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Sign Up Completion of Death

Akieen Cloud

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[COLOR="Navy"][FONT="Comic Sans MS"] ?He?s here.?
?Damn, He always has the worst timing,? Amelia muttered, dusting herself off and walking back over to her lover?s side.
Nothing changed in the small field; no new figure or any clue of a visitor was made evident. Both fell to one knee in a manner of utter respect and benevolence, heads hanging as their hair fell and covered their faces. The angel?s shirt, just a simple green satin tunic, split with a subtle tearing sound, and massive, dove-like, white feathered wings spewed forth, flapping then settling against the tattered satin. Amelia grimaced slightly, leathery black wings shredding through the black tunic and relaxing against her back.
{We have many matters to discuss, my children.}
The two said nothing, faces impassive, remaining in their humble positions. The voice burned into their cores, leaving marks in the wake of the words. It was neither male nor female, but rather an androgynous loudness that was fire and ice all in one, comfort and fear in each syllable.
{I cannot allow this affair to continue. It is immoral in every sense of the word.}
?Lord,? Amelia said, snapping her head to look straight ahead and seeing nothing. ?Please, I beg you. Rethink this.?
{Do not question my ideas, Amelia, my child. You both come from separate worlds, and thus, cannot be allowed to continue this ridiculous affair.}
Amelia flashed a look over to Her lover, her beloved Angel of Life, and was not surprised to see the diamond tears that trickled down his smooth cheeks. More on impulse than anything else, she leaped over and wrapped the weeping boy into her tight embrace.
?You cannot separate us!? Amelia screamed.
{You would risk your own lives for your affections?}
Amelia nodded, feeling the strong hands of her lover clench her arms in encouragement. ?Yes, my lord, we would.?
{And Angel, my child, would you also do such a thing?}
The angel looked up, tears refusing to cease their relentless cascade. ?Yes, my lord.?
{I see. This was expected, however. I dreaded doing such an act, but I see no other alternative, I?m afraid. Thus, you shall all be damned for your actions.}
?Damned?? The angel hissed, head snapping up and peering through his lover?s arms.
{Yes, my child. You will be earthbound for the remainder of eternity, never to witness the glory of the Higher Plane again until your curse is ended. If you should ever meet in a sinful lover?s fashion again, the world; and its entire people shall be forfeited. }
?You would kill everyone to get us to cease our affair?? Amelia screamed, arms tightening.
{I will not destroy anything; you shall, if you meet again under sheets. Your traitorous affair will not be tolerated! An angel and a demon cannot be allowed to carry on the way you have! I have been lenient thus far.}
?Damn you!? Amelia hollered voice cracking as her own tears began to fall.
{How you disappoint me, my children. I know that your compassion and love for the humans will not allow you to destroy them and their fragile world, and for that, I thank you, as I am sure they do.}
{Perhaps I am wrong, though, and you would forfeit humanity for your impure lust. Thus, I shall have to take precautions.}
The angel began screaming, face squeezing and twisting in agony. His fingers clawed relentlessly at the flesh of Amelia?s arms, writhing in her tight embrace. A few feathers, pure and soft, fell from his wings, fluttering lazily down to the ground.
?What are you doing to him?? the demon screamed.
{He will not be the person you remember. He shall be split into two entities; his physical current form as you know him, and his emotional soul, the one that knows and follows you. His soul shall be reborn throughout time, dormant, asleep, never knowing the truth behind his face, and thus, not knowing you or the bond you have shared. His current physical form will do as I have decreed and thus, will never be your lover again. This is only to safeguard all that I have built.}
{And your Scythe of Nightmares shall be stripped of your hands and placed upon earth, your power with it. You will, in essence, be an immortal mortal, living an eternity with no strength to consider your own.}
{Release will only be achieved when all things have fallen into place, when the power of the scythe is harnessed, the humanity of the heart is found once more, and you both consummate your relationship. And then, the world shall be destroyed, with all the blood of life on your hands.}
He settled in her arms, lips moving slowly. Amelia, with a trembling hand, reached down and pushed some sweat-matted hair away from her lover?s face, breath catching in her throat.
The angel stared at her coldly, face impassive. His eyes, the ones that had not more than three minutes ago shone with such passion and devotion, were now flat and dead, calculating the demon that sat inches above him.
?Let me go.?
?But-,? Amelia whispered, voice shaking. ?Please, My love.?
?I said let me go, Amelia,? He repeated, the sound frigid and robotic.
She fell to her knees, her face buried in her hands sobbing as he walked away from her not looking back.

5 Centuries Later

It is her! his mind screamed. They said it was only a legend, something to tell children when they were being rambunctious, but now I know it?s true!
Silver cut threw the air, slicing it and the flesh of the man. Blood sprayed forth, raining scarlet tears over the dirt, as the man sunk to his knees. His hands curled around the dagger that protruded from his stomach, eyes surprised and frightened, then slipping shut. Blood bubbled from his mouth, frothing and dribbling down a silently working chin. With a cloud of dust, the man fell into the dirt, convulsing, and then laid still.
Humming softly to herself, the girl reached down and retrieved her dagger from the man?s stomach, a sickening sound striking her ears as she ripped the weapon from the flesh. She wiped it off on a clean area of the man?s shirt, and then returned it to its place in a black leather sheath behind her back.
?You would think people would learn to leave me alone,? she mused as she grabbed her cloak and fastened it once more around her throat. Pulling up her hood, she smiled as she began walking once more down the empty road. ?I?m coming for you, Ebony. Don?t worry. You won?t have to wait much longer. Then you and I can have some real fun.?
Miles away a young King and his knights looked over the map plotting the course with which the demon was taking.
?It moves in the opposite direction then the tower that holds its weapon?what does this mean??
?It?s in search of the Angel...We cannot allow them to meet. We must stop her before the world is destroyed.?
The King nodded and grabbed his sword.
?General, gather your men, we move tomorrow morning in hunt for this demon and to stop this reunion.?
?You highness, are you sure it is wise that you come along??
The men looked nervous between them and their King.
?I am positive.?
As the King walked out his mother shook her head and looked at the general.
?Do not let him see this Demon; he does not know that the Angel?s soul lies dormant with in him. Please watch after him.?
The general nodded and began to assemble the troops.

::Sign Ups::

Name: Amelia (Amelia Blaze*human name*)

Age: Human age 23, real age Unknown

Gender: Female

Apperance: Amelia is slightly tall, around 5'6, lean and well built she is beautiful. Her eyes the color of amethyst, her skin lightly tanned and flawless. She wears black tunics and black armor over the tunics. Black slacks and tall heeles black boots. She wears no jewelry except for a small silver ring on her left middle finger, the design is ancient, her hair is long and braided, streaked with honey, chestnut, mahogany,and auburn falling to the back of her thighs.

Personality: Sarcastis and seems inconsiderate at first, but is actually laid back, kind and gentle. Childish and playful.

Bio: The Angel of Death she worked with the Angel of Life to keep things in balance but she was the same ranking and classifacation as a demon. Centuries passed with her working with the Angel of Life and reguardless of the rules fell in love with him. It took a while of talking to him and flirting as humans called it to warm him to her and soon they became frineds and bot long after he confessed to loving her as well and they became lovers. Their classifacation made the pairing forbidden and after a year or so of the forbbin pairing the higher power damned them stripping them of their power and sending them to earth to live as immortal mortals. She now searces for her legendary Scythe of Power, Ebony to regain her powers and bring the Angel's sould back to his body and get her lover back.

Weapon: A long, oversized scythe. The hilt is made of pure black onyx and fashoned into a human spin, the blade is black steel and deadly sharp. The Scythe is named Ebony, it is what she searhes for. Till she retreives her scythe she only has a sword and a dagger.


[B]Okay, I need one spot to be filled and that is the angel. Whoever signs up after that is filled can be any rank in the king military they wish. [/B]
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Name: Darg

Age: 19

Rank: Privit First Class

Specialty: Marksman (Bows and Arrows unless notted by Knuckle's Girl)

Weapons: Fine Steel Bow (Family heirloom) and a quiver of 150 arrows with Iron tips.
Secondary weapons: (Incase of close range combat) Steel short sword and steal sheild.

Armor: Light armor consisting of leather and chain-mail with no arm sleves for free movement to fire arrows.

Appearence: Darg stands near 5'7" and weighs (with out weapons and armor) about 140lbs. Darg is medium built. Wears loose pants and a semi-tight shirt. keeps his leather boots on all the time. Brown hair, hazel eyes, and loves to wear a ring on his right hand.

Bio: Darg is a farmers son and trained with his mother in archery. He also was taught how to pick locks by his mother and how to survive in the wild or in times of extreme conditions by his father. When Darg was 16, his parents saved enough gold to send him to the King's castle to become a soilder. After three years of serving the King, he learns that his parents where killed by this thing they where trying to kill. He know has a personal reveange against this demon.
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