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Sign Up In A Time of Danger

Darks Anthro

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(OoC: Ok lets try this again. Hopefully the sign ups are better this time.)

Once in Feudal Japan, two clans faught for supreme rule over Japan's mainland. Its been many years since the clan wars have started and two clans arose out of the chaos. One called the Dragon Mist clan and the other Amber Fire clan. Both had strong leaders. Both clans where at a stalemate for years. When the leader of the Amber Fire clan requested a meeting between the the clan leader, the leader of the Dragon Mist clan got parinoid. Unknown to the both of them a bigger threat was invading from the east. With thousands of inocent people slaughtered by the invaders, All seemed hopless.

Then, during the time both clans where about to fight. Their was a secret meeting between the two leaders to reach an agreement to end this sensless bloodshed while the invaders where killing houndreds every day.

They hope that together, they could settle their differences and join together in battle to defet these strangers.

Sign ups:

1: No god modding (you can't anyways)
2: This is in old Japan so their are ninjas just not like naruto.
3: Only have a few characters that you can keep track of. (Use different color writing to indicate character change)

Their are only 3 maor groups in this story.

Amber Fire clan.
Name, Age, Gender, Appearence, Bio, Weapons.
To become a memember of the Amber Fire Clan you must have some interest in fire. The symbol for the clan is a Red Dragons covered by Fallen Timbers that burn with Ambers.

Dragon Mist Clan.
Name, Age, Gender, Appearence, Bio, Weapons.
To become a memeber of the Dragon Mist Clan you must have some interest in water. The symbol for the clan is a Blue Dragon covered by Mist.

Mongolians (the invaders)
Name. Age, Gender, Appearence. Bio, Weapons.
To become a Mongolian, you must be ruthless, backstabbing kind of person. (Or just some one who plays evil people)

Amber Fire clan already have a Leader. The Mongolians do not have a leader so that spot is open. Good luck.

My character's bio.

Name: Dart Misuraka
Age: 24
Clan: Amber Fire
Clan staus: Leader
Weapon(s): Single katana given to him by his late father.
He was orphaned at the age of 5. The leader of the Amber Dragons adopted him at the age of 8.He taught him the way of the samurai and some ninja ways. When the Mist Dragons leader was killed and a new leader was put in power.Darts father imediatly started training warriors for future battles. Dart's adopted father was a wise and well respected but he was ill. At the age of 19, his adopted father died. In his will, Dart was to take over the clan in his fathers' place. One of the older memembers refused to accept the former clan leaders' wishes and anounced that he was the one to take control of the clan.

Dart, who admired his father, challanged the older member to a samurai's battle. Dart draws the sword specialy made for him by his father which is encrepted with the words "Dragon of Amber, Fire Is Your Allie."The battle was not an easy one to fight. The more experience in combat but was slow to react to the faster younger member. Dart was cut on the face, he retaliate by attacking at him in the one way he knew how. Jumping up on a ledge then slashing vertical strike towards the enemy. Killing the older member was the first person he killed. Gaining control of his late fathers clan, he wanted to improve the clan by having a new way to train in the ways of swords, new education for the young members, and to find a way to try to end the war between the clans with out more blood sheed.

When he turned 24, their was an assasination atempt on his life. Knowing that the assasination atempt was not from the Mist Dragons because of the clothing he wore. Then he came up with an idea, why not hold a meeting with the leader the rival clan to stop this sensless fighting. He was to hold this at the Waterfall of Hiku, legendary for its peacfull background, at dusk on the 16 day on the 5 month of this year.

(OoC: New and improved. Lets just hope people find it interesting again Sandy.)
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