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Request Gankutsuou Banner


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[COLOR="DarkOrange"]Yo. i would like a banner for the anime [B]Gankutsuou[/B]. The characters I need on it are[B] The Count of Monte Cristo [/B]and [B]Here[/B]. I'd like a pic of the count smiling devilishly and Here looking peaceful, perhaps with her harp. In fact, it might be cool to have here playing her harp in the background and the Count in the foreground.

Hopefully it can capture the rather trippy style of the Gankutsuou anime. I was thinking that it should be rather large, and use darker colors around the count and light around Here, though if that doesn't seem right, then just cold colors would be alright.

As for text, the letters shouldn't be too large, but fancy looking. I want it to read [B]'Bide Your Time and Hold Out Hope' [/B]in blue lettering not unlike Here's skin color.

Thank you for this in advance :catgirl:[/COLOR]
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