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Writing Persevere and Avenge II: The Chronicles


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[COLOR="77656"]This isn't the story, actually it a bunch of poems based on my new story. there is only one character who's name is completely revealed. In teh Poem "The Fighting Forever" the word Salace pops up. That's one of characters in my enw story. So without further edue.

[B][U]The Yearning Young (Of Death and Lies)[/U][/B]

This world of turning is filled with the yearning young.
Slow it may be, but with the world tongue tied; it falls fast.
So don't stop running, for wisdom will fail only short of the truth.
Go! Just run and hide in the darkness you love, you're the victim I've used.

Is it love of you that I fear?
Or is it the scent of blood on your breath that makes me sneer?
No, it's the feeling of pain on my ear when you spilt the truth to god.
Why do you cry on his arm in the cold?
Why not take my body in warmth, tonight's the night we die!

Maggot, scum, bastard just die!
In sin I will lie, alone with you.
Maggot, scum, bastard just die!
In this truth I must cry, in your shower you will lay.

Your world is over with this unholy thrust, in this last conglomerate trust.
No use for a lover who is worse than my other.
Schizophrenic on the brink of god's doorstep, I see you stepping on hell young fucker.
So don't whine on his shoulder, or I'll cry "smite the bastard!"
You don't deserve an end with your secrets, so keep telling your lies.
But don't be surprised when you spill blood from your eyes.

So eat this blood pie filled with this poising you will die!
Little girl with no end to hold on with him on her side she will fail.
In his fiery gale, with fate twisting by his ride, I'll stop her from trying and keep her from crying..

Run with no other man in this tale, find your end.
Run with no other man in this tale, find your gun.
Then point it at your face, pull the trigger!
With pain in life, everyone dies!

Everyone dies!
Everyone dies!
Everyone dies in the end.
Everyone dies in her home and in her hell.
Everyone dies, so hold on to my hands little girl.
Wait, no, hold onto my gun....

[B][U]The Experiment[/U][/B]

Open her chest and eat the meat of her ribs.
Experiment with her bones and see if she'll live.
If she awakes, kill her.
But if she sleeps, stab her again.
Then when she's finished bring her to my lab.
I'll fix her up again, on my dark bloody slab.

I won't wait for her soul and blood when I've got a world to kill.
Christ, god, the devil I don't care, If they step in my path I'll make them pay.
But if she interferes with my plans, I'll control her again.
She won't go free now, not yet.

Polished in glitter and dead on the shitter, just look at the mess she made!
It's not my fault she's torn in half, now go, bury her body under the shade.
I'll rebuild her anyways...

Silent and shaking, you try to slip away in the dark.
But I can see your fear, now go home.
There's a present waiting for you.
You loved the girl and I told you that I wanted to marry her.
So you went and ran away, now see the death of her!
I don't care, I'll rebuild her anyways.

Why don't you just go away and leave me to my grave, I won't here in Connecticut.
So just fade away and leave to dies here alone I've fallen on her face.

Ah ha, ah Hahira!
Go die!
Ha ha ha!
Go die!

[U][B]Your End & my Corpse[/B][/U]

Why do you dream of the corpse in my hands?
Is it this addiction that draws you close to the world that I made?
So hear, what I have to say to you in the end.
Cause girl these words are salty and filled with smiles,
but only in the joy of your death.

So capture this flame and burn it on them,
but leave me out of the frame, for I don't want your shame in me.
So guided we fall down the stairs of hell to fall into the devil's warming embrace

No one hell as much as I,
So don?t' go spitting out prayers.
For every word that died and got lost between your mind and my face, you've lost grace.
Don't feel for the dead you'll lose pace, so stop running into silence and stop screaming for souls.
Madness is mine in the end, so don't go slicing the rinds of my eyes.
Bleed out now, out of your ears and forget your womb.
I'll tear out your conscience again.

I don't think of our end, I just made it.

[B][U]Dear Lover, I'm Dead[/U][/B]

This note I wrote for you explains my absence.
But words don't make up for my leave, tell the children that their daddy's gone.
Don't mourn over me, I was just a waste of you life.
Now hold your hands high, into my airwaves.
My soul is vomiting in the house as you cry.
Can I come then?

Hell must die in my hands tonight.
I won't allow this world to live in pain.
So I will die, but I'm already gone by now.
This letter is old and filled with stains of our blood.

[B][U]The Fighting Forever[/U][/B]

Draw out your fists as you would your gun.
Now screw that hand into my chest, and fulfill the dreams of those you have burned.
But be true to my heart and tear it out with glory.
Now taste my courage and be forever fighting.
The fighting forever, the ones of the floor die here.

Fear pierces my head.
In this blast of your kick, I'll bleed as you fight, and I'll die alone in agony.
In agony..

The fighting forever, die tonight!

Salace hold onto my arm, don't let go for god's sakes!
We can run away now into the gates of hell as we twist and turn.
But remember the star will make you bleed, this hero will you make you die.

Underground I flee into fear.
No one home to go to now,
so why not die here in glory?
I see that I'm falling down.
But I'm picked back up...

The curse holds true not like him or you..
The rites are inside my fists, I'm the only one who can tear you to shreds!
This ignition in flames, I'm not playing a fucking game!
I'm now one of my brood, I'm the kin of the cold.
I'm now the glory in eyes of those you behold.
I'm the words from you lips
I'm the tears of your eyes.
Now I'm one the fighting forever, with him by my side.

It will take time to bust all their faces,
for god doesn't want us to shed the blood of brothers.
You may own this world, but now I won you!
So feel my fist, it's the justice of the scorned.
But be warned, I want hold back.
This may hurt just a bit...

NOTE: I'm not finished yet![/COLOR]
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