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[center][SIZE=3][FONT=Lucida Sans Unicode][SIZE=2]
[center][SIZE=3][U][B] The Warehouse[/B][/U]
[/SIZE] [U][B][SIZE=3] Rogue's Gallery Backstage[/SIZE]

[/B][/U][SIZE=2]Welcome to the Underground thread for Rogue's Gallery. This is where I will post some important information, and it is also where you can ask any questions you may have regarding sign-ups, or the RP proper once it gets going.[/SIZE]

[SIZE=2] [B]Alex Franklin[/B] - the leader of the crew, and the one who came up with the plan. He has never known a life other than a life of crime, ever since his father first shoved him into it headfirst. He is witty and sarcastic, and also something of a ladies' man, being handsome, fashionable, charming and clever all rolled into one glorious package. Just released from prison for robbery.[/SIZE]

[SIZE=2][B] Detective Inspector Ray Sidwell[/B] - a high-ranking figure within the Met, and the one who caught Franklin and put him away. Strict and ruthless, Sidwell is not a man you want to get on the wrong side of. [NPC][/SIZE]

[SIZE=2] The idea for the story development of this RP is that it will work in a system of what I am calling "PHASES." Basically, the RP will be divided into four different Phases, each one representing a different part of the plan. I will be listing them here as we go through, making sure to highlight the one which is currently being played through.[/SIZE]


[SIZE=2] This is where any important events will be listed, which will eventually form a timeline of events. The first of these is Alex's release from prison.[/SIZE]

[SIZE=2] January 17th - Alex Franklin released from Wormwood Scrubs prison[/SIZE]

[SIZE=2] I hope that this RP will shape up to have lots of memorable characters and quotes scattered throughout. Just to try and make them even more memorable, I will be listing them here as the game progresses.[/SIZE]

[SIZE=2] I will be updating this first post with new information as it comes along, so remember to keep and eye on it. I will inform you when it has been updated so nobody misses out.[/SIZE]

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