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[SIZE="1"][CENTER][SIZE="4"][FONT="Microsoft Sans Serif"][B]The Universe[/B][/FONT][/SIZE]

[U]The Ark
Underground Levels of Sky Garden Eden[/U][/I][/CENTER]

[B]?I never dreamed that you would need a physical manifestation. When they told me of your existence, I could scarcely believe it? And surely I never believed that I would stand here before you.?[/B] A sound from outside distracted the speaker. He clenched his teeth, excitedly, barely able to hold him self still as he studied the containment unit in front of him. The androgynous being in front of him floated peacefully inside of it, but he knew it was watching. He knew it could hear him, even through the thick glass that separated them. A door opened from behind him, and light flooded past the young boy into the pitch black room, casting his shadow across the peculiar machinery of the containment cell.

[B]?Sir, Sir Justice! You?re needed by the Leaders. Please come immediately.?[/B] The boy sounded slightly nervous to be delivering the message, but it was his job, and he was bound to complete it. He left before the man could respond, leaving him once again in the dark. The man turned towards the door and stopped as he grabbed the door handle.

[B]?Justice! Justice?! O beautiful Irony how I wish you were with me now to hear this. Justice is mine.?[/B] He glanced over his shoulder one last time, staring at the seemingly lifeless being.

[B]?Stay yourself, my friend. These walls cannot contain Gods.?[/B] He opened the door slowly, the light creeping across his body until it engulfed him entirely and he became shapeless, a concept of a man.

[u]World Headquarters,
Sky Garden Eden[/I][/U][/CENTER]

[b]?He is dangerous. You know this.?[/B] Justice stood in front of a group of men. The Leaders, the rulers of the world. The one who had spoken was Emperor, and when he sat, another arose: King.

[B]?He can undo all that Universe does. He is born of the same manner as Universe, and as his foil is as powerful.?[/B] King looked at Justice intently. His silence spoke volumes: [I]capture him, or kill him.[/I] King sat, and Grand Duchess took Justice?s ear.

[B]?We charge you with this task because you have done great good for the world, for us. But you must understand??[/B] She took her seat once more and gazed at Justice. Again, the silence spoke for itself. [I]Fail, and there will be dire repercussions.[/I] The last speaker stood; Kaiser. He stood for what seemed like an eternity without speaking, only observing Justice. Justice kept his composure, despite the uneasiness creeping through his system. Kaiser, relaxed his intent stare and smiled. He extended his hand to Justice, who took it swiftly.

[B]?He is near you, in FreeSoil. I know you will put your best men on the job, yes? Glitch must be captured. Understood??[/B] His casual, cheery demeanor was, by far, the most spine chilling of all the Leaders. He would not hesitate to rip Justice limb from limb. Kaiser bowed his head slightly and sat.

[B]?You are dismissed.?[/B] Justice bowed to his superiors and strode swiftly from the room.

[u]Righteousness Inc.
New York[/U][/CENTER][/I]

Justice sat behind his desk, resting his chin on his folded hands. He looked down at the documents on the table, spread out in no particular order. He leaned back in his seat, then stared blankly at the ceiling. He spoke aloud, seemingly to himself.

[B]?My best men? Two are already here? But the last I?ll have to bring in from our Imperial Division? But they?ll work like proper puppets. My ultimate goal will be realized.?[/B] A figure emerged from the shadows of the room, Nye invisible before.

[B]?Should we watch them??[/B] A smile crept across Justice?s face. The man nodded in response, and disappeared back into the darkness. Justice rolled his eyes towards where his accomplice had vanished.

[B]?Be wary Shadow. If the Leaders or my men discover you, I can not protect you any longer.?[/B] Though he received no answer this time, he knew he had been heard. He leaned forward again, pushing over a stack of papers so that only three were left. He grabbed one and looked it over as he picked up the phone with his other hand and dialed a number. He never took his gaze off of the report file, even as he spoke to the person on the other end of the line.

[B]?Hello? Yes. Yes, send him out here at once. I can?t say much. Yes, it may be dangerous to have all three in one spot, but they were bound to cross paths eventually. Yes, they are aware, but so long as those three work for me they are in no danger, so please don?t worry. Monday? Sounds great. Goodbye.?[/B] He hung up the phone and placed the sheet back with the other two.

[B]?You are the Villain, the Hero, and The Balance. Together, you may be as strong as Universe and Glitch. You might even surpass Glitch?And that certainly does give you the potential to pose a threat to me and my plans? Well, I certainly am keeping my enemies close, eh?? [/B]

[u]Public High School,
New York[/CENTER][/I][/U]

[B]?Class, today I?d like you to welcome a transfer student into out ranks.?[/B] A young black haired gentleman stepped forward. His crimson eyes radiated from behind his glasses, but did not draw attention away from his earnest, serene smile.

[B]?My name is Tetsuya Kira. It?s a pleasure?to be joining your ranks.? [/B][/size]


This is a closed RPG between myself, The Protoss, and The Anonymous Usual, but I am hoping that others will follow along with the story and post suggestions on story plotline, characters, or whatever else you may think of in the underground thread.

In this Earth, your role in life, the person you will grow up to be, everything about your life is determined by the name given to you a birth. Your fate rests and hangs upon that and that alone. It determines how you will be treated, what jobs you will get, and you cannot alter that.

The world was not always like this, but very few know that; namely, the Leaders. People are governed, now literally, by their emotions. And this is exactly how the leaders want it. Being able to discern exactly how a person will react to a situations simply by hearing their name allows them to manipulate and bend people to their will. The Leaders have even devised a way to keep the dissenters happy.

Because even if the bulk of the world has forgotten the world as it once was, not all of them have. And those who remember will despise their lives, inhibited to behaving as somebody else has governed it. And a name cannot be changed, not it this world. At least, not until now.

The Leaders now have the perfect embodiment of power, they have the physical manifestation of the Universe. Universe can alter, destroy, create, and somehow, they?ve found a way to capture and use it. And what better way to use such power, than too consolidate your rule? For any unsatisfied with their life, and who know the true reason why, are offered a choice. For the right sum of money, they can have a different name; a different lifestyle, a different personality, different chances.

The Leaders are crafty, still. Any who come in for this transformation instantly forget the truth after it?s over. And yet, even with all these precautionary measures, they still have noteworthy enemies, enemies they cannot control, and even some that have not yet revealed themselves to be so.

This story will follow the adventures of three unusual teenagers who are unlike their peers. Their names do not govern them in any way, shape, or form. They are free to act as they please, and they know the truth about this?reality. Desperate to help the world in any way possible, they are led to Justice, and he recruits them as his task force. Espionage, rescue missions, retrieval, and even murder, these three follow Justice loyally. But they?ll soon discover the presences of Universe and Glitch, and when they do, will they see the truth behind their master, and the ultimate truth behind the world?

Why you?ve joined Justice [background]:[/B][/CENTER]

I'll post the underground thread sometime over the next two days. I hope there will suggestions. :][/SIZE]
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[SIZE="1"][B]Name: [/B]Kain Ourobo

[B]Age:[/B] 17

[B]Gender:[/B] Male

[B]Role:[/B] Balance

[B]Appearance:[/B] Kain is about 5? 11?, but considering he isn?t the tallest he still holds himself as he was 7 feet tall. He has a very sturdy build; he is more muscle then fat and flaunts it proudly sometimes. He has short dark brown hair and grey eyes that have that look of knowing something more then you should, he also has piercing gaze that shows off his potential. He has a standard uniform of a white button up shirt with black jean pants that have some obvious wear and tear on them. He wears a pair of black, sturdy boots that always seem to get messed up but never fall apart.

Under his uniform he wears a tank top that has a few symbols stitched into the material. The first symbol is on the front of his shirt, it is a snake eating its own tail, and this is the ever lasting symbol of Ouroboros. It symbolizes the eternity, never putting out, never taking in anything. It is the harmony between the two opposites of life and death, dark and light. The second symbol is the Red King, it is placed squarely on his back and to him it is a symbol of protection.

[B]Personality: [/B]Kain is rather uncaring and devoid of his moral compass. Contrary to his name, he does as he wants, he doesn?t do things that are seen as neutral by the eyes of the Universe. Some would call him an opportunist, mostly due to the fact that he will use whatever situation to his advantage and will quickly turn any given opportunity to his favor. He does do things for good, if he sees that it fits in his time frame and agenda. If it only seems like a waste of time and possible hindrance, he will do it, mostly because its fun to do things that most people would see has meaningless. He is very complex in the fact he contradicts himself and his beliefs.

He does things that don?t benefit him sometimes, and other times he will do things that will clearly cut someone out from their knees. It all just depends on the situation he is caught in. It is always best to just got with his flow and not bother to change whatever plan he has already arranged out for what he is doing.


[B][U]Melee:[/U][/B] Kain has a specific preference when it comes to his weapon of choice, and that choice would be his mace. Its large head and rather disturbing looking spikes are enough to make weak men quiver in their boots and soil themselves. But, the foolish kind of people will look at the weapon and see only a dumb human he only knows how to crush people with slow blows. This is completely wrong, his mace is surprisingly light and with his powerful build it can be swung as fast as a short sword and have a devastating effect on a person?s body.

[B][U]Gun:[/U][/B] Considering Kain has proven to be a power house, he likes to use powerful things, and his personal choice is the .44 Magnum. Its recoil alone is enough to dislocate someone?s shoulder if they aren?t strong enough, and the rounds are just as destructive on a person as is his mace.

[B][U]Scythe:[/U][/B] This weapon is common amongst the three forces, Balance, is no different. His scythe however is not ordinary in its looks or they design, the blade that starts from the staff is serrated about half way up the blade and is used for grisly decapitations. The rest of blade is smooth and featureless, meant for quick slashes that would be so clean it would take the wound a minute to start bleeding. The staff is plain except for the two hand grips on it, these do something entirely special. When you grab the handles and twist them the opposite way, the staff breaks apart into two parts.

The butt of the staff is well balanced with counter-weights in it and has a small, nearly invisible slit on the side of the bottom. This only comes in handy when the scythe is used when you twist it apart into to weapons. When they twist, it releases a switch that deploys the second blade. The second blade on the bottom is the opposite of the first blade. The serrated edge starts from the tip and works to middle of the blade, the rest is smooth and featureless.

[B]Gifts/Abilities:[/B] Kain?s abilities are pretty much what his role is, its balance. Which means he has perfect balance at all times. It is practically impossible to knock him from his feet from any attack. He can never be caught off guard, never snuck up on because he is balance with everything around him and knows when something is being disturbed for an attack. Kain maybe impossible to knock from his feet but he does take blows, but when he takes a blow he recovers almost instantly and counterattacks the second later.

He also has another gift, one that is common amongst the three forces. It is the ability of copying someone?s abilities, this only occurs when they are assaulted by a special attack, an ability that is unique to that person. When this happens the eyes take on an obvious glow and with that glow they take the move, break it down piece by piece and analyze ever bot of it, commuting it to memory then implore it. This all happens with in a split-second.
Why you?ve joined Justice [background]:[/B]

OOC: I'll get the background done as soon as I can, I have work pretty soon so i'll finish when I can. Other wise, hope you like what I put up so far.[/SIZE]
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[SIZE="1"][B]OOC:[/B] Good job, Protoss. Your in-depth sign ups always put my slightly vague ones to shame, though :P. All we need now is for TAU to post his and I can get this going, and I can also post the underground thread. :]
[B]Name: [/B]Tetsuya Kira
[B]Age: [/B]17
[B]Gender: [/B]Male
[B]Role: [/B]The Villain
[B]Appearance:[/B] [URL="http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v628/Reizou/Lmugshot.jpg"][Tetsuya][/URL]
He’s a very handsome individual, standing at 6’1’’ with a very lightly tanned, slim, muscular body. Even behind the rectangular lenses of his glasses, his crimson eyes shine brilliantly, and are enough to make any girl melt [unlike in the picture, his eyes are very soft, as is his face]. He’s always well kept, and always smells good; odd idiosyncrasies of his character, as it almost seems a little unnatural that someone should retain those qualities at all time.

His outfits, too, are extraordinarily well kept. He wears his [B][I][URL="http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v628/Reizou/vampire_knight_cover4.jpg"][school uniform][/URL][/I][/B] neatly pressed everyday, though at times during the day, he is known to take of his jacket- even in this case he folds it up and holds it over his arm. This near perfect appearance, though appealing to a great proportion of the student female population, can still be summed up in one word: peculiar. How can anyone be so perfect?

[B]Personality: [/B]If the populace didn’t know better, they might think he was a vampire. Kind, sweet, gentlemanly, peculiarly dashing, and even sharp-fanged, he has the demeanor of someone with a secret. His smile is genuine, and so are his words, but his crimson eyes emanate something evil in their beauty; something murderous, something with keen bloodlust. It never comes out in his everyday personality; to be truthful, he’s a very compassionate person, and truly cares for the well being of others.

Even in the dual life that he leads, he still maintains his calm and gentle disposition- but he will not hesitate in any way, shape, or form to torture and or kill a target. He is sympathetic to those of his targets that deserve sympathy, but he will strike them down with no less expediency than that with which he would fell an enemy who could crack through his beautiful exterior.

[B]Weapons: [/B]
[U]Melee:[/U] [URL="http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v628/Reizou/FFTA2Vaan.jpg"][I][Ancient Blade]-[/I][/URL]
Though quite odd in appearance in contrast to the rest of the cold, bleak world they live in, Tetsuya’s fantasy-esque blade maintains the air of mystery around his character. His blade is extraordinarily powerful, and though he himself is not as powerful as Kain or , he can deal devastating blows with the extreme speed of his blows.
[u]Gun:[/u] [URL="http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v628/Reizou/beretta92fs.jpg"][I][Dual Beretta 92FS Inox]-[/I][/URL]
These 15 round semi-automatic handguns compliment Tetsuya quite well. He can fire them off in rapid succession, dealing a line of fatal shots to multiple opponents. He can reload in the blink of an eye, giving an opponent no hope for a reprise from his onslaught of bullets.
[u]Scythe:[/u] [URL="http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v628/Reizou/deathnote21im.jpg"][I][Rugged Companion]-[/I][/URL]
Tetsuya’s scythe is the most terrifying in appearance, not unlikely attributed to his role as “the villain”. Completely jagged, there is no difference between the hilt and the blade, all of which appears to be forged from a form of bone-like material. Despite it’s material, the blade is extremely sharp, and can easily rend through metal. This is augmented by the natural ability for the cosmic scythes to rip through barriers of any type, and tamper with electronic devices of any shape or form.

[I]The Eyes:[/I]
An ability apparently unique to the cosmic manifestations, the wielder is born with them, and it is impossible for another to gain them. When the “wielder” is attacked, all they need do is defend the oncoming attack with their hands. As the blow connects, the “eyes” will activate, instantly replicating the move and enhancing the body to match whatever qualifications the body must meet to perform said move. One downside of this ability, however, is that the user will receive a little of the personality of whomever performed the attack on them.

Tetsuya’s primary skill and ability is his agility and speed. He gives off the impression of being as light as air, and can deal rapid, powerful blows by gaining inertia. His nimble movements allow him to dodge blows and even bullets gracefully, almost as if gravity has no effect on him; however, he’s more susceptible to physical damage than his other counterparts.

[B]Why you’ve joined Justice [background]:[/B]Tetsuya was born unto Musha Kira and Bella Santiago. The family lived in The Noble Earth for a great time in the manor belonging to Bella’s family. Though Musha and Bella were arranged to be married long ago, they fell in love easily, and happily had Tetsuya, and treated him with sincere love and affection all of his life. Growing up in Spain, he was taught the noble art of fencing from a very young age. His studies were advanced, and he readily sped through his school work. He spoke Spanish and Japanese fluently, and was even mastering English very early on.

At the age of 12, his parents not wanting to deny him a piece of his cultural heritage, Tetsuya was moved to Imperial Empire, to live in the Kira manor. His education and training was finished there, and he became a highly respected individual in the community, and eventually all of Japan. Tetsuya was a well-behaved, well-mannered young man, and he had a plethora of women which would gladly be his betrothed. His parents, though very mindful of their son’s feelings, arranged him to marry into another wealthy family; he was betrothed to Inase Ro-Yaru. He did not love her, but he was obedient and would marry.

The marriage never came though, however, as Tetsuya’s life soon fell apart. At the age of 15, his parents and his new born little sister, Estrella, were mercilessly butchered by Psychopath J-152 while Tetsuya was out at the symphony with Inase. When he returned home, he found his family mutilated in the weapons room, killed by their own antiquities. He instantly fell into a deep depression, speaking to none, not even Inase. The weeks speed by without purpose, until finally their killer was apprehended by a man named Justice. Justice told Tetsuya that Psychopath J-152 had been muttering something about murdering Tetsuya’s family, and other rich family’s for money, to change his fortune. Tetsuya thanks the man as genuinely as he could, his heart having fallen to into despair to truly thank Justice. He then asked Justice is there was any way for him to repay him. He was astounded by his answer.

Justice told him to work for him, capturing and even murdering others like his family’s killer. He told Tetsuya of the truth of the world as it was now, an even about his own unique gifts and abilities. Tetsuya joined him without a second though, joining Justice’s imperial division and abandoning the life he had had. Now, he has been given orders from Justice to depart from the Imperial Division to the Free-Soil Division, to continue his duties and search for a new mark, Glitch.[/SIZE]
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