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The Enemy

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Yes ok this is another Naruto rp, but I promise it is like no other Naruto rp you could have thought up, so there!

[B][I][U]Backstory[/U][/I][/B] (brace yourself):

A man with short dark hair and, as would be expected, a waterfall village head band that showed obvious experience on the field. [COLOR="Navy"]"Good afternoon, my name is Koza, I am here to brief you of the current situation. As you may know many years ago the nine-tailed fox attacked a neighbouring village, their Hokage at the time sacrificed himself for a ritual to seal the fox inside a young boy. We now know that was the worst mistake in the history of all shinobi. Today that boy, Naruto, has made in presence painfully clear the entire world. He has begun gathering an army," [/COLOR]whisper among the group disturbed the speech but Koza raised his voice and continued [COLOR="Navy"]"I'm sure you all thought evil ninja's gathering armies wasn't a big deal, after the death of Orochimaru a few years ago. But this Naruto guy is doing it right. e has brought together some of the most powerful shinobi ever to walk the land. Among his generals are; Sasuke Uchiha, one of the last remaining members of the Uchiha can, and a known carrier of the lethal Mangekyo Sharingan; Sakura Haruno, Once thought of as a useless kunoichi wan be who would never succeed she is now one of the most skilled medical nin ever recorded, rivalling even the skills of the late sannin Tsunade; and his most recent recruit Kabuto Yakushi, this guy was Orochimaru's closest follower in his hay day, now following his fallen master's teachings he is certainly a force to be reckoned with. And those are just a few that we know of." [/COLOR]Koza took a moment to look through his papers on the guests.

[COLOR="Navy"]"You, my fellow shinobi, have been gathered here to be assigned a mission, the mission is: to hunt down the S-class criminal Naruto, and eliminate him and his generals before he has enough influence to destroy the 5 great nations."[/COLOR]

Naruto was influenced too much by the fox and is now tainted and evil. Sasuke killed his brother finally, developed the mangekyo sharingan and has decided to join his old friend Naruto in destroying the country, starting with Konoha. Through a twisted series of unlikely events, Naruto has become the leader of his own army, with high level ninja as his generals. You will be playing one of the elite ninja gathered from every village to the hidden waterfall village, to begin your mission of assassination against Naruto and his subordinates. After a grand battle, Naruto's first attack against Konoha, he killed several jounin and the Hokage. The current Hokage is Shizune, appearing to have been studying her predecessor greatly and being much more competent than she got credit for. Good luck all.

[B][I][U]Sign Ups:[/U][/I][/B]




Blood line trait:

Common special techniques:

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[FONT="Comic Sans MS"][B]Name:[/B] Shinori "Red Ghost" Kamiya

[B]Age:[/B] 28

[B]Appearance:[/B] Neck-length, messy red hair held in place by a headband with a flame-shaped symbol. Green eyes. Has an X-shaped scar to the left of his forehead, usually covered by his headband. Always wears a leather jacket with scroll pockets over a black long-sleeved shirt. On his hands are fingerless gloves with protectors bearing the same emblem as his headband. Completing the set is a pair of loose black pants and black working boots with grip spikes.

[B]Personality:[/B] Though he usually appears laid-back and almost indifferent, he is always on the alert during missions. He will always try his best to keep his teammates alive, stopping short only if he is absolutely sure that nothing can be done. Doesn't like to kill, but will not hesitate if it is required of him. he is also a bit sarcastic and always tries to keep a sense of humor about him when appropriate.

[B]Blood line trait:[/B] The Kamiya clan's greatest weapon is their ability to transform their own bodies into various elements. Shinori's specialty is fire. In addition to this, they can emit set amounts of chakra in the form of their elements and reuse it as long as it holds that form. However, the transformations take up a large amount of chakra. As such, it can only be used up to 10 minutes a day safely.

[B]Common special techniques:[/B] Flaming Arena: Shinori creates a circle of fire around himself and his opponent, locking them into a situation ideal for him to use his exceptional taijutsu skills.
Flaming Tackle: Converts body to fire, charges head-on.
Phoenix Flower: The same as Uchiha Sasuke's jutsu of the same name. Breathes many small fireballs.
Flaming Transport: Turns into fire, maneuvers around in that state and rematerializes behind opponent.

[B]Bio:[/B] The Kamiya clan are the most powerful clan in the Hidden Rock Village. Shinori was one of the most promising rising stars in their ninja academy. by the age of 12, he was already a Jounin. After silent observation of the Uchiha Obito incident, Shinori slowly started to question the methods and motives of his home. After deciding that the Earth Country was too extreme, he defected from his old village. In order to avoid missing-nin status, Shinori created his own village, the Village Hidden in the Fire, with the help of a select few fellow Rock Ninja who felt the same, including a few fellow Kamiya clan members. The village's name reflects its location in the Land of Fire, as well as Shinori's manifestation of the Kamiya inheritance. His nickname comes from his high speed and wraithlike ability to dissipate into flames. Shinori has always wanted to meet Hatake Kakashi, the boy he witnessed that day, and formally apologize for the actions of his old home. He joined the crack team to hunt own Naruto in hopes of fulfilling this wish.[/FONT]
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[B]Name:[/B] Koro Jetsu


[B]Appearance:[/B]Wavy dirty blonde hair, no under-shirt to a green vest with no sleeves showing his muscles. Ripped up blue jeans and a scar of a cross on his left arm. Has a 6-pack, and dark blue eyes. On his hands are white gloves and a symbol of a flame. Has a forehead protector with the same symbol, but the metal is sorta charred. Usually carries nun-chucks and a cigarette

[B]Personality:[/B]Is a Super Genius pretty much, but lacks is Taijutsu. he is very Romantic, and has a knack for getting things done when he is supposed to. He is very tentative and focuses easily but is very hard headed. but is easily persuaded by women.

[B]Blood line trait:[/B] Koro is no normal ninja, he used to come from the leaf Village , so he is different from the village he comes from currently and learned their abilities. His ability allows him to control rocks for any use, armor, kitchenware, weapons, houses, anything you can imagine, so its like making rocks soften, harden, meld, float, which also gives him the power to meld with it, along with others. combined with fire to mack glass, with water for mud/quicksand etc.

[B]Common special techniques:[/B]Magnitude smash - creates a temporary earthquake and shatters the ground, and collapses it.
[I]rock armor - creates a shell or rock to protect him along with a weapon[/I]
Rock clone - pretty explanatory.
[I]eruption - due to his stubbornness, he can create a mass move that shoots rock outward constantly and creates a bridge for him to walk on.[/I]

[B]Bio:[/B] Koro was abandoned as a child and was left in the Rock village to die, but was raised by a friend to support him from an early age, Kamiya and him are great friends and have developed some moves together. Koro is very smart and can calculate almost anything in an instant. he is also good with th ladies :smirk:
he does love to have fun though
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Name: Draco Narzo

Age: 19

Gender: Male

[url]http://i156.photobucket.com/albums/t30/danvi_2007/Anime_Knight.jpg[/url] (not shown but carrys a huge longsword called the Sword of the Dragon God Draco and a pair of odd daggers).

Draco is a very active person. Does things on impulse and likes to do things in anyway he can to get the job done. Draco is shy and doesnt open up to people he doesnt trust right away. He helps out when he can.

Blood Line Trait:
According to his birth mark, Draco was named after the Constalation Draco (its a real constalation). It was given for strength, speed, and accuracy. He can sommon a dragon for a brief moment (about 30mins) but it makes him pass out for it uses almost all the chalkra he has but is back on his feet within 2 hours.

Common Special Techniques:
Dragon's Fury: Uses chalkra to increase the rate of his swings by 300%.
Dragon Fire: Likes daggers on fire with green flames that can not be put out. This art takes little chalkra and was developed by Draco.
Wind Rampage: Wind takes any loose objects and slings it at is anemys.

Draco was born in an uncharted tiny village called the Hidden Village in the Mountains. When Draco was 13 his Village was obliterated by the Village Hidden in the Rock. Draco was spared for he was in the mountains training on his Winds Rampage at the time. When he returned home only to find it destroyed. Draco wondered form village to village, homless, poor, tired, and hungry. Any odd job that can get food and water, Draco does. He continues to wonder around. Looking for a village that would exept him. Wonders to find the village responsible for killing his entire clan and people.

(PS: msg me if its good. I havnt been on since Janurary)
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Sign Up:
Name: Kai Katsuyi

Age: 17

Appearance: Kai is a little over 5?4. He has Dark brown hair which he keeps messy at all times. His eyes are cold and black. His attire includes a beaded necklace, which he does not ever take off. He wears a black short-sleeved shirt with a scroll pouch strapped onto the right sleeve. He wears black shorts which he holds up with a spiky black belt. On his head he wears the headband of his village. He carries a small sword which when a button is pressed sends an electric charge through it.

Personality: Kai?s second nature is to kill. Kill or be killed is his only moral. Despite that he kills only to protect himself. Those he protects are usually very close to him. Kai is very shy around people he has just met but will open to them very easily. At the end of the day he can be a very easy to be friends with.

Blood line trait: Kai?s Blood line trait is very similar to that of the Hyuuga. It is an eye technique nicknamed the ?Halo?. Like it?s nickname a halo like ring appears on Kai?s eyes. These ?Halo? eyes allow him to see 360 Degrees, without a blind spot. As an added bonus he has his very own night vision. There are 3 Forms of these eyes, but the main technique of these eyes is to gather information about the opponent. Kai can see the enemy?s chakra level, their physical shape, and their past interactions with weapons*.

Common special techniques:
Windfury Strike- Kai builds up an incredible amount of air in his body an exhales out a gust of wind with the power to slice through things such as trees.
Wind clone-Self Explanatory
Ogadarengan-A small ball of wind which Kai can ram into enemies.

Bio: Kai is somewhat a child prodigy. At the age of 10 he had already become a Chunin. At around the age of 13 his village; The village hidden in the gust, was poisoned by an enemy village. Everybody close to Kai began to do but not him. He already knew he had been exposed but somehow it wasn?t affecting him like the others. He watched his village die in the worst way possible thanks to his blood trait. When everyone else in his village had died the men who had poisoned them came back, but they did not expect to find Kai. Kai unleashed his long sorrow and rage on them. By the end of the day Kai was miles away and the men were dead. Now he resides in the village hidden in the mist. In sense he is a missing nin, but his village is no more..

*In sense Kai can trace enemies by a piece of their clothing or a weapon recently used by them.
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Name: Shiro "Kirakami" Kurogane - "The Kawarimi Master" (Self-Titled)

Age: Possibly 23. He lies about it a lot.

Appearance: Short brown hair (though he always lists it as "Blue"). He has heterochromia, with one eye being blue and the other being green. The clothes he wears differs with each mission he is on, as Shiro is very good at stealth and the use of Henge. He is 5'7", but increases his height with his shoes to 5'8.5", as he has deemed himself "inadequately tall" compared to his younger brother. It is unknown to most, but he has a scar caused by the katana he now uses on the top of his head when it fell from the sky and nearly cracked his skull open.

Personality: Shiro is... For lack of a better word, insane. He uses Henge so much, he sometimes forgets who he is and acts like a different person, even in his home town. It causes a lot of confusion with his peers as he will be acting one way one moment, then completely turn around another. He has always taken being a ninja seriously, and doesn't like how everyone else decides to fight people "face to face". "Kill them before they see the white of your eyes" he likes to say.

Blood line trait: The only reason he's still alive is because he's really good at using Kawarimi. Without it, he would have been dead a long time ago. Or, so says nearly everyone who knows him. Shiro doesn't possess a bloodline trait, and doesn't really care much for people who are "so proud their mom married her brother like those damn Hyuugas. Creepy perverts".
The closest thing he might have to a blood line trait is his "annoyingly large chakra supply and high endurance". It's almost like he's figured out a way to suck chakra through the air, but when asked he just says: "Charon is the one who does it."

Common special techniques: Kawarimi - He replaces himself with damn near anything he can find, even once switching with a used condom.
Henge - He's such an oddball that for some reason even the Hyuuga can't see through his Henge. The only one who's seen him turn back said "it must be because he truly believes he's become that person and is that person." (Said Hyuuga was killed soon after, a note writted in his blood saying "creepy a*s perverts".)
Mizu/Kage Bunshin no Jutsu - No one is sure where he learned the two clone techniques, but with his large chakra supply, he has been known to make a lot of them, then use them for cannon fodder/distractions/"the first line of defence"/meatshields/etc. He does use them to fight, but when you can just create a few hundred you's "just switch with one of the d*mn meatshields."

Bio: Shiro was eight when a katana from a Kumo nin "fell from the heavens" and struck him upon the skull, nearly killing him. Ever since, he's been a little... Off-balanced. He carries the sword he affectionately calls "Charon" with him wherever he goes, even in Henge it can be found transformed into something as small as a button.
It is unknown if Shiro is a missing-nin or if he just came along for the ride, killin' the bad guys and gettin' the girls. He wears no headband, but Kumo would love to have him, if for nothing else then to have their sword back.
Shiro's brother Kuro Shirogane was killed in action four years before the present date, so Shiro has decided to get revenge for his brother, even though his brother took his killer with him.
He lies about his age all the time, and it is guessed that he doesn't even remember it himself. Shiro has not denied or agreed with this statement, though he always has a far away look on his face when he changes his age.
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Name: Udyu Epe

Age: 16

Appearance:He is 4'11 and weighs about 113 lbs. He has slick white hair and 2 strands of hair dangling over his face. He wears sandles and hoodie much like that of Kiba which he always has unzipped. under the hoodie is a net shirt (don't know the real name of it, shikamaru wears one). And his Giant Scroll [SIZE="1"]TM[/SIZE] that hangs off his back by a strap. Udyu has one thing that may very..... His pants.

Personality: He is always to self confident and likes to make jokes. Udyu thinks he is always right if he doesn't have proof that he's not, but will ocassionally go with the safest plan of action if it's crutial. If he finds the chance he'll make a joke about something, but really he is just laid back and acts as if he has no cares.

Blood line trait: His bloodline trait is an eye Technique called Ken. It alows the user to form another pupil in each eye and be able to have precognitive abilities. The power of these abilities get stronger with each new pupil. His mother's clan was konan's clan. He is able to make origami and use paper as a weapon.

Common special techniques: Kami Chein no Jutsu: It means paper chain and it forms chain out of paper that can burrow under ground and captivate the target or peirce through the enemy.
Kugutsu no Jutsu: Yeah that's right puppet techniques too. Well this summon a puppet.
Kami Clone no Jutsu: Paper clones.
Hirate Seiryoku: He focuses all of his chakara into the flat palm of his hand, in which he thrusts at enemies and forces the away. The attack uses so much chakara that it can be 1 ft away and hit. Because it is so much chakara it can't all stay in on place so it send a light aura Which makes the range varie. The not used chakara flows back through the body. If he uses to much he will pass out and the chakara in his body doesn't regenerate while knocked out, so his overall cakara decreases by 2% if he uses it eighter to many times or with too much chakara in it.

Bio: He was born in the Hidden Rice village, and whilst growing up he learned all there was to know about his father's clan. He lived a happy life and enjoyed traing, but one day it was attacked by the shukaku which had gotten away from the akatsuki. His dad had stayed to fight while his mom took him to the leaf village. On the way there the akatsuki who was trying to catch the demon back stopped them. But fortunatly his dad was there to save them he summoned 3 puppets and demanded that his son and his wife go on. Udyu who was 6 at the time treasured him as a hero for saving them. They made it to the leaf's gates and rushed in with the other sand villagers. They stayed there for a little while until they got news that the Shukaku was defeated, but alot of men were killed in the process. Akatsuki had captured the demon and sand villagers went back home except for Udyu and his mom. Their original country brang back to many bad memories. So they stayed there in konoha. There he learned about his mother's clan. He grew up and became a genin then eventually an Anbu and made freinds and lived a normal life
after that. He became Anbu at such a young age because he was Talented at so many jutsus, styles, arts, and elements. His personal favorite element is Doton. Right now he is still mastering puppetry as a hobby.When aged to 15 years of being on this planet he went back to live in The rice village to help out his former country.

Note: He always wears his black ops mask.
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[B]Name:[/B] Rizen Yakushi

[B]Age:[/B] 18

[B]Appearance:[/B] [URL="http://fc02.deviantart.com/fs22/f/2008/007/0/7/07b641b45f8171fb.jpg"]Rizen[/URL]

[B]Personality:[/B] Rizen is very calculating, if nothing else. Often compared to the great Shikamaru Nara of Konoha, Rizen is known for thinking his strategies exponentially ahead of his opponent. For this and other reasons, Rizen is the head of the Takigakure branch of ANBU, in the Black Ops division. He is a head assassin and will do anything to complete his assignments.

[B]Blood line trait:[/B] While he does not have a specific blood line ability, Rizen is noticeably skilled with both medical jutsu and genjutsu. Meaning he has a large amount of chakra as well as superb skill in using it.

[B]Common special techniques:[/B]
[I]Temple of Nirvana-[/I] A powerful genjutsu capable of rendering a large mass of people in a deep sleep.
[I]Bringer of Darkness-[/I] Yet another strong genjutsu, purges the target(s) of their sense of sight, leaving them in total darkness while the user can see normally.
[I]Secret Healing Wound Destruction-[/I] Focussing chakra to a part of the body about to be damaged allows that part to heal exceptionally fast and even regenerate damaged cells.
[I]Chakra Sword-[/I] An advanced version of the chakra scalpel, focussing more chakra more proficiently the user may create a longer blade.

[B]Bio:[/B] Rizen Grew up in Takigakure, learning fist medical jutsu before being noticed as a powerful assassin. Following the discovery of his killing talents Rizen was taught genjutsu as well, making him one of the best stealth assassin's alive. Rizen ca not only sneak up on a target, but revoke the targets senses to completely ensure his kill. For that reason Rizen has been hand chosen to help take out Naruto Uzumaki ad his generals.
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[FONT=Arial][SIZE=2][B]Name: [/B]Mitsuo Oonishi[/SIZE][/FONT]

[SIZE=2][FONT=Arial][B]Age: [/B]19[/FONT][/SIZE]

[SIZE=2][FONT=Arial][B]Appearance: [/B][URL="http://i119.photobucket.com/albums/o159/pjmckrafty/Commission___Kodahma_Sano_by_osy057.jpg"]Mitsuo[/URL][/FONT][/SIZE]

[B][FONT=Arial]Personality:[/FONT][/B][FONT=Arial] Mitsuo usually keeps to himself and doesn't say much, but when he does they realize that he is a bit . . . offensive, for lack of a better term. He is skeptical, cynical, and pessimistic, all of which are some of his best features. He seems to fancy himself a tactical genius which leads to some authority issues.[/FONT]

[B][FONT=Arial]Blood line trait: [/FONT][/B][FONT=Arial]Known as the Oonishi Sprint, when used Mitsuo can multiply his speed by ten fold. This, as would be expected, is very strenuous on the body and can only be used for short amounts of time before he will collapse from fatigue.[/FONT]

[B][FONT=Arial]Common special techniques:[/FONT][/B]
[U][FONT=Arial]Explosive Tags[/FONT][/U][FONT=Arial] - Mitsuo has always been partial to explosives, and this is best expressed in his efforts to kill people, these tags are sensitive to chakra, the more chakra he puts into them, the bigger the boom.[/FONT]
[U][FONT=Arial]Flash Tags[/FONT][/U][FONT=Arial] - Much like the exploding tags, except their explosive abilities are used to temporarily blind his enemy. These are tied to kunai so they are easier to throw and are less likely to blow up near Mitsuo blinding him.[/FONT]
[U][FONT=Arial]Shrapnel Shuriken[/FONT][/U][FONT=Arial] - Utilizing his love of the boom Mitsuo can channel his chakra into his shuriken, which can case them to explode, turning into a cloud of deadly shrapnel. If concentrating hard enough, Mitsuo can actually delay the explosion until it has struck the person causing extraordinary amounts of damage.[/FONT]

[B][FONT=Arial]Bio:[/FONT][/B][FONT=Arial] Mitsuo was raised by the most wealthy and influential Sunagakure. He was placed in some of the best schools and was trained by the best the village hidden in the sand could offer. He never really got along with his classmates or those in his squads. He is now considered one of the best of the Sunagakure and is often sent out on missions and hasn't seen his home in the past two years.[/FONT]
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[COLOR="Navy"][FONT="Comic Sans MS"]Name: Arimi Nojin

Age: 17


Personality: She is happy and loves to flirt, loves being the center of attention, she has been described to be like Naruto from his younger days. Confident and out spoken she never gives up and fights for what she believes in.

Blood line trait: She has a pretty normal blood line trait, she is able to run at abnormal speeds and when chakra is applied she is able to seem as if she is dissappereing and reapperearing in the blink of an eye.

Common special techniques: She knows very little techniques, exspolsive notes, and one healing technique. She is mostly trained in hand to hand combat.

Bio:Born in the leaf village she was a rareity at birth since she seemed to be unable to learn most techniques. Trained in hand to hand combat she is one of the most valued fighter. Not many people her age in the village know her, not many cared to get to know her since she is unable to learn any powerful techniques. An out cast to most of the village she grew up some what unsocial, she made her self loud and annoying to draw attention to her self. She has been that way every since. [/FONT][/COLOR]

Hope this is okay, if I'm to late lemme know.
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[B]Name[/B]: Urishima Seta

[B]Age[/B]: 22

[B]Apearance[/B]: 5'9" long dark hair that is a mix between brown and red, so close u can barely tell the red in it without looking closely, he wears an dark green athletic hoodie he leaves unzipped with a dark brown T-shirt underneath, his hoddie is specially made with scroll pouches and other useful things.

[B]Personality[/B]: Very smart/tactic individual but rarely shows it in battle but if he can be persuaded to plan ahead(wich is almost impossible to get him to do unless its for a prank or to show off) his tactical prowess is very impressive, he loves pranks and the such and lots of the times goes a little too far but when battle comes around he never plays a prank on his allies, tho sometimes still shows this side of himself to aggravate the enemy and lower their deduction and tactical skills.

[B]Bloodline trait[/B]:
not exactly a bloodline but his clan skill is in the dark "element", loosly related to the leafs nara clan some say but noone knows for sure, the only bloodline like part of his clan is that they all have perfect night vision.

[B]Common Techs[/B]:
Shadow Clone: while he can use mass shadow clone he rarely does and prefers to create smaller numbers and use them tactically, he has actually improved upon the technique so that his clones don't disperse when hit with a weak attack, and it shows damage, which he often uses to his advantage.

Shadow Explosion: causes his shadow clone to explode, doing good damage and creating a lasting darkness in the area(not overly dark just like a shadow is being cast on the area)

(edit)Shadow Imitating: Simular to the Naru families ability in how it comes into effect but once the shadows are connected its completely different, it allows copying of almost any technique the enemy has at will if they use it while in effect and the copying skill only lasts while the shadows are connected, while he can use them while the shadows arn't connected the skill is very greatly diminished.(/edit)(if too powerful tell me and i'll tone it down)

Dark mist disruption technique: A dark mist rises and shoots outwards in a giant one time wave which carries small amount of chakra which will disrupt any genjutsu on the people it hits(also breaks any on himself and can disrupt some techniques that require high chakra concentration)

[B]Bio[/B]: Grew up in the fire country where he was trained by his father who was a missing nin, travelling alot because of the people chasing his father he knows many places and has been all over the world, being primarily in the fire country he knows where just about every town in it is and their size and the taverns that don't care if ur wanted/ninja/criminal. When he was 16 the Anbu nin finally caught up with them, after a long fight the Anbu retreaeted to rethink the aproach and thats when his dad left him, he said sry for doing this so late and that he should have done it long ago as to not get him involved in his afairs with the leaf, and since then he became a "missing nin" so to speak, when he was just turning 18 he joined the waterfall village, now that the threat has entered threatening the very fire country he decided to step up and join the group to defeat naruto.
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I hope you don't mind me playing a Canon Character.

Name: Konohamaru

Age: 16


Personality: Konohamaru's personality has not changed much since Naruto left. He still sees the ninja as his rival and since the death of the Hokage, the young man has become even more determined to bring the ninja back to the side of what is right.

Blood line trait: Being of the bloodline of the 3rd hokage he has several defining traits. He has an immense amount of chakra to work with. A natural flair for leadership and teamwork. The most defining thing however is his summoning pact. Only those from the Sarutobi bloodline may summon the monkey god Emna.

Common special techniques: Kawarimi no Jutsu, Henge no Jutsu, Kai, Kuchiyose no Jutsu, Ninpou: nagatsudzuki.

Bio: Konohamaru grew as he did in the manga until Naruto snapped and attacked. Among those lost were also Udon and Moegi. The ninja was destroyed by the loss of his friends but was picked up by the ninja Sai and Ten Ten and taught powerful techniques before they dissappeared themselves. Now he is on a mission to restore what is lost to him.
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