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Writing The North Star Is Nowhere to Be Found (album lyrics)


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[COLOR="HotPink"][SIZE="1"]This is just (some of) the lyrics on our last album we put out. It was a concept album, that concerned several things, mostly personal. But the story tells of an angel, a sailor, and a little girl, and the journey that they all share. I'll try and find every single word to piece together the story as it was written, for you guys. You may notice some similarities between the lyrics, and films. I get inspired, by quotes from my favorite films. (Alot of my lyrics don't rhyme by the way, I feel they don't have to... I'm writing to get my point across, but at times rhyming is okay.)

Only a few are here, the significant ones, I suppose.[/SIZE][/COLOR]

[CENTER][SIZE="1"][B]Spontaneously Combusted Church Van... Speak of the Devil[/B]
The ocean waves glide along
The sun's gleaming in your eyes
There's a gate in the sky
It closes as he falls out
Into the Sea below.
Onto shore, he coughs
And walks into field
there's a house, oh so close
But his suffering, is much too great
his eyes open to a small boy peering over him
"And both of you knew you'd found a new friend"
The bond was only written in stone
When you shed a tear
at the sight... of his broken wings
What a memory....

Wake up.

[B]Those Pants Belong to David Hasselhoff, Give Them Back[/B]
Now you're awake, Now listen to me
We've had some time to think, think it over
And the future awaits, but it doesn't wait
that statue sitting on his pedestal
fist to his face, wasting away his life,
concrete runs through those stone veins
The price of having only a brain...
... it must be horrible with no feeling.
The portrait on the wall, its eyes are placed on him
He never looks over to take it in
He thought of his life, and what he had seen
Hoping for a puppeteer, or a family
were his dreams

a man passed him one day...
looked him in the eye.
The statue's train of thought crashed.
No therapist, or friend in sight.

So this is what the man said:

[B]3. It Takes A Milion Grains of Sand to Make the Patch of Dirt You're Falling in[/B]
I don't actually remember these lyrics right now xD... so I'll have to find where I wrote them and learn them... I'll do that later. :]

[B]4. A Wristwatch[/B]
The sun couldn't break my gaze
to heavens when I asked to be saved
with no reply... and alternate seems just fine
How can I help this time
when I can't even save myself
I manifest myself with lyrics
like tell-tale story books inked in blood
a moment suspended in time, outside of my mind..
And I'm praying for myself.
Hallelujah, and can I be saved twice
when he only died once
will he pray for his son
to make it home, before nightfall comes

[B]5. Life Is Like A Seventies Horror Movie [/B]
How odd, the thoughts of one man
And what he tries to hide
Though he seems to be honest, he tells you
"I met a sailor once....
he said drowning...
was like going home."
But did you really believe him?
Because after a while, wouldn't you expect it all to be a lie?
Drowning is of suffering nature
But its the man that chooses to let go.
"Man's reach exceeds his grasp..
Man's grasp exceeds his nerve."

Today... I watched my ship sink and walked away
This is not the bed that I've made.

[B]6. There's No Hope For Saint Elmo This Time[/B]
Today, I let my ship sink
and so I swam away
This is not the bed that I've made.

["No one ever said love was easy,
but here I am.
Someone bring me the paramedics,
we've got a case of broken hearts."]

The angel... the angel lost its wings
Its praying for father to come
The sickness lives on inside
he prays for it to go away
And the schools burn and the towns all fall
and the church stands alone
"God bless Shiloh."
And Helena raging on inside
So, Angel witnesses war.
These towers weren't the first to go.
Are you listening?

[B]9. Janey Briggs' Got A Gun Again[/B]
Loving Child, precious child
sink into this bloom of words and scars
helping those, and loving all
and then lashing out on yourself
guardian angels try to help
but you can't see them lurking in the night
feather by feather, you close your eyes
you dream of fields of notes
you wake up, right as the orchestra
turns and goes for the juggular
smile, it was only a dream,
but not for long as you can't find home
and the north star is nowhere to be found
you loved so much, and helped so many
but how did it help you in the end?
Father, mother, are you proud?
You've gotten what you wanted again...
And the north star is nowhere to be found...

[B]10. You're Older Than My Really Old Blue Nokia Phone[/B]
It seems my demons have caught up with me
Whether or not, they're in my mind
I'm sure God is listening
And I hope he has the time..
I found an angel in the fields of white
And I can't decide if he's going to be alright
just fine.
Couldn't you think of your children
Before you went off and died
Didn't you hear your parent's knowingly aching cries
I don't know if you're a bad man
But who am I to criticize?

Wings were broken,
they told him he was worthless
his faith had been taken,
he said "It just wasn't worth it"
His eyes slowly rolled back and an orchestra
began to play
and I heard a little girl's cries

"Let Daddy Out Of That Box!"

[B]11. Goodbye to All Those Memories (I wish there was dramatic theme music playing every time I walked out that door, but sadly there's not) (I also wish this was the longest song title ever, but guess again, it's not even close, most likely) (IDK) (Wiki It)[/B]
On my way back from memory lane
I met a little girl in a museum
by a statue
she asked it if he had seen her father
a dead sailor
his ship sank and he didn't make it
she said " a little boy with wings told me to come here"

she turned around and I recognized her
I asked her what she was doing here
she didn't reply
she never replied

and I saw the statue wink at me
as if he knew what was wrong
as if he knew all along
that I wasn't alive

that the guardian angel was right
and I should have swam away
but my conscience was killing me
too much to breathe

And I couldn't escape the fate that I made
This is the bed I'll sleep in
This is the bed that I never made

Guardian angel like an imaginary friend
I once had, but I'll never see again
Where did you go?

I remember when I was a boy... I mended your wings when you fell in between a war
I'll never forget those words you said to me

"Dear my friend,
thank you for being there for me
when Heaven felt like it was floating away"

but the worst feeling I ever had was when I couldn't turn to her and I say I love her
I love you, darling..
God bless that statue, as it looked my daughter in the eye

Death leaves a pain no one can heal
But Love leaves a memory no one can steal

Dear my friends.. Thanks for being there for me
When heaven felt like it was floating away

This is the end.[/SIZE][/CENTER]
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[COLOR="DarkSlateGray"][SIZE="1"]I liked it, dun know bout anyone else, but I thought it was truly good. If only, I could obtain a copy of the album, than I'd be able to see how it matches with music. And I'd fucking hug you too.

But my favorite one was Track 5, as I assume it is. Very good quotes at the end of the verse.[/SIZE][/COLOR]
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