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I've recently became a little bit obsessed with a band called '3oh!3' by complete accident. I was just listening to my normal music taste when my friend that moved to America signed on and we started shouting bands at each other. And these guys caught my eye; simply because of their originality.

They seem to be an emo/scene/gangsta/rap type band.
And that's from listening to both of their albums.

So; what I'm asking is if anybody has heard of them?
And their opinion of the genre/music style they're playing?
And if they enjoy the music they play?
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[COLOR="Indigo"]I've never heard of them until just now. I looked them up and saw them on youtube. I'd say that they are a hiphop/rock band. I kinda like them, not my favorite band in the world, but hey, they don't make my ears sore.:catgirl:[/COLOR]
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I saw them at Warped in Dallas... They sound a whole lot better on CD. (But that's just how some bands are. They may have just been having an off night too)

Anyway, I wouldn't even go as far as saying that I like them, but their songs tend to be very addicting. One of my friends who went to Dallas with me, has a tendency to hum one of the tunes from the concert just to get on my nerves. (because she knows it will get stuck in my head all day)

So, they're alright by my standards. Just not my normal music preference.
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