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Alot of stuff about random things but also other stuff as you will soon find out.....


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[COLOR="Red"]This has been bothering me lately. wait, before i get to the point, is anyone happy that summer vacation's started? i graduated from 8th grade on the 22. oh, and still, this isn't the point, but if i hadn't told you i was an 8th grader, how old would you think i am? this is personally for people i have talked to more than once, chibi-master, aceburner,drizzt, but others who have read my threads are more than welcome to.:catgirl: ok, the point is that although we don't pay attention to it, people say random things at the most random times. have you experienced this or were the person saying the random thing? me, i have been both. i have said "that's a very nice pencil" for no apparant reason while one of my friends was telling me about her problems.and i've heard one...i can't remember now. ooh. i got a headache .[/COLOR]
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I got a headache too...but yes, I have said random things before. I'll often just spew nonsense to my soon confused friend that has to keep up. Or at least try. Here's an example:
Me: Alien
Friend: Wha?
Me: Alien eats koala.
Friend: That's great...I think...
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