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Tetra of sound

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It is 2500, and scientists finally try to genetically improve mankind. They wanted to make humanity resistant to the world's most deadly diseases.

0600 HOURS[/B][/FONT]

[COLOR="Red"]Scientist A: We need to make about 5-10 of these new genetically improved human beings[/COLOR]

[COLOR="Blue"]Scientist B: Yes. I agree. But what if we screw up?[/COLOR]

[COLOR="Red"]Scientist A: Well then, if that happens, we just cal the president and tell him we screwed up, and that we need the military to kill them.[/COLOR]

[COLOR="Blue"]Scientist B: Yeah. I guess you're right. Besides, that's not even likely![/COLOR]

But something went horribly wrong...

Now there is 5-10 genetically enhanced humans on the planet Earth. Not only that, but the scientists screwed up another project: The NATURE Project.

Now we have all mythical creatures known to man roaming the earth, out of control, destroying humanity.


[COLOR="DarkOrchid"]So, here's the thing: you are one of those experimental genetically enhanced humans gone wrong. You are running from the goverment, no matter what. Even if you wish to help them save humanity.[/COLOR]


1, NO INVINCIBILITY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1 I don't know how much we need to know this, but I'm saying it anyway.

2. No killing other characters without the character's creator's permission. (you can kill your own character if you want.)

3.The third rule is... HAVE FUN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!




Looks (can be a picture, preferably no longer than a 3-5 sentence paragraph)

Personality (Preferably no longer than 2 paragraphs)

Bio (you can reveal it as we go if you want.)

Abilities,if any

Note that I am pretty lenient. As long as you don't go overboard, I don't mind.:animesmila




Magenta hair, purple skirt, blue shirt, purple boots,long, elf-like ears.

Rika likes to make friends. She has great medical skills. She is also very intelligent, but doesn't seem like it at first glance. She can be shy at times, but is normally outgoing. She likes to have someone with her.

Rika was the first in the series in genetically enhanced humans.

Her abilities are retractable claws and the ability to talk to animals.


I need 5-10 people total. You can help save humanity, or do the opposite. I do need one military general,

age limit: 8-49

I am leaving signups open for a month and a half, for those who have a lot on their plates.
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[COLOR=deepskyblue]Name: Madeline Neko[/COLOR]

[COLOR=deepskyblue]Age: 18[/COLOR]

[COLOR=deepskyblue]Looks:[URL="http://i136.photobucket.com/albums/q172/echoizzy14/anime/girls/schoolgirl.jpg"]Madeline Neko[/URL][/COLOR]
[COLOR=deepskyblue]Long light brown hair, skinny figure, about 115 pounds, slightly anorexic. Long arms with graceful fingers, long fingernails and long graceful legs and small feet. Slightly muscular, but it doesn't show on her. Big prominent eyes bluey green eyes, small nose and nice full pouty lips. [/COLOR]

[COLOR=deepskyblue]Personality: Madeline is a kind girl at heart. She is normally outgoing and would do anything for her friends. She'd die for anyone she considers a friend. Around her run down house though, she is very casual, even going as far as walking around in boxers and a bra. But when it comes to strangers, she can be considered cold and distant, not caring about them. But watch out! If you get her pissed off at you, then its like a hungry tiger tearing you apart, limb from limb.[/COLOR]

[COLOR=deepskyblue]Bio: Madeline doesn't remember her past because she has amnesia. She will get flashbacks of a horrible past full of pain and hurt which seems to be tied together with the scar from her right shoulder to her lower back. She only remembers that a scientist adopted her when she was 14, and loved her very much. Her adoptive father was convinced to experiment on her, and did unwillingly. Now she roams the streets, trying to save humanity.[/COLOR]

[COLOR=deepskyblue]Abilities: She can heal injuries, project her voice into others minds, and control 2 of the 4 main elements. She can control Water and Wind, combining it and making a deadly combination. [/COLOR]
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[I]Name:[/I] ABEL
[I]Age:[/I] undetermined
[I]Looks:[/I] Only photo to be taken of subject code named ABEL, provided by witness [IMG]http://p-images.veoh.com/image.out?imageId=media-v621999x8YfQ4hj1183336645.jpg[/IMG]
[I]Personality:[/I] It has been confirmed by the witness that ABEL has killed. The body of victim was found to be mutilated by the subject known as ABEL, the most notable action of the mutilation was the skull which had been split in half. The reason for ABEL's leave is unknown at the moment, further investigation is needed.
[B]B[/B]io growth

or ABEL is the fruit of the experiment known as "Project EDEN"

Has become a target of the US Army

(More information as to ABEL's origins shall be provided during the story, if you want to give your own twist to his story pm me)

[I]Ability:[/I] Witness has confirmed unhuman strength from ABEL, further investigation as to his abilities is needed.

(Just to relieve the fears of the author, ABEL is not invincible. He has his weaknesses)

[U]He is not your friend...[/U]
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I solemnly swear that I am up to no good.

[b]Name[/b] Odin 'Loki' Yggdrasil

[b]Age[/b] 24

6'0", around 160 lbs. He is lean and mean, though still quite handsome even at his age with his blonde hair and blue eyes on a pale and slender body. Typically seen dressed in either a lab coat or an outfit comparable to that of a working-class man, his most notable feature is the faint scar on his neck where an experiment was performed.

[b]Personality[/b] Bipolar, he has two known phases. One he actually isn't that evil, helping people and doing what he can for those around him.
The other though, he is a mastermind of high ability. Known to be a sociopath, he can and will ruin the lives of people he dislikes given the chance to do so. Though [he's not actually bloodthirsty, he does at times get others to do his dirty work.

[b]Bio[/b] Modified Human number 9, he is one of those who has escaped the laboratory and mingled with normal humans to conceal his true identity and avoid the government's attention.

Following his escape though, he hasn't just been sitting still. Badly upset by all that happened to him in the labs, and what people do to each other, he has begun scheming to topple the government once and for all in order to spare humanity and achieve coexistence with the fruits of Project NATURE and his own kind among the remains of humanity.

Blacksmithing: At some point in his teenage years he was introduced to the ancient art of the forge and metalworking. It is likely the skills he learned then are still in his memory and body, and may surface again if needed. Even though no longer actively forging, he usually carries a hammer at all times and can often be seen holding it and looking at it while thinking.

Intelligence: Common sense isn't his specialty, but he is a master at solving puzzles and predicting people's actions. In fact, he knew that the project that modified him would fail and had a hand in it's demise as a sort of vengeance for the pain it caused him.

Healing: Exposure to radiations and experiments during and immediately after his modification granted him the ability to perform a holy magic of sorts for the purposes of healing and support. It is possible an offensive ability may appear from this power as well, but to date he has not been able to use this ability in that manner.


Strength- He isn't very strong physically. Relying on brainpower for years and years even before his modification resulted in a lot of thought capability but not a lot of strength in his build. While this has changed somewhat due to his activities after escaping the lab, he is still weaker than many normal humans of his age and gender.

Sociability: He doesn't like to be around a lot of people or in a heavy crowd. This was from a pre-existing condition before he was modified, but the modifications only made it worse. He will become very annoyed if forced to wait in line or attend social events. There are a few people though that he will tolerate being with though.

[b]Name[/b]Martel Stoneshaw


[b]Looks[/b] [url=http://tn3-1.deviantart.com/fs30/300W/i/2008/102/a/a/Western_Martel_WIP_by_sheenarocks87.png]A typical outfit for Martel, you would never expect her to be what she really is. In fact it is a part of her cover, she looks just like an ordinary young lady.[/url]
5'6" and around 180 lbs, she is curvy and perky. Fooling many with her innocent charm and smile, people haven't a clue what she really is until she is about to kill them.

[b]Personality[/b]"masked" bipolar, she hides the fact as hers is not very clear and is complicated slightly by some aspects of her body. Though she is known to be not very nice most of the time, and yet will from time to time show a soft spot and help someone.

[b]Bio[/b]Experiment Number 1215 of Project NATURE, she was originally a rather weak and sickly human girl before being so extensively modified in the course of the experiments that her body was just about re-engineered from the ground up. Problem is, among the experiments was the insertion of bat DNA into her makeup, which reacted with other portions of the experiment to produce a woman who literally is a vampire.

She was originally going to be destroyed after the changes were discovered when she stopped eating normal food, attacking the lab assistants for the blood she really needed instead, but the scientists responsible for the experiment were able to 'civilize' her enough to feed her donated blood and confirm that she had retained sentience and almost all of her original personality. Though they claimed her memories were lost during the experiments, she has indicated that some do still exist in her mind.

Telepathy: It is an incomplete form, but she is able to read thoughts meant for her to know from people's minds, and project her thoughts back into theirs as though they were hearing her speaking to them.

Portals: She is capable of transporting herself from location to location with roughly 3 seconds from the start of the process to her dematerializing. It involves tunneling through a parallel dimensional plane where she can see the reality she is passing through but cannot affect it in any way without returning to normal space. There are limits to the distance of a single span though, and she cannot open her portal more than three times per day due to the enormous strain it puts on her body.

Strength and sensory: She is roughly comparable in raw strength to two average men, along with a sensitivity to bloodshed and her surroundings. Also, if there are any lingering spiritual energy in an area, she will detect it and avoid the place.


Self-control: Her thirst for blood is always bearing down upon her, and if she sees blood seeping from a fresh wound she will attempt to feed from it even if it is someone she wouldn't normally consider biting. In addition, she is often quite impulsive and sometimes will do things without thinking.

Mentality: Her mind is said to be in a state of decay, according to the researchers by the time she is in her mid-40s she will be almost completely insane as a result of the strain of resisting the feeding urge on top of her mind being overburdened by the thoughts of people around her and managing her powers. Though if their theory holds true, the more she gives in to the thirst for blood the longer it will last.

Body Shape: She's surprisingly chunky given her lifestyle and the factors of her modifications. Though people learn very quickly that if this is pointed out she will become either depressed or defensive depending on which phase of the bipolar she is in. Though most people don't have time to notice this, they're too busy trying to keep her teeth away from their necks.

I have plans for tying these two characters together, in addition to something of a Mafia-like group led by these two to carry out Odin's plans and bring unity to all humanity and coexistance to all the experimental beings.
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A few things:

A~ All are accepted.

B~ I LOVE everyone's ideas!

and C~ having people sign up for my stuff is a little new to me, in a way, because nobody has ever signed up for my other two failed rps. So thank you, everyone who signed up!

I'll come back later to check the thread for new posts, till then, have a great week!
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Don't worry! I'll get it started ASAP! I'm pretty hasty myself!

I'll leave underground updates up to Monipo if I'm gone for more than 5 days, considering my brother gets on way more than me, making me have no time to ge on before 9.

As for the plot... we'll all work on the stuff together!

Malvok, mythical creatures that most people won't know what they are, you can describe, if you want.

See you later!
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