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Right, so I decided to start one of these. In this thread, as the name suggests, I will posting my art. Anything from drawings to banners and the like. So, I guess with that, I'll start posting.

This I did AWHILE ago, back when AC was like, first announced. Not my best, and yes, I noticed I messed up on the knives at his waist.

This is a pic of Jo from Burst Angel that I drew. I did that sometime in 07 I think, so not that far away. In my opinion it's probably one of my best drawings.

This drawing I drew while listening to the song 'Dani California' by the Red Hot Chili Peppers, and that line in the song stuck. So, I drew what I imagined. My scanner didn't pick up the lines the best though. x.x

This I did awhile ago as well. Not sure exactly when...But it was a little after I rented Stranglehold on my 360 and I enjoyed it. So I did this drawing in the middle of class. >.>

Creative criticism would be greatly appreciated, and I'll post more sometime :D
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Sorry for such a late response.

Its cool how you have drawing from different time zones as I usually lose most my stuff. I can also tell your improving your abilities.

Your ability to draw faces is of a high level and I really like the dani california pics face.

In terms of improvements I would say you need to practice anatomy. The best way to do this would probably follow some online tutorials that can show you how to draw peoples body's to look natural with simple elements such as circles and lines. I think if you worked on this area of your drawing they would be really slick.

If you dont feel like working on anatomy or find it boring :P experiment with shading as I think that always helps pics. You used a little shading in the first pict for the hood shadow, check out some online tutorials for shading techniques too.

Hope to see more whenever you get a chance, although I feel slightly cheeky for commenting without having uploaded any of my own.:animeswea

P.S In my opinion I reckon your best drawing is the dani california one over the gunslinger one, and apologies for refering to tuts.
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[font=trebuchet ms] In addition to what Alucard said, you should also try and improve your skills on clothes, wrinkles, folds, etc. In your last drawing, the pant's wrinkles and folds seem more random/drawn for the sake rather than form-fitting, yet the jacket looks stiff and straight.

Alucard recommended tutorials, and you can do that, but I think drawing from life is just as good, possibly better, than just tutorials. I'm not saying draw realistically, but crack open an issue of GQ or something (anything with guys' clothing, since you seem to draw mainly males) and observe the way slacks or jeans fit around the legs, what a trench coat/jacket looks like when worn loosely or tightly, all that good stuff.

But overall, great job! You seem to have a good hold on proportion, which is always very important. Hope to see more stuff. :)[/font]
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Thanks for the tips and compliments. Tutorials, yeah they probably would help. Guess it's just me being too lazy to google stuff but whatever. I havn't really drawn anything recently, but I'll try and get some new stuff up soon.
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Sorry for the double-post, but I said I'd have some new stuff up in a few days. So, here they are:

This was just a random drawing I did, but also one of the first where I added a background, haha. I think it came out pretty good.

This was a drawing based off a Gears of War soldier I did when my family and I were out at a restaurant one night.

This is actually a character design I'm using for a manga that I think I'm going to start soon. And no that's not a cape, it's the two ends of the scarf lol. >.>

And to top this post off, I'll throw in some of my gfx work. They were all made for another forum, which is why there's a different name on it lol.


Newest to Oldest order.
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