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A sidenote to this. This rpg is a remake of my old rpg that I did a few years back. Anywho, just thought I'd let you mods know just in case.

[COLOR="Blue"][FONT="Times New Roman"]
Life, what a simple and yet complex thing. The dos and don’ts of the world always seem to not apply to those who lay them down, yet it is those who have laid them down who seem to think they can flaunt them, but if someone else were to, those people would chastise them.

Is this because they consider themselves superior, or is there more too it? No one wants to be honest anymore, they hold meetings in secret and have spokespeople say that “It will be just a little longer,” but nothing is ever done to relieve the problems of the world. The politicians are too concerned about filling their pockets with money and staying in office.

A mother weeps, a child cries, and a wife looks on in disbelief. This scene has become the norm in most places in the world because of the hatred and greed that is generated.

The life of this planet is all of its own. Its is much like that of a dance that never ends, but where there is a dance there is a singer and a musician.

The singers are people who bring peace and harmony to this chaotic world, they also bring the light and fight for it. Yet, there are always the Instrumentalists. The Instrumentalists are Singers who have become evil either by force or by their own will. They have become tired of fighting for the light and deem it senseless and ignorant. Of course, some of their evil can be dispelled by the song that our chosen one sings.

Our battles have now escalated to the field of using mechas and will remain that way until something new happens.

Unfortunately, only the chosen one who guides the Prelude to Harmony is the only one who can save our brothers and sisters, only will its song free them and bring them back to us. So we wait, we wait for the one who was chosen. But unfortunately, there is the sad truth that a person who is close to the chosen one will become his/her enemy and pilot Prelude to Destruction.

Our hope dwindles and we fear that the chosen one will not appear soon enough, we just hope that the young boy, whose name means peace and harmony will come forth and accept his fate as our savior.

[B]Name:[/B] Zoltin (Zhi) Image is on this link [URL]http://img212.imageshack.us/img212/9876/zhicp6.jpg[/URL]
[B]Age:[/B] 17
[B]Personality:[/B] Zoltin has always been the odd one out, he always seems to either talk a lot with his friends or he is dead silent and is in deep thought. Most of the time he is upbeat and friendly towards other people, though he can be somewhat naieve with certain things.

[B]Bios:[/B] Zoltin was born in the city of singers and yet he always felt a tug of some sort of higher calling. In school he excelled and yet he always felt bored. In sports he was decent but he felt no need to participate except to get away from home. He always wanted to pilot one of the machines that were being used now. To be free in the sky, to do whatever you wanted. It looked like the life.

However when Zoltin turned 17 he was approached by one of the priestesses of the temple and foretold of his destiny.
In the land of music two will rise
One for harmony, one for discord.
The child cries for compassion.
The adult screams for acknowledgement.
Two friends bathed in blood.
To the ends of time they will fight.
Until a song is sung to bring forth peace.

Needless to say Zoltin was surprised if not bewildered. He didn’t understand until he came home and was informed of his birthright. He was to chose which great machine he was to pilot. That’s when his world was turned upside down and he was told of what the singers really were. That’s the day when he truly awakened.

[B]Machine of Choice:[/B] Prelude To Harmony

StrikeGundam has already requested the Prelude To Destruction.

Also, I forgot to mention this. Please post if you are a Singer or Instrumentalist. For your machine's name, if you are an Instrumentalist, give it the name of an instrument or something like "sword of brass" or something like that. For singers, give it the name of a song type or dance type.

Also I will be posting the Underground thread as well. So be sure to check it out and post any questions you have ^_^[/COLOR][/FONT]
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[font=Verdana][size=2][color=navy][u]Name[/u]: Aaron Mimir[/color][/size][/font]
[font=Verdana][size=2][color=#000080][u]Age[/u]: 17[/color][/size][/font]
[font=Verdana][size=2][color=#000080][u]Personality[/u]: Aaron can be stoic at times, but he is often quite protective of his friends, especially Zhi. He is always ready to give up something of his own if he can help someone else.[/color][/size][/font]
[color=#000080][u]Bio[/u]: Aaron has had a best friend since birth. He and Zhi were born on the same day, at the same time. There's an old prophecy that the two who are born of different mothers in the same instant will grow to become closer then brothers. And so it was with Aaron and his new friend. Growing up, they were seldom seen without each other. Such a close relationship between such young children may have been looked at as odd, but many knew of the rest of the prophecy, that the two born of the same instant will become the Preludes of Creation, one from the Light of Harmony, and one from the Darkness of Destruction. The people thought that it would be best to let the boys enjoy the time that they had together. All the while, Aaron could feel the something growing inside of him, something that he didn't want to be a part of him, but that was consuming more and more of himself. Aaron tried his best to subdue the darkness threatening his soul. It worked...for a while. [/color]
[color=navy]Now the time has come for the Choice, the choice that will decide who befalls the fate encribed within the prophecy. The only problem is, it isn't Aaron's choice to make...[/color]
[font=Verdana][size=2][color=#000080][u]Mech[/u]: [url="http://www.full-metal-panic.com/image.php?file=images/recon/mecha/codarl/codarl01.jpg"]Prelude To Destruction[/url][/color][/size][/font]
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[SIZE="1"]Name: Jing-Li Darlington

Age: 21

Organization: Singer

Personality: Although a very soft-spoken girl, and not prone to social many social encounters made on her behalf, Li kindheartedly welcomes the company of others. Despite the latter, however, she is often found in meditative thought, inwardly frustrated with herself and the peculiar dissatisfaction of her learned past. Other than so, Li is a powerfully strategic young woman; conversely, her shyness causes her to simply bite her tongue.

Mecha: [IMG]http://img256.imageshack.us/img256/4396/jingsmechaag4.jpg[/IMG]

Bio: She dreamt not. Hah, dreams—such things were for the blind-hearted, the distracted. Unprofessional, a being of sole logic could admit.


But, what was this? The soft beeping, faint to her ears? Here, with eyes that hardly opened, she was instantly blinded-- the light she previously underestimated was understood, and in turn revealed the world. [i]Ceiling light…[/i]

But what world was this…?

With a downy, dewy gaze to her eyes, she gingerly lifted her hand, one finger attached to the monitor that caused her stirring. [i]Hospital room…?[/i] And so led to the investigation of her whereabouts: the ravenous hair that rested on her shoulders, the white sheets that lovingly shielded the lower half of her body, the stainless floor—

Her reflection in the glass of a solitary, calm painting. [i]That’s me…[/i] She stared across the lonely room, face blank, heartbeat slow. [i]But…[/i] Frustration ensued at blank thoughts as she merely groped at mental pockets of air. A past was dead. And, to slowly realize this, her head tilted to one side—and the metallic door then opened.

Her breath stopped short as she jerked her head to the right, eyes wide from the sudden movement. “Dear Go…” The sound of a clattering clipboard brought her hands to her ears…

As her life thus began anew.[/SIZE]
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[FONT="Comic Sans MS"][COLOR="Plum"][CENTER][U][B]Name: [/B][/U]
Rei ([SIZE="1"][I]Ray[/I][/SIZE])


[U][B]Organization: [/B][/U]


[B]-Calm and collective- [/B]
Thinks before leaping into any situation and likes to analyze things.
Has an ingenious visual upon any given moment
(Meaning, she can make a plan out quickly and such.).
She is very creative, peaceful and very motherly

[B]-Deadly and independent-[/B]
Rei keeps to herself and enjoys her own company.
She likes to do her job efficient and silent.
So basically loves the clean quick kills.


[I]The long halls echoed with footsteps upon the white floor, the room was dark, shadowed and the only window covered by blinds that hid the sunlight. Her brother bursted out and grabbed both her arms. He held desperatly with his strong yet refined hands and shook her like a baby, desperately trying to seek the answers to his questions.

"I'm sorry...I-I-don't know why it's like this!", Rei began to yell as hard as her little body would allow her.

Her brother adruptly stopped shaking his poor little sister and began to laugh. All she could do was watch him slowly go insane and fade away from this world.[/I]

Pulled out of the dream and thus out of slumber, suddenly trembling and aware of how cold the room had become since Rei had fallen asleep. She bolted upright atop the bed, disturbing the rough sheets that laid beneath her lovely figurine. Eyes closed once again, chin quivering from the cold. Streams of water turned into drops of water that were as beautiful as crystals, just as beautiful as the person who owned them. Her hazel opals held images of pain and sorrow of her brother. She hadn't dreamt of that incident for four years, but her pain was buried within her heart for six years. Her memories started flowing through all moments with her brother. Her brother telling her his dreams of operating a great mecha and fighting for justice. Then the memories quickly shifted to the hospital, where he was diagnosed with leukemia. Rei shook memory lane away and stood from her bed.

"Brother...don't worry. I've taken your dream into my own. I'll fight for justice...just like we promised eachother long ago.", Rei said as she switched her a/c off.

Rei peekd outside her medium sized window to look at Point City. Her home, her life and her job to protect laid in this island of isolation. She knew of sense of duty, but didn't care much about the outside world. But still, Rei had another little promise to uphold.

[U][B]Machine of Choice:[/B][/U]

[B]-Model number- [/B]

[B]-Unit type-[/B]
Mass production all-purpose multi-mode mobile suit

[B]-Equipment and design features-[/B]
Sensors, range unknown; nanomachine repair system,
beam shield generator, beam pistol and beam saber
and beam beam beam....just wanted to say that.


Note: Yea...so I decided to go specific on the mech. Some things don't belong in that mech...but I mixed and matched my knowledge of mechs. If you want something changed, pm me. I'll post my bio up tomarrow, right now it's rather late. Oh and the mech is suppose to be less pink...but yea I had trouble with getting the right color![/COLOR][/FONT]
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[SIZE="1"][FONT="Arial"][B]Name:[/B] William "Will" Eeklyts

[B]Age:[/B] 24

[B]Organization:[/B] Singers
[B]Personality: [/B]

[I]"Smile! It's good for you!" [/I]
That's a term anyone acquainted with Will- or anything around him, for that matter- will hear more often than not. As one could probably infer from this, Will's a pretty 'easy going' guy. He prefers to smile and make a quirky comment rather than getting angry and shooting someone for insulting his shoes. Cheerful, laid-back, a tad lazy, and sarcastic - in his own special little way that's meant to make other's around him giggle with glee. Will's a jokester / teaser / prankster, and no matter which definition you choose, they all fit.. rather perfectly, actually. Will has a small obsession with making people laugh and smile. Some call it naivety, he, on the other hand, see's it with quite a few different probable reasonings. The most bitter - or as bitter as it gets with [u]him[/u], being: "[i]..it's your own personal way to say 'Fuck you, world!'[/i]" He can get along with anyone, even if he happens to be fighting them at the particular moment that he's complimenting them.

[B]Bios: [/B]

Another normal day, after another. Or as normal as you can get in a world like this. It was sad to think of this as peace as he stood there - leaning against the back wall of a conveniently unnoticed building, on that particular day. Crystalline eyes opened to see the white fluffy clouds lofting about lazily. [I]'Outright lying,'[/I] Will would come to think later on - for nothing about that day would be lazy. But naturally, he had no reason to suspect anything. He was rather content with his so-called [i]'peaceful' [/i]day.
So, why worry?

He had hardly started to close his eyes again - after all, watching those clouds only begged for laziness on one's own part - but was ever-so pleasantly interrupted by a message calmly [i]'beeping' [/i]him back into reality. Will smiled as a [i]'Go figure' [/i]thought traced his mind and flipped the small compact open.


His smile faded a tinge with that message. Pupils contracting a margin as he reread the news to himself thrice over. And afterwards, his arm fell limply back to his side, mind searching for the right words to say at that moment.


Yeah, that pretty much said it all.
Mouth tightening to show an air of annoyance, Will pushed himself from the wall, returning the compact to his pocket as he started off in the direction of the accident.

He had not even made it half way when it happened.
[size=0]..That face, so painfully tainted by fear... [/size]

Machine of Choice:[/B] Chorus
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