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[SIZE="1"][COLOR="SlateGray"]The first one. Not the second one.
The DnD game released sometime in 2002 with the really robust Aurora toolset so you can create your own adventures, weapons, armor and all that.
The very same game that spans two gigantic expansion packs that will clock your play time in at over 100 hours.
The game that lets the world come together and play DnD from the safety of their homes.
The very game that will play on a toaster with it's low-end specs.
Yes. That game.

I've been playing this game, off and on, since 2002 when it came out and I had another resurgence and really felt like playing. So what did I do? Bugged Bill to pick it and all it's expansions up, for no more that $20, and to play with me. Lo' and behold! He did it!

I've played the second one and while its technically profound, I just can't find the same love and charm for it that the first one had. I think it's partially because I'm still DnDing off the 3.0 Rule set because my friends and I refuse to change and to cough of the dough for all the minute details they changed in the books.
(Yeah, that was me revealing my closet DnD nerdism)

Either way, I encourage you OBers to pick this game up and adventure with me and Bill. We can do some co-op campaign, jump online for some skirmishing, maybe some of you can tickle that RPG itch by RPing in some of the play made module.[/COLOR][/SIZE]
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I absolutely loved the original Neverwinter Nights and have got the Gold Edition of it which is the original game plus Shadows of Undrentide. My copy of it is damaged and my Platnium edition of it doesn't even want to install, let alone run.
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[font=arial][size=1]I picked up just the base game years ago for like $7 and never really grasped it. I've watched some people play D&D before, but me actually playing it is a different story. It's just a lot to take in at once and I never really mastered it.

I actually installed it on my new laptop on a whim, and it runs very nicely on max settings... which isn't all that impressive, haha. It'd be nice if I could fix it so I could run the game without the disc so I could play it at college without burning through my battery.

The odd thing is, I was thinking about seriously sitting/laying down and playing tonight. You have further inspired me.[/font][/size]
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I have been a fan of this game ever since it came out. I bought it just months before its first expansion pack, Shadows of Undrentide, came out. I love all of the campaigns...but the only one I managed to finish was SoU, which is kinda depressing.

I have to say, don't buy this game for the game itself. No, buy it for the modules that people have made for it! I can't begin to tell you what a professional, and such well done job, that people in their spare time have performed. My favorite modules are the [B][I]Lone Wolf[/I][/B] and [B][I]Adam Miller's module series[/I][/B], although [B][I]Rose of Eternity[/I][/B] is one of the greatest module series I have played.
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[SIZE="1"][COLOR="SlateGray"]Well, it looks like there is some interest in playing this wonderful game so I'd, obviously, say we should all get together sometime and nerd out on this game all day. If we get enough people we can get just about every role filled in the party.

Tank, healer, magic, ranged.

This could be fun. Send me a PM if you're ever interested in playing sometime. I'll play just about any time of the day, so don't be shy.[/COLOR][/SIZE]
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