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Drizzt Do'urden

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War decends on the planet Furillia. The five races that have ruled the five continents have been at odds for a decade now over the stones of power that fell from the sky nearly a century ago. A small island in the center of the ocean is the setting for the final deliberation over the fate of the races and the stones.....

Grand sorcerer: Let us gather and hear the call of Tai-bur. Let him decide who will be the choosen hero...

This is just a small portion of the intro to Day of Destruction. The story is set in a land where five "master" races have to pick a hero each for a "joint" operation. Each race will have it's own god and intro story (written by whoever decides they'd like to be envolved in this).

While war breaks out, our heros who are summoned by the "grand sorcerers" of their countries.

The first half of the story will be the characters on their own until eventually the "plot will thicken".

The Races: (Be creative, I don't describe the appearances because because I want you to feel free to "design" your own look, please include a picture of what your character might look like.)

Sapians: Baisc human race. can use any type of low level magic and weild any weapon. Jack of all trades master of none. Their stone is the spirit stone (allowing them mastery of any spirit magic (sort've like ki)

Magi: Magic weilding race. Not very good in hand to hand combat, can use and master type of magic. Their stone is the stone of water (allowing them to master water magic even at a young age)

Slythes: Race of thieves. Very dexterious. They are excellent marksman and swordsman. They are able to master the healing arts, both magical and herbal Their stone is the stone of wind (allowing them to master wind magic (both healing and offensive))

Krun: Barbarians, very large people who rush into battle usually weilding giant hammers, giant axes, and other large weapons. They cannot use magic. (Their stone is the stone of earth, allowing them to use and master earth magics)

Ashlands: Assassins by nature, very skilled in the use of all weapons, are known to dual wield. They are able to use a few offensive spells, and spells that confuse their opponents in battle Their stone is the stone of fire, allowing them to master fire spells.

Each Element also has its own specialty:

Okay the signups:

1: Character Name
2: Race
3: What boost you get from your elementX2: courage, love, bravery etc (don't be afraid to be creative or use something someone else has)
4: Characters job: Soldier, Warrior for hire, farmer, housewife...etc
5: Character Description (try and post a picture to go along with it, but if you can't post a picture be a little more detailed in your description)
6: Biography of you character (Be as detailed as possible)

I'm going to be posting once a day. I know everyone can't post that often, but I would like to ask that only people who can post at least 5X a week ( Things come up I know that's why I say 5X incase something comes up It won't be as big a problem once the characters meet but for the first half of the story it could slow everyone else down
There is also a sixth race. the orcanians or "orcs". They are an antagonist race and are located within every continent causing trouble and raiding villiages.

Any other creature you want to add is fine, if you want dragons, goblins, etc that's fine just add them to the story. Just know they are not part of the "master" races and I would rather them not take to much part in the story

[orange] also, if I get all 5 races filled, I do need a couple people to post as the "baddies" PM me if you're interested because there are some "special" circumstances behind them.

My Character:

Name: Lucien
Race: Sapian
Elemental boost: Love and Power
Job: Pampared Prince
Character Description: Kaim Argonar from Lost Odysee
Biography: Never having to lift a finger for the first 17 years of his life. Kaim began to yearn for adventure. He began partitioning his fathers bodyguards for lessons on swordplay and marksmanship. He became very keen at both but it still wasn't enough to quell his lust for adventure. At age 18 his oldest brother was killed making him first in line for succession causing his father to end his lessons for fear he would be hurt and unable to lead. Though Kaim is 19 now, his hidden lust for adventure has reached it's peak and he is preparing to run away and leave the capital...
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Name: Avis
Race: Ashlands
Elemental boost: Speed and Charm
Job: Assassin
Character Description: Hei from Darker than Black
Biography: His mother dying after childbirth, and his father nowhere to be found the the ruthless guild of assassins known as The Nighthawks took Avis in. Being that the death of his mother after childbirth was a good omen(in their eyes) foretelling the birth of a master assassin they raised him in their ways. Trained by assassins Avis grew to be emotionless, cold, ruthless and when pressed to much sadistic. It was'nt until He turned 18 that he snapped and killed one of his trainers. Becoming a target of the guild that took him in he was forced to flee. He became a wanderer donning a mask to conceal his identity, he took on many assassination jobs until until word of his ruthlessness and ability echoed endlessly in the underworld. Encounters with his former guild have been few for reasons unknown to him, but he wastes no time becoming stronger in preparation for his next encounter. The First priority Avis has is to kill all who are in the Nighthawks, but secondly Avis searches for passion, something to live his life for that will make him feel alive(this part of the reason why he takes on so many jobs, in hope that one of them will reveal an answer to his question). He wields two short swords, and has a particular fondness for using combustible wire bombs on his opponents in combination with his fire spells. If he had one weakness it would be his slight arrogance(which in part accounts for his being to sure in himself). At the age of 20 Avis's story begins with him arriving at the location his newest contracter specified for debriefing on a job...

Side note: This is what he looks like with his mask, he is around 6ft and physically fit.
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[B][I]Name:[/I][/B] Ingwaz "The Slayer"
[B][I]Race:[/I][/B] Slythe
[B][I]Elemental Boost:[/I][/B] Skill and Cunning
[B][I]Job:[/I][/B] War Hero
[B][I]Description:[/I][/B] A slight, tall man, clad in white and gold finery and wielding a strange, white parasol. In the daylight, he seems almost luminescent, giving off a steady, white glow (a rare and unusual aura for the Slythe, whose auras are usually chromatic and dark, more like shrouds). His hair is an implacable shade of white-blue, almost as striking as his steely blue eyes. His voice is soft and distant, and he talks infrequently. Though many would attribute this to the characteristic haughtiness of the Slythes, his distance in speech is a product of his years of experience on the battlefield.
[B][I]Biography:[/I][/B] From the moment Ingwaz first emerged from his mother's womb, all those around him realized he was a rare child. His aura, the color of his skin, hair, and eyes, and his quiet disposition were alarming to his parents, who very soon realized their son would never be able to learn the art of thief-craft. Each time he attempted, his failure was assured by his bright, shining aura and instant recognition. At a young age, the Sapian army crushed his town, taking even the Slythe's consistently ready militia by the use of cunning strategy. Ingwaz escaped while both of his parents were slaughtered, and ran to the Slythe capital where he lived with his uncle. Realizing the child's potential and fascination with war-craft, his uncle trained him to become a powerful warrior, using tactics, skill, and speed to his advantage. As Ingwaz grew older, he grew tall and lean, his fighting style becoming compact and deadly. He began to garner the notice of the military academy, whose instructors invited him to a sparring tournament in which he soundly defeated the headmaster and the active portion of the instructors there. The pale, shimmering white warrior became a legend throughout the capital, and the emperor himself became intrigued with the tale. He summoned Ingwaz to his court, saw his skill in combat was unmatched by any of his personal retainers, and then immediately declared him the head of a military counterattack on the Sapian army, whose raids and encroachments on Slythe lands had decimated the size and population of the empire.

Battles came and were won - a lengthy campaign against the Sapians brought back the Slythe lands, each falling back into Ingwaz's hands through impressive victories against impossible odds. Medals and high awards were piled onto Ingwaz, who very quickly became a hero, a rallying figure for the cause of all Slythe-kind. On his 23rd birthday, the Slythe victory was secured, and a treaty signed with the Sapian king. Ingwaz was named Lord General of the Slythe armed forces, and his name was writ into the annal of heroes. Among the ruling families of all races in Furilla, Ingwaz was respected, and was oft invited to courtly processions by all. He was admired for his beauty, and feared for his frightful cunning.

However, his 25th year brought a strange message from the court's Grand Sorceror...
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Sadly I'm going to have to discontinue this. It's come to my attention I'm going to be leaving for a deployment soon, though I don't have a date for sure. I'd hate to see my vision cut short by that. Thanks for everyone who view'd and everyone who showed interest.

At least this will give me sometime to morph my vision into something a little more.....popular I guess.
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[quote name='Drizzt Do'urden']Sadly I'm going to have to discontinue this. It's come to my attention I'm going to be leaving for a deployment soon, though I don't have a date for sure. I'd hate to see my vision cut short by that. Thanks for everyone who view'd and everyone who showed interest.

At least this will give me sometime to morph my vision into something a little more.....popular I guess.[/QUOTE]

good luck:animesmil
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