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RPG Spiderman The New Beginning (sign & play)


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This is a spiderman rpg as you can tell. But it set 25 year's after Peter Park being spiderman.There are new bad guy's old that just won't give up. Peter Park has stopped begin spiderman after the death Ben Rily (Scarlet Spider). So now one had been protecting New York intill now.So just post your stats and join.

NAME:John Parker
APPEARANCE:Height 5'10, Weight 165 ibs,Eyes Hazel
RELATIVES:Cousin to Peter Park
ENEMIES: Any bad guy.not yet meet any major enemy's
POWERS:super strength, agility and speed as well as a spider-sense to warn him of danger and the ability to stick to surfaces...He also has use of impact webbing he created that engulfs it's victims when there is impact . It is designed to generate multiple tendrils of webbing on impact. and "stingers" that he shoots from his wrists.
OCCUPATION:student at collage,freelance photograher,and being the Scarlet Spider
Bio:At a young age he had got shot in a alley and he lose alot of blood and would die if he haven't got a blood transfusion.Peter was the only one who could save him at that point of time.So he gave most of his blood to him not knowing if it would have any affect's on him.Later in year's he became very smart in science,and loved to learn thing about the great hero Spiderman and Scarlet spider,who he later found out that spiderman was his cousin. He haven't yet relies how to use his power's to the fullest yet.He is now 17 and he have now master his power's and has deicided to take his cousin's places and be come spiderman ( But instead he becomes Scarlet Spider)
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Name: Craig *forgets last name*
Appearence: 6'2", 180lbs, hazel eyes, brown hair
Relatives: Son of Electro (I can't remember Electro's real name)
Enemies: Anyone who is his enemy!
Powers: Can shoot electric beams, create electric shields both offensive and defensive. Can manipulate all things with an electric current (eg computers) and so can break passwords and spread virus's instantly. He can also fly at super speed, and cannor be harmed by anything elecrical.
Occupation: Proffesional skateboarder, he surprised everyone at a recent skating expo by doing a 1080' benihana, thrashing Tony Hawk's previous record of a 900' ollie.
Bio: Electro's son, he had Electro's powers at birth, although not to sush a controlled extent. He could start vicious lightning storms by simply sneezing, and it took a long while for his father to teach him to control his power. His power is now great, and although it still doesn't quite match the extent of his father, he is still a force to be reckoned with.
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Guest QuickSilver
name:terror/ steve williams.
appearance:a black venom, 6ft3
enemies: anyone who gets in way
powers: super strength,
occupation:high school studant
bio: venoms is is farther due to the fact that the synbiote reproduced to form terror.the synbiote then took a host which was a high school studant.
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A few mistakes there goku.

1) Symbiote's do not duplicate, they reproduce, thus giving you different powers.

2) The suit will not leave the body by choice. It is blasted off by sonic waves, or burned off by fire. There is nothing you can do to stop that.
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Guest Tekken_Kai
Name: Aina
Age: 21
Appearence: 6'1", 176lbs, Blue eyes, Goldish/Yellow hair
powers: Black Cat's
Relatives: Felicia's Daughter.
Enemies: Any bad Guy/Girl.
Occupation: Actress
Bio: She is Felicia an Peter Parker's daughter. Her father died before she was born. She is living on her own and finally found out about her relatives. She ha been carrying on the Legacy and Legend of the Black Cat.
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[COLOR=seagreen]Name: Raika Sevenstar

Age: 17

Powers: I never read Spiderman, so I'll make something up....She has the power to control the minds of men/women. Telepathy, Telekinesis.

Decription: Tightfitting black tank top and leather pants. Bare feet and hands.

Relatives: None

Bio: She lives in alone and does not like to mix with good and bad sides. Her tempermant is calm, cool, and collected, but she will fight viciously to protect herself. Although she tries to remain neutural, she has the potential to become evil. For example: if you [i]try[/i] to cause her harm, she will most likely cause you're whole body to implode using her telekenisis

Enemies: Herself. [i]Translation: She is not afraid of anyone, and can always persuade them not to kill her. If the person is especially weak minded, she can completely bend them to her will.[/i]

Occupation: Waitress.

Side note: Graduated from Correspondence school, has a college level education.[/COLOR]
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[COLOR=royalblue]Well, the topic says play, and I'm bored. So why not? *shrug* *rethinks* But then Serren might get mad...........and we don't want a mad person. So........I'll just, make spit wads to fling at annoying people.[/COLOR]
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Raiha you could of started it if you wanted i won't of got mad. So i guess i'll go head and begin.

Ben is now just getting out of school.As he is walking about to goto work his friend Brian came to him.

Brian: Dude did you hear man there's some guy thats dressed in the spiderman suit man.

Ben: Yea i not only heard about i took pictures on it.

Brian: Man really dude thats cool so what he look like man.What's his name.

Ben:Well i'am not to sure but word on the street is it's Scarlet Spider.Well look i would like to stay here and talk to you about it but i have to goto work. Cause if i'am late again Jonah is going to kill me. Later man.

Brian: Ok dude peace.

Ben then walls to work then on his way there he stops at a window where everybody were looking at the news.The news guy was talking about the new Spidy and if he is a criminal or a hero. Then startes to show footage of him robbing a bank.

Ben: WHAT!! That not m.. I mean that can't by Scarlet He wouldn't rob a bank.

Some Guy: Oh yea how you know look at him it's right there in front of you. Your acking like your him why you care?

Ben: Cause the last spiderman was a great hero and i no from the past Scarlet wouldn't do nothing like this.

Guy: Well yoo would be surprised on what those walk crawler's would do.

Ben: Ok then why is he running into a car last time i checked all the spidermen swung across the city not driven.

Ben then walks off.10 mins later he get's to the Daily Bugle then soon as he gets there some guy comes to him and tells him that Jonah wanted to see him.He then walks into his office.

JJ: You know why you are here? It's cause of that pic of that wanted a be spiderman punk.

Ben: Sir his name is scarl...

JJ: I don't care if his name is superman you are not his to take pictures of some punk guy in tighs. You know why you are here? It's cause of your cousin Peter he told me that you where a good hard worker so i hired you.Now it seems your going down the same road as him taking these spider picuters. Let me just tell you this i don't want you to take no more pictures on spiderman you got me Parker

Ben: Yea i got you sir.

JJ: Now go out there an take some picutre on whats going on out there now leave my office.

Ben then goes to the top of the building.Then startes to look around to see if anyone is looking then goes in his book bag and takes out his scarlet spider suit. He then putes it on then begins to swing across the city.

Scarlet: He said he don't want pictures on spiderman then i won't give him pic on him i'll just give him pictures on Scarlet Spider.
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Craig stands at the top of a half pipe. A huge crowd watches him from below, reporters and photographers, and even MTV are watching him.

Commentator: Now we get to see if Craig's trick was not a fluke. If he can pull another 1080*, then he is truly the best skater around.

Craig raised his left hand in the air, waving to the crowd. He sets his Monster board (Red devil..... only cartoony, with a yellow background) on the rail, his cream coloured wheels hangind over the pipe. He outs on foot on the butt of his board, and another above the front truck.

Commentator: Here he goes viewers!

In a flash, Craig drops into the ramp. He crouches, and concentrates as he starts his climb up the other side of the ramp. He pushes up as he leaves the top of the ramp, going high into the air. He immediatly sarts spinning as he goes into the air. He takes his right foot off the back of the board, and hangs it under the board, as he holds the back of the board with his left hand (a Benihama). He spins 4 times, before releasing the trick, and preparing for the land.

Commentator: Will he do it viewers, or will he bail?

Craig straightens up, and crouches as he hits the ramp. He rolls nicely down, and turns at the top of the other side, before stopping himself on the bottom of the ramp.

Commentator: He's done it folks...... he did the 1080* benihama again!!!

Craig raised his left hand again much as he did before, and walked off the ramp. He went to his changing room, got changed, and went to his car.

Craig: That's another record broken...........

Craig started up his engine..... and started driving off. About 2 miles down the road, he stops the car, and gets out. He opens the trunk, and a green and yellow suit lies there.

Craig: This is my real arena..... this is where Electro belongs!

Craig quickly slips the suit on (same as electro's, except for the goofy mask). Electricity flickers around him, as he takes his board, and launches into the air with tremandous speed.

Craig: Look out New York..... Electro's back! Will he be good, or will he be bad...... only time will tell!
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Can I join?

Name: Hajime

Appearance: (See attachment)

Reletives: None. They're all dead.

Enemies: (no comment)

Powers: Incredible Psychic powers (Raiha, I PROMISE I'm not copying yours!! Hajimes are a little different)

Occupation: Sort of a student. He usually get kicked out of a lot of school because of what he sometimes does to ppl that pick on him. He usually just travels.

Bio: Hajime found out he had the ability to move things with his mind when he was only 5, but is still learning how to use it. It only happens when he's feeling high emotional stress, but he's scared to use it too much because of all the things that happen when he uses his powers. (sometimes he can go crazy, and the force of all the psychic brainwaves going through his head once almost killed him)


[COLOR=red]Hajime gets off the bus, and walks to the nearest shop[/COLOR]

Hajime: *Searches pocket* Damn! No money left...No matter...:naughty:

Shop owner: Hey kid you gonna but summit or not!?

Hajime: Uhhh....Yeah...[COLOR=blue]I know I shouldn't...It's would be stealing...Ok, all I'll do is BORROW some money! I'll give it back later, when I find myself some kind of job...[/COLOR]

Shop owner: Well com'on! Buy summit damnnit!!

Hajime: :demon: [COLOR=blue]Concentrate...clear your mind...[/COLOR]
[COLOR=royalblue]Suddenly, a large metal bar flies up to the owner of the shop, and hits him in the head, knocking him out![/COLOR]

Hajime: Yes!! It work-arrrrrgggggggghhhhhh!! Its ha-ppppenn ing a-a-again!!!!

[COLOR=blue]Millions of brainwaves rush through his head at an amazing speed, clearing all his brains thoughts for a few seconds, making him fall to the ground![/COLOR]

Hajime: :drunk:

(Note: Thats what I meant when I said he doesnt like to use it much. When he uses his powers, after the task is done, it sends some sort of magnet thingy which brings everyones brainwaves from around a mile to him, all in one go! :eek: )

Hajime: :eek: :eek: :eek: ................I...Made it...I made it without knocking myself out! Yes!!!!!!! I must be getting better at this!

[COLOR=red]Slowly stands up, then gets all his limbs working properly again, and grabs a few bucks out of the cash register[/COLOR]

Hajime: Yesssssssssss.........:D Money! Just what I need!

[COLOR=red]Runs out of the shop, and down the street[/COLOR]
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[COLOR=royalblue]Oh yeah, that's sexy DBZman...........that attatchment contains the finest gundam pilot ever to breath air......besides Trowa. :D
[COLOR=seagreen]Raika: *sigh* Slow night.........I really should get home......

[i]A tallish sort of girl with shaggy brown hair sighs softly to herself, and pulls her apron off. She tosses it into her locker and walks out into the stary night.......bidding farwell to her fellow waiters and waitresses.....[/i][/COLOR]
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[COLOR=red]Hajime goes into a hotel[/COLOR]

Hajime: Uhhh...How much is that room?

Guy: £5

Hajime: *Searches around in his pocket and pulls out £4.99!*

Guy: You're 1p short. :demon: No room for you! :devil:

Hajime: SAY [B]WHAT!!!???[/B] Com'on man! It's just 1p!!!!!!!

Guy: No way ho zay.

Hajime: Hmph...:demon:

[COLOR=red]Walks outside and sits down on the pavement[/COLOR]

Hajime: God my life sucks...

[COLOR=red]Walks off to a park, grabs some newspapers out of the bin, and brings them along to a bench[/COLOR]

Hajime: Looks like I'm sleeping here again!

[COLOR=red]Sits down on summit[/COLOR]

Guy: Hey, move it kid! :angry2:

Hajime: *Checks all the other benches* All taken -_- just my luck.

[COLOR=red]Walks off, searching for 1p on the floor -_-[/COLOR]
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[COLOR=royalblue]Raika: *stumble* Who the...? Ah, hello......Hajime.

Hajime: WTF? How did you know my name?

Raika: [i].....I am psychic....just like you....come with me...if you want to get some sleep.[/i]

Hajime: Er....How do I know you won't kill me?

Raika: You'll just have to trust me.

[i]Well, to make a long story hort, beggars can't be choosers. He followed her, and she led him to an appartment building, up three flights of concrete stairs, and into her rooms.[/i]

Hajime: *looks around* Nice...

Raika: *throws a blanket at him* Catch.

Hajime: Huh? *WHAP* Hey!

Raika: :smirk: Oops.[/COLOR]
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As scarlet is swing threw the city there is no trouble in site. He then swings with incurable speed towards the ground like he is going to hit it but then swings back up then does a flip and lands on side of a building.

Scarlet: My first night and there's one one in sight to fight or nothing come to be somthing gonig on. (his spider sinces then startes to go off.) Well speak of the devil it's about time.

He then jumps off the builfing swings down to where he saw that a lady was getting robbed.

Scarlet: Hey get away from her.

The guys then grabed the ladys wallet then took off.Scarlet then laned right there by the lady.

Scarlet: Don't worry i'll get it for you.

He then swings up into the air. The guys look behind them but see no one then runs into a alley where it was a dead end. Then guys went to every door to see if it was on lock but then where not.Then one guy thought he heard something so they both looked around and saw nothing.But then in the shadows a figure.A face shrouded in darkness, covered by a concentric web-like pattern.Then the guy pulles out then startes shoting where he saw the figure.But there was no sign of blood.

Guy#1: Man what are you shoting at there nothing there man.

Guy#2: Dude i know i saw something i just know it.

Then a web came down and stuck to the guys gun then pulled it away.

Guy#1: I told i saw something i'am going to get out of here man.

Then as the guy where about to leave from the way they came in a big spider web just blocked the entrance.The guys then stopped and started to look around.

Guy#1:Who's out there?

Then a tall well not so tall figure then walked out into the light. The guys stepped back then thought it was just a guy so one took off at scarlet then throw a fist. Scarlet then cought the arm then twisted the guys arm behind his back then karate choped the guy in the back of the neck knocking him out he then threw him into the big web then did a flip over the over guy and grabed him from the back then threw him also into the web. He then went to the guy who took the ladys wallet and got it back.

Scarlet: Now you guys don't go no where the cops well be here soon.

He then jumped on top of the wall and grabed a camera.

Scarlet:Man i hope i got some good pictures of me.

He then jumped over the web then jumped on top of a light poll then hung up side down then ended up right behind the lady.The lady then jumped back then saw that he had her wallet.

Scarlet: Here you go mama don't worry about those guys you can say there are all tied up.If you don't mind can you call the cops and tell them that your friendly neighborhood Scarlet Spider helped you out. (then thinks to him self) I don't know about that friendly neighborhood scarlet spider thing it don't have a flow with it.I'll come up with another one later.

He then takes off and goes onto a top of a building then just waites there for something to happend.
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Decription:Independant shirt, baorder shorts, pro fit NY hat.....blue eyes, flame tattoo going up his right forearm

Occupation:Pro Skater. He is Craig's greatest rival.

Powers:none yet.


Akira:*after the skating expo, in which Graig did the 2080 benihama again*Thats just not right.....
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[QUOTE][i]Originally posted by ss2Serren [/i]
[B]There are new bad guy's old that just won't give up. Peter Park has stopped begin spiderman after the death Ben Rily (Scarlet Spider). So now one had been protecting New York untill now.[/B][/QUOTE]

[SIZE=1]Before I sign up I need to correct you on the statement that without Spider-Man there wouldn't be anyone to protect New York. The X Men live about 10 miles from the statue of liberty as well as the Avengers, the fantastic four and several other extremely powerful heroes. Spider-Man is basically the only one whose main job is to fight crime though, so I can see what you are trying to say. Anyway...

Name: Matt Murdock "Daredevil"
Age: 51
Powers: Superhuman agility and strengh, ability to sense his surroundings without using his eyes.
Personality: Quiet, reserved and serious.
Backround: Daredevil has been fighting crime in Hells Kitchen for over 30 years now and he is tired of it. He wants to pass on his legacy to a youth, but he has yet to find anyone.
Occupation: Defense Attorney


*Night falls and the evil of the city becomes to show its force. Daredevil sits atop a building as a riot is going on in Central Park*

DD: This city is getting too big for a man who is pushing 50, I should be retired, sitting at home and enjoying my quiet. But it is up to me to help this town, even if it kills me.

*The Daredevil jumps from building to building slowly trying to reach the park. He loses his footing and falls 30 stories downward, about to hit the ground below when he grabs onto a streetlght, barely escaping his certain death*

DD: I can't do this anymore, one false step and I am dead. I need to find my successor, and quickly.

*Daredevil hops onto the side of the building and slowly climbs up it, still trying to get to the riot.*[/SIZE]
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Shyguy what i should of put was spiderman has been protecting city as good as he can. But then the old age started to kick in and now he is not a good as he uset to be and he needs some one to take his place. When i first wrote everything i was in a hurry to i won't really thinking.
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Hour's have gone by and yet nothing has happend yet.

Scarlet: Man i can't belive this i been out here for a at least 3 hours i belive it is time for me to go home and get some rest i beat."

He then jumps down to a alley and makes sure know one is looking then starts takes off his scarlet outfit then put ob his everyday clothes then walks home to get some rest.
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Hajime: :sleep:

[I]"Where a?" "What a brown noser!" "Mummyyy" "I'll kicks his ***, you just wat and see man..." "Com'on! You gotta beat him! Quick, pss X!ats up wer??!!" "Ahhhhhhh my heas gettn worse mnnn"Oh maI hthis part of the move its ay!" "Whats gon"who are youwhm I"whts yoname"whwatwabkwahaeme"[/I]

Hajime: *Ping* STAY OUTTA MY HEAD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!.......:eek: *Pant pant* Why...Why do I keep having these dreams! Why does everyones thoughts appear in my head! Why!? WHY!?!?!? *Gasp gasp* :eek: I wish they'd just go away...:(

Raika: :sleep: Huhhh? Hajime? Whassup?

Hajime: N-Nothing...

Raika: You've been having those dreams again haven't you?

Hajime: It's...It's you! You're the one thats doing it!! Leave me alone!!!!!

Raika: :confused: No...It's not me...


[COLOR=red]Runs outof the room and back onto the streets[/COLOR]

Raika: :confused: Oh well :sleep:


Hajime: Why does everyone try to get into my thoughts???!!! What's so special about me!?
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[COLOR=royalblue]Okay...this is Raika in her "suit." Which can also be roughly translated to: "leather form fitting outfit."
[COLOR=seagreen]Raika: That boy has potential....but he can't control himself...

Hajime: *walk walk walk walk* I didn't say thank you either... *walk walk walk walk walk* And I'm hungry.

Raika: [i]If you're hungry, I can make some scrambled eggs.[/i]

Hajime: Leave me alone.

Raika: :demon: Then I'll leave him to his own devices...and go back to work.

[i]For the first time, Raika got out of bed and pulled on her usual white shirt, black skirt, and shoes. She walked downstairs, and went back to Florentines Italian Cuisine....back to her job...and back to her life...[/i]

NPC: Hey Rai...what's up?

Raika: Work. :rolleyes: Toss me a random apron please...

NPC: *toss* Catch....

[i]She quickly wrapped the apron around her hips and tied it in a quick double knot. Then she grabbed her pencil and pad...and went to work.[/i][/COLOR]
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