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RPG Digimon: The First DigiDestined


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[SIZE="1"][b]OOC:[/b] Okay, so welcome to the RP! Before we start I have a few things to say. Firstly, I'll be giving us a new "episode" title once in a while for inspiration in posts. Think of this as our own season of Digimon. Be creative! :D

Also (this is for DigiDestined), seeing as how all of our sign-ups are from different ages of time, we can say our characters are all from different times. Rem is from the medieval era.

Lastly, the first posts are going to be DigiDestined and Digimon meeting. Digimon, you are at In-Training level right now.[/SIZE]


[indent]"Rem Princeton was a good apprentice to his father. He was quickly learning the art of Gold Smithing and becoming a good salesmen for his Fathers smithing shop at the same time. It was sure that in a few years, he would be helping run the store. However that all became completely irrelevant one day when Rem was sucked away into the Digital World."

[i]Huh? Oh damn, what the hell just happened? Last thing I remember I was walking home from the market and then I fall through the ground? That can't be right.[/i] a very confused Rem thought to himself for a few minutes before finally, he opened his eyes. What he saw nearly made him faint.

Sure, he was in some rainforest which was pretty shocking aswell, but what almost made him faint was the fact that sitting on his stomach staring right into his eyes was a small brown monster, spikes and all.

Rem let out a yelp as he jumped up into the air, causing the monster to laugh and yelp with him. In fact, it was speaking English.

"Yeah! Haha! You're here, you're here!" it jumped excitedly. "Rem! Rem!"

At that point Rem stopped screaming and stared blankly at the creature in front of him. It was obvious that it didn't mean any harm and was just a child. But how did it know his name?

"Excuse me..." Rem trailed off.

"Kokomon." it said.

"Right, Kokomon. Do you have any idea where I am?" seeing as [i]Kokomon[/i] seemed completely unaware of the strange surroundings, Rem figured it was native to wherever he is.

"This is the Digital World!" Kokomon was more then happy to answer questions.

"Okay. I have no idea what that means." Rem was about to ask another question when he heard a rustle in the bushes. He quickly picked up a stick from off the ground and readied to throw it at anything that popped out. What he didn't expect was another human to walk into the open, followed by a small creature similar to Kokomon.

"I am [i]so[/i] glad I'm not the only person here."[/font][/color][/indent]
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Russel was struck dumb at coming across another human. So far, all he'd seen since waking up was a few large squirrels and a strange red creature that had been following him ever since.

"Oh, hey there! You found yours too, huh Kokomon?"

"Hey, Gigimon," Said Kokomon. "Yeah, that's Rem."

Gigimon, in his usual friendly manner, hopped right up to greet the new friend.

"Pleased to meet ya, Rem! I'm Gigimon and this is Russel O'Brady. I call him Russ. You probably already know Kokomon. I mean, he's your partner and all. Anyway..."

"'Scuze me..."

"...Telling Patamon the other day, it can't be too long now. I mean..."


"...But he wouldn't know, he's not 'chosen' like me or Kokomon. After all..."

"Oi, chatty! Where are we?!"

Gigimon blinked. Suddenly he realized that he'd been going off on a tangent again. "Crud. Sorry Russ. I do that sometimes. Salamon says it's like I broke whatever keeps my mouth shut, but I think..."

"Nevermind that!" Snapped Russel. "Just answer the question!"

"Oh, right. Sorry about that. You're in the Digital World!"

"Kokomon mentioned that earlier. What is it?" Rem asked.

"It's where the Digimon live, of course!"

Russel was getting impatient. "Yeah, not following, little guy. What the heck is a Digimon?"

"That hurts, Russ! You don't even know what I am? I'm a Digital Monster!"

Rem and Russel exchanged inquisitive looks. "Digital?"

"Cripes! You don't even know what I mean by Digital? When are you from? 1000 AD?"

Rem made a shuffling motion with his feet. Russel let out a weak cough.

"Oh, my... No time for that now, there should be another one arriving soon."

Sure enough, out of nowhere, another human materialized in the middle of the group.
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[SIZE="1"][COLOR="Sienna"][B]"Oh wow,"[/B][/COLOR] Kokomon said as the new boy landed with a thud. This chance encounter with their destined partners, seemed to be moving by very fast.

The boy laid on the ground for quite some time. He was conscious, that much Kokomon could tell. [I]'Perhaps, he just needs a warm welcome,'[/I] and with that Kokomon, and his entire seven pounds, pounced on the newcomer.

He had expected a greater reaction from the boy, but it didn't seem like his weight was sufficient. However, the boy did open his eyes to be greeted by the little brown monster.

[COLOR="Sienna"][B]"HI!"[/B][/COLOR] Kokomon shouted.

[B]"WAAAAAHHHHH! GET AWAY, GET AWAY!"[/B] he screamed and stood so fast, it knocked Kokomon to the ground.

The poor little monster mistook his fear for excitement and began running circles around the human, quickly followed by Gigimon. But then the boy tried to kick one them.

[COLOR="Red"][B]"Hey, watch what you're doing,"[/B][/COLOR] Gigimon shouted.

[COLOR="Sienna"][B]"You could really hurt someone, playing so rough,"[/B][/COLOR] Kokomon concurred.

The boy stood there, an awed look on his face. [B]"Where am --"[/B]

[B]"The Digital World."[/B] Russel answered his question.

[B]"What are--"[/B] He started to ask, pointing to Kokomon and Gigimon.

[B]"They call themselves Digimon."[/B] This time, Rem answered.

[B]"NICE TO MEET YOU!"[/B] The two little monsters shouted at once.

They were pounding him with questions like where he was from, where his Digimon was, why his hair looked the way it did. Only, at the urging of Russel and Rem, did the annoyances stop.

After the newcomer, Kredion Akima as he was called, settled down and everyone was introduced, it was time to get to the task at hand:

[B]"But what's the task at hand?"[/B] Rem asked after the Digimon brought it up.

[COLOR="Sienna"][B]"That's a good question,"[/B][/COLOR] Kokomon admitted, [COLOR="Sienna"][B]"But there's got to be one, or you wouldn't be here with us!"[/COLOR][/B]

[COLOR="Red"][B]"Oh, I know a task we can accomplish,"[/B][/COLOR] Gigimon said, [COLOR="Red"][B]"Let's find Kredion's Digimon!"[/B][/COLOR] And the two began shouting for some other strange monster to join their ranks.

And just like that, a small blue Digimon emerged from the bushes: [COLOR="Blue"][B]"Here I am!"[/B][/COLOR]

[COLOR="Sienna"][B]"YAY!"[/B][/COLOR] Kokomon exclaimed, [COLOR="Sienna"][B]"Task one: Complete!"[/B][/COLOR][/SIZE]
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DemiVeemon emerged from the bushes. He looked at Kredion with a smile before pouncing on him.

[COLOR="Blue"]"I finally found you!" [/COLOR]he said with a smile
Kredion just gave him a strange look. Grimacing at Rem and Russel before grabbing the creature.

"What are you?" Kredion said finally. Demiveemon gasped. A stunned look on his face. [COLOR="Blue"]"Well, I'm your partner. You're Digimon. I'm Demiveemon!"[/COLOR] He greeted.

Kokomon and Gigimon jumped on the ground in joy. Demiveemon jumped out of Kredion's grasp and jumped with them. They cheered in glee.

The human guests just sighed in unison. They were confused. Questions floated in all of their heads.

"Where are we?" "Why are we here?" "What is a Digimon?"

"So, what now?" Rem spoke. The digimon stopped, looking at each other before shrugging in response. [COLOR="Sienna"]"We thought you would know..."[/COLOR] Kokomon replied. "We don't even know where on earth we are. How are we supposed to know what to do?" Russel snapped back.

The digimon flinched, a low growl was heard then. Demiveemon turned around. [COLOR="Blue"]"Well, we could always take care of the intruder first..." [/COLOR]He smirked
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Everyone looked up. What they saw was, to say the least, not pleasant. Flying directly overhead was a gigantic dragonfly. It had noticed the group and seemed very irate.

Champion Level
[URL="http://images.wikia.com/digimon/images/2/27/Yanmamon.jpg"]Appearance Here.[/URL]
Attacks include Thunder Ray, Bug Swarm and Somersault Attack
Not usually aggressive. There appears to be something very wrong.

Gigmon was startled, but quickly regained his composure. "Oh, it's just Yanmamon," He piped cheerfully, "He's friendly! He's probably just trying to have a little fun!"

"[B]Thunder Ray![/B]"

The attack was barely dodged by all parties. "I'm not sure, Gigimon," Shouted Kokomon, "That seemed a little unfriendly to me!"

"You know, it might be best to get under cover of the foliage for now." Suggested Rem.

"That's a great idea! You humans get under cover of the forest and we'll hold him off!"

"And let you three get yourselves killed? Fat chance," Grunted Kredion.

"Guys, we have to do this!" Pleaded DemiVeemon.

"Yeah! You're our friends!" Chirped Lopmon.

"Besides, there's no way I'm going to let him get at you, Russ!"

Yanmamon was approaching fast. There was definitely something odd about him, but there was no time to figure out what. All three Digimon leapt at their assailant full force.

"[B]Hot Bite![/B]"

"[B]Koko Crusher![/B]"

"[B]Hop Attack![/B]"

All three attacks were ineffectual. One swift Thunder Ray was all it took to take down the three underpowered monsters.

"Heh, it looks like we can't do this on our own," Kokomon grunted.

"What did we expect? He's a full two levels head, after all!" Replied DemiVeemon.

Gigimon suddenly remembered something they had been told long ago. It was a stretch, but it was also their only hope. "Russ! Kredion! Rem! Reach into your pockets! If you guys are who I think you are, 'it' should be there!"
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[FONT="Tahoma"][COLOR="DimGray"]Rem reached into his pocket and felt around a bit before finding a round bumpy object. He thought he had just fallen right through the ground but now that he looked out the device and examined it he remembered it fell from the sky, he grabbed it and then he ended up here.

"Do you guys have one of these too?" Rem looked at Russel O'Brady and Kredion Akima, they were both looking at a similar device in their hands. Just at that moment all three Digivices lit up and the sky darkened. Three multi-coloured beams of light shot down from above and landed on the three In-Training Digimon.

One by one the three DigiDestined watched each Digimon grow and change form. Each one stated what they were changing into.

"Gigimon digivolved to..." he started growing bigger and let out two long arms, strong legs and a tail. "[url=http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Image:Guilmon.jpg]Guilmon![/url]"

"Kokomon digivolved to..." the small brown monster let out two long ears tipped with pink and sprouted two tiny arms and two tiny legs. "[url=http://images.wikia.com/digimon/images/7/7a/Lopmon1.jpg]Lopmon![/url]"

"That's incredible! In just a few seconds they've grown larger and stronger!" Rem said to the other humans.

"DemiVeemon digivolved to..." the white and blue Digimon grew a bit larger and formed a small horn on his nose. "[url=http://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/en/4/44/V-mon.gif]Veemon![/url]"

"Alright, Veemon!" shouted Kredion.

"Kick some ass, Guilmon." Russel said. The three Digimon charged forward at Yanmamon and shot their attacks.

The red dinosaur Guilmon opened his mouth causing a small red flame to ignite. It grew larger and he shot it at the Yanmamon. "Pyro Sphere!" It hit the Adult Digimon's wing causing it to start falling to the ground.

"Good job, Guilmon! Now it's my turn." Veemon yelled. His charged at Yanmamon full force. "Vee Headbutt!" Yanmamon shifted to the side to dodge but Veemon still nicked his tail, spiraling the flying insect into a tree.

Everyone sat quietly, expecting the Adult Digimon to get back up and attack. There was silence.[/COLOR][/FONT]
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OOC; First off Kredion doesn't do worry.. Since i was busy and unable to post however.. I will over look this misguided attempt at his personality.. Oh and second.. Controling another's Character like that is considered a form of God Mod just so ya know.

Kredion Clenched the odd little device in his hand. His Strange light brown eyes that almost appeared to be a dark yellow Gazed at the fallen Champion level on the ground as if daring the Creature to move. He then flicked his glance over to Veemon and then back to the creature on the ground and gave a grunt as he turned and walked through the foilage behind him. Obviously not caring what the outcome of this was.

As he walked away he looked at the device in his hand. Leaves and Branches brushed against his Shoulders and arms as he walked. One even smacked him lightly in the head. Still he walked forward until he came to a small Stream With a large tree of some sorts sitting by the Bank of the stream.

He walked over to the tree and Leaned against it's trunk and Slid down until his bum hit the ground and Placed his Elbows on the top of his knees while he held the Digivice in his cupped hand. He looked the device over.. The odd symbols that ran in a weird circle around the Screen. The color, Strange heaviness forsuch a small Object. He even looked at the buttons as he tried to figure them out.

A Sudden Splash caught his attention and he saw the ripples in the water Before a stream of water shot out and smacked him in the face. Wiping the water from his face with the back of his hand He growled in annoyence as he pushed himself up using the tree trunk behind him and Shouted. " Who did that!".

A trio of Small Bluish- Purple Tadpole like things popped up out of the water and seemed to giggle in a musical voice. The first said." Does it matter?" The second." I think not." The last one. " He should be quiet or he might wake The Lake guardain.." The Second one." Oh yeah you don't want to wake the Lake guardain." The third." No no no.. That is not a good idea." He Looked at them and said." what are you three babbling about And better yet who are you?"

The Three digimon looked at each other and seemed to whisper before turning their attention back onto him and said." Otamamon is the name." The voice said in Union.. and Perhaps a wee bit to high.. As a rumbling from upstream was heard. They all looked that way as a Large wave roared down the Stream and the Otamamon gave crys of Surprise as they were Swept away in the current.

He backed up as the water splashed on the bank. and the glint of something shiney was seen upstream. As it grew closer a Head of what seemed to be a giant Sea serpent with a large Yellow head and a sharply Contrasted Blue Body and what appeared to be a red Tail. As it thrusted it's head out of the water and pulled itself up to it's full height. Kredion's Digivice gave a Soft glow and a screen Appeared with the following information.

Champion Level
Attacks including Ice Blast, Ice Arrow, Water Breath and Tail Swifter.
Seadramon are highly protective of their domains and are rumored to eat anything that falls in the water. They generally Live in lakes, small Seas, Large streams or the Oceans of the Digital world And their hunger for food is only Surpassed by their Agressive nature.

That made Kredion Light brown eyed Gaze to shift up and mutter at the Giant sea serpent like digimon." Great.. Just f%^ing Great."
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[quote name='Ugamon']OOC; First off Kredion doesn't do worry.. Since i was busy and unable to post however.. I will over look this misguided attempt at his personality.. Oh and second.. Controling another's Character like that is considered a form of God Mod just so ya know.[/QUOTE]

Please, elaborate. All I was trying to do was move the story along. I don't see any god-modding, personally. Also, I'm not sure you should be referring to it as a "Misguided attempt" seeing as how I could have never gleamed that particular detail from your audition post.


After waiting for a few moments, the group finally decided that the danger was over.

"Wait, where'd Kredion go?" wondered Rem.

"Leave him. I get the feeling him and Veemon can take care of themselves. We'll see them again," replied Guilmon.

Russel was a bit confused still. "Okay... Gigimon-"


"Whatever it is now. What the heck just happened? You were the size of my head and now you're a head shorter than me?"

"I Digivolved."


"Digivolve. It's a trait most Digimon have. When we get an extra boost of power, we can change and become stronger."

"So it's like a spontaneous metamorphosis."

Guilmon blinked. "Metamorphosis? What's that, Rem?"

"Well, it's like a caterpillar. After a while of being a caterpillar, they'll wrap themselves in a cocoon and hibernate. When they come back out, they're a butterfly."

"Yeah, that sounds about right. There's one big difference, though."

"What's that?"

"We can change back," replied Lopmon coolly.

"But we like it like this. We're staying at this level for now. You'll figure out why if you look behind you."
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Veemon sighed as he searched the area. "Hey! Where are you?" He shouted into the wilderness, his reply was a roar. He rushed off in the general direction of the sound only to find Kredion face-to-face with Seadramon.

"Alright, so you want me to fight this one off too?" Veemon asked facing the sea serpent. He only heard a soft "Uh-huh" before leaping into action.[I] "I don't know how long I'll be able to hold him off..."[/I]Veemon thought to himself.

Seadramon dove it's head into the water, avoiding Veemon's attack, but in return slapping him to the shore with it's long tail. Veemon grunted as he stood up. "He's much stronger than I thought. Kredion, go find the others, I'm going to fight until you bring back-up." He ordered.

OOC: I'll let whoever wants it continue on. Having a writers block kinda night if you know what I mean.
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He looked stunned as the little Blue monster leaped into Battle. His spirit in this was admirable. But suidical against a opponent many times his size and weight. This was a one sided battle and it didn't favor the little man.

As the Blue monster yelled for him to find the others. He Froze for only a second or two before dashing off towards and into the forest the way he had come As Branches and thorns Tore at his Clothing he bitterly cursed himself out for wandering off in this strange land. He had just basically asked for this to happen.

He stumbled into the clearing and slipped falling over onto a knee. Skinning it in the process which made his hiss a bit as he pushed himself back to his feet and said in a tumble of quick spoken words that would likely have to be repeated." I went of f to think and then these three weird little Blue purple Tadpoles started talking to me and said something about this guardain and then they got swept away by this wave and this Big Serpent like thing popped out and then Veemon attacked him and i think he's in deep trouble." He took a inhale air trying to catch his breath.
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"Told you so."

"Shut up and run, Guilmon."

Russel had discovered a new use for his new friend. He was quite adept at riding horses and figured if anything it would be easier to stay on the back of a four foot tall sentient dinosaur. Guilmon wasn't complaining. They needed to get there fast and he was more than strong enough to give a few piggybacks.

"It was this way," shouted Kredion, who was guiding the way for the other four companions.

Upon arriving, they found the area in shambles. Seadramon's tail was apparently quite long and powerful, as it had taken out a number of trees along the shoreline. Water was splashing everywhere, and in the middle of it all, there were the Rookie and the Champion, going at it tooth and claw.

"Perfect timing, guys!" shouted Veemon. "I don't suppose mind helping me out here?"

Without a word, the two other digimon leaped into the fray. As the onslaught continued, the odds were obviously beginning to even out. However, there was still something wrong. As the battle ended, the three beasts were very fatigued.

"Hey, Lopmon! Is there a problem?" Rem inquired, "You guys took down that bug thing really easily a minute ago. According to this... digivice thing, this guy's about the same!"

"Well... It's just that... We haven't... Eaten in a while," panted Lopmon.

"Oh, right, I guess we haven't eithe..." Russel hadn't realized how hungry he was until that moment. His stomach was doing bear impressions.

"Well, that settles it," quipped Guilmon.

"What do you mean?"

"I mean we'll sit here and starve, you idiot. Time to forage!"
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[SIZE="1"][b]OOC:[/b] Aceburner I hope you don't mind but since you already are controlling your Digimon and Destined I'd like to give the first evolution to Guilmon.[/SIZE]

[center][b]Episode 2
Howling fury! Growlmon appears![/b][/center]

[INDENT][FONT="Tahoma"][COLOR="DimGray"]"Okay, Guilmon! You're the fastest of us three and also the best hunter so Veemon and I will stay here and keep this snake busy while you go get food." Lopmon directed. "And hurry!"

Without even thinking for a second Guilmon nodded and dashed in the other direction towards the woods, Russ on his back. Rem looked at Lopmon with a worried look and back at the forest where Guilmon and Russ just disappeared into.

"I really hope they're back soon..." he said to Kredion.

"He better be." Kredion replied.

On the battlefield, the two child Digimon were struggling to stay alive let alone fight back. They had been in there fighting for a good 10 minutes and they had no energy [I]before[/I] the Seadramon even attacked. Finally a crushing blow was delivered to Lopmon and Veemon at the same time. With one swift bat of its tail, Seadramon sent the two monsters flying into the arms of their Destined partners.

Lopmon looked up at Rem with sadness in his eyes. "I'm sorry Rem, I tried so hard."

"Stop that, you did great." Rem glanced at the Seadramon who was starting to zone in on him and Kredion. Just as all hope seemed lost a yelp was heard from behind them. It was Russ.

"Hey! Seadramon! Yeah you, you big ugly worm! Over here!" Over and over Russ taunted and threw rocks at the serpent. It turned its head towards him just enough so that Guilmons oncoming sneak attack squared him right in the face. It seemed to do a decent amount of damage too.

"Has Guilmon eaten?" Kredion asked Russ who was still taunting nearby.

"Yeah! We could only find berries and shit but it was enough to give hi-" just at that moment Seadramon's tail shot out of the water behind Russ and latched onto his feet. It instantly pulled him down, deep into the lake.[/COLOR][/FONT][/INDENT]
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OoC: Works for me. I'm gonna do a little experiment here. James said at one point that he thought video embedding might work well with RP. So, I'm testing it. Let me know if it works.

Russel was taken completely by surprise. He let out a strange sound somewhere between a yelp and a grunt as he was dragged into the water below.


"I guess I'm done here. Too bad I never got to give this guy a real piece of my mind!" Russ muttered almost happily.

"Don't you dare give up that easily, idiot! Seadramon! Give my partner back or I swear you'll pay!"

Seadramon just smiled in a menacing fashion, as if daring Guilmon to move.

Russel had had enough. If Guilmon was that determined to help him out, he couldn't well give up on himself. In a fit of rage, he looked down and bit Seadramon's tail as hard as he could.

Seadramon shrieked in pain. Then he decided to return the favor. Just when it looked like it was all over, however, Russel's Digivice exploded forth in a burst of light.



Seadramon was paused in shock. It was the last mistake he ever made.

"[B]Dragon Slash![/B]" Exclaimed Growlmon. As he spoke, two large, decorative looking growths on his arms extended and began to glow. Roaring with rage, he slashed wildly. in seconds, Seadramon was no more.

"You okay?" Grunted Guilmon, who had changed back since he hadn't eaten much.

"Yeah, I'm fine" replied Russel, who was still in shock at what he just saw. "You destroyed that thing!"

"I had to. He would've killed you. Besides, he's not dead, look over there!"

Russel looked out at the water. There appeared to be an egg floating where Seadramon once was.
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[B][center]Episode 3
Digimon Switch-Up![/center][/B]
After a long night sleep and a good hardy breakfeast, the Destined went off in search of something to do. They still had no idea why they were in this strange world and the Digimon had no clue why regularly nice Digimon were attacking them.

"Lopmon," Rem said, Lopmon glanced at him. "How do you know I'm your partner?"

"Well that's simple! I was able to digivolve to Lopmon because of you!" Rem thought about this for a minute.

"We've seen tons of Digimon already and some of them are even higher leveled than you. Is it possible each one of them has a partner too?"

"Nope, not at all. You guys are the only humans here. They must've digivolved on their own somehow." Lopmon responded.

"Right, that's what I thought. When you, Gigimon and Demiveemon digivolved to what you are now, I noticed that only Russel's digivice was glowing. And if I'm right, and the digivice is the connection between the partner and the Digimon, then that would mean you and Veemon digivolved on your own." Just as Kredion was about to reply with his own theory, some rocks on the ground shuffled apart and a bright beam of light escaped from the cracks. Inside the light a hologram of a short old man appeared.

"Greetings" he said. "I am Gennai."

"Wah!" Russ yelped. "Are you an evil Digimon too! Kill him Guilmon!"

"No, I am neither human nor Digimon. But I am here to help. You see there has been some trouble."

"What kind of trouble?" asked Kredion.

"Well, when you three children were called to the Digital World, 2 others were meant to join you. And you Digimon, when you were waiting in that forest for you partners there should have been 2 other Digimon with you." Gennai explained.

"So.. what are you saying?" Rem wondered.

"This absence of Digimon and Destined Children has caused a mix-up of partners. Lopmon and Veemon, you were able to digivolve to the Rookie level because you wanted to save your friends but you'll find neither of you can digivolve further withour your correct partners."

"So..." Veemon trailed off. "Kredion and I aren't partners?!" the poor blue dino almost seemed hurt.

"I'm afraid not. Veemon and Lopmon, your partners are not here with you right now. Rem and Kredion, your Digimon are not with you either. Guilmon and Russel, you two are the only correct partnership right now so do whatever you can to protect the others until you're all together." at that moment, Gennai began to cut out. The hologram faded and only his last words were heard before completely ending transmission. "[i]The digivices will lead the way!"[/i]"

There was a short silence between the troupe as they all thought about the meeting with Gennai.

"Well, if he's right and we need our real partners to get back home then let's go find them!" Rem proclaimed. Kredion jumped to his feet beside him and for the first time since arriving, he smiled at the others.

"I agree, I'm a little excited to see what my Digimon looks like." he said. Veemon glared at him. "Not that you aren't great or anything, Veemon!"

Everyone laughed and stood to get ready to go. Just as their things were packed, Rems digivice started beeping like crazy.

"Guys!" he shouted. "I think one of the missing kids or digimon are near!" and off he ran in the direction the digivice pointed. The others ran after him, slightly annoyed that they were running.[/FONT][/COLOR][/INDENT]

[SIZE="1"][CENTER][b]OOC:[/b] Wow, long post. So basically in your posts, have the group finding the different missing partners. I will post when we find Tanemon (Rems digimon), Kredion can post us finding his Digimon, Darren will post us finding Lopmons partner and Pyrus will post us finding Veemons partner. Aceburner, if you want to post you can do a filler post of whatever you want.

How you guys come across your missing partner in your post is entirely up to you. Maybe they've been kidnapped and need rescuing or maybe they just happen to stumble onto the scene by chance. It's all your choice. Once we've got everyone in the group with their correct partners we can finally begin the real adventure.[/CENTER][/SIZE]
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[SIZE="1"][B]"Whoa, what happened?"[/B] Judith Liano had just woken up in the digital world. (although it's name was still unknown to her)

The last thing she could remember was storming off to her small bedroom back home, after having an argument with her father. She remembered drifting off to bed and then hitting the ground with a sharp thud. She figured that she might have just rolled out of bed, but never that she had rolled into a forest.

[B]"Where am I?"[/B] she asked aloud, glancing from left to right. she was at the edge of what appeared to be a forest. In front of her was a valley of flowers bordering a lake. It was absolutely beautiful either way.

[B]"You're in the digital world, child?"[/B] A voice emerged from the woods. It was a slightly high pitched sound and startled Judy. When she turned around, two figures stood only inches away, almost looking over he body.

[B]"Don't be afraid,"[/B] the second, deeper-sounding thing announced, [B]"We don't mean you any harm. We've been watching over you while you slept."[/B]

[B]"You looked quite peaceful,"[/B] the first one, which Jude had guessed was a girl, [B]"So we didn't wake you."[/B]

She was cautious to speak to the small figures. She couldn't even see their faces due to the dark shroud the forest caused. [B]"What are you?[/B]

[B]"We're digimon,"[/B] the man said stepping forward with the other. They were wearing chef-like attire and appeared to have a sesame seed buns on their heads. [B]"I'm Papa Burgermon."[/B]

[B]"And I'm Mama Burgermon."[/B]

At first, their appearance scared Jude out of her wits, but their warm welcome and protective personalities reminded her of her granparents... Not to mention that they were SO CUTE!

[B]"Hi! I'm Judith. Judith Liano, but you can call me Jude or Judy. Whichever you prefer.[/B] The group exchanged formalities and then Judy had to ask the question that had been on her mind for a while.

[B]"Why exactly am I here? Is this just a dream from hitting my head or did I really escape to this wonderful place."[/B] The digimon seemed taken aback by her question.

They had heard children would begin arriving in their world, but were warned against interacting unless they were their digital partners, simply because the humans might be scared and confused, and might cause them to lash out. But this girl seemed so excited to be here. It was as if she had been born there. Currently, she was wandering the beautiful field of flowers, picking strange ones here and their, exclaiming that she'd never seen them before.

[B]"Well, You're here because you're important. You're supposed to meet your destined partner and save us using that device you're holding."[/B] Mama Burgermon said pointing Jude's pink digivice.

[B]"This thing?"[/B] she asked holding it up, [B]"I don't how much good this thing could do. I think it's broken."[/B]

[B]"Why do you say that, Judy?"[/B] Papa Burgermon asked?

[B]"Well, it has this arrow and it keeps beeping."[/B] She said.

[B]"Can we see?"[/B] Mama asked? After a brief moment of examination she screamed with excitement, [B]"Oh! That's pointed right in the direction of our village."[/B]

[B]"You can stay with us and we'll protect you until the other destined children come!"[/B] Papa Burgermon interjected.

The couple sounded so enthusiastic and excited to have Judith in their village, how could she say no? She nodded, holding a large smile, and the group set off for the Hamburger Village.

Suddenly, a loud screech penetrated the entire area. The Burgermon screamed and tackled Jude, forcing her to hide amongst the flowers.

[B]"What is it,"[/B] she asked.

[B]"That's a Flymon. We just need to stay quiet until he leaves."[/B] But it was too late, the flying digimon had already locked its gaze on Judith.

[B]"Spicy Onion!"
"Delicious Patty!"[/B] The Burgermon screamed as the attacked their winged combatant, but it was too fast and dodged.

I came in close, knocking Mama Burgermon to the side, and landed right over Jude's body. It examined her as if it had never seen a digimon quite like here before. Whatever Flymon was looking for, he found it, because he suddenly grabbed Judith with its giant talons and carried the screaming girl away, over the edge of the forest and out of sight.

[B]"Are you okay Mama?"[/B] Papa Burgermon asked.

[B]"I'm fine, but how are we going to save Judith?"[/B] The female said as she rose to her feet.

[B]"We need to find the other destined children. They could help her for sure. We know that they were in the direction of our village, so that's the best place to start. We should send out all the Burgermon to find them."[/B][/SIZE]
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The group ran in anticipation and excitement. The beeping of the digivice got louder the closer they got to their target.

Veemon could see a small village in the distance, it looked unihabited but the large Flymon overhead said otherwise. A scream could be heard coming from the flying digimon, as could a familiar beeping sound.

"Looks like we found one of the chosen humans..." Kredion stated. Rem and the others nodded. "Now the question is, how are we gonna get her down from way up there?" Veemon asked.

"I don't think any of us could reach Flymon, even if I digivolved to Growlmon..." Guilmon looked at Russel, a sad expression apparent on his face. Rem spoke up "We'll just have to find a way to get up there!"

As he said that, the voices of two unknown Digimon sounded.

[I]"Jude! Don't worry we're coming!" [/I]one said, a deep sounding voice

[I]"That's right!" [/I]said the other, a softer voice.

The group turned to trace the origins of the voices, only to see a pair of Burgermon rushing headlong after the vicious Flymon.
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[FONT="Tahoma"][COLOR="DimGray"]"Spicy Onion!"

"Delicious Patty!" both Burgermon appeared from behind some brush, followed by what seemed to be 20 more. They all launched their attacks and while Flymon was swift he was not fast enough to dodge 20 onion attacks. One of the delicious patties smacked his feet and he lost his grip on Jude.

"Somebody catch me!" she screamed. A bunch of Burgermon scrambled to get underneath her and, piling ontop of eachother, created a comfortable landing for the scared DigiDestined.

"Oh thank goodness! Thank you Burgermon!" the Burgermon just blushed and bowed to her. All of the Digimon moved to the side as Papa Burgermon and Mama Burgermon walked up to the group of destined children.

"Jude, this is where you belong.. With the other DigiDestined."

"Thank you Burgermon! You've been so helpful." Jude said sincerely.

All the Digimon and their partners waved goodbye to all the Burgermon as they disappeared over the hill into their village.

"Why couldn't we have gone with them? I'm hungry." Guilmon complained.

"Because," Rem smirked. "I think there's someone else near here." All four DigiDestined looked at their Digivices and noticed there were a few red blinking lights.

"Hmm, well mine only beeps when I point it in this direction." Kredion said.

"And mine when I point it in this direction." Rem noted. The two looked at eachother and nodded.

"So why don't we split up, get these lost Digimon or Destined and then meet back up?" Rem asked. Everyone agreed.

"Alright, Russ and Guilmon, you guys come with me. Jude, Lopmon, and Veemon go with Kredion. We'll meet back at this waterfall when we've found whoever's missing. Good luck you guys!"

And so Rem, Russ and Guilmon ventured into the deep woods while Jude, Lopmon and Veemon traveled with Kredion towards the beach. Rem could only wonder what his Digimon would look like.[/COLOR][/FONT]
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"You had one of the Chosen ones in your very grasp and you DROPPED HER?!"

"Please, forgive me, master! It won't happen again!" sobbed the Flymon piteously.

Boogeymon was in a foul mood. He knew the prophesy, and it was coming true. Ever since those meddling kids had suddenly appeared in his territory, they had been nothing but trouble. Yanmamon, his guardian of the skies, had fallen and was no longer under his control. Seadramon was reduced to egg form. And now this bumbling idiot couldn't even defend against a bunch of sandwich chefs! The only good thing that had happened so far was the initial mix-up of partners, and he couldn't afford to lose that advantage. Curse that old man for blabbing!

"You get one more chance. It's more than you've ever deserved. Now go out there and take out that annoying red dinosaur. He's the only one standing in my way right now. And I want his partner and the one with the goggles dead. DEAD! Bring me their heads as proof!"

"B-but sir, I've never-"

"Shut up you blubbering fool! It's kill or be killed! By me!"

"Yes, sir."

Watching Flymon depart, Boogeymon felt uneasy. While he knew Flymon was relatively strong and had more than enough venom in him to kill a herd of bull elephants, the fact remained that Flymon wasn't a killer. this troubled him a bit, but failure meant death, so either Flymon would do his job or Boogeymon would have a good laugh watching him suffer.

"You sent for me, master?"

"Ah, Renamon! I want you to keep an eye on those kids and make sure they never meet up with the resistance."

"Sir, about the resistance, I believe it's still being led by Mikemon. She's a champion level and-"

"And you're more than a match for her, as you've proven time and time again. Now hop to it, my little fox!"

As Renamon left to fulfill her duty, Boogeymon smiled to himself. Perhaps good help wasn't as hard to come by as he had thought!
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[SIZE="1"]When the group split, Jude felt a little bit rushed. I mean, she was almost killed by some horrible flying creature, she met up with likely the only human beings on this world, and then she was pushed off with a the rough, silent type and her apparent digimon. Suddenly, this world wasn't as appealing as before.

[B]"So you're my digimon, huh?"[/B]

[COLOR="Sienna"][B]"YEP!"[/B][/COLOR] The cute brown digimon, whose name Jude learned was Lopmon, beamed back at her. He was even cuter than the Burgermon! Judith screamed with excitement and embraced the little monster, swinging him around in circles.

This only seemed to cause annoyance out of the other boy, and Jude decided to settle down. She figured that if this was one of the only human beings she would make contact with, then she should at least try not to get on his nerves.

[B]"So..."[/B] She said, grasping for the right words to start the conversation. But she realized that she didn't even know this boy's name, [B]"What's your name again?"[/B]

He just turned his head toward a particularly dull rock and didn't mutter a single word. [I]"Wow, did I do something to make him mad?"[/I] She thought.

[COLOR="Sienna"][B]Don't worry, Judy! He doesn't talk much, but his name is Kredion."[/B][/COLOR]

[B]"That's a pretty unique name,"[/B] she said to the boy, [B]"Where are you from?[/B] But still, he gave no response.

Turning to Lopmon, she asked, [B]"How do you know that we're partners?"[/B]

[COLOR="Sienna"][B]"Well, I obviously wasn't partnered correctly with Rem, but now that I'm with you, I feel the difference. It just feels perfect that we're together."[/B][/COLOR]

[B]"I know exactly what you mean."[/B]

The group stopped occasionally to rest, but for the most part, the day consisted of Jude and Lopmon chatting away and Kredion giving small grunts or sighs when they tried to talk to him. Jude even thought he said 'yes,' once but he mumbled so she couldn't be sure. Lopmon thought it was because he was jealous of their partnership, but Judy wasn't so sure. Some people just like to be left alone, and she hoped that she would be able to do something in the future to become friends with Kredion.[/SIZE]
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[center][b]Episode 4
Knock on wood![/b][/center]
Two of the destined children, Rem and Russel as well as Russ' Digimon had been wandering through the same forest for what seemed like days now. They were passing stumps they could've sworn they'd seen before and were generally getting more depressed and tired with every step.

"Guys," Guilmon pleaded. "Guys, please." Both boys ignored the red dino. He had been pestering them for the last hour to stop and take a breather.

"My legs really hurt." said Russ. "Maybe we [i]should[/i] stop."

Rem stopped walking but said nothing. Guilmon and Russel glanced at eachother and patiently awaited his response.

"Fine," Rem let out. Guilmon and Russ let out a sigh of relief and slumped down onto their behinds, finally being able to stop. "You two stay here, I'll keep looking. My Digivice is still beeping so my Digimon [i]has[/i] to be near."

Russ stood up and quickly grabbed Rems shoulder as he was leaving. He pulled him back and talked right into the goggle-headed boys ear.

"Look, Rem. We want to find your Digimon as much as you do but we've been walking for hours and still there's nothing. We have to rest and if you leave us we have to follow you to protect you. What good is having Guilmon here if he can't digivolve because he's too tired from walking?!"

There was silence. Rem slouched down onto a stump and stared at the ground. Russ let go of his shoulder.

"You're right." Rem agreed. "I'm sorry." Guilmon glanced sadly at Rem.

"Rem... we'll find him eventually!" he encouraged. Rem smirked a little bit and just at that moment the stump he was sitting on uprooted and grabbed his arms and legs. A face appeared on the front and grinned at Russel and Guilmon. It quickly made off into the woods with Rem leaving Russ and Guilmon behind.

"Come on, Guilmon! We have to get Rem back!" Russ shouted. Guilmon tried to stand but slumped back onto the ground.

"Russ~ I can't. I'm too tired... I'm sorry." Guilmon yawned sleepily and rubbed his growling stomach. "And that was a [url=http://digimon.wikia.com/wiki/Woodmon#Woodmon]Woodmon[/url], they're very fast."

Russ glared at the ground angrily and clenched a fist. There was nothing he could do but wait.


When Rem woke up he was in a damp and dreary cave. It was very dark but after feeling around he realized he was in a cage. Off in the distance he could see a small fire pit and a bunch of Woodmon dancing around it. Were they planning on sacrificing him? Or going to eat him? Either way he didn't want to stay to find out so he began tossing and turning to try and break the cage.

"That won't work." said a gentle voice from another cage. "These cages are made from Woodmon wood which is nearly impenetrable."

"Damn. There's got to be a way... huh?" Rems pocket started to vibrate and he took out a wildly shaking Digivice. His Digimon had to be near. He looked around and as far as he could see there was only one other cage. The one that contained that sweet, gentle voice.

"Excuse me but... I believe you are my Digimon." Rem said.

"I believe you are right, Rem." it replied. Rem was a little surprised it already knew his name.

"When I was waiting for you to come to our world I was whisked away by an evil Woodmon and I've been in this cage ever since. With you here, I feel more powerful then ever before!" the Digimon took a deep breath and shot out a stream of bubbles. "Bubble blow!"

It didn't even scratch the wooden cage but it was enough to bust open the poorly constructed lock. The Digimon jumped out of her cage and revealed herself to Rem.

"Those Woodmon sure know how to craft wood but when it comes to metal work they have no idea what they're doing! The name's [url=http://digimon.wikia.com/wiki/Tanemon#Tanemon]Tanemon![/url]" she said excitedly. It was a small green plant digimon with bright red eyes and two leafs on her head. She attacked Rems lock and it fell apart instantly allowing him to escape. Realizing Tanemon had small feet he picked her up and ran out of the cave.

Just as they thought they were going to make it out alive, a nearby patrolling Woodmon noticed them leaving and sounded the alarm. They were now surrounded by 6 stumps. Tanemon was quick to act and leaped out of Rems arms to fight. Noticing the trouble they were both in, the small green Digimon began to digivolve.

"Tanemon digivolved to..." Tanemon grew long arms and legs. A caveman-like cloak fell onto her and a giant slingshot strapped to her back. "[url=http://digimon.wikia.com/wiki/Koemon#Koemon]Koemon![/url]"

"Whoa! You're a monkey!" Rem exclaimed.

"Swing swing!" Koemon yelled. He took the slingshot off his back and swung it around, knocking some of the Woodmon into others. He was doing decent damage but there were just too many. Just as all hope seemed lost the Woodmon all fled in terror leaving a baffled monkey and a very confused DigiDestined.

"Thought you could use some help!" shouted Russel. He was riding on the back of a very large and intimidating Growlmon.

"Pyro Blaster!" he roared as a huge ball of fire engulfed the whole Woodmon camp. After the fire settled, not a single Woodmon remained and Growlmon shrunk back to Guilmon.[/FONT][/COLOR][/INDENT]

[center][b]Episode 5
Trouble brews, Lopmon refuses to lose![/b][/center]
"I don't know what I would've done were it not for you guys." said Rem. "I'm in your debt."

"Don't fret! After we ate we saw some smoke from a fire pit and figured you'd be near so we rushed here asap. I see you found your partner?" Russ asked.

"Yes! This is Koemon."

"I'm pleased to meet you." he said very kindly. Koemon looked up at Rem inquisitively. "So what now, Rem?"

"Well.. I guess now we meet back at the waterfall."[/FONT][/COLOR][/INDENT]
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Veemon's stomach growled. He and Kredion were just as annoyed and confused as Lopmon and their newest companion, Jude. The beach waters gave off a peaceful atmosphere, quiet but peaceful.

Kredion stopped and turned to face the group. "What are we going to do for food?" He blurted out. Jude and Lopmon jumped for joy "He talked he talked!" Jude cheered. Veemon simply smiled but saw Kredion's fist clench. "Well, me and Lopmon and search for fish and maybe some berries while you and Jude set up a fire.

Kredion's brow twitched. Veemon ran off before he could say anything, towards the sandy shoreline of the ocean. Small fish flew out of the water before him. It made him happy, but then he thought about his DigiDestined. He didn't know who he was or even where he was.

Lopmon joined him at the edge. "Ready?" She asked hesitantly, Veemon nodded and together they jumped into the water, grabbing fish as quickly as they saw them appear. Kredion and Jude were silently setting up wood gathered from around the area to make the campsite. Jude looked at him as he arranged wood based on dampness for the best chance of burning and smiled.

"Do you know who your partner is Kredion?" She piped up softly. He huffed. "I [I]thought[/I] it was Veemon, but some old man by the name of Gennai told me otherwise." he mumbled his response.
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[SIZE="1"][B]"You mean there's other people here?"[/B] Jude asked. She handed Kredion a piece of firewood that he quickly examined and calmly threw into one of two piles. [B]"You're really good at this kinda stuff aren't you?"[/B]

[B]'I've built hundreds of fires, if that's what you're asking."[/B] By that point, Kredion had already constructed an interesting structure and was working on lighting it.

[B]"What do you think your digimon will be like?"[/B] There was no answer. He kept working intently, thrust into his job and not paying attention to even a word of it.

Jude commended him at his ability to tune people out, but she was tired of him doing that to her. He had ignored her the entire trip so far and just because he might have been annoyed by her, doesn't give him the right.

[B]"Are you planning on answering my question?"[/B] She pressed even further; Kredion concentrating even harder on the pieces of scrap wood that he was desperately trying to ignite.


Kredion threw his sticks to the ground, a small trail of smoke rising up from them caused by the friction. Jude had thought that she had finally sent the boy over the edge, but instead Kredion just sat there and said nothing for the longest time. Only the occasional rushing splash of water on the shore could be heard.

[B]"Where's the digimon?"[/B] He finally said aloud. [B]"I can't here them anymore."[/B]

Jude sat up at this alarming set of news and she realized that she couldn't hear them either.

[B]"Lopmon! Veemon!"[/B] She shouted, followed by Kredion. They searched behind every tree or rock, and most of the shoreline the shoreline, Hoping to find that the digimon had fallen asleep after stuffing their faces.

[COLOR="Blue"][B]"I'm fine."[/B][/COLOR] Veemon sounded and looked terrible, as if he had lost a fight. [COLOR="blue"][B]"You need to help Lopmon."[/B][/COLOR]

[B]"Why what's wrong?"[/B] Kredion asked.

[B]"Where is she?"[/B]

Suddenly a fox-like humanoid dropped, seemingly from the skies, right on top of here. [B]"Maybe I cold help you out with that."[/B] It spoke.

[B]"Who are you?"[/B] Judith screamed, [B]"And what have you done with Lopmon?[/B] Veemon was struggling to stand up at Jude's side and she feared what damage this fox could do to poor Lopmon.

[B]"My name is Renamon,"[/B] the creature said, [B]"And I'm the one who can save your friend's life."[/B] She held up the brown digimon by the ears. He looked just as bad as Veemon did. [B]"I'll spare this little nuisance's life if you agree to turn back now.[/B]

[B]"No way,"[/B] Kredion said at once. Jude glared at him with the most anger she could possibly generate.

[B]"Well than it looks like I have no choice."[/B] Renamon jumped up and back into what Judy considered plainer ground.

[B]Veemon, can't you help her?"[/B] She asked desperately. Veemon shook his head silently.

[COLOR="blue"][B]"I can only do that when I'm with my digidestined partner."[/B][/COLOR]

[B]"Consider your next answer wisely."[/B] Renamon said again. Judith felt like screaming for Lopmon as he hung by his poor ears.[/SIZE]
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Veemon and Kredion growled together. "If only..." Veemon mumbled, putting his fists up, he prepared to launch an attack on Renamon. The fox Digimon only snickered.

"You think you can take me on in your condition?" She scoffed. Veemon nodded, growling again.

Renamon lifted Lopmon higher into the air before throwing him to Jude. "Come at me!" Veemon took the invitation gladly and jumped at Renamon without missing a beat.

"V-headbutt!" He tried ramming into his fox opponent. She moved behind him in a flash, knocking him sideways with a flick of her arm. Veemon grunted as he hit the ground, bouncing once before landing on his head.

A beeping sound suddenly broke through the air. Kredion looked at his Digivice, it was pointing to the sea of trees they had passed on the way here. A bush moved, again.

"No! It can't be!" Renamon shouted, she ran towards the forest, ignoring the injured Veemon to fufill her initial mission: getting rid of DigiDestined or chosen Digimon.

A head popped out, a human head. It was a girl, she examined the area and seeing Renamon rushing towards her, decided she was in the right place, at the right time.

She poked her head back into the bush and snuck out behind Renamon. Kredion only smirked, Jude shouting "Hey! Over here!". The girl saw her chance and sprinted towards the beach, and her partner.

Veemon stood up, determined to fight some more, he saw the girl running towards her and instantly knew. "That's the one..." he ran to greet her despite the 'raging' battle, she introduced herself as Mist.

"So, you're Veemon's partner?" Kredion asked. "Yes, I think so... why?" Kredion pointed towards Renamon. The fox digimon was pissed and wasn't letting Mist get in the way of failing her mission.

"Ready Veemon?" She faced Renamon. Veemon nodded and prepared to fight.
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[SIZE="1"][B]"This is bad,"[/B] Jude said aloud as she watched on in amazement at the battle that had unfolded before her.

This Renamon seemed to have unnatural speed and agility. She had flung Lopmon and Veemon around like they were rag-dolls. None of the group had eaten in quite a while and, worst of all, neither of them even knew how to digivolve.

[B]"Lopmon, I need you to help Veemon."[/B] She said. The little brown digimon jumped into action and was sprinting towards Renamon, followed by Veemon.

The new girl, Mist was her name, seemed oddly comfortable given the battle conditions and the strange new world that she was in. But there really wasn't time to question her bravery. [B]"We need to figure out how to get them to digivolve."[/B] she shouted at Kredion and Mist.

[B]"Digi-what?"[/B] Mist asked, completely confused.

[B]"It makes them get bigger and stronger,"[/B] Kredion explained, [B]"But it only works when they have energy... None of us have had anything to eat. And I'm sure that neither of them caught any fish earlier."[/B]

[COLOR="Sienna"][B]"Whoa!"[/B][/COLOR] Lopmon shouted. When Jude looked over, she discovered that Veemon had been thrown into a tree. Several branches snapped and fell to the ground around him. [COLOR="sienna"][B]"I'll have to watch out for that attack."[/B][/COLOR]

[B]"Hurry up!"[/B] Mist screamed, [B]"We have to do something!"[/B]

Just then, it dawned on Judith: She had food. She threw off her backpack and began frantically searching through its contents. Both of her comrades were confused at what she was planning. They tried to ask her, but she ignored them and continued to search.

[B]"Here it is!"[/B] she screamed with excitement and pulled out three extra-small hamburgers. Each one was about the size of her thumb.

[B]"Where did you get those?"[/B] Kredion asked.

[B]"The Burgermon gave them to me. They told me to use them with caution. It's digi-power food!"[/B]

[B]"How could you forget you had them?"[/B] he shouted, [B]"You're useless."[/B]

[COLOR="Blue"][B]"Ahhh!"[/B][/COLOR] Just then, Veemon and Lopmon were both thrown into the air.

[B]"Power Paw!"[/B] Renamon growled, and attacked the falling digmon like it was batting practice. They flew through the air, Veemon landing in the sea, Lopmon sliding across the ground into a rock.

Just then, Mist grabbed one of the small burgers and sprinted off towards the water, ignoring the warnings from Kredion and Judith.

[B]"I don't think so, human."[/B] The fox digimon sprinted to the water, easily beating Mist there. She fell back on her butt, trying to scramble away, but Renamon scooped her up in her arms and began sprinting away. [B]"You humans prove to be too much of a nuisance. I believe that taking you away to kill you would be a much better plan."[/B]

Mist screamed, with Veemon attempting to follow, but he was too tired and too slow. Mist was out of sight before any of them even knew what was happening. Jude had to do something, so she ran to Lopmon.

[B]"Here. Eat this, it will make you better."[/B]

Before Lopmon had even taken the first bite, he as up on his feet. Just then, Judith noticed her digivice glowing...

[B][COLOR="Sienna"]"Lopmon digivolved to..."[/COLOR][/B] He was emmersed in a bright light. And then, [COLOR="sienna"][B][URL="http://img113.imageshack.us/img113/718/turuiemonbm4.jpg"][COLOR="DarkOrchid"]"Turuiemon!"[/COLOR][/URL][/B][/COLOR]

The once brown digiomon, was only slightly taller than herself, but he was leaner, and an amazing shade of jade. Turuiemon was wearing two red gloves, which held double-bladed gauntlets. And with his long ears, he looked more like a rabbit than he did before.

[COLOR="DarkOrchid"][B]"Get on, Jude."[/B][/COLOR] He commanded. She noted that his voice was deeper. And even though it scared her, she found odd comfort on his back. She knew that he wouldn't hurt her.

The land passed by in a myriad of colors. Judith had to close her eyes because it was making her dizzy. She was jerked to the side a few times as Turuiemon made last minute turns. No doubt, he was closing in on Mist and Renamon. And then he stopped. The jade rabbit let her down easily and when she opened her eyes, Jude saw that Mist was on the ground as well, scrambling away from the fox. Both digimon remained in a fighting stance. It seemed that neither one blinked and the tension was almost visible.

Renamon let out a growl and charged Turuiemon, but he was too fast. He side-stepped, tripped the fox, and shouted, [COLOR="darkorchid"][B]"Gauntlet Claw!"[/B][/COLOR] attacking with both of his blades into the back of Renamon.

She stumbled into a tree, trying to remain composed. Then she moved again, shouting attacks left and right, but Turuiemon managed to miss every one.

Renamon, finally landed a small glance as she brought a knee up to the rabbit's chin. A quick backflip, diverted most of the blow, but it showed Turuiemon that it was time to go on the offensive. He charged at the fox, moving so fast, Judith couldn't keep up. It seemed that he was on her left at one second, and then on her right the next.

[COLOR="darkorchid"][B]"Ninja Fist!"[/B][/COLOR] he shouted, and pelted the fox with a barrage of punches all over her body. She flew into the air, and Turuiemon jumped after her. [COLOR="darkorchid"][B]"Tokaku Tessou!"[/B][/COLOR] The gauntlets were brought down on Renamon's chest and she plummetted to the ground at alarming speeds, landing with a dull, bone-crushing thud.

The fight seemed to be over. Turuiemon landed gracefully and walked over to Jude and Mist to make sure they were okay.

[B]"You are so cool!"[/B] she said, hugging Turuiemon as hard as she could.

But then, they all noticed that Renamon was standing again. Despite all the damage that Turuiemon had done, the fox acted as though she didn't have a scratch on her. Turuiemon was about to charge his enemy once again, but she held up her hand; a sign of surrender.

[B]"You have won."[/B] She began to walk away, but turned around to address the group one last time, [B]"Maybe it's better that the girl stay with you."[/B] she said, pointing to Mist. Despite her fury from earlier, the fox seemed to have a strange kindness in her voice, [B]"Good luck to all of you."[/B] And then she disappeared.

The three of them wondered what she could have possibly meant, or why she had just given up when she clearly could have continued the fight, but then Turuiemon transformed back into Lopmon, jumping into Judith's arms. They embraced each other for what seemed like an eternity.

[B]"We should probably get back to the rest of the group."[/B] Mist suggested. They all agreed, and began their long trek back to Kredion and Veemon. For what seemed like only seconds among Turuimon's back would take quite a while for them to return.[/SIZE]
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Veemon sat down by the fire Kredion had made just minutes ago. "I hope they're okay..." he mumbled to himself. Kredion just sat there, Veemon was getting restless. He went back to the sea's edge for fish.

They were jumping haphazardly as they had been before the attack. The flashbacks of what had happened there flooded Veemon's mind. He tried pushing them out as he stepped into the water, arms outstretched, ready to catch some fish.


Lopmon and Veemon had been catching fish like there was no tomorrow. Several laid out across the edge of the water that they had already caught. Lopmon stopped and turned to look at Veemon.

"Did you hear something?" He said. Veemon stopped.

"No, nothing but the fish jumping out of the water. Why?" Lopmon shrugged the question off and continued fishing and Veemon followed suit.

Just then, Renamon came across the water, attacking both of them in a quick strike. Neither of them had anytime to counter much less stand back up before they were knocked down once more.
[i]~end flashback[/i]

Veemon shook the thought out of his mind. [i]"I'm sure Lopmon and Jude were able to save Mist..."[/i] he thought snagging the first fish within his range.
Mist looked at Lopmon and Jude with a smile. "It's starting to get dark. We should set up camp." She suggested.

Jude looked back at her. "We have to get back to V-"

"No, we can't! We might get attacked if we keep going. Lopmon might not have enough energy to fight too many enemies off either!" She interrupted. Jude wiped a stunned look off her face before looking at Lopmon, who only nodded.

"Okay. You're probably right. Lopmon, help us out would you?" she replied.
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