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The Dresden Files


Favorite Dresden Files Character  

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  1. 1. Favorite Dresden Files Character

    • Harry Dresden: Hero, Wizard, Chivalrous
    • Bob The Skull: Voyeur, Immortal, Smarmy
    • Lt. Karrin Murphy: Brave, Avenging Angel, Principled
    • Thomas Raith: Inccubus, Hypersexualized, Egomaniac

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[COLOR="DarkOrchid"][FONT="Times New Roman"]Seeing as how the first season of the Dresden Files just ended on the Sci Fi channel and I managed to purchase the entire Dresden Files by Jim Butcher with the notable exception of 'The White Night' I believe it's time for some Jim Butcher masturbation. Figuratively speaking of course.

That is the kind in which we gush about our favorite characters as well as vote even. So as I was reading, I decided that the thing about the Dresden Files that makes them great is Harry Dresden's one liners and Bob the Spirit of Air and Intellect's equally snappy comebacks. I.e. when Harry calls Trixie Vixen, porn star a 'schlong jockey.' The witty dialogue is amusing in the extreme, and while I have yet to pick a favorite book, so far I'm enjoying number six, 'Blood Rites' the most.

Oh yes, you can also talk about the series here. Complain about the differences between the book and the show, or exclaim how great those differences were. I for one appreciated that Ancient Mai of the white council was actually younger, sexy, and Asian. That's always a big winner with me. Oh yes and that the fact that there was a huge nearly invincible shapechanging dragon was nice too.....

Either way my vote for favorite character remains Bob the Skull. Over 400 years old, a sex fiend, a voyeur. What more could you want?[/FONT][/COLOR]
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[SIZE=1]Because I suddenly suffered from an attack of intense retardation when purchasing the Dresden Files books, I managed to read Dead Beat first, followed by Fool Moon, then Storm Front, and then Grave Peril and Summer Knight in the correct order. I've also bought Blood Rites, Death Masks and Proven Guilty, but haven't as yet read them.

However, thus far I would have to agree with you in that my favourite character is Bob the Skull. He always manages to bring an element of dry wit into any situation he is put into. The obsession with cheap romance novels is quite a nice touch as well. Also, not only is he a 400-year-old sex fiend/voyeur, he is also able to possess Harry's cat whenever he needs to wander around. Brilliant stuff.

I haven't seen much of the series, but the one thing that immediately irritated me was the lack of the Blue Beetle - replaced, as it was, with an ex-military Jeep, a poor substitute for the good old VW Beetle. The young, hot, Asian Ancient Mai was a high point for me as well, though, and Morgan seemed to be less of a total arsehole in the series.

One of the best bits in the books, for my money, was when Harry brought a T-Rex skeleton to life and rampaged through Chicago on it's back - culminating in the T-Rex skeleton eating a ghoul. Sounds tasty.
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