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Request Banner/Avatar Request: Dexter


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Hi I am new here and I was wandering if someone wouldn't mind making me a banner/avatar set that goes along with the TV show Dexter?

I am not real picky maybe something cool or futuristic like. Something that works well with red maybe. Maybe my names in the signature ([B]tatsuhiro_8819[/B] and [B]1400_alucard[/B]) I use tatsuhiro_8819 everywhere except for one place.

And could two avatars be made? One that fits the OtakuBoard restrictions (150x80) and one that is 150X150? I plan on using the avatar on another forum as well.

Here are some pictures I have if they are needed.





[indent][color=green][b]Boo-[/b] Edit (Merge):[/color][/indent]

I guess no one wants to take on this request :(
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[quote name='tatsuhiro_8819']I guess no one wants to take on this request :([/QUOTE]
[size=1]However, you're still not allowed to double post, so I'm just going to merge the first two posts together. Please don't do it again. :)

On an other note. I can't say that I've any advice to give you on how you have a bigger chance of getting your request fulfilled, because you did make a pretty good opening post.[/size]
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