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[COLOR="DarkSlateGray"][SIZE="1"]I've finally got my new RPG fleshed out the way I want it. Now the weapons system is more refined and the magic system will be easier to understand imo. I've also got a few settings nailed down to describe here. As well as a very different character creation. So first, here's the back story of the RPG. leading up to 1 year prior to the RPG.

[COLOR="DimGray"]In the year 2012 humanity was forced to stay underground, while above, a meteorite destroyed the land. For 400 years, humans spent time rebuilding, as well as checking the meteorite for outer-space. Inside the meteorite they found a weird material, and 350 years later, they rebuilt weapons, known as Axes.

But 20 years later, a war broke out between the countries of Desoleora and Leostrea due to disputes over territory. For 24 years, the war waged. Now, after the war, the countries have to rebuild themselves. But a treaty was signed that demanded peace. Some people of Leostrea disagreed with the treaty, and a rebellion has been building ever since.[/COLOR]

I won't reveal much more, besides the fact that the RPG will be about, well, the rebellion and such. Here's a bit of back round on the settings and the land of these countries.

[COLOR="dimgray"][B]Desoleora [/B]- The country of Desoleara, is dominated by vast deserts, and has various jungles throughout it's land. The Teslear (Tes-lee-air) desert, is the biggest in the country, and it is also one of the biggest 3 deserts in the world. The towns of Desoleora usually have fans outside of town that blow sand away. Desoleora is also one of the biggest steam-powered countries, in the world.

[B]Leostrea [/B]- The country of Leostrea is a grassy land. It too has deserts, but not so many. Leostrea is abundant in Xarcarium. Xarcarium had absorbed into most rocks and spread to other rock throughout the world, and it still continues to spread. Leostrea is one of the biggest suppliers of Xarcarium in the world[/COLOR]

The reason of the war will be revealed in the RPG, but I'm sure you can get an idea of what the war was about.

Next up to bat is the weapons system. As promised before, Guitars will be used as weapons. Here's the back round on that, as well as some links to some diagram's I've made for the RPG.

[COLOR="DimGray"]Xarcarium is used to make Axes. Axes are like guitars, but they have blades, and are used to cast magic, as well as to cast other various things. Spells are activated with the frets and neck. Simple notes can cast small, simple notes. While whole chords and songs can produce higher leveled spells, as well as rituals.

Here are some simple diagram's as to the 3 basic forms of Axes. [/COLOR]

[URL="http://i141.photobucket.com/albums/r43/atomic_sorcerer/BasicAxDiagram.jpg"]Basic Ax Diagram[/URL]
[URL="http://i141.photobucket.com/albums/r43/atomic_sorcerer/BassAxDiagram.jpg"]Bass Ax Diagram[/URL]
[URL="http://i141.photobucket.com/albums/r43/atomic_sorcerer/MagicAxDiagram.jpg"]Tech Ax Diagram[/URL](The diagram says Magic ax, but the term in the RPG itself that everyone uses is, Tech Ax.

[COLOR="dimgray"]These Axes are used by a lot of people, and are the most common form Axes that people use. Overdrive Mode is a a mode where the user just has to press a fret down, to play a certain spell. Also, when all notes are played in a slide (sliding the finger down the string) a special Overdrive Attack can be used. Overdrive Nodes (which are the nob's) can activate overdrive when they are maxed out. The whammy bar amplifies how much force and speed is used in a spell. The tuning pegs change how much energy is used for spells.[/COLOR]

Also, guitars won't be the only string instrument used. You can use Ukulele's and even Banjo's if you wanted to. Any string instrument works perfectly. But other than guitars, use your imagination. However, if you are using other stringed instruments, you have to think up what to do. If not, all you need to do is post one for the three types above. If you want, you can even make a diagram like I did.

And now, we head into character creation. Here will be the sign-up sheet.

Blood Type:
Weapon Choice:
Other Information:[/B]

The difference between most Character sign-up sheets, is that in this RPG, I'd like your character to look like the member of a band that you listen to. For instance, my main character could look Jimi Hendrix. So that means, no anime pictures. If you can only find whole bands, just point out which person your character looks like. And I do want an image no descriptions.

Anyways, other than that there will also be a Chapter & Map system. To finish a chapter, certain objects must be met to continue. I will be making a map of the land. So I will post certain objectives in list format, and once all of those objectives are met, I will post the next chapter.

The only left I have to say is, I hope this gets off the ground. Thanks to you all for support.

P.S. Whoa, Mann , might be helping me out with this RPG, but I do not know yet.[/SIZE][/COLOR]
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[FONT=Verdana][SIZE=1]First things first: I call Chad Kroeger of Nickelback for my image.[/SIZE][/FONT]
[FONT=Verdana][SIZE=1]That said, this sounds kind of neat. You mentioned the possibility of using other instruments. Are you only permitting any specific kinds, or is it a 'use your imagination and tell us how it works' deal? Also, can it be done using only your voice? If so, can you perhaps increase your abilities by using your voice and your Ax? (Perhaps giving you the option of magic even if you're using a Bass Ax?)[/SIZE][/FONT]
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[COLOR="DarkSlateGray"][SIZE="1"]I think I forgot to mention that the only instruments you can use, are stringed ones. But any kind works. And yes, you can use magic with a bass ax, but you have to make your character stronger with magic more than the usual because it takes more energy because the Bass Ax is weaker with magic.[/SIZE][/COLOR]
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