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[B]Nasuverse[/B] (M - VLS)
A TYPE-MOON crossover adventure

The Holy Grail. An ancient relic that grants one?s wishes. The manifestation of dreams made real, a catalyst for the working of miracles beyond mortal comprehension. For hundreds of years the Holy Grail War, a cataclysmic battle traditionally fought between seven ?masters? and their respective ?servants? for the right to approach the grail and command its awesome power for their deepest desire, has taken place in Fuyuki city, a relatively small and inconspicuous town in Japan, hidden away from the eyes of normal humans. A battle in secret, a war between a mere seven individuals that could never be witnessed by anyone not taking place in the event.

A once in a lifetime opportunity.

The product of an unusual arrangement between the Mage?s association and the Vatican, the actual ?war? has traditionally been strictly regulated, a clear outline of rules laid out before the participants; Seven masters, all from a family of magical lineage, or with some Magus-related proficiency, and seven servants, one each, of the seven classes, Saber, Archer, Lancer, Caster, Berserker, Assassin, and Rider. The servants themselves, legendary heroes and monsters from ages past, controlled by mere humans to try to obtain that ultimate power.

By laying down these, among other rules, the Mage?s association and the Vatican were able to for once work together to keep this powerful artifact under control.

At least, that was the idea.

The past few wars have taken disastrous tolls on Fuyuki city and, even worse, on the Holy Grail itself. The incident in the fourth Holy Grail War, which left much of the city in ruins, and a mere ten years later, the calamity of the fifth Holy Grail War, where the Grail itself was contaminated by [B]Angra Mainyu[/B], and had to be destroyed and replaced.

Many lives were lost. The destruction was irreparable. Much of what had once been legend, had faded back into mythology.

In a rare move, the Vatican made a proposition to the Mage?s association that all effort be made to push the next War as soon as possible, before the damage became permanent. The Mage?s association, a longtime nemesis of the Vatican, only agreeing to work with them in the first place because they needed a mediator, naturally objected the idea. A representative was sent, and the outline of the plan was explained.

The idea was simple: summon the newly made Holy Grail to initiate the next War, and control all seven of the ?Masters?. Once a victor was decided, have them wish for ?everything to return to the way it was before?.

A sound plan, right? Initiate the new war, force a victor, decide the outcome of the wish. Fools, each and every one of them.

The eventual winner of the sixth Holy Grail War was none other than Emiya Shirou, a victim of the fourth War and the hero of the fifth. But, when the Grail appeared before him, he refused the wish that had been scripted to him. Who would?ve known? Out of all the contestants, Shirou was thought to be the one that would most want to ?reset? the War in the first place. But what he ended up wishing for was even more calamitous than the previous two wars combined.

[I]He wished for another War.[/I]

Moreover, he created an entirely new set of rules for the Grail to follow. And, even [I]further[/I], he wished for all of those who had died and were involved in the previous Wars to come back to life.

The new rules he outlined were, in fact, even simpler than the rules that had been in place before. There practically were none. The seven servant limit was still in place, but the seven master limit was removed. The Holy Grail War was now open to anyone that wished to participate.

Both the Mage?s association and the Vatican were outraged, partially because of this fundamental destruction of the system they had carefully put in place for what they felt was the protection of humanity, but mostly because [I]there was simply nothing they could do about it[/I]. There was no choice but to participate in the next Holy Grail War and attempt to emerge victorious, and use their wish to reverse the damage that Shirou had caused. It?s been a mere two years since that wish was granted, and already the Grail has shown signs of reappearing.

A wise woman once said that unusual objects attract one another. And surely enough, as the day draws near when the Grail reappears again, humans, mages, and vampires are all gathering towards Fuyuki city to compete in the new War, now that the Seven-mage-only rule has been lifted.

The time has come for the Seventh Holy Grail War.

Welcome, welcome, to the TYPE-MOON crossover adventure! Following the general mechanics of Fate/Stay Night, this story will be bringing in characters and concepts from both Fate/Stay Night and Tsukihime, both of famed novelist Kinoko Nasu?s finest and most well-known achievements. The rules for this adventure are going to be, out of necessity, somewhat strict, but hopefully they should provide an outline for all potential participants to thoroughly enjoy themselves over the course of the adventure.


1. At the very least, fundamental knowledge of the backstory and terminology of Fate/Stay Night and Tsukihime is a requirement. If you are completely unfamiliar with either of these, it is [U]highly recommended[/U] that you don?t join this adventure, or, at the very least, do some serious research before signing up. Thoroughly examining both main Wikipedia articles should be sufficient, but it is encouraged that one researches even further if necessary.

2. Both Fate/Stay Night and Tsukihime are, by an admittedly large stretch of the term, eroge visual novels. This adventure is rated M ? VLS [B][U][I]for a reason[/I][/U][/B]. If you are uncomfortable with graphic violence or mild-to-strong sexual themes, and you still choose to sign up, just remember that you had fair warning.

3. This adventure should be viewed as a collective effort to create a story that is as fun to read for the casual forum-goer as it is to write for the participants. As a group, the participants should strive for quality of storytelling, [I]not[/I] quantity of posts per day. If more time is spent on each post, then not only will it be easier to keep track of the story but the end product will be far more enjoyable to read. Quality of posting will be a minor factor in the ?group meetings?, which will be discussed in rule four.

4. As a collective, participants will periodically discuss, via a sub-thread in the backstage, all significant changes in the story?s direction, such as character deaths, outcomes of any battles in progress, and ideas for new directions in the general plotline. These discussions will generally be held in a voting-style fashion (i.e. voting on whether a character should be killed, or the outcome of a present battle).

5. Out of necessity, PMs will have a wide variety of uses throughout this adventure, in the form of anything from updates from me regarding important plot information to interactions between two participants that not only can other characters not know about in the story, but the other participants writing the story themselves can also not know about. (In other words, being secretive with others is going to be not only encouraged, but at times necessary)

6. Regarding sign-ups, participants are welcome to choose almost any Fate/Stay Night, Tsukihime, or Melty Blood character to play as (exceptions will be listed), providing they are familiar with said character?s personality, OR, with reasonable limitations, participants are also welcome to create their own characters. More information regarding that in the sign-ups section.

7. Adventures are supposed to be [I]fun[/I]. I fully believe that it is not only possible to have fun even with all of these rules in place, but even more so than if they weren?t. I hope that anyone who chooses to participate will be able to appreciate that by attempting to control the environment a bit, I am trying to create a more accurate copy of the Nasuverse?s atmosphere.


Did ya make it through all those rules okay? No? Ah, well, if you?re still reading, you?ll get over it. Finally, it?s just about time to get to the sign-up sheet for this adventure. There are just a few more things that I need to take care of first. First, for obvious reasons, not EVERY character is ?playable?, as several characters in Nasuverse are simply too powerful to be ?balanced?, and therefore should not be controlled by any of the participants. Please also note that even though these characters are banned from direct control, most, if not all of them, as well as just about every other character in Fate/Stay Night and Tsukihime, will at the very least make an appearance.

The ?Banned? list:
Crimson Moon, Zelretch, Primate Murder, ORT, Zoken Matou (not overly powerful, just boring), Caubac Alcatraz (impossible to do anything with), Aoko Aozaki, Einnashe, Roa, the Dark Six, Mech Hisui (joke character), Neko-Arc (also a joke character)

[B]NOTE:[/B] If you will be making your own character for this adventure, please show some self-restraint. Characters deemed overly-powerful will be rejected, or subjected to serious design makeovers.

So, if you think you?re ready, without further adieu: the [B][I][U]Sign-up sheet.[/U][/I][/B]

[B]Name [/B](or Class, if you are a Servant):
[B]True Name [/B](if applicable):
[B]Age [/B](if immortal make note of this and list apparent age):
[B]Character Type[/B]:
- Human
- Vampire (Dead Apostle Ancestor, if applicable)(cannot be Master)
- Magus
- Master (limit 7)
- Servant (limit 7)
[B]Appearance[/B] (a picture or description will do quite nicely):
[B]Weapons[/B] (if applicable):
[B]Powers[/B] (if applicable):
- Mystic Eyes
- Reality Marbles
- Noble Phantasms
- Vampiric Abilities
- Other Abilities
[B]Allegiance[/B] (Vatican, Mages association, master, parent vampire, etc.)(if applicable):
[B]Wish[/B] (aka reason for being in the Holy Grail War):
[B]Bio[/B]: ([U]the quality of this section will decide whether or not you qualify to participate, so get creative and pump out some quality work[/U])

[B]Please note that you still have to fill out the entirety of the sign-up if you will be controlling a pre-established character. Take the character?s personality into account when filling in any sections that aren?t explicitly obvious.[/B]

Character-Specific Guidelines (only applicable if you?re playing as an existing Nasuverse character):

[B]Shiki Tohno[/B] ? Can temporarily activate alter ego, becomes very fast and ruthless. Suffers anemic attack upon deactivation. (Shiki Nanaya)
[B]Arcueid Brunestud[/B] ? Must begin at 30% power, despite continuity issues, or else she?d be banned. Can temporarily activate alter ego, goes into a ?blood frenzy?, becomes incredibly powerful and temporarily invincible, even in daytime. Is always labeled as ?True Ancestor? in addition to ?Vampire?. (Warcueid)
[B]Akiha Tohno[/B] ? Involuntarily activates ?inversion impulse? if she goes to long without feeding on Kohaku (Vermillion Akiha)
[B]Elesia Ciel[/B] ? (referred to simply as ?Ciel?)Is immortal until Roa is killed. Only has access to Seventh Holy Scripture ?Nanako? during desperate situations.
[B]Warakia[/B] ? will be appearing in his singular form, because otherwise he would be banned.
[B]Len[/B] ? Has no alternate ?White Len? mode, so don?t worry about that. Has been given a Reality Marble that does nothing other than make the weather lightly snowy on command.
[B]Satsuki Yumiduka[/B] ? Will die. Sorry, but it?s a Tsukihime tradition.

[U]-Fate/Stay Night:[/U]
[B]Shirou Emiya [/B]? has the advantage of being closer to his full power than any other character at the beginning of the adventure.
[B]Saber[/B] (if using original)? Can only obtain Excalibur and Avalon through Shirou?s Trace ability later on in the adventure. Until then uses Caliburn.
[B]Berserker[/B] (if using original)? Still has twelve lives. (Godhand)
[B]Sakura Matou[/B] ? has the option to become ?the Shadow? over time as Zoken Matou becomes more powerful. If Zoken is killed, will become Dark Sakura. (aka VERY BAD for everyone else.)
[B]Ilyasviel Von Einsberg[/B] ? Is the new Holy Grail?s projection of itself, for continuity?s sake. Her allegiance is ?none? and her wish is ?perpetuate the Holy Grail War?.

[B]The following section is supplementary, and may not necessarily need to be read by someone who is more than just vaguely acquainted with the Nasuverse. The following section contains special guidelines for certain characters as well as a conveniently brief general terminology section for those that need it.[/B]

General Character Guidelines:

[B]Humans[/B] ? physically weak, in general incapable of any form of magic. Despite this, there are several fairly powerful Human characters in the Nasuverse, such as Shiki Tohno.
[B]Vampires[/B] ? physically powerful, incapable of performing magic, instead having several vampiric abilities. In the Nasuverse, Vampires are required to feed on human blood (?new genetic material?) to stop their bodies from decaying unless they are True Ancestor level vampires, which includes only Arcueid Brunestud.
[B]Magi[/B] ? physically weak, capable of magic. Some Nasuverse Magi have Reality Marbles which can give them an edge in combat.
[B]Master[/B] ? Physically weak, able to use magic, can control ?Servant? class characters.
[B]Servant[/B] ? Powerful, has access to many abilities, including powers from when they were alive. Must serve under a master at all times.

Character Interactions:

[U]Regarding the master/servant relationship:[/U]
One advantage to being a master in this adventure is that your randomly assigned servant is required to obey you (yes, this includes if that servant happens to be another participant?s character). Each Master is given 3 Command Spells, which they can use to force their servant to do something that that servant would otherwise be incapable and/or unwilling to do. If a master uses up all the Command Spells, the servant is no longer bound to the master, and can reassign itself to another if it chooses (keep in mind that a servant can only survive about 3 days with no master to supply it mana, and this timeframe grows shorter at an incredible rate when exerting themselves in combat).

This is a crossover, and all of the original relationships do not apply; the characters begin not knowing each-other as participants in the Hoy Grail War, although some characters may know each-other as neighbors or school acquaintances. There is no problem at all with, for example, Tsukihime?s Ciel having a servant, if she just happens to be assigned one (more on that in a few seconds). As all of the relationships have been effectively reset, it is [B]STRONGLY ENCOURAGED[/B] that the participants begin by casually interacting with one another to build up ?friends?, ?rivals?, and, later on, ?enemies?. The first part of the story is going to be less aggressive to provide the participants sufficient time to form their preliminary relationships.

Remember, even though the eventual goal is to obtain the Holy Grail, there are no parameters set on the method of attainment, and participants may choose to form alliances to defeat each-other. If you plan on backstabbing or making extra alliances without your allies knowing, a good strategy is to vaguely ?go somewhere? in the story, and proceed to use the PM system to contact the person/people you are trying to form a new alliance with.

Finally (the end, yay!), many important events that are not/cannot be decided by vote in the backstage thread will be decided by me through random chance via assigning things to numbers and running them through a random number generator. The masters of the seven servants will be decided through this method (hence the potential for Tsukihime characters to have servants assigned to them).

To make things interesting, I will use the same system to give a random participant the opportunity to control, as an additional character, Shiki Ryougi from [I]Kara no Kyokai[/I], another Kinoko Nasu work. I will provide Shiki Ryougi?s character sheet along with my own, and will allow the ?winner? of the character the choice to accept or refuse control of her, at which point I will randomly choose another participant. Similar roulettes will periodically be run to control additional characters/gain additional powers throughout the story.

Terminology for the newcomer:

[B]Nasuverse[/B] ? Since all of the stories written by Kinoko Nasu follow the same basic abilities, powers, terminology, and indeed even some characters, it is officially recognized that all of Kinoko Nasu?s works take place in the same ?setting?, or 'world'. This collective world is commonly referred to as the ?Nasuverse?, hence the name of this adventure.
[B]True Ancestor[/B] ? Those who are vampires ?from the very beginning?. True Ancestors have no need to drink blood, and are more akin to ?spirits of the world? than the traditional vampire. As of this storyline, all True Ancestors other than Arcueid Brunestud have been wiped out by the 27 Ancestors of Dead Apostles.
[B]Dead Apostles[/B] ? humans who have had their blood sucked by vampires. These are closest to traditional Vampires.
[B]The 27 Ancestors of Dead Apostles[/B] ? a list of 27 [U]extraordinarily powerful[/U] Dead Apostles who rival or even surpass the True Ancestors in power. One can only join the ranks of the 27 dead apostles by 1) being immortal and 2) killing off a current member. Despite being listed as a group, the 27 Ancestors of Dead Apostles are for the most part rivals or enemies with each-other. To put their power into perspective, each Kinoko Nasu work tends to revolve around only one or two of the 27, who act as the main antagonist or ?final boss?.
[B]The Dead[/B] ? corpses which act as puppets or servants to Dead Apostles. The Dead have no will of their own and exist only to serve their masters. A Dead Apostle can have any number of The Dead in his/her service.
[B]Demon[/B] ? Demons apparently exist in the Nasuverse, although they never appear, and the Tohno family in particular all have demonic blood, with the exception of Shiki Tohno.
[B]Burial Agency[/B] ? the Vatican ?hit squad? which hunts down and executes supernatural creatures, namely vampires. The Burial Agency utilizes conceptual weapons formed by sealing away supernatural spirits, and also has many ancient religious relics at its disposal.
[B]Mage?s Association[/B] ? a collection of Magi that act as administrators of all magical activity in the world. Possess many magical relics and Magi of exceptional talent and power.
[B]Magic Circuit[/B] ? everyone has a certain number of magic circuits in their body, akin to ?veins? through which spiritual energy flows. Magic circuits, by default, aren?t ?activated?, and one must ?switch them on? using some means, which is usually subconscious. One only has a certain number of circuits in their body, which determines one?s ?maximum? magic potential, and under normal circumstances the number of circuits in a body cannot be changed. The average human has no magic circuits, although some may have one.
[B]Magic[/B] ? the normal type of magic that one thinks about when one hears the word ?magic?.
[B]Magus, mage[/B] ? a human capable of performing magic. Magi have far more Magic Circuits than normal humans.
[B]Sorcery [/B]? ?true miracles? that cannot be explained by science or magic. There exist only five people capable of true sorcery, and none of them are playable.
[B]Sorcerer[/B] ? a being capable of performing true magic, or ?sorcery?.
[B]Reality Marble [/B]? a physical manifestation of one?s spirit. Reality Marbles come in all kinds and uses, have their own names, and any one being can only have up to one Reality Marble. Not all Reality Marbles even have combat-oriented uses, and some are even powers which are simply integral to their owner?s existence, such as Nrvnqsr?s ?[U]Lair of the Beast King[/U]? Reality Marble, which holds his body together.
[B]Marble Phantasm[/B] ? exceptionally powerful beings have Marble Phantasms instead of Reality Marbles. A Marble Phantasm can manifest itself in any way the user chooses, from creating things out of nothing, to destroying enemies. The only official characters that possess Marble Phantasms are Arcueid Brunestud and Dead Apostle Ancestor #9, Altrouge Brunestud.
[B]Noble Phantasm[/B] ? All servants have multiple Noble Phantasms that take on the form of abilities or weapons from their past lives as legendary heroes or monsters. Examples of this would be the original Saber?s sword, or the original Berzerker?s ?Godhand? ability.
[B]Mystic Eyes[/B] ? an ability one gains through having Magic circuits open in their eyes. Commonly enable limited telecommunication and hypnosis.
[B]Mystic Eyes of Death Perception[/B] ? an especially powerful kind of Mystic Eye that enables one to perceive ?death?. This skill cannot be learned, but is rather related to the presence of a very powerful circuit in the eyes, a near-death experience to activate it, and one?s capability to comprehend ?death?. The pressure of this power is extremely harmful to a normal human?s brain, and will kill them over time the more it is used. Shiki Tohno and Shiki Ryougi are the only pre-established characters with the Mystic Eyes of Death Perception, and only Shiki Ryougi does not appear to suffer adverse effects from it.
[B]Master[/B] ? one who controls a Servant through the Command Spell.
[B]Servant[/B] ? a spiritual entity that fights for a Master. Servants are actually legendary heroes or monsters from ages past, but they keep their true identities secret from each-other, as the knowledge of their identity leads to the knowledge of their weaknesses.
[B]Command Spell[/B] ? crystallized magic found on a Master?s backhand which links them to their Servant. The command Spell is a three-part symbol, and Masters can issue their servants ?Absolute Commands? by spending mana (the amount varies depending on the Command) and, in addition, spending one piece of the symbol. If all three parts of the symbol are used up, the Servant is no longer bound to the master. Also, a Master can accept another Master?s command symbols as well as their Servant, or conversely, forcefully take the Command Spells by killing the Master (which usually also involves killing the Servant, which is the downside of this arrangement).
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