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Warning this might or will use violence, adult language, and/or some sexual content. Also this is base maybe a 2 or 3 decades from 2008. All names of their respected companies are used in a sci-fi fasion.

In the late '80's to the early '90's:
Sega lost the console war to Nintendo, Microsoft, and Sony. The Dreamcast is the first and originial online platform but was shoved aside by Sony's Playstation. Sega went bankrupt but soon realized their was more money in making the video games for the consoles.

In the year 2000:
Sega continues making latest and best games to date. To the publice, Sega is just a game producer but unknown to the public and to the other game companies, Sega was secretly making a virtual world game proto-type. Sega picked up where Nintendos' Virtual Boy failed. (Those poor kids with eye damage fom its red screen.)

Its testing started in 2010 (after the Microsoft and Sony merge):
Starting with simple testing by its makers in controlled areas. If something went wrong, they could end the test and bring any personal testing them back to reality.

2015 (Actual selected non-company testing):
Sega, secretly picking 8 people to test their console they have been working for decades, offered a contest online to 8 players to try a new type of game being built by Sega themselves. If the test players (not employees) wanted one of these machines, they would give them one and start mass-producing them to the public offering many games remade into actual 3D.

The machine took up about 10'x6'x5' (thats 10' long, 6' wide, and 5' deep), took as much energy as your modern fridge, and offered a new techknology that actually makes the user feel like their actually in the game. Smell, taste, feel, hear, and see things that seem real. Its use could extend for days but had an auto-shutdown after 12-hours for safety reasons. The game for the players to play is based in either mid-evil or WW2. The game is decided by votes from the testers. (That will be decided when ALL 8 players are locked in {Im in the game too but We need one admin in the game} and main signups are closed. Pm me on either the WW2 or Mid-Evil theme when mains are in).

June 12, 2015 (The players arrive at Sega's main headquaters in {Name of town is not real} Meytown, Nervada):
The testing start went off as planned and the players where thrilled to learn how this new system where your body and mind are the controllers. About 3 hours into the game, the system malfunction and the game became a real fight to survive! after 12-hours, the auto-shutoff system didn't activate and the players where stuck in the game. Their was another shutoff program installed into the very system so that if all attemps to shut off and save the person fails it would terminate the game. The players had to beat the game completly. The designers of the capsol that holds and protects the player has a life preserve system that can act mediaclly on the situation calls for. The system is so well design that the player can stay in the capsol for several weeks. The reason why it was decided for a capsole type holder instead of head and arm gear was for people with disabilities. The capsol itself contains the game software but they drawback to this system of Virtual Reality or V.R. for short was that if any attempts to discontect the players while game is in process could either cause server brain trauma or in extreme cases death.

June 30, 2015:
Its been 15 days since the game malfunction. So far the life preserver works like it should. Life signs are stable and the cause of the malfunction was found to be a computer virus that hid its self by acting like one of the hundreds of sub-systems.
The fail safe program (beating the game) was unaffected due to the 9-firewall systems that protect the Pentagons mainframe computer from hackers making it the most protected system ever built! The Fail Safe system also harbors the Life Preserver also called L.P. and the enviroment control system also called ECS.

July 3, 2015:
Another player, this time an admin or some one who built the system itself, entered the game with the virus fixed meaning he could enter the game and help when he could and report back to Sega personal about the players mental and physical condition. The L.P. is doing its best keeping the damage to a minimum.

Sing-ups: Theirs 8 players, 1 Admin, and at least 3 Sega Employess:

Name (First "nickname" Last {Last is optional})

Age (at least 17 for lowest and 29 for oldest for players, admin and some Sega employess at least 30-40)

Appearence: (Pictures or discription please)

Personality: (Please, quarks are welcomed)

Posistion: (Where you are in this story)

Bio: (basically how you got the message and a little things about the capsols and the learning program at the begining)

My character:

Name: Shaun "Wolfie" Surge

Age: 19

Appearence: Wolfie stands 5'6'', dark brown hair, hazel eyes, sort of an athletic build to him, energetic, and doesnt look his actual age.

Personality: Wolfie likes to be around other people but doesnt like getting to close. he has moments of being a geniously brilliant then being stupid. He hates just doing nothing and rather be out doing something. Video Games where an escape where he could pretend that he could do things he couldnt do in real life.

Position: One of the test gamer.

Bio: Shaun was playing a sega made game when he got a a message from an admin with an offer to test a new game console and to own one the first marketing type with free games and online for life. He had a few days to send a message back. Shaun didn't waste time and wrote back. The admin sent him plane tickets and a congradulations letter from the President of Sega him-self.

Ok thats the basic sign ups so 7 more gamers (players), 1 admin, and at least 3 Sega employees. (I'll PM all the players and the the rest about when the I'll start posting in the Theater. I will keep a sub-sign open for characters in the game. remeber the non-main players may or maynot survive. So if your sub-character dies, basically create a econd one in the sub-forms and PM of it too so that way I know whats going on. Try not to make sub-characters too important unless I PM you.

Thanks for understanding and can't wait to get this started! I had this in my head for a long time. (Try 5 weeks) Good Luck and good posting.
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