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Zero Sephiroth

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This will be my first RPG on this board, which I hope will go a lot smoother then my first try at doing my own RPG that was on another board, which ended horribly wrong:animeswea.

Anyway, this RPG will be mainly a cross between Sci-fi and fantasy, in genre of course, with a few other things thrown in along the way, assuming it lasts long enough.

It’s set in a futuristic version of a fantasy type Earth, roughly around four or five centuries ahead of something like our current timeline.

As for the back story:

[QUOTE]“It finally happened. Despite the warnings they received, in spite of the protests of the other races, and even with the signs of it already starting, mankind continued its slow downward spiral of self destruction, taking everything from the earth that they could whilst giving nothing in return, while many were waging war on one another, and causing conflicts that remain lodged tight in the minds of some people, even today.

All of these actions, no matter how much people said it would be impossible or that they could change it in time to prevent it, could only bring about one result; the slow decaying death of the planet.

The demise of Earth began slowly at first. Most of the ice caps melted, causing the seas and oceans to rise and spread across some of the lands, drowning hundreds of thousands of lives on the shorelines of the lands, as random large forests and jungles died suddenly for no reason, causing several hundreds of species of creatures to disappear from life, in what seemed like the blink of an eye.

Despite this, mankind carried on as normal, as if nothing was wrong, thinking the phase would soon pass, and the planet would return to how it was before this happened. They continued taking what wasn’t rightfully theirs, and carried on hurting the planet in their own way.

Of course, things only got worse. Eventually, the weather became an untamed and unrestrained version of before this all happened, creating storms of hail large enough to tear through most buildings with ease over several cities, whilst others experienced heat waves so burningly hot and unbearable, that it caused even the roads to bubble and begin to melt, whilst the unfortunate few cities left suffered blizzards bitter and freezing cold, enough to turn once great cities into artic wastelands. Somehow, humanity convinced themselves that their actions were not to blame for all of this, that this was all natural in some way.

Then, the calamity referred to as ‘The Corrosion’ happened one day. Reports spread throughout the world, of something unbelievable happening right then.

In several third world countries, several things happened that would change the world’s view forever. The land died suddenly, unable to sustain any more forms of life at all, whilst the atmosphere became toxic and contaminated, killing almost anyone who breathed the air slowly and painfully. Those unfortunate enough to survive breathing this air were gradually morphed into monstrous beasts, reacting on pure instinct as they killed all life they came across. Millions died within the first week.

The beginning of a man made apocalypse, as it was only a matter of time before this would spread across the entire planet. Once humanity finally realised what destruction they had brought upon themselves and the other races, they raced against time to try to save as much life as possible.

The result was six large cities built several years later, one built in each continent, each one large enough, and with enough space, to hold several million people easily. Each city had a large and thick dome covering it, to prevent the venomous air from reaching the city and to protect it from the strange weather on the outside.

The money used to pay for the building and construction of these cities came from some of the biggest known companies and franchises known, who had also been some of the leaders in causing the destruction they were now experiencing.

Once each city had opened and had taken in as many people as it could possibly hold, every entrance and exit to each city was sealed off, leaving those left outside of the cities to fend for themselves against the effects of the corrosion, as those on the inside adjusted to their new lives that lay ahead of them.

Looking back on it now, it seems strange how quickly those companies were willing to pay for all of the cities’ manufacture without any other financial help at all….”[/QUOTE]

The main location will be in the city built in North America and the various parts of it; roughly set a hundred years after the cities were sealed off.

[QUOTE]“The once fair council instigated when the city was built, has been replaced with a representative from each of the companies that had paid for the cities, via various methods ranging from blackmail to bribes. This group had become to be known as ‘The Corporation’, and decide the fate of many lives each day with their choices, all of which seem to benefit them more then the people they are meant to be leading and thinking about.

Meanwhile, those living inside the city were split into two types; those with enough money, which live in the best parts of the city, with the greatest pleasures that the city had to offer available at a moments notice, and those without enough money, struggling to survive each day in what has been referred to as the slums of the city.”[/QUOTE]
This is a very rough insight to the current state of the city. As you can see, it’s not too nice.

Course, I’m still writing out the rest of the story, tinkering with a few details of it, and planning what to do for the plot if I do go ahead. Nothing set in stone yet, but that’s the main idea so far.

As you can probably guess, it’ll be a group of stragglers and renegades against
The Corporation. However, people can instead decide to join a special forces group belonging to The Corporation, brought together to bring down those who would dare oppose The Corporation that leads them.

Any questions?

And what do you think of the idea so far?
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[font=franklin gothic medium]I think this concept is a solid start, but it's more a setting than a story. What you'd have to do now is inject some kind of plot/situation into this environment.

I think there is a lot of potential here, but you probably need to look at how you can create a unique situation or problem in this environment. For instance, what if some people can't stand being stuck in the dome and they escape? Maybe the polluted air mutates them into horrible monsters or something and they try to break back into the domed city.

I know that probably sounds lame, but you know, it sort of sets up the beginnings of a plot for you. From there, your participants can craft characters and situations of their own.[/font]
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Yeah. I'm still working on the story. I hadn't really decided on what to do yet storywise.

Unfortunatly, I've hit a few deadends, as in I'm running low on inspiration for the story. I just can't seem to think anything up for the story.

For now though, I've got an RP based on the first quote, giving an insight into what it was like for them during the disaster.

Storywise, this one is pretty simple. A group of people are trying to reach a city, before the gates close, whilst coming along a few roadblocks on the way in many forms.

Same universe, different time and setting. A century before this RP, and outside of the city.
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