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Anime Sisters of Wellber


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[COLOR="DarkOrange"][B]Title[/B]: Sisters of Wellber
[B]Genre[/B]: Fantasy Action
[B]For Fans of[/B]: El Cazador de la Bruja, Noir, Madlax
[B]Episodes[/B]: 13
[B]Availability[/B]: Subs only


Unlike many of the aime threads I do, this is actually a show I'm only just starting, and it ended a couple months ago. So why am I not waiting till I'm done? Because for some reason, pretty much NO ONE has seen this - at least that's how it seems to be over here on the US side.

Ssiters of Wellber starts off with two things going on - the first being that a female theif has been looting the capital city for the past few days and eluding capture rather nicely. Meanwhile, in the palace, the princess is receiving a visit from a prince from another kingdom who she is to mary soon. Well, said theif, having seen a monster treasure in the palace the night before, goes to loot the place and stumbles upon the princess and prince standing nude together... and the princess is covered in blood! The prince's body falls to the ground to reveal a dagger in the princess' hands! Guardss storm te room and the theif, not wanting to be suspected of causing this, makes a quick escape with the princess.

The next day, after spending the night at the theif's house, the princess is attacked by soldiers. One of her loyal men tells her that the king has been forced to but a 1,000,000 cur bounty on her head because if she is not executed, the country where the prince comes from will encite war and wipe out the nation. Her guard tells her to escape to a southern nation, and the theif, having a need to go there herself, gets the princess to hire her as a bodyguard. After a narrow escape thanks to the help of... a tank?!... the team's adventure begins.

After 3 episodes of this show, it mostly reminds me of [B]Bee Train'[/B]s girls-with-guns trilogy, hence all the shows lsted above. though since this show is half of any of their length, I'm sure it takes a different direction than they do. The feel is very [B]Final-Fantasy[/B] to me. It's not anywhere near as steam-punk as an FF game, but it's the kind of atmosphere.

the highlights of the show are the great animation (thank you [B]Production I.G.[/B]) but more entirely the [i]excellent[/i] music. This is definitely an OST I want to look into.

[B]Note[/B]: It has come to my attention that only 8 eps of this have been subbed. However, the last 2 were recent and rather close together, so I'm confident it will be done before [i]too[/i] long.[/COLOR]
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