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Sign Up Pokemon: Age of War (Redone)


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Okay, some of you may remember this RPG as one The Boss made a few months ago that never actually got started. I had the idea to remake it, so I PMed The Boss about it. Although he's not doing RPGs at the moment (he's focusing on his individual stories), he said I could do the remake, so I am. I've made some changes, most notably in the format of the RPG. The original was set up as a competition, but I feel that the idea would work much better in the standard RPG format, so I've removed the competition.

Now, since this was originally The Boss's concept, here's his intro, with just a few minor changes (things like names):

[B][U][I]Pokémon: Age of War[/I][/U][/B]

[B][U][I]The Tale To Be Told….[/I][/U][/B]

[SIZE=1]“…. And so after God, in form of the Messiah Shen, finished his trials amongst men, he returned to a great mountain on the far reaches of the world. It was here that he ascended the mountain, and upon reaching the top of this mountain, he called forth his Five Holy Beasts to retrieve him from this world. And so on the back of the Holy White Beast, he flew back to the heavens, whilst the Holy Beasts of Fire and Ice and Lightning, and Life guarded him on his journey….”[/SIZE]

[SIZE=1]Final Acts, Verse 4: 15[/SIZE]
[SIZE=1][I][B]Book of the Messiah [/B][/I][/SIZE]

[SIZE=1]“… And so the prophet Elias spoke, ‘Upon yonder mountain, lie the emissaries of Lord God himself. Five beautiful beasts of indescribable glory. He who can conquer these great beasts will have the powers created by God Himself at their bidding…. [/SIZE]

[SIZE=1]….. ‘However,’ spoke Elias in omen, ‘… the cost of Our Lord’s power is vast and heavy. Beware the day that man seeks this power, for it shall be a black day, indeed.’…”[/SIZE]

[SIZE=1]The Gospels according to St. Elias, Verse 8: 19[/SIZE]
[SIZE=1][I][B]Book of the Messiah [/B][/I][/SIZE]

[SIZE=1]“Brothers! Sisters! Here me, well. For a holy ground of Our Lord has come under the hands of blasphemers! Heathens, I say, have soiled the Holy Mountain of God’s Mighty Beasts! We’ve allowed this, and we must repent immediately! We must repent! Our sacraments, my brothers and sisters, shall be the blood of blasphemers. God has spoken to me, brothers and sisters; he has demanded we take his land back from those who wish to corrupt it with their evil lies, and spread the Gospel of the Dark King. We must cleanse our Holy Land. We must cleanse it with the flames of our outrage… the flames of conquest and glory! We must take back Our Lord’s mountain… the Mountain of the Holy Beasts... Mt. Silver.”[/SIZE]

[SIZE=1]The Edict of Celadon Sanctuary[/SIZE]
[SIZE=1][I][B]Father Jonathan, Grand Bishop of the Vestian Church of Celadon [/B][/I][/SIZE]


[SIZE=1]“….. Whilst young Hari dreamed, he felt his body lift into the air by unearthly means. Opening his eyes, he found that he flew through the air at the gait of wind, finding beneath him a bed of warm red feathers, the back of the beautiful angel of Bhagat, known as Ho-Oh. Looking beneath him, he watched as the World traveled beneath him, whilst around him flew four other mighty angels….[/SIZE]

[SIZE=1]In the distance, the angels ascended down unto the top of a mighty mountain. To either side, one could see the beauties of the World of Bhagat. To the left, a beautiful river delta, to the left, an amazing forest full of life and foliage. However, this was all overshadowed, as Hari looked to the skies above to see the unfathomable beauty of Lord God Bhagat. Hari became weak in the great presence and fell to his knees in submission….[/SIZE]

[SIZE=1]And in an instant, with the site of the mighty Bhagat, all the worlds truth and knowledge burdened Hari at once, sending him into a deep sleep for many, many years. Whence he awoke, young Hari ascended the great mountain on his feet. Feeling thirsty, he journeyed to the beautiful river delta to drink. Suddenly he became shocked as he looked upon himself, for young Hari was young no more. He had aged many years in his sleep, now an adult, a long, silken beard grown from his face. He had become Bhagat’s holy prophet on Earth, his emissary, his messenger. He had become Govinda, the Preserver of the Truth.”[/SIZE]

[SIZE=1]Tafsir 77[/SIZE]
[SIZE=1][I][B]The Arhzang, Holy Book of the Temple of Govinda [/B][/I][/SIZE]

[SIZE=1]“Children of Bhagat… I fear a dark day has come upon us. These invaders from the East, they intend to destroy our way of life, to take away from us the land where our great Messiah took the Love and Wisdom of Lord Bhagat Himself. We must go on a great Holy War against these non-believers! We must withstand to show our love to Bhagat and his messenger! We cannot falter! We cannot allow our lands to be taken from us! For what wraith would Lord Bhagat rain should we fail to protect his holy mountain? I never wish to know…. Let us fight! Let us protect our land! Our Temple!”[/SIZE]

[SIZE=1]The Great Proclamation[/SIZE]
[SIZE=1][I][B]High Khan Rahji, Cleric of the Temple of Govinda of Blackthorn [/B][/I][/SIZE]


[SIZE=1]In a time long past in the world of Pokémon, a great war was waged between the lands Johto and Kanto. The two lands, locked in a struggle of religious grounds, have become mortal enemies. Much blood has been spilt and much more shall be. The greatest weapons of each nation are their native Pokémon, whom they each have grown to master the use of in war and battle. The Pokémon Regimens of each land are feared and respected world wide, and during the war, it was demonstarated just why this was. Charging on the Crusade, Kanto intended to both take back the holy mountain, Mt. Silver, and decimate the followers of the Temple of Govinda. Meanwhile, The High Clerics of the Govinda Temple had no interest in allowing the sharing of their currently owned holy land, and refuse to let it be invaded by any foreign land. They refused to allow religious temples of other than those of Govinda to be built and exiled all worshipers of different religions. [/SIZE]

[SIZE=1]In the time of this war, Pokéballs and other Pokémon-related technology are not yet invented. And so the old Pokémon trainers had to focus on a limited amount of Pokémon to make their companions and to train. This resulted in not only strong, long lasting, and personal relationships, but also extremely powerful Pokémon. Tested in battles against occasionally over one-thousand enemies, both human and Pokémon, these creatures became exceptionally strong in power. Many believe that during modern days, such Pokémon no longer exist. [/SIZE]

[SIZE=1]In the armies of most kingdoms, there was a small group of warriors known as the Pokémon Regimens. These specialized warriors would go into battle not only with weapons of their own, but their Pokémon by their side. The Pokémon that they trained personally. These warrior pairs were highly effective and highly feared in battle due to their prowess and skill.[/SIZE]

[SIZE=1]This is the story of the many brave soldiers who gave their lives in a cause that they believed in deeply. The Beast Warriors, the Pokémon Regimens. The tale of how these great warriors pioneered Pokémon training and battle in a time of terrible holy wars and blood shed.[/SIZE]

[SIZE=1][B]This is their tale.[/B][/SIZE]


Well, that's the story. Now, here's how this RPG is going to work. I'll let The Boss go first (again, I've made some changes):

[COLOR=darkred][B][U][I]The Rules….[/I][/U][/B][/COLOR]

[SIZE=1][COLOR=darkred]Now let’s explain what this all means.[/COLOR][/SIZE]

[SIZE=1][COLOR=darkred]A war is being raged long ago in the past between the countries of Johto and Kanto in the Pokémon universe. The style of this RPG should be matched with Crusades era Europe and Palestine, however the Palestinian can and will be much more similar to Europe. The conflict is the same as the first Crusades for Jerusalem, however now the place is a mountain holy to both religions of the areas. [/COLOR][/SIZE]

[SIZE=1][COLOR=darkred]Pokémon will be used, but to a much more realistic effect. A Charizard can burn a man alive. A Raichu can kill a man (or another Pokémon) with a lightning bolt. A Scyther will decapitate someone or thing. This is all taken seriously now. Humans can kill Pokémon just as Pokémon can kill humans. Pokémon are also allowed to be different sizes than standard canon. Such as an eight-foot tall Charizard or an Elephant-sized Donphan. Simply, the Pokémon are taken as real creatures of fantasy (if that makes any sense at all).[/COLOR][/SIZE]

[SIZE=1][COLOR=darkred]The rules of this RPG are as follows. You will play a warrior from the Pokémon Regimen, who has a Pokémon they have trained for many years to fight with. You’ll only have ONE Pokémon, and that Pokémon will have to be from the native country you reign from. No legendary or one of a kind Pokémon.[/COLOR][/SIZE]

[COLOR=darkred][SIZE=1]This Pokémon you choose, however, can basically be as powerful as you wish before the point of God-modding. Be creative, have fun, and enjoy it. Your Pokémon should have it’s own name, not just it’s species name. It can, and should, have some distinct appearance, such as battle armor, or defining features. Like I said, I’d like this to be realistic.[/SIZE][/COLOR]


Okay, so I didn't make too many changes to what was there, but I did leave some stuff out, because those parts I am changing. First, as I said at the start of this post, the competition aspect of The Boss's versoin has been removed. Also, I'm modifying the Pokemon restrictions. The original restricted those on Kanto's side to the R/B/Y Pokemon set, while Jhoto players could only use the Pokemon introduced in G/S/C. Although I'm keeping that basic restriction, I am making additional allowances. See the Underground thread, located [URL="http://www.otakuboards.com/showthread.php?p=791192#post791192"][COLOR=blue]here[/COLOR][/URL], for details.

Also, I'd like to add that I put the M rating there for a reason. This is a war story; it's not exactly going to be a happy tale. I know Pokemon usually isn't associated with violence, which is why I felt the need to point this out, but I fully intend for that M rating to be used, so be sure you can handle it.

Now, here's the sign-up form:


[B]Age:[/B] Adults only, please. Kids don't fight in wars.


[B]Region:[/B] Johto or Kanto

[B]Pokémon:[/B] The Pokemon your character has. It must fit the given rules.

[B]Pokémon Name: [/B]The name of your character's Pokemon must be different from the species name.

[B]Writing Sample:[/B] In this, I want to see a description of your character and Pokemon, and at least some hints towards personality. If you want a suggestion about what to write, write about preperations for the war (attack preperations for Kanto characters, defense preperations for Jhoto characters). I'll be using these to decide who gets in, so make them good.

This is my sign-up:

[COLOR=seagreen][B]Name: [/B]Kalria Selkes[/COLOR]

[COLOR=seagreen][B]Age: [/B]34[/COLOR]

[COLOR=seagreen][B]Gender:[/B] Female[/COLOR]

[COLOR=seagreen][B]Region: [/B]Kanto[/COLOR]

[COLOR=seagreen][B]Pokemon:[/B] Venusaur[/COLOR]

[COLOR=seagreen][B]Pokemon Name:[/B] Terlamas[/COLOR]

[COLOR=seagreen][B]Writing Sample: [/B]The Pidgeot swooped down to grab an unsuspecting Ratata. But it was the Ratata's lucky day, for the Pidgeot never got its meal. It was ensnared by a pair of vines that wrapped around it. The vines pulled in opposite directions, and Kalria, knowing what was going to happen, covered her face as blood splattered everywhere.[/COLOR]

[COLOR=#2e8b57]"Dammit, Terlamas," Kalria said, "how many times have I told you to watch out when you do that? I just had this outfit cleaned, too."[/COLOR]

[COLOR=#2e8b57]A grunt came from beneath Kalria. She rolled over and peered down at the face of the Venusaur she was riding on. "Yeah, I know, you can't pick how your prey moves. Just make sure I'm not under it when you actually make the kill, all right?"[/COLOR]

[COLOR=#2e8b57]Terlamas grunted again. "Yeah, whatever," Kalria said, opening a ration pack and taking a bite. "At least you can eat well. Man, I hate this army crap. And us Pokemon Regimens get the [I]better[/I] food. I get sick just thinking about what the common grunts get. Anyways, I'm going to wash off in that stream over there."[/COLOR]

[COLOR=#2e8b57]Kalria walked over to the stream, studying her reflection in the water before walking in. She was always surprised by how little being splattered with blood seemed to detract from her attractiveness. Maybe it was because she just appeared rough, despite her good looks. Any fool could see what good shape she was in just by looking at her. The scars on her arms and legs also added to the image. The one on her chest would have added even more, but it was usually covered by her clothing.[/COLOR]

[COLOR=#2e8b57]Terlamas walked over as Kalria let the water wash over her. The Venusaur stuck her head in the water for a drink. Terlamas was rather large for a Venusaur, and like Kalria, she had a few scars, remnants of past battles. Kalria knew there'd probably be a few more scars added in the coming war.[/COLOR]

[COLOR=#2e8b57]"It's going to be nasty, this one," Kalria said. "They've surely got a huge force at Mt. Silver by now, and we'll have to engage them with our equally large force. This is going to be a messy one. I'm just glad we won't get scouting duty."[/COLOR]


[COLOR=#2e8b57]Kalria could understand exactly what Terlamas was saying, but the two had been together long enough that she could usually figure it out. "Yeah, I know we're on patrol now. That's because we won't be scouting once the army starts moving. They always use the faster-moving Pokemon for that, so they're giving us our turn now. Once the army begins to move tomorrow, we won't be getting patrol assignments. Others will have that role; we'll be with the main force. Not that that's a good thing. Lord, this is going to be a nasty one."[/COLOR]

[COLOR=#2e8b57]"Saur, Venusaur"[/COLOR]

[COLOR=#2e8b57]"Yeah, I know we're up to it. But on the battlefield, skill can only take you so far. The rest is up to luck." She exited the stream. "Well, I'm wet now, but at least I'm clean. Come on, let's get back to our patrol."[/COLOR]

Well, there you have it. If you have any questions, the Underground therad is located (insert link here).
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