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[COLOR="DarkOrchid"][FONT="Times New Roman"][i]And there they were, the lords of Pyrdon standing in rebellion against the Green Wyvern Throne. Dweomer pitting its limited powers against the nigh unstoppable forces of Unbalanced Death. With plotting, and back stabbing, and court intrigues. But aside from the obvious political ramifications, children were being born with power beyond simple force of will.

And in a remote corner of Pyrdon, a woman gave birth to a half breed child, begetted by an Elf of all people. A traveller with his alar, selling horses to the Deverry and Pyrdon lords to ensure them a victory against the Eldidd men. The child started out as any other Deverry child, perhaps with ears slightly sharper than the average humans, but with normal eyes. Utterly human looking, until you took a closer look and discovered that they were a deep yellow, a honey gold. And out of them this child saw things that most men were comfortable denying. Planes of existence above the world of matter, Wildfolk flocked to her in droves, and her mother soon became driven to the point of madness.

The child's name was Mirryin, and she had what some called a strong dweomer gift, even as it tugged at her sanity. But she clung to it with the stubbornness of any elf, and grew into a pretty woman, old enough to travel on her own. So she ran, to the place she instinctively felt was home and ended up in the Westlands, far away from the human world. Once there, Aderyn, the Wise One of the West taught her to control her gift and sent her on her way.

Now, armed with knowledge and power, she travels through the Westlands and is currently traveling up the coast, using both her dweomer and wits to keep herself alive. [/i]


A duo RPG with The Harlequin and myself. Yeah, he's back. And it' s my fault.

Name: Mirryin of Pyrdon

Age: 22

Species: Half Elf Half Human

Occupations: Traveler; Dweomer Apprentice

Innate Talent: Summoning

Appearance: See attachment, subtract large death snake

Personality: Somewhat serious, stubborn, vengeful.

Currently: Is wandering far away from the intrigues and sadness of the Deverry Civil Wars, with the news of such dribbling to her in small disjointed bits.[/FONT][/COLOR]
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