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Sign Up Star Ship troopers

Drizzt Do'urden

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[CENTER][B][SIZE="4"]Do you have what it takes!?[/SIZE][/B][/CENTER]

It seems like such a simple question on the outside. But after reading further down the page you wonder if you really DO have what it takes. You stare at the flyer; the picture in the center below the heading depicts a soldier, fighting for his life in a jungle. In the sky there are two moons, this obviously a foreign landscape. The soldier’s foe, a huge monster holding some sort of weapon that you’ve never seen.

The text under the picture speaks of an opportunity. For you to “do your part”, and enlist in the galactic marines. You’ve heard of them before, genetically altered, they were the best soldiers in the world. You’ve also heard about the conflict, a planet in a distant galaxy. The first planet to be found to have what it takes for humans to exist. The united federation of earth, the one worldwide government, has funded studies that have shown if the population of earth isn’t cut in half; the earth will only have enough resources to last another 50 years.

The first set of humans to hit the planet was a group of scientist. Whose soul job was to test soil, water, air, and find the best places to build the new civilization. They never made it back. The government then sent soldiers to find out what happened. The soldiers discovered a whole world inside the planet filled with creatures that looked like something straight out of a science fiction novel. Though they seemed to be all the same species, they looked significantly different. Some were over 9 foot tall, with huge tusks jutting out of their mouths. Others were small, only 3 or 4 feet tall. Interrogation of a captured “Fulucian”, the name given by the prisoner, revealed they were breed for specific purposes. The larger ones were grunts who could take round after round and keep going. The smaller ones were snipers who can hide in the smallest of areas and not be seen. Apparently there were several others for different purposes, though none of these had been contacted yet.

The galactic marines were then formed, they were originally going to be breed for just combat, better than normal humans in every way. Early tests revealed this was causing…problems in their genetic structure making them…unstable. This was remedied by only choosing a few characteristics, such as our own version of the “Fulucian Method”. Snipers were given vision that was 10 times better than a normal human. Gunners were given enhanced strength, 10 times that of a normal human to allow for huge weapons. Demolitions and recon units were given speed 10 times better than normal humans. Infantry was given hearing at 10 times that; in order to serve as point men. With all these enhancements the humans were still getting slaughtered.

The government decided to implement an operation, and an outcry came for a certain group of people. Only 1 person out of a million carried a trait that enable them to be infused with all these traits, the only problem being that with the democratic world government, no official would initiate a draft for fear of being impeached. The only other solution was to propagandize the military in extreme ways. Offering huge incentives, such as be the first to inhabit the new world. Your family for years to come would be housed there, kept safe and secure; never have to work again, if you were selected for the program of course.

So let me ask again, [B]do you have what it takes?[/B]

Time for a final operation against the Fulucian’s, you will be selected into the program and placed upon the star cruiser “Exodus”. It will be your job to take the F-Bomb, a bomb targeted at the Unique genetic structure of the Fulucian’s into the center of the planet. And detonate it; the scientists swear it will end the war for good….hopefully.




Occupation before enlisting: (You can already have been a soldier and have transferred to the operation)



Job: (Sniper, Gunner, Recon, etc. Feel free to be creative and mix-and match. I.E. Infantry/Sniper. Jack of all master-none sort of thing.)

Favored Weapon: Should coincide with your job, remember this is the future. So be creative, modify current weapons, create new ones, just be descriptive if you don’t use something from this time. We are “super” soldiers, so swords or blades (again be creative) would be great backup weapons.

Bio defect: Every one of the “super” soldiers has a defect of some sorts. This “defect” comes in the form of an unexpected mutation. Any supernatural power will work; just remember this is brand new, so you don’t know about it right off.

Biography: Where were you when you read the flyer, what made you want to enlist, how basic/weapons training, etc.

OOC: Sorry for the name, it was actually supposed to be named: Star Soldiers, but I put it in really fast. The name is actually going to be Star Soldiers once things get up and running.
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Sounds interesting...

Name: Neige

Age: 14

Occupation before enlisting: None, though she was great when it came to cracking codes.

Personality: Very quirky and energetic, she can be very sweet.

Appearance: [URL="http://media.photobucket.com/image/neige%20megaman%20zero/shadowfoxzx/megaman%20zero/neigemmz.jpg?o=1"]Neige[/URL]

Job: Hacker/sniper

Favored Weapon: She doesn't have a favorite. She likes anything. She prefers close-range, though.

Bio defect: Incredibly high intelligence, very high speed.

Biography: She was on her way to the hardware store when she noticed the ad. She decided to sign up because she had nothing better to do.
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