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The year is 2020. Vampires and demons took over the world in 2018. In 2019 Demons turned on vampires as they found a plot to get rid of them and become the only rulers of the world. Demons went back to the underworld and then decided to declare war on the vampires to decide who rules the world. Humans decided to join the war on their own behalf to take back what was originally theirs. The armies of all three sides consist of you. You have the choice to be a Demon, vampire or slayer
Post your stats like this.


Brief description on each:

Name:- name of your character
Age:- age of your character
Bio: Brief or detailed description of your past and reasons for killing vampires etc.
Description: What your character looks like
Weapons: State the weapons that your character will be using for vampire slayage.

My characters stats: -
Name: Ash
Age: 17
Bio: parents were killed by vampires when he was five and was brought up by uncle who was a very well known weapon craftsman. Was trained in martial arts and has vowed to kill every vampire he met.
Description: He has short blonde hair with a flicked up fringe. He wears clothes like blades.
Weapons: Two custom-made handguns, a sawed off shotgun and a large sword.

When I get about 7 or 8 people then we?ll start.
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well then . . . finally a chance to use my MAIN history . . . :D

Name: Sere Tuscumbia
Age: 16
Bio: Sere never really had thought about why she was a slayer, she just carried out what she felt. However, with every vampire she killed, she felt as if a small part of her was dying too. She has yet to figure out why . . .
Desc: Sere Tuscumbia: This girl of 16 keeps to herself. She always dresses in black, and hunts in dangerous territories. The only obvious features on this huntress in black is her white hair, pulled up into a tightly braided ponytail, and her fangs.(Yes folks . . . for some strange reason Sere doesn't know yet, she has fangs!)
Weapons: A custom-made Eagle, equipped w/ carbon-based bullets(Carbon-burnt wood--hey, it works doesn't it?), a large sword, and several small daggers, both wood and metal.
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Guest QuickSilver
bio:he is the leader of the demon arm,spawn of satan
description:looks like devil man
weapons:devil mans power
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Name: Craig Kensindan
Age: 3000
Race: Vampire/ Human hybrid.
Bio: The demented creation of the ultimate demon Lucifer. Craig has all the traits of a vampire, but can walk in the daylight, touch silver and crosses. He was created as the ultimate weapon for the demon's, but his concionce is telling him to fight alongside his kin.
Description: Has spiked brown hair, hazel eyes. Blue jeans, a black vest, and a black trenchcoat. Has the biohazard symbol tatoeed on his arm.
Weapons: A Golden bladed katana custom made. It reads the DNA code on his hands or gloves, and lethal spikes armed with poison are protruded from the handle if the DNA code does not match Craig's. A triple barrel shotgun, all in a vertical line (like Blade's shotgun) one barrel for silver nitrate bullets, two barrels for silver steaks. Also, a machine pistol armed with 2cm bullets coated with garlic. Two Glock Baretta's, and several silver steaks which can be loaded into his shotgun, or used manually.
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Name: Calla
Age: 250
Race: Demon
Bio: At 250 Calla is pretty young for a demon, but she was brought up to hate the other races and as is her nature she wants to kill them all.
Description: Gray skin, short messy blonde hair, hooves for feet, two little horns and leathery black wings. Calla is considered quite attractive - for a demon.
Weapon: Her talons and fangs and a pair of short swords forged in the fires off hell to be practically indestructable, even a small scratch is slow poison to a human or vampire.
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Name: Nabashi
Age: 13 (130 Vamp years)
Race: Vampire
Bio: He is still a young vampire but he himself was an assasin for the vampires. He would kill demons but make it look as though it was the humans fault. He himself has never trusted the Demons, and have though of them lower than humans. For some reason he respects humans, and has occasionaly befriended them. He wants to become ruler of the vampires and world to set it right. To put humans and vampires on the same level. Not to eat humans just let them donate blood. He doesn't think the violence between humans and vampires is need.
Description: SHort for a vampire...has blonde hair...white face...green eyes...and long fangs
Weapons: Hands/Teeth/Sword
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[QUOTE][i]Originally posted by Super Gohan [/i]
[B]I changed and earlier post so now you can be a vampire,demon, or slayer [/B][/QUOTE]

Oh joy . . . you changed it AFTER I wrote my post!! :shrugs: Oh well . . . at least w/ those changes, things will go a lot smoother now for Sere . . .

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Name: Dante
age: 17
Race: Demon/human
Bio: He has the demonic powers of his father and the compassion for humanity of his mother. He dishes out pain to any unfortunate demon that crosses his path or anyone esle.
Description: His her is white he wears a long red jacket. Under that he has a black shirt and wears black paints.
Weapons: Two custom made for him Ebony and Irory. And a sword that has electricity that flows around.
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Name: Amber
Race: Demon
Age: 1,560
Description: She looks like a young girl around the age of 13/14, she has blonde hair a little below the shoulder lengh and blue/grey eyes (<--most of the time) but when lurking at night her eyes become a crimson/blood red (or when in a fit rage or fight), she is usually wearing a black no sleeved top and dark denime tight jeans ripped at the knees and at the bottom.
She has a black slick panther-like tail hidden or tied around her waist,she has a small set of fangs, but they aren't like a vampire's and do are not used to suck blood.
Bio: was abandonned at a very younge age, doesn't side with demons, nor vampires, nor humans. She most of all sticks to herself, but in this heat of war she may pick a trustworthy group to stick with, she has the power to sumon a bit of dark magic(not much) and can easily fade into shadows, her eyes are luring to her victims.
Weapons: a simple dagger
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[color=crimson]Name: Fenor
Demon; Vamp; or slayer: Demon
Description: Blood red wings that are made of the corpses of fallen enemies, wears a black robe with a hood over his face. He is 7 feet tall, being a lead Demon warrior. His body is liek that of a human man of the age of 15 or so, aside from the height. He can change from his human appearence into a much fiercer demon foe. His eyes glow red sometimes when he goes into battle...

Weapons: Glory of the Bloodlust (5 foot long sword with double edge, stained with blood)

Bio: Appeared on the front lines of the war between Vamps and Demons, showing Necromatic magic beyond imagination and fear. He speaks sometimes in riddles, loving to confuse and play with people's minds. Pain and bloodshed are what he lives for....[/color]
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Name: Thorn

Age: 130 (13 Vampire years)

Race: Vampires

Description: Long white hair tied in a loose ponytail, Cordial green eyes that flash purple and grey every so often, black tanktop, black shorts, long black trenchcoat.

Bio: I'll think of something and edit later

Weapon(s): short dagger, crossbow.
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