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Odin M Yggdrasi

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This is an idea I have had on the drawing board for some months, and thought I would put it out there to see if anyone has suggestions for refinements, enough interest and I will create an actual recruiting thread for it. This is my first RP on this forum, I have RP'd previously on other forums, typically using only two threads for each one- the RP, and the OOC which included the recruiting and the actual OOC discussion.

Anyway, here is what I have so far. While it is currently set up for the forum it was originally meant operate on, it should run here as well. Note that this is very unique in that each player not only gets their own character, but they also get their own universe- which is where the name comes from and will be explained in detail in the actual recruiting and initial posts.

[B]~Inner Universe~[/B]

[b]Foreword:[/b] This is a significant departure from all the RPs I have been in, in that each player will get to create their own universe, connected by the real world as a common universe or “Outer Universe” I will define additional rules for that, while most of the RP will take place in the main universe I define.

[b]Storyline: [/b](Earth, Year 2010. Mid Pacific Ocean) The Village of Mt. Angelica appears to a casual tourist as an ordinary resort island town, somewhere in the pacific. All the things one would expect of a reasonable sized town can be found on short notice, while the more adventurous can attempt to climb Mt. Angelica, the dormant volcano that composes the island. Students go to school, Lovers sit at the beach or in the park, merchants sell their wares, and working folk hurry about trying to make a living. It is a popular tourism spot, attracting wealthy and celebrities from around the world.

However, there has been a disturbing series of events recently. People have begun to disappear for hours at a time, then suddenly reappear and tell tales of adventures that could only have happened inside a fantasy universe. To date nobody knows why, but it seems that there is something about Mt. Angelica, something that no adult could ever explain. Only those with a vivid imagination could have ever believed something like this to be even possible, and that nobody could explain without seeing it themselves. Something that many would say was just a dream, a blending of reality and fantasy. Yet in at least once instance people have reappeared bearing wounds that are impossible in reality.

[b]Rules: [/b]
1. NO GODMODDING. I don’t know how many times I’ve called that. Your characters will get hurt in a fight; it is inevitable. But too powerful too soon is another common godmod that I have called in the past.
2. NO controlling another character without permission. This includes combat, you cannot hurt another character without permission to cause damage. Disarming is acceptable within limits, you can knock a weapon out of another’s hand, but you cannot then cause that weapon to be out of their reach, such that they would not be able to pick it back up within three lines and resume combat.

3. NO drastically changing the plot or the main universe. While I will be allowing a lot in this RP because of all the inner universes, the main universe and it’s works still has to obey real world limits.

4. Please use 3rd person past tense format for all of your posts. I find any other style difficult to read, and although I will allow limited amounts of first person present or past tense, 3rd person past tense is the proper format for a RP.

5. These characters are designed to be high school students, tourist or not. I will permit a limited number of adults such as teachers or people from town, but you must PM me in advance if you want such a position or it will be rejected.
6. Limit of 2 characters, exceptions will be made if you contact me and prove that you can manage more than that.

7. Please mark your location with every post, be as accurate as possible but also try to maintain this style: Universe (Normally Real World), Location, Affected Character

[b]Bios:[/b] Note that there are actually two bios for each character, one is their real-world persona the other is their inner universe persona. Also please note that while everyone in the real world is human, inside the inner universes anything goes as far as races and abilities within sensible limits of high fantasy or even sci-fi.

[b]Real World Name:[/b]
[b]Real World Gender: [/b]
[b]Real World Age:[/b] (be reasonable. We are human here, and most of us are in high school)
[b]Real World Appearance:[/b] (Bleach Anime style school uniforms when in class, use this space for what they wear when not in class and also for details like hair style/color and body type. Try to give details like height etc.)
[b]Real World Year and Class: [/b](Just to simplify matters use the American standard for class year, then the class number since the definitions for each level are different)
[b]Personality:[/b] (Should be consistent with the nature of the inner universe such as a dark and cruel person having a similar inner universe, or a really nerdy character having a scifi mecha type inner universe.)
[b]Real World GPA: [/b](What are your grades like)
[b]Real World Character History:[/b] (If you want to give it, your character’s past.)
[b]Inner Universe: [/b](Describe their inner universe. How the world of that is like. It should be a manifestation of their personality, and how they see the world or how they want to see the world. Also give the history of your inner universe, but remember that while at the start of this RP nobody will have gone to an inner universe yet the inner universes can know about the outer universe (outer universe aka real world) The means to enter an inner universe will be described in the RP itself, my current game plan involves the first few entries being done through actual dreams while later a more convenient method will be used as the inner universes become more important.)
[b]Inner Universe Appearance: [/b](be creative here, this is how your character sees themselves and how they appear when in an inner universe, lots of details, and no real limits on styles or articles within a PG rating.)
[b]Inner Universe Races: [/b] (Races used in an inner universe, there has to be at least one human or human-like race to serve as a default for others. Note that while a person can be a different race in their home universe, all other universes they are human by default unless you describe how you see yourself to the person who’s inner universe you are in, which is easiest by just going to each other’s inner universes.)
[b]Inner Universe Age:[/b] how old are you in your inner universe, must be consistant with personality and the rules of the inner universe.


Any suggestions for improvements, I do know this is a bit unusual because of the inner universes giving people a lot more flexibility with regards to how the storyline can play out. Also if there is sufficient interest in this idea I will attempt a recruiting and see how it plays out, this is a new idea that has yet to be tested so even I don't know what will happen.
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