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Anime H2O -Footprints in the Sand-


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[COLOR="DarkOrange"]first ep of the winter season(not counting the horrible rosario to vampire).

so, the first ep of H2O has been subbed, and my impression is that I'll definitely check out the next ep, but my feelings are wishy-washy as of yet. There were some things that said 'this show has potential' and others that said 'generic eroge-romance with moe influx'. I don't even know if it is based on an eroge or whatever, the kids are in middle school and stuff, but whatever.

The ep starts off interestingly enough - we see who is apparently the lead female getting the **** kicked out of her by these guys. We also have a girl calling herself the Spirit of the sounds of Time or something like that. However, we don't see them long at first, and we meet the 5 or so school gals who are all brimming with generic uber-moe. The shy girl, the mean ***** loli with twintails, the other moe-moe classmates and all. Oh, and did I mention the main character is blind? He's blind. And there's a mix of blind badass who can smell his way around and blind flailing useless lump. In any case, before long we are introduced into a factor of the girl from before getting hated by everyone in class and ruthlessly brutalized by these ugly bastard, but everypne's telling the new guy to stay ut of it. Of course, he tries to be defensive, but, like, he's ****ing blind and fails.

This is where the spirit girl comes in since she can grant him sight for periods of time. Conveniant, eh? Though if I were him I'm stay blind because he ens up sxually harassing this one girl a lot - I mean, he practically rapes her with his cane and then gets a facefull of panties later. I don't know if this show will be consistently mixed between interesting and lame, but it's certainly better than the fist episode of Myself;Yourself so I guess I'll stick around for a bit.[/COLOR]
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But did it rock your soul? :laugh:

(It is indeed based on an eroge, by the way.)

- The surreal feeling of hearing the footprints story in an anime, of all places
- Otoha is made of love and win
- Hayami, too, is more to my tastes than the rest... which is nice considering that she seems to be the main heroine
- Cane-harassment
- Seems to be an actual reason behind "Hirose-sama"
- The supernatural/mystery stuff has me hooked
- Nice music, decent OP song, really good ED song

- Could do without most of the supporting characters, especially
- the bullies, who are so ridiculous-looking and -sounding that I can't take them seriously at all
- No more wild boar, plzthx
- Needs less random falling down fanservice, more cane and innocent gropage fanservice (although after the end of the episode, I suppose that's a non-issue?)

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