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RPG Clash Of The Zanpakuto

The Enemy

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Zan stood in front of the massive city Seireitei within the soul society. He stood tapping his foot, as if waiting for something to happen. After a few moments Forbus ran over to him "Hello lieutenant Kamatan!" he said dutifully. "Greetings Forbus. Is everything under way?" Zan asked in an anxious tone. Forbus replied "Yes sir! My group has been dispatched to seek out the proper shinigami for the mission sir." Zan nodded "Good good, how long do you think until we head off?" Forbus stood silent for a moment thinking to himself, then answered. "I can't say for sure sir, we'll leave for Hueco Mundo as soon as The shinigami and quincy get here, and then we need to wait for Captain Kurosaki."

"Ichigo?" Zan asked "Why do we need him? I thought he was staying here to hold down the soul society while we went after Aizen." Forbus then explained "Yes yes you're right sir. Ichigo is just coming to insure no hollows or arrancar come swarming through the gate once we open it." Zan grinned and said "The more I think about this trip the more fun it sounds." in a very sarcastic tone.
"Will they be coming soon lord?" Asked Judis. "Yes." Aizen replied. "I'm trusting you to deal with them when they first arrive." Judis nodded "Yes me lord" and he left the room. He walked into a large hall full of arrancar and Shinigami. "Ichimaru Gin, I want you to take a group to attack as soon as the attackers arrive." Gin nodded and walked out of the building with a large group of arrancar. Once a few feet from the door they all vanished in near perfect synchronization.
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[COLOR="Navy"][FONT="Comic Sans MS"]Akemi flipped her hair back and smiled as she walkled up to Zan.
"Hello Captian. Good to see you ready to go."
"Akemi, you think you could be less sarcastic and more serious?"
"No not really. What about you? You think you can be less serious and more sarcastic?"
"Not in me, sorry."
She smiled more and shook her head.
"Not shocked. So what are we waiting on?"
"You weren't briefed by Urahara?"
"Didn't really feel like listening to him."
She laughed and looked around.
"Kursaki not here yet?"
"You at least heard that no doubt."
"Heard what? I just thought that if all of his best capitans are going some where he would want to see them off. Right?"
"Well, you have a point. But no he's going with."
"Interesting, and what about Aizen? What measures are they taking about him and Ichimaru?"
"I'm not sure. I think Matsumoto and her department are staying behind to deal with it."
"I heard Zaraki is as well. Him and that little brat that always goes with him."
"I think Rukia's brother is as well."
"Well as long as we have people here that's all that matters. For all we know that stupid gem of Urahara's has already matured."
"We don't know that for sure."
"How's the report coming on Tousen?"
"Nothing much. Hardly anything really. We have his Shikai and Bankai but nothing extremely helpful."
"And Gin?"
"Same as always, the only one who knew really anything about him was Matsumoto and she's told all she knows."
"Damnit, so, we're in a rock and hard place?"
"Any word on their whereabouts?"
She leaned on the wall of a near by building and nibbled her bottom lip.
"Well, at least we have some defense here and no one that I know or have ever heard of can beat the old man."
"I'd becareful what you call him."
"He knows I mean it in the best way."
"I'm sure."
She laughed and looked down, her eyes closed waiting for whoever else was supposed to show up, includeing her lutenant, Haru.[/FONT][/COLOR]
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Haru moved along the streets. He was supposed to meet his Captain a couple minutes ago but she was used to his being late. He finally saw Akemi leaning against a wall looking like she was asleep.

"Captain." Haru blurted after clearing his throat. She raised her head and stood up off the wall.

"Your late, again." she replied smirking. Haru shrugged and gave his equivalent to
what a normal smile would be. "You need to work on your punctuality."

"I'll get right on that, so why did you call me here Cap'n?"

"The others are gathering here too, we are going on a mission."


"Nope, something bigger."

"Sounds fun, I've been itching for something a little more challenging."

"What do you mean?" Akemi said with a little snicker. "Last mission we went on you almost got killed, I had to save your ass." She finished prodding him in the chest with two fingers.

"Only cause it was seven on one, very uneven odds if i do say so myself."

"Yeah yeah yeah, thats what I'd say too if I was lazy and out of shape." She laughed and Haru couldn't help but let out a small laugh too. She leaned back against the wall again and Haru sat down next to where she was standing and leaned against the wall.

"How long until the others are supposed to arrive?" Haru asked. Akemi shrugged looking down at him. "well in that case I'll take a nap until they come, no harm in that right?"

"You are really lazy, you know that?"

"Nag nag nag, thats all i hear from you, what are you my wife?" Akemi laughed again and kicked Haru in the side.

"You wish, now straighten up, we don't want to give the others the impression that Division 9 is a bunch of slackers." Haru got up and sighed, looking down the street waiting for the others to come.
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[COLOR="Purple"]Sanagi was walking around the 5th squad barics smoking her pipe as she went. She was turning a corner when she was suddenly hit and the one who hit her fell down as she was pushed back.
"Oh, sorry about that," said Sanagi as she saw who she ran into. It was Hinamori-chan. "Hinamori-chan! What a surprise. Why you in such a hurry?"
"You were supposed to meet some of the other captains at the front of the Seireitei. You forgot didn't you? You were gonna go with Zan, Captain Akemi, Haru, and a few others to Hueco Mundo," said Hinamori-chan panting.
"Oh, I didn't forget. I was thought that I get there my way. Nice and slow."
"Please, we must hurry. We'll be late and that would piss off the others."
"Alright, alright. Let's get going," said Sanagi as she held out her hand to help Hinamori-chan up.

They walked around for awhile until they reached where the others were.
"Hello there, Zan-kun, Akemi-san, and Haru-kun. How are all of you?" said Sanagi as she approached them with a smiling face and holding her pipe as she walked next to Hinamori-chan.
"You're late," said Zan with a sarcastic tone of voice.
"Now what's with the sarcasism? I thought that you were a lieutenant and I was a captain? You should know who you're dealing with."
"Pfft. You're always late. You carry things in a too off-mannered condition," said Akemi.
"Akemi-chan! How've you been? I haven't seen you for awhile. It must have been because I've been too busy."
"Yup. You sure are busy these days."
"Yeah, lots of work to catch up on and some things that the last captain left unattended and incomplete. So how have you been Haru?"
"Hmm... fine," replied Haru.
"Is Ichigo-kun coming to see us?" asked Sanagi as she turned towards Zan.
"Yeah, that's just incase no hallows appear and attack the Seireitei."
"I see. So we'll just have to wait for the others to arrive."
She sat down on a rail and stuck her pipe in her mouth. She watched as Hinamori-chan came over to her and sat next to her. Sanagi blew a cloud of smoke and heaved a big sigh as she was getting bored.[/COLOR]
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A dark portal opened up in the park of Karakura town. Itouma appeared from the portal. "So this is the human world?" Itouma remarked. After that he jumped down from the portal and landed on the grass field of the park. "Those bastards really are loyal to those Shinigamis." Itouma remembering what happened earlier before he left Hueco mundo.

Judis was walking on the hallway half-full of shinigamis and arrancar. Itouma was assigned to Gin's group to attack but he vanished during the preparations. Aizen spotted him leaving the group. "Where do you think you're going?" Aizen calmly asked him. "Isn't it obvious? I'm going to the human world. If i go there then Seiretei will probably send some of their forces to apprehend me, thus cutting some of their defense." Itouma said as he is leaving "By the way, I will kill you someday." Itouma said as he pointed his Zanpaktou to Aizen. Aizen just smiled and Itouma went for the human world.

"Now that I'm here" He stretched his arms "Time to do some damage". He looked around the place and realized that humans can't see him. One by one, he killed the humans surrounding him and after doing so, Seireitei noticed his actions.
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Urahara walked over to the group and told them about an arrancar in the human world causing havoc. Zan smiled and said "we'll go take it out, tell the others to wait for us here whenever they show up." Urahara stood out and said "Hey before you go gettin yourselves killed, how about you take some quincy with you? Maybe some back up hm?" Zan frowned but nodded, "Ok send them after us as soon as possible." Then he opened a portal to the human world and went to attak the arrancar with a few of the present soul reapers.

As Itouma continued killing humans Zan and the others who followed came up behind him. "Prepare to die arrancar." Zan said confidentally holding the handle of his "cane" tightly. Seconds later the Arrancar turned and faced the group. Zan drew his zanpakuto and said "Ernster fiend unveil!" A flash of dark energy and the blade slit down the middle, forming into it's initial release state. The others in the group began drawing their swords aswell. "I want you all to kow, you will all die here." said the arrancar.
Judis stood next yo Aizen "He's trouble you know." said Judis. "I know, but until hedoes something truely foolish I will continue using his powers to my benifit. Besides if he ever tried to kill me, you would stop him in a heart beat wouldn't you Judis?" Judis nodded "Indeed, I would me lord."
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[FONT="Comic Sans MS"][COLOR="Navy"]Akemi drew Moriko and fell back beside Haru.
"Stay close, don't lose sight of me."
He nodded once and drew his own sword as well. There was a reason that they were in the same squad, they were both pryos. She closed her eyes and focused her spirit energy.
"Call out, Moriko!"
Her zanpaktuo grew in length and soon rested on her shoulder as she looked at their enemy.
"You know, I kinda think that we should have thought this through alittle? I mean we should probably wait till some back up gets here."
Zan looked back at her and shook his head.
"We came here for a reason!"
"Yeah I get that damnit! I just have this feeling we're gonna get our asses handed to us!"
"Quit thinking about that and pay attention!"
"Oh fuck...this is not going to go well."
Haru looked at her as he released his own zanpaktuo.
"What makes you think that Captian?"
"Aizen sent him out here alone for a reason correct? What if this guy is no pushover? Anyone ever think of that?"
Haru looked at the young man infront of them.
"Maybe your imagineing it?"
"Haru; when have I ever been wrong about people?"
"Well hardly ever, I was an exception."
"And that's why your my lutentant. Zan is rushing into this...I have a bad feeling..."
"Relax captian. Let's see how this plays out."
"Oh, and let another shinigami die? Fuck that Haru!"
He blinked and smiled.
"Always looking out for other huh?"
"Haru, not now. I don't like this."
He looked at her and saw her zanpaktuo slowly seperateing into the whip form and knew she was serious.[/COLOR][/FONT]
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Illudin left from the 10ths squads quarters running down the street "shit i'm late", jumping onto a building he ran along towards the meeting place. As Illudin looked to the side he caught a glimpse of Ichigo moving towards the meeting place as well. "well if ichigo is only getting there now i can't be too late" Illudin thought as Ichigo passed him moving ahead at a fast rate.

Ariving behind Ichigo he walked up as Urahara was explaining to Ichigo that it'd be a short while before they open the gate to Huco Mundo because a few went to the human world to stop and attack by an arrancar. After hearing this Illudin stepped up and asked "how long ago was it" After findig out it was just a short while ago, Illudin followed them to the human world and figured that if he was lucky he might get to help in the fight but then figured if the arrancar was still alive by now he'd be better off surprising him and decided to mask his Presense.
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Itouma smiled as he noticed that Seireitei is taking actions. "It seems that they have sent a few over to stop me." Itouma said as he killed a human. "Prepare to die arrancar" Zan said behind him. "I want you all to kow, you will all die here." said Itouma as a taunt. he then faced Zan channeling his reiatsu over his hand.

Both disappeared in thin air and reappeared on the sky. "So this is a power of a real Zanpaktou." Itouma said as he blocked Zan's Zanpaktou with his hand charged with reiatsu."I know you have more to show me..." Itouma continued taunting Zan. During the fight, Itouma sensed that more Shinigamis are coming. "Time is running out, If reinforcements came then I would have a hard time." Itouma said to himself while parrying Zan's Zanpaktou. "I guess I have no choice." He drew out his Zanpaktou and stared attacking Zan. "Why don't you show you Bankai to me? Afterall that is only way you could beat me." Itouma told Zan.
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[COLOR="Purple"]Sanagi watched as the other three went through the portal to the human world while she stayed behind. She loves fighting the most but if it only concerns one arrancar then she thought that it would be enough for the others to manage. As they disappeared, only her, Urahara, and Hinamori-chan were left. Sanagi blew out another cloud of smoke as she sighed. [I]'Things are sure getting chaotic. I wish that there was someway we could do this mission without interference. But what can you do?'[/I] Sanagi thought to herself as Ichigo appeared.

Urahara explained the situation to him.
"Some had gone off to fight an arrancar that has been rampaging through the human world. They only left a short while ago. They should be back any time soon," said Urahara.
"I see. So that's why Sangai and her lieutenant are the only ones here. I thought that everyone else was just running late," said Ichigo as he starte at Sanagi.
"Tsk... tsk... tsk... that's not very nice. I mean, sure I'm always late but I could've gone to the fight too but if it's just only one arrancar against three Shinigami then I have no worries that they will return. But I do have a feeling that something isn't right," said Sanagi as she got up from where she was sitting and walked over to Urahara and Ichigo.

She noticed Illudin behind Ichigo and then disappear off into the portal to the human world. [I]'I see that he's going to help. Hope he makes it in time to actually get a chance to fight. If he's here then I'm probably guessing that Toshiro-san is coming as well,'[/I] Sangai thought as she made a slight grin.[/COLOR]
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Haru tightened his grip on his sword when he head a loud crack from behind him. They spun around and saw Illudin emerge from the portal. Haru relaxed his grip on his sword. Illudin stepped forward not even noticing them staring up at the airborne fight between Zan and the arrancar.

"Aiaaia Gallagher." Illudin said holding out his sword. It split into two and he disappeared into the air after the other two. Haru stepped forward and Akemi grabbed his shoulder.

"We need to help them, he might be powerful but he can't possibly take on four shinigami." Haru said pulling himself from her grasp.

"You will stay here," She ordered in a very stern voice. "they are doing well enough up there, there is no reason to go and put yourself in danger." Haru shook his head and took his position beside his captain. They watched the fight unroll, the arrancar seemed to hold off the two shinigami fairly well. He then disappeared, both shinigami returned to the ground confused. Akemi tensed up looking around. She suddenly froze and looked at Haru.

"Whats wron-" Haru was cut off as she shoved him back and a long blade came down where he was standing. The arrancar glared at Haru and turned to Akemi as she swung her blade around. He caught it with one hand and ran forward slamming his open palm into her chest knocking her back. He turned back to Haru and darted forward. Haru barely had enough time to bring his sword up to parry the attack. He let loose a barrage of attacks that Haru barely was able to parry. The arrancar raised his blade and made a great downward strike. Haru held up his sword locking blades.

"Do you think you can overpower me?" asked the arrancar taunting Haru with a devilish smirk.

"Actually I think i can." Haru said smirking back at him. A burst of flames shot up his blade and started to engulf his enemies. He started to falter so Haru took the opening and shoved him back. Illudin and Zan had arrived and Akemi had gotten back up. The arrancar was surrounded by all four of them. "Now, do you really think you can overpower the four of us?" Haru said mockingly.
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[COLOR="Magenta"]Azume was running through the 13 squad barics finding her way to the front of the Seireitei where she was to meet the others who were going to Hueco Mundo. She was the only one going in her squad due to the recent illness that had befallen Captain Ukitake. She ran for a long time until she saw Captain Sanagi and her lieutenant Hinamori, Captain Urahara, and Captain Ichigo. She ran up to them out of breathe and when she regained herself she had wondered where the others were.

"Umm, excuse me. Where are the others that were supposed to meet here," she asked as she faced all three of the captains.
"Oh, they are out on a small mission. There was an arrancar attack in the human world and they went to attack it. They should be back in a short while," said Captain Urahara as he gave her a reassuring smile.
"Yeah, but it was only one arrancar that had been attacking the humans. My wonder is, why one? Why not more so that if we had to go and stop them they would be able to attack us with a big number?" said Captain Sanagi as she blew out another cloud of smoke.
"It doesn't matter now. As long as they get the damn job done I don't really care," said Captain Ichigo as he went over to the wall and sat down leaning against it.
"It's really nothing to worry about, Azume. They should be back before you know it and we can all head off to Hueco Mundo as soon as they get back," said Hinamori-chan as she came up to Azume.
"Alright. Anyway, who went to defeat the arrancar?" asked Azume with curiousity on who had gone.
"Oh, lieutenant of squad 12, Zan, lieutenant of squad of 10, Illudin, Captain and lieutenant of squad 9. That's all," replied Hinamori-chan.
[I]That's an odd number. There should only be one that needed to go if it's only one arrancar. How strong is this arrancar?[/I] thought Azume as she looked up at the sky in the Soul Society.[/COLOR]
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Itouma used sonido appearing behind Haru slashing upward at his back which was narrowly blocked as Haru turned around. Illudin kicking Itouma in the side cleary stated "you know we can see your movements while u do that right" as Itouma flew towards a building from the impact of the kick, apearing behind him Illudin slashed down at Itouma.

The blow was barely blocked as Itouma grabbed the blade and stopped himself from flying into the building. "Freeze Aiaaia" Ice grew from the blade freezing his arm up past the elbow. "You know all u arrancar have the bad habbit of relying on ur skin to block attacks" Illudin said as he slashed upwards at Itouma with his second weapon.

Itouma barely blocking with his zanpakuto saw the other 3 shinigami ready to take him out in his now almost helpless form. "you know ur sword stuck to my arm means one less weapon for you shinigami" Itouma placed his leg on Illudins chest and pushed off with all his force planning on pulling the sword from his hand and was surprised to see Illudin willingly let go.

As they parted he saw the chain on the hilt of Illudin's zanpakuto lead to his other swords chain and as they got farther apart the chain grew in length. All of a sudden the chain stopped growing in length and the force he used in pushing Illudin away was used against him as Illudin grabbed onto his other sword with both hands and swung Itouma around himself into a building breaking through a wall.

As this happened Illudin threw his other sword at Itouma and said "consume" as it landed in the floor beneath his feet and quickly afterwards "shatter" as ice shot up from the floor of the building freezing around him and then shattered in a giant explosion of ice shards.

Pulling on the middle of the chain both Illudins swords came back to him as he caught them both, from the rubble of the building Itouma jumped out kicking at Illudin in the chest and was just blocked as he moved his swords in the way, but was still sent back a fair bit with the power of the kick. Itouma ran at him quickly slashing at his throat and narrowly missed as Illudin shunpo behind him saying "you must be quite good to survive such an attack, whats your rank arrancar?"
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[COLOR="Navy"][FONT="Comic Sans MS"]Akemi looked Haru over carefully and exhaled the breath she was holding. Haru was special to her, and he knew it. She had never known a family and he was as close as she had ever gotten and didn't feel like loseing him.
"Haru, don't get cocky. He's no push over, just like I said."
He nodded as the anacair looked at her and smiled wickedly.
"You have some power woman."
"And if I do?"
"Show it to me. Let me see your power."
She smiled and brought Moriko off her shoulder and held it straight.
"You guys take a break, I'll fight him for a while."
Haru blinked as she dissappered, he had seen her fight once and that was against him, and she had held back. They reappered a few yards away, the anacairs energy against her zanpaktou. She was a captian for a reason and had no problem showing it as her blade split into the deadly whip he'd seen from her practice forms. She spun and brought it down across the front and smiled as she felt it drag. As they stopped for another moment the others saw a patch of his shirt was missing.
"Interesting. Your unique, I like that."
"Yeah? I like that about me too."
She chanaled her energy into her sword and smiled as it split with out hesitation, the small blades flew through the air her will and energy controlling them with no problem. They flew around and then flew at her enemy and she gasped as the blades bounce off of each other and her shoulder ripped open.
"Haru, stay back!"
She called the pieces back and formed her blade agian.
"Moriko, I do not wish to call you out so soon to show the enemy your true power...what should I do?"
"Helpless again are you girl? You should learn to pick your battles better."
What do I do?"
"You should pull back for the time being, your hurt and even though it does not look it your bleeding way more then you think."
She looked down to see her right side covered in blood. Nodding she walked back to the others and tapped Zan's hand.
She sat beside Haru so he could try to wrap the wound on her shoulder.[/FONT][/COLOR]
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"You wanna see my 'real' power?" asked Zan with a smirk as he again approached the arrancar. "You might wish you hadn't." Zan held his blade toward the sky and began focusing his power. "You are about to witness what a shinigami can really do...BAN-KAI!!!" A large surge of black energy thrust forth from Zan's wrist, consuming his blade in a living shadow. After only a moment Zan cut down revealing the new blade within his grasp. The Arrancar laughed "That's it? that's all? Your mighty bankai is simply better looking if even that." Zan grinned evilly "You'd be wise not to insult ernster fiend, she really doesn't like it when people underestimate her." The Arrancar replied "Whatever." before charging at near unseen speeds. As he approached Zan spoke softly "Let's try taking this joker out, ok ernster fiend?" The arrancar grew closer and closer, gathering speed and force. Then the clash. A deafening crack rang through the streets, Zan had moves his blade mere inches to block the on coming slash. And block it did. The arrancar stood shocked as his blade locked with that of Zan. "That's a neat trick." said the arrancar. While locked with the arrancar Zan turned to captain Akemi. "I'm sorry captain, but you're not so unique after all. Ernster Fiend charm!"

Zan's blade segmented and quickly wrapped itself around the arrancar's zanpakuto, as the arrancar struggled to free his sword a black fire looking cloud emurged from the pommel of Zan's blade. "That looks almost like fire, why isn't it hot?" Zan laughed, "it's the energy of Ernster fiend, but you'll find it burns more like acid than anything." as the cloud swurled around Zan'd blade, it twisted aswell around the Arrancar's, once it touched him he let out a mild yell of pain, Zan and he could both see the black energy eating away at his arms. The Arrancar let go of his sword and used his flash step move to teleport nearly 40 feet away. While he examined his hands Zan flicked his wrist, unravelling his blade and throwing the arrancar's behind him. Ernster fiend regained it's usual long blade form and Zan pointed the tip toward the arrancar. who had vanished and reappeared next to his blade, retrieving it. "fire at will ernster fiend" Zan whispered. A sphere appeared near his handle and grew to the size of a basket ball. Then it erupted down the blade and toward the arrancar, who narrowly dodged. Zan moved his arm slightly and the blade fired off another cannon like beam. 3,4,5 Zan fired shot after shot at the arrancar only the 6th did it try to block. He held up his blade, unable to move in time. The beam cut into his sword like a thousand razor blades, each leaving just a little gash. His body itself sustained a fair few scratches as well.

"Think ernster fiend is still a push over? Because I assue you, she is a serious enemy...Charm!" Zan leapt toward the arrancar, with a mighty downward slash. The arrancar dodged but dodged backward, a faulty move. Zan's zanpakuto segmented while he was airborne and the actual tip fell a fair 10 feet and 3 blades past the arrancar. A piece came down directly on his shoulder cutting it slightly, but only slightly. The cut was maybe half an inch deep, but still an impressive feat against an arrancar's iron skin. "Return ernster fiend." Zan's blade recoiled with great speed, driving all three blades and the tip threw the arrancars already pained shoulder and tearing the small cut into a near lethal gash. Illudin walked next to Zan "how can you fight like that and use so much power without draining yourself personally at all?" Zan grinned "I can't." he fell to one knee. "I'm done for now, it's hard to spot right off but he got me a few times, quick light cuts that are taking their toll." He paused and pressed his shirt to his stomach, where it quickly stained red with blood." My bankai is new to me, how about you let him see yours foe a change, I'm sure you've been dying to put those hours of practice to work eh?" he laughed and coughed up some blood. "Go on, I'll be fine." Zan stood and patted Illudin on the back. "Your it, old friend."
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"Amazing so that is the Power of a Bankai... Sadly It still not enough..." Itouma said as he is holding his bleeding shoulder. "Now that its my turn, I'll assure you that You die on this spot." Illudin told Itouma as he is drawing out his zanpaktou. "Those bastards better make use of this time to attack..." Itouma said to himself. "Zan was it? Earlier you asked what my rank is... Since you did put a good fight I'll show it to you." Itouma as he pointed the weakened Zan.

Itouma removed his glove and showed his palm to both shinigamis. "What?!" Both were startled as they saw the number on Itouma's hand. "Now that you know, my number... I have something to tell you." He told them as he put back his glove. "I want you to kill Aizen." Itouma said to Zan and the other Shinigamis. All of them were shocked since they know that Aizen created the Arrancar and the Arrancar are loyal to him and obey his word. " I know that Hueco Mundo is going to attack Soul Society. The only way to stop this is through a back attack towards arrancar base, Hueco Mundo."

"Aren't you betraying your comrades? What makes you think that we're going to believe you?" Illudin questioned Itouma. "I just don't like Aizen. And the other shinigamis in Hueco mundo. Right about now Aizen already knows what i'm doing right now. So i can't go back anymore. The burden's all on me. All you have to do is kill Aizen and everything will be alright." Itouma sheathed his Zanpaktou and opened up a dark portal. "Think about it." Those were his last words be fore he jumped in the portal.
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[COLOR="Navy"][FONT="Comic Sans MS"]Akemi sighed and looked at the others.
"Right, I'm heading home."
She walked back and through the now open portal once through she looked around expecting to see the 4rth squad there ready for injured but remembered that there was no captian for that squad anymore. She sighed and began walking over thoughts running through her head about what to do, as she opened the doors she saw the place was a mess and everyone was argueing.
"This place is chaos...they need a captian bad...I have to talk to someone."
As she exited she ran into one of her squad.
"Scuro, how are you?"
She nodded.
"That's good to hear, how is the family."
"Interesting. I was looking for you Priest. I need to talk to you."
His eyes narrowed as he looked at her.
"Oh yes, I'm going to take advantage of you."
She slipped up beside him and grabed his arm and laughed as he dissappered and reappered beside her.
"Look come to my quarters in an hour I have to go talk to the old man."
[CENTER]One hour later...[/CENTER]
She opened the slide before he even knocked.
"Glad you came. I have news for you."
She threw her captian patch at him and smiled as he stared at it blinking.
"We all know you should have been the captian. I'm taking over the 4th squad, they need some one bad, take care of Haru for me."
He looked at the patch, then at her and then back again.
"Thank you."
He turned and walked out with out another word.
"Your welcome."
She blew out her lamp and soon fell asleep.[/FONT][/COLOR]
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Haru exited the portal last of everyone. He walked out of the portal and walked a couple of steps before he sat down against the wall closing his eyes. after fighting the arrancar all he wanted to do was rest, but he knew that after the recent revealing of circumstances that will be one of the last things he would be able to do. He let out a deep sigh and opened his eyes to see Captain Sanagi Hana standing inches from his face.

"What the hell are you doing?" Haru yelled jumping up.

"So, what happened? How was the fight?" she asked.

"Troublesome, more work than we expected, a hell of a lot more work than we expected, and now we have a hell of a lot of work ahead of us."

"How so?"

"We are going to hafta' go to Hueco Mundo to make a preemptive strike against the arrancar before they strike here in the soul society, it is the only way we can hope to stop an attack like this."

"Oh, sounds like we DO have a lot of work on our hands." She finished as Haru sighed and ran his fingers through his hair. Haru started walking with her going along beside him. "I mean It could be worse right?" she commented giving him a small smirk.
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[COLOR="Purple"]"If it does get any worse, then I'm guessing that a lot will be on our hands. This won't be an easy battle. It will have a lot of causalities," said Sangai as she looked at Haru.
"What do you mean by that?" asked Haru.
"I could see everything that you guys were doing while in the human world."
"How so?"
"It's one of the powers that my zanpakuto has. I'm allowed to see whatever is going on if it involves shinigami. I can only see them, not get involved. I can also stick a crest on a person that will never come off and I can see everything that they do through my zanpakuto. It uses a lot of my spiritual powers but I have enough to spare. I am a captain after all," Sanagi said as she smiled and blew out another cloud of smoke.
"That's some power that you got there," replied Haru.
"Eh, it's nothing really. Anyway, I wonder where Hinamori-chan went? She's probably off with Azume-chan hanging out. I did ditch her when I started walking away. She'll probably hang around Azume for the time being."

Sangai and Haru reached the 5th squad baracis.
"Well, I've go a lot of work to do. I have to clean up some files and papers that were left untouched by Aizen. Damn, that man was so unorganized," sighed Sangai as she started walking again and blew out another cloud of smoke leaving Haru behind her.
"Oh, do you want to come? I could probably use your help to help me clean up and organize the papers and files in the way I like things," she asked Haru as she turned around to face him blowing out another cloud of smoke.
"Sure, I would like to help Captain Sangai Hana," replied Haru as he walked with her to Sangai's office.[/COLOR]
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Itouma returned to Aizen's castle only to be anticipated by Judis. Itouma only walked passed Judis. In a split second, Itouma was pushed against the wall by Judis with his Zanpaktou stabbed at Itouma's arm. "What the hell are you doing?" Itouma asked calmly. "I'm gonna take you out before you cause us more problems. We all saw what you did at the human world. After knowing that you're planning to kill us all then in Aizen's terms you have done something foolish." Judis explained to Itouma.

Itouma just laughed at Judis. "Idiot!" He then forced the Zanpaktou out of his arm then jumped behind Judis."I have my reasons of doing that. It only depends on how strong are they. If they are that strong then we're all doom. However, if they are not that as strong as i said earlier then You guys won't have any problem beating them. Besides if they died then Seireitei's defense will get weaker." Itouma said

"So you're willing to take that chance?" Judis said as he pointed his Zanpaktou to Itouma. "Everything is risky. This is a matter of chance. and besides I'm not the only Vasto Lord arrancar here. There's also number 1 to 4.But if you wanna settle our differences now then..." Itouma slowly walked while drawing out his Zanpaktou. "Why not? The earlier we settle things the better." Judis said. Before both of them started to fight, the number 1 arrancar stopped them and told them that Aizen is looking for Judis. "You're lucky this time..." said judis while heading towards Aizen and Itouma parted ways with Judis.
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[FONT="Comic Sans MS"][COLOR="Navy"]Akemi streched as the dawn blazed through her screen and stood up doing her regular morning streches. She stood up and looked over her shoulder as Haru burst in.
"Is it tru-Sorry!"
He spun seeing she was still in her sleeping attire, she changed quickly, shaking her head, this wasn't the first time he had done that. Putting her hand on his shoulder he turned and looked at her, his cheeks slightly flushed.
"You should learn Haru."
"Is it true? Your getting reassighened?"
"I asked to be, Scuro will be in charge of you now."
"But your all we need."
"Perhaps, but the 4th squad needs a captian, and I am the only one qualified for it. I'm sorry Haru, but you'll be fine."
She reached forward and borught him to her in a tight hug and sighed.
"You can still see me whenever you want you got that?"
He nodded and she walked away from him wipeing her eyes as she walked to the 4th
squads headquarters.[/COLOR][/FONT]
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