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Akieen Cloud

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[COLOR="Navy"][FONT="Comic Sans MS"]This is a remake of an oldie I did a long time ago so lets see what happens. By the way, it will be mature

Many clans ruled over the land in these ages but Calek was the most feared, he killed for fun and never left any alive, he had a daughter and always taught her his ways. Now that he is dead she hunts his killer and does it with a vengeance, but how will things work out? With the many clans will she survive and will the truth about her blood line tear her apart before the fighting clans of the East, West and South? With the great Blood War of the middle times she fights for what she believes to be the truth but with friends at her side and a new fire burning in her heart for blood,how will she turn the war into something she can use for the good of her clan? Food, Fortress and Army. things she needs and things that she is quickly running out of. The vampires of this age were different evolved, they could live off human food and walk in sunlight, though it made them weaker than normal...but what was worse, they could feel compassion. Love, sadness, hate...Revenge, and they were not afraid to act on these new feelings which made them dangerous and unpredictable where the vampire of the old age only acted on hunger the new generation acted like humans which made them more difficult to hunt. It started with the death of Calek and his daughters rise to power.

Calek bowed in front of the man, his mouth bleeding from the removeal of his fangs, he looked at him and saw no remorse in his eyes. He didn't feel the stake as it passed through his chest.

A few days later his daughter watched in horror as the fangs of her father rolled down the table to rest in front of her, tears welled up n her eyes, she blinked and took up the fangs holding them tightly she looked at her council.She was the leader now and she knew it as well as they did. She stood and cleared her throat.
"Who did this to him?"
"We do not know my lady."
"I want you to find him. I want his head."
She clutched the fangs till they bit into her palm and made her bleed, now that she was leader the first matter of business was to find the man responsible for this and find our why and pass her judgment on the hunter. She looked over her council.
'What other news do you bring to me?"
"The other clans are moving against our castle you should rally the army and make a stand against the attack."
She fell into her seat with a sigh and looked up.
"What army...we're short...We'll be crushed if we tried."
A weathered old man stood and addressed her.
"Send out scouts to bring back soldiers. There have to be fighters out there that are willing to fight for money."
She sighed and nodded.
"Alright, send out a few of our men and see if we get any roaming soldiers. I just pray we do..."

It has been years since that point in time and the Clan war is now upon her and her clan, things are getting more and more difficult as more and more of her clan are eliminated before her eyes. Everyday she watches as more and more of her kind are killed and its tearing her apart.
"Mina! The Eastern clan has breached the northern wall!"
"Send the delta over there now! I have to finish here!"
She tightened a bandage on a soldiers leg and looked up at the smoke darkened sky and felt tears sting her eyes as she thought about the one person she wished were there more than anyone at that moment.
He had left with the others to find fighters to help them but the other clans had attacked quicker than they had thought. She screamed as the wall next to her exploded, she covered the man she was tending to and looked around as the smoke cleared; standing she took up a sword and readied her self for a fight, when none came she went back to tending the man she was trying to save.
"Don't worry, we'll be alight."
She looked back up to the sky and thought of T.J yet again and found the locket he had given her before he had left and took a deep breath finding her courage to go on knowing he would be back for her.

Sign ups:

Clan: (North, South, East, West)
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[B]Name:[/B] Takahiro "T.J." Jinrai
[B]Age:[/B] 200 (seemingly 16)
[B]Gender:[/B] Male
[B]Personality:[/B] Takahiro is usually emotionless. He is very serious and stays strictly to orders or to an assignment. The only person he has ever shown any actual emotion to was Mina. He is very intelligent but can be very rash sometimes.
[B]Appearance:[/B] [URL="http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v365/Kayin_Cloud/artworks/TakaArmedColor.jpg"]Taka(the old pic)[/URL][URL="http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v365/Kayin_Cloud/artworks/Takahirocrouching.jpg"]Takahiro[/URL]
[B]Bio:[/B] T.J. is a full blooded vampire who was brought into Calek's estate to serve as his daughter's guardian. He was put to sleep in the basement of Calek's estate since his actual age was sixteen after an incident involving Mina. He had been awakened from sensing the death of his clan leader. He searches for the one that killed him with revenge on his mind only after finding she who he was summoned to protect.

His gun was made to kill humans without making them bleed, so he could drink his fill from their corpses. T.J. only attacks humans who attack him(which happens often) and gets his blood from those. He feels as though humans don't deserve to become vampires.
[B]Weapon:[/B] X-Caliber(custom 9mm), Dragon Nail(Katana)
[B]Clan:[/B] Mina's Clan
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Name: Marius

Age: Unknown [Looks in his low to mid 20's]

Gender: Male

Personality: Marius lives by a code of honor, he is courteous, generous and honest. He is also very loyal. When he makes an oath he keeps it no matter what the cost to himself.

Apperance: [URL="http://img337.imageshack.us/img337/6366/vampirehi3.jpg"]Marius[/URL]

Bio: Marius is the son of Azrael, a pure blood vampire whom served in one of the great wars. During sleep one night, Marius was awoken by the screams of his mother and father. Some humans were attacking. It was only a matter of time before they would reach him. So he attempted to make a run for the door, it was too late. Marius was pinned to the ground, he winced in pain as the burning singe of silver pierced his shoulder. The pain was enough to make him blackout. The last thing he remembered was crawling away from the burning remains of his home. "Where am I.." Marius whispered as he awoke. "Don't speak young immortal. I found you covered in human blood at the edge of the river. I have taken you to Calek's camp." a voice replied. Marius was relieved, he remembered how his father spoke of Calek and his great battles.

Several years have passed, Marius seemed to form a bond to Calek as if he was somewhat family. Marius became stronger and more wise with age. It was at this time that Marius would decide to leave for awhile. He traveled across Europe and Asia for two centuries before he heard word that Calek has been killed. It took Marius a year to get back to Calek's camp, he stopped in his tracks. His eyes became enraged as he saw the camp was under attack. Marius ran as fast as he could into the battle.

Weapon(s): Nexus and Nemesis (Twin desert eagles with extended clips).

Clan: Mina's Clan

Hope this is ok. lol if anything needs to be changed let me know.
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