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[COLOR="Blue"][FONT="Tahoma"]Okay, this is the underground. I hope this will give you a little more insight into this rpg. Any questions you have about it, please feel free to post any questions.

[B]Singers:[/B] The supposed keepers of peace and harmony. They are the last surviving members of a lost civilization that was destroyed in a great cataclysm. However, the singers have remained distant from the rest of mankind. Keeping their island home a hidden secret via their ancient technology. But being isolated doesn?t mean that they haven?t gone into the realm of man and brought back news and new technology.

Though they were charged with being the guardians of peace. The singers have become far too distant from the world and have severely isolated themselves. With this in mind and heart. The younger generation of singers have deemed the ways to have grown veiled and uncaring for the rest of the world and therefore have become Instrumentalists so as to ?bring peace and harmony back to the world.?

[B]Instrumentalists:[/B] Originally a lower class of singers. The Instrumentalists taught the young singers about keeping order and harmony in the world and amongst themselves. But a few, very few indeed, were rebels and disagreed with the way the leaders of the singers ran things. This caused harsh punishments on all instrumentalists. A lot were taken into the mountains and left there to fend for themselves. As time progressed the younger instrumentalists created great mechanized weapons and began to wage battles against their singer kin.

The politicians tried to get the singers to allow them to be the vanguard of man. Let them help keep mankind under control.. This was because many of the singer guards had failed and allowed too much warmongering among man to start. The singers though explained that such warmongering was allowed because mankind needs to remain unaware of a higher power. A power that greatly supercedes them and could very well destroy them. If mankind knew of the singers, the island, and the power. They would first try to get that power through treaties, then the jealousy would start and then the violence.

After this the Instrumentalists cut all ties to the singers and declared a full fledged war on them claiming that the singer?s goals were to allow mankind to destroy itself. Mankind should be aware of the island and its inhabitants.

[B]Island of the Singers:[/B] The island is what every single person on earth believes to be the Bermuda Triangle. Yes, the island is in fact that large. With four major cities in it, with at least fifty other small towns. The first major city is the capital which is called Point City. It is named this so because it faces towards North America and its conveniently placed near the top point of the triangle. It is a very modern city but it still retains some of the ancient buildings. If one were to visit the old part of the city one would see the old temples that were used to worship the light and gods.

The second city is Ashur. It is located on the western seaboard of the island and is primarily fishing. Some might compare it to a New England fishing community of modern times. Also there are cruise ships that will cruise around the island at night, but that has been cancelled due to the recent uprising in Instrumentalist activity. The city is usually quiet and peaceful.

The final city of the singers is Scarlet City and is located amongst the mountains of the island. With that in mind is considered to look like some of the Pueblo Indian buildings except very modern of course. Also the Singers? major military installation is built deep into the mountains. Nearly impregnable, it is where a lot of the key political members live so as to avoid being kidnapped from Point City.

The Instrumentalists recently captured and are now occupying the city of Liron. The city is currently under martial law entailing a curfew, tapped phone lines, etc. Mostly though the people are allowed to live normal lives. Though there has been some resistance to the Instrumentalist occupation. However most people accept the fact that the prophecy will come true and they will be freed.

Now for a story about the grand machines that the singers and instrumentalists use. The machines vary on design but their premise is the same, all were derived from the Prelude machines. But these machines have very intelligent artificial intelligent units. They interact with the pilots and even forge strong bonds with the pilots.

However, they are flawed and sometimes the singer machines will become corrupted. They question what the elders do and this causes the pilot to do the same thing. The process is horrible. An A.I. Is taken into purging of corrupted files. When in fact this erases all emotions for a short time in the system. Though an Instrumentalist machine is one that has been saved from this purification process. Though taken from their original pilots the A.I.s are extremely overjoyed to be away from the horrors of having their feelings wiped from existence. Even though they might be destroyed they are glad to be free.

The Prelude to Harmony and Destruction though are old machines that have been around for at least a thousand years plus. No one knows where they come from or how they arrived on earth and came into the possession of the singers. But a legend has said that the first two pilots lost their souls into the machines. The soul trapped in the Prelude to Destruction has become like the systems in the Instrumentalists? machines. While the Harmony?s soul is still young and learning.
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[COLOR="SandyBrown"][FONT="Comic Sans MS"]Well in my character profile, I added the fact that she was residing in Point City (Which is the capital). I was wondering if it was ok...or should I wait for the rpg to start and see where everyone else is from? My question sounds confusing, but yea.

Also, is there any idea how the rpg will start off?[/FONT][/COLOR]
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[COLOR=blue]Well, basically every singer of age (generally 17) will be in Point city for a big festival that will start that day. The rpg will basically start off with everyone "getting ready" for the festival. I can't really give too much away. But I'll try to post an outline in my first post for when the rpg gets started.

BTW. Has anyone seen Lionheart?? If he's been on lately or is on later tonight can someone that has signed up please PM him and tell him that I'll be getting the rpg up in the next few days.

Anyways, I'm sorry for being so vague but I don't want to spoil all of it right away ^_^[/COLOR]
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