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[SIZE="1"]I am sure that there are quite a sum of you who either act or work on sets and props for plays. If you do then you would know that it is a very fun hobby and can even turn into a very fun career if you are lucky and know the right people. What plays have you been in or worked on? Which play was your favorite? Do you prefer acting or stagecraft? (Behind the scenes/prep work/costumes etc)

If you do not like to be on stage but rather watch them, what have you seen and liked?

My interest in the theatre started when I was a freshmen in high school. My first play I worked on the set and I moved them between scenes of Crazy For You. I was a props manager for Once Upon A Mattress, props crew for Miracle Worker, and now I am working on props crew for the play, Oedipus the King.

I only acted for drama club's fun days where we had a movie camera and had fun with it for the day and in a One Act for a spoof on the play. I am never acting again. It was too scary for me.

Besides working on the plays I do go to see some on my own but not very often.[/SIZE]
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[FONT="Arial"]I've been in a few plays and musicals. I'm pretty much a drama kid.
[*][B]Into the Woods Jr. - Cinderella's Stepmother[/B]
This was my first time ever performing, so I had no acting experience or anything like that. I really wanted to be Cinderella, but now I don't understand why.
[*][B]High School: It's a Concept - various roles[/B]
Drama 1 project. It was a pretty lame play.
[*][B]Annie Jr. - Miss Hannigan[/B]
Being the main villain was so so so awesome. One of my best friends, Becca, played Lily St. Regis, so it was even more fun getting to be evil with her.
[*][B]Charlie and the Chocolate Factory - Veruca Salt's understudy [/B]
I took solace in the fact that the girl who got Veruca was a senior (and one of the most talented actors my school has had) and that as a sophomore, I beat out other seniors and juniors and got to at least be understudy. Second best!
[*][B]Alice in Wonderland - Tweedledum[/b]
I auditioned for the Cheshire Cat, but this role ended up being a lot more fun. Probably because Becca was Tweedledee, haha. I believe I'm best in a mean/bratty role.
[*][B]Sweeney Todd - Mrs. Oakley[/b]
This was not the version Tim Burton remade, unfortunately. It was so lame. There weren't any characters I wanted to be, so I just got put as Mrs. Oakley. It was alright though, since it was a small part and Becca played my daughter.

Right now my drama class is getting ready to work on another play, [B]Jolly Roger and the Pirate Queen.[/B] There aren't any parts that really scream at me in this one, but I'm really hoping to once again be cast alongside Becca as one of the Pirate Queen's best friends. It's a pretty funny play, and I'm really excited to get to be a pirate.

I have to say I like acting a helluva lot more than being on the stage crew. For Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, all I did was try to move a sign off the stage, and it fell apart right there. After that I've been terrified to do tech stuff, even though it really wasn't that big of a deal.

I've seen a couple school plays, but I got to see the touring cast of Wicked a couple years ago. During the part of Defying Gravity when [spoiler]Elphaba begins to fly,[/spoiler] I started BAWLING and could not stop until the intermission. It was the best thing ever. [/FONT]
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