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Writing Segment: Combat Narrative


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Segment: Combat Narrative
Combatant: R296C-4157: J. Sterling; katana
Combatant: R296B-8613: L. Torvel; katana
ROE: Formal engagement: melee only, single weapon
Death Match
Combat system online
Grounds: Arena – Gameplanet


Luciano unexpectedly dove inside Jason’s guard. Grabbing a fistful of shirt, he spun Jason through the air once, twice, then hurled him at the arena wall.

Jason cursed and reoriented, the rapidly approaching wall becoming the new floor. The instant his feet touched, he rolled forward, using his momentum to propel him into a dead run. His synapses still in high gear, he raced around the arena’s perimeter, rolling again and kicking hard against the stone barrier to shoot himself, spinning, back at his foe. Luciano predictably sidestepped; Jason shoved his sword to his right, planting it firmly in the dirt floor. He relaxed his grip, allowing his hands to slide around the hilt, and his body followed, his left boot lashing Luciano across the face. The Latino cyborg was knocked to the floor, and Jason allowed himself to whirl once around the blade before touching down, his back to his enemy. He drew his katana from the earth and turned, his fluid sweep batting away the recovered Luciano’s thrust.


Time lapse: 4.4 sec

End segment






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[COLOR="RoyalBlue"][FONT="Lucida Sans Unicode"][quote name='Allamorph'][FONT="Courier New"]Jason cursed and reoriented, the rapidly approaching wall becoming the new floor. [/FONT][/QUOTE]I really like this image here, the idea of the walls of the arena becoming a floor for him to run on... nice. What a fun segment. ^_^[/FONT][/COLOR]
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