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Request Banner Request (Pics included)


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Would it be to much to ask to make a banner?

Please Include:
* "To have a precious someone to protect will you become truly strong." as the phrase
* Have simple dark colors like blue and haku colors '
*fit size requirements of the OB

includes images[IMG]http://xe9.xanga.com/913b30060903230586990/b21356975.jpg[/IMG] make the very left haku in this picture on the right side of the banner

[IMG]http://www.kanjisite.com/images/kanji/2k/haku_usu.gif[/IMG] Make this in the top right corner

make this haku one the left side.

If you could fade this into the background, but if not your free to choose whatever.

This is truly appreciated
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[size=1][indent]Hi, [b]haku877[/b],

If you want to request a banner or avatar, please make your own separate thread for it. It's not allowed on OtakuBoards to use/hi-jack other people's threads to request art for yourself.

If you have anymore questions, you can always PM me or any other moderator.

- Boo[/size][/indent]
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