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Since all my friends in Spokane suck (All they do is play video games) I am making this thread.

This year I mainly want to get back into inline skating. Last time I really skated was back in high school. I inlined for most of my life so it is a big hobby. I started to get the hang of grinding some. Now I'd like to work on some freestyle and maybe some grabs.

[YOUTUBE="Example of Freestyle"]JMQNMvJYV40[/YOUTUBE]

[youtube="Another one"]ZtYeGAFGHq8&NR=1[/youtube]

I also want to get back into skateboarding as well. All I can do so far is an Ollie. Yeah I'm a slow learner. Do any of you like to do these kind of things?

I wish the USA were more like Europe, more diversity than just baseball or American football.
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I'm afraid most 'extreme' sports are tame in my book.

Now try bullriding. 8 seconds of pure insanity, and loving every single one of them.

Mustang riding is even more fun, the last one I fought for half an hour including two unplanned dismounts because of loose equipment before he finally gave up and moved along nicely.

Though Bandito wasn't as bad as some, mostly just running fast and turning suddenly. If he had rolled or started bucking I might not have done as well.

And the ultimate extreme sport?

Fire Swimming. If you are good, you won't get burned for about 30 seconds in direct contact with the flames.

If you aren't so good at it, better have good insurance.
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