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[COLOR="DarkOrange"]You probably had a good readson for not watching Mononoke, which some consider a revolution in the anime medium (*coughDaggercough*). My excuse was that the character designs looked like they'd slid out of an anus, and I couldn't handle that. Well, you can redeem yourself by watching Hakabe Kitarou, which is being directed by the same guy.

The first ep has miraculously been subbed. The show is creepy, cool, and the first episode was a blast. teh animation style is neato and attention-grabbing. It's got a very haunting, Tim Burton sort of feel to it, where you are watching something quite disturbing and a bt horrifying, but it still feels lighthearted. Definitely a unique show, and my personal first real excursion into a japanese horror story.

(waits for Dagger's analysis of episodes I do net yet have the ability to watch >_>)[/COLOR]
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Eep, I'm glad you like it. Hoping to con more people into watching this. Just one nitpick--it's not directed by Kenji Nakamura, but he & the Mononoke character designer did create Hakaba Kitarou's (totally awesome~) OP. Both shows do have the same art director.

Episode 2 is awesomely random and I probably missed a lot of what was going on, but this entire series is worth it just for the scenes of [spoiler]Kitarou's dad popping out of the vampire's ears and nostrils.[/spoiler] The fight scene (and its outcome!) were hilarious as well. Although I'm worried I might start having nightmares about Kitarou's cackle...

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