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Manga Tegami Bachi (Letter Bee)

Ben Holiday

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This manga is a bit different then most out right now even if the kids tend to look like Precious Moments figurines.

Tegam Bach:i aka Letter Bee
By: Asada Hiroyuki
Currently found in: Jump Square

Vol. 1, Ch. 1
Gauche Suede: A Letter Bee courier. His current letter proves to be a bit different from the norm. He however confirms correct postage and sets off to deliver it.
Roda: She is Guache's Dingo. Dingo is what they refer to as their animal partners Roda is a dog or wolf.

Vol. 1, Ch. 2
Lag Seeing: A young boy with the dream of becoming a Letter Bee. He is also searching for his mother.
Niche & Steak: A young girl with a multitude of names and her pet/dinner it's never really decided.

This manga takes place in a land of perpetual darkness called Amber Ground. It is stated their is three tiers of humanity. The first Akatsuki the capital city is made up of the upper class citizens. The second Yuusari is home to the middle class and lastly Yodaka is where those in poverty live. The Letter Bees work for mostly upperclass citizens or those that can afford it and deliver pieces of peoples hearts aka mail. They all seem to be working towards their own goals and will not take a job unless it has the correct postage.

The series is currently up to chapter 12 and scanslated to chapter 5. It's different then what most mangas are doing right now and so far it seems off to a good start it is worth tracking down the first 2 chapter at the least and deciding from there. As I said up to the children looked like Precious Moments to me at first glance and I was ready to set this one aside but I kept with it and found a good storyline.
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