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[COLOR="77656"][I]30 Years after TKWI...[/I]

There I was, frozen in time as I saw my boat drift into the unverse. I left behind the academy, and my past, but I wasn't ready for war. I hated how we had to fight the dark allegiances, the heartless and the nobodies. No matter how hard we try, we're just pawns. However, we weren't the only ones... we never were.

In a distant group of worlds far away, there was a war. This war lasted for years and seemed to never end. Heroes fell and Villains rose. Great warriors were put to shame. The fight was between two opposing groups of Keyblade Wielders. The dark side, and the light side. Great generals have been trying to call a truce, yet it seemed pointless.

I sat in my room with my comrade, Jaska. He was my best friend in the academy, as well as an old freind. He was silent the whole trip, and he was normally very talkative. I just looked out the ships window to distract myself. Blue space was all that flew by. We also passed my homeworld, Spile along the way. We were headed for Mauryo, the original home to the academy. When it shut down 50 years ago, it became anohter war zone. That's also where my hero died.

I was also thinking about what would happen to me... I was worrying to much.



[B]LIGHT[/B]- The side that wishes to end the war for universal peace. Despite this, they were really the reason behind the war. They use their powers for good, and usually wear silver and white armor.

[B]DARK[/B]- The side that wished to use teh war to gain power, and to rule all universes. This was realizex seventy years ago, where they became lead by Yevollace, the fuhrur of the dark allience.

[B]NOTHINGNESS[/B]- These guys just sit back and watch the other sides kill themselves. No one here can join the academy or the war, they use their powers for nothing but to show the other two sides's insulance.


[B]FIGHTER[/B]- The battle type soley based on fighting. There are many skills to be larned. The skills ae combos of bery powerful magnitude. Magic is mixed in with the skills. The user can?t wield magic outside of his/her weapons, but can duel wield. The user must emphasize strength and defense. It should be noted tat fighters have become less common due to more technology in the other two styles.

[B]GUNNER[/B] - The battle type were the key blade is used as a gun. The skill list is limited to only gun use. It is pretty useful at long-range. He kind of skills are that of powerful bullets and gun shots. The user must be agile, and very accurate. This form doesn't emphazise any type fo pwoer, be it magic or brute-strength.

[B]DRIVE[/B]- probably the most hard of the battle types to master. It?s very diverse and complicated. This battle type is chocked ful of skills, but only few are processed. It doesn?t matter what your skill level is, but your intelligence must be high, so that your understanding for such power must be very high as well.

[B]Black[/B]- This magic is elemental and full of curses, hexes, and enchantments. It?s used by those who like to hurt others. The user may develop a sense of blood-lust.

[B]White [/B]- The magic of healing. The user may also use protection, or skill increasment spells as well. It?s used by those who care for themselves or others.

[B]Chaos[/B]- The magic of mischief. The user may transform himself or others, teleport to various places, or just pull pranks on others. For those immature people.

[B]Summon[/B]- the ability to summon monsters of the three basic magic types. Female soldiers must be able to use summon magic along with another.


[B][U]___[SIZE="4"]BLADE TYPES[/SIZE][/U][/B]

[B]SLICERS[/B]- These keyblades are normal and commmon. THese keyblades are used for all sorts of things, attacking defending, anything. However there canonly eb oen held at a time, and they have a limit of power.

[B]SHOOTERS[/B]- Shooters are a type of keyblade that don't have a blad and are just round. They can be used to hit people wiith, however that is not as effective as shooting them wit it's high power gun.

[B]DUEL-BLADES[/B]- These come in any form and can come in two's, or the person wielding one can wield two different ones, whichever they prefer. However, if the person's power is not balacnced the weapons effectiveness dwindles. never use a weak level and high level combonation.

[B]DAGGERS & STAVES[/B]- The dagger keyblades are usually short and have very durable edges, and the staves are shaped like shooters except they have an orb at the top. Daggers are for the fast, usually fighters, while staves are used for gunners and drivers.



[B]POV[/B]- This RPG will be told in First-person view, this applies to all characters.

[B]CHARACTERS[/B]- You can't have all powerful characters, that would defeat the purpose of the RPG's battles. But you can create few NPC's as wella s some villains that your character faces.

[B]FACTIONS[/B]- Everyone is on the light side for the beginning. The side you choose is determined on your actions and choices. However, you can't join the side of Nothingness unless you are either thrown out of the war, or go AWAL. This is also dependant on your choices.



[B][I]NAME: Anything goes
AGE: Between 18-50
GENDER: Male or female
WEAPON STYLE: Choose from above
MAGIC STYLE: Choose from above
PERSONALITY: How your character acts
HISTORY: Your characters past
NOTES: ANything else we should know about?[/I][/B][/COLOR]
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NAME: Jules Capella
AGE: 28
PERSONALITY: Jules is a quiet fellow, perfectly content with letting his actions outweigh his words.
HISTORY: War can cause men to do strange things. Jules seems to put stock into these words. Not much is known about his past, but many suspect that what they would find, they wouldn't like. Not one to share the secrets of his past around the fire, he leaves many to guessing as to what it is that makes him so adamant about remaining neutral in the conflict. In the end, Jules is a mystery, but something in his eyes hearkens back to darker times, the atrocity of war, and an acute awareness of the madness that surrounds him.
APPEARANCE: [URL="http://www.emeraldcitycomics.com/uploaded_images/HedgeKnight-II-784695.jpg"]Something like this.[/url]
NOTE: Jules is only on the side of light out of convenience. His position in the conflict is outspokenly neutral, and he'd rather see the end of the war through peaceful means than with any winning side. He's also very skilled in the art of combat, given his experience with war. He would have most likely attained a high rank in the Light's army were his political views not considered too extreme, and his disinterest in such a rank so great.
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[B][I]NAME: Tsuki ???
AGE: 20
GENDER: female
WEAPON STYLE: Fighter with a slicer and a dagger
PERSONALITY: She id shy and quiet, but once she is a friend with someone she is loyal. She will never backdown frowm a fight and fights to the death. She gets mad easily, but is kind and gentle.
HISTORY: Her father was a scientific person and was always doing experiments. on day she got in the way of an experiment and was given wolf ears and a wolf tail. she left home at age 12 looking for something worth doing in her life. Then came the keyblade . . .
NOTES: She is very strong and very fast, but bleeds easily. Like i said she fights to the death of either her or her opponent and will stop at nothing. Unless a friend gets injured then she will switch opponents.[/I][/B][/COLOR][/QUOTE]
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NAME: Asagi Mantomo
AGE: 27
PERSONALITY: Asagi never feels good about himself and often wonders why he he just dosn't end it himself. At times he can be polite and has a will to protect those very close to him. He can be rude at times but does not always do it beause he hates someone, but more because he wants to be like them.
HISTORY: At six years of age his mother died and at ten his father left him. From then on he lived his life on nothing more than to survive. At the age of twelve he met a man named Takashoi, who raised him like a son and tought him how to read, write, survive, and msot importently. Fight with weapons. He always had a respectible bond with this man until one day in Asagi's early twenties, the man went missing. From then on he has strived to find the man and return him to his home.
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