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Gaming Prince of Persia 2008


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Yeah, so it's confirmed. There's a new Prince of Persia game coming out for PS3 and 360. Although, it's also been confirmed that the new game is totally different from the three based off the Sands of Time game. In the new one you play as a whole new person and it's a whole new story. The game is supposedly coming out near the end of 2008. Anyone else hear about this or anything related and are waiting for it as much as I am?
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I've been a fan of the Prince since the old Game Gear/Genesis games, and the past Sands of Time series was awesome; so naturally I'm excited about the news of a new game.

From what I've seen so far, there are gonna be a few changes. For instance, new Prince, who looks more mysterious, sorta reminds me of Arabic Ninja of sorts.


Also the whole claw/gauntlet thing he's got looks interesting.
I'm interested in seein' how they'll change around the game mechanics and everything.
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