only he can remove.

Weapons- Katana(She gets later), Kunai, senbon, shuriken.

Powers-Fire style, forbidden jutsu, Lightning.

Jutsu's-Fire ball jutsu, Flower Pheonix jutsu, Shadow fire, rapid fire, chidori...Sharingan, and Chidoran, (Chidori, rasengan mix-learns later)

Bio- She doesn't know much about her past. She vaguely remembers a family but everything else is a blur. All she knows in her life was Orochimaru. She finally escaped, barely and inch of her life left and is now approaching the outside gates of Konoha, starving to death.
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