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Art Horo, bark at the moon


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[quote name='SaiyanPrincessX'][SIZE="1"]Er, she has a wide mouth. o,o;

But really, this is great. I love the colors and the style. What program did you make this with?

I'll be expecting more. ;)[/SIZE][/QUOTE]

I used gimp, and heres another two that i did a little while ago.


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This new one is cute ^_^

Not really feeling the sig though... I think it's those sky blue lines mostly. They seem kind of random. I think it's because they are so bright while the rest of it is kind of dark/muted colors? Make sense?
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[color=green][size=1]Click picture below for full size.[/size][/color]



Just some randoms things.

[indent][size=1][color=green][b]Boo - [/b]I resized the first of three pictures so that it wouldn't stretch the lay-out too much. :][/size][/color][/indent]
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