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Favorite Sleeper

Drizzt Do'urden

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We all have movies that we've watched and love that are "off the beaten path". Movies that may not have been in theatre's but we found, watched, and just loved. What are your favorites? I thought of the idea for this thread the other day when my fiance and I had a scary movie night. We rented all of "The 8 films to Die for". Yes there were a couple that weren't that great, but there were a few that were awesome.

I'll go ahead and just put all 8 of those on my list, I can't remember the names of all so I'm gonna look them up and post them all tomorow (lame I know but I'm restricted on my time here at work).

I'm also going to add, [I]The Onion Movie[/I] which is one of the funniest movies I've seen in a long time. For those of you who've never heard of it, it's an entire movie based on a fake news cast. Doesn't sound like much, but its hillarious.

Also, just to name another one [I]Hard Candy[/I], which stars the girl from Juno (can never remember her name). Basically she plays a not so nice young model to be. It's another one that's a must watch.
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[COLOR="DarkRed"]Movies, eh? Hm........there's none that I can think of that I've seen that never got to the theatres.............lemme think. Every Spongebob episode? Nope..........I guess the Creepshow series. Sure, it's corny, but the thought of it is scary in itself.:animesmil[/COLOR]
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Haha, this is my kind of topic. A few of my favorite sleepers ...

[b]Zelig[/b] (1983): Sometimes people sleep on Woody Allen as a great director, and I have no idea why. The man is a gold mine of comedy. Zelig is a mockumentary about a man who can perfectly imitate anyone or anything; he becomes famous worldwide due to his gift. It's hysterically funny and makes skillful use of historical newsreel footage.

[b]The Thin Man[/b] (1934): Great mystery movie where the real draw is the banter between William Powell and Myrna Loy (who play Dashiell Hammett's detective couple Nick and Nora Charles). Even Groucho Marx would have trouble keeping up with the barbs Powell and Loy throw; not more than a few seconds go by without one of them making a witty comment. Very fun movie.

[b]A Hard Day's Night[/b] (1964): It is much more than a propaganda picture for The Beatles -- it's interestingly directed, The Beatles are naturals in front of the camera and the plot is filled to the brim with absurd nuttiness. The energy is also off the charts. I have no idea how anyone would not want to go out and have a good time after watching this.

[b]High Plains Drifter[/b] (1973): Incredibly off-kilter western, with Clint Eastwood playing probably his most despicable role, even though by the end of the movie you understand why he does what he does. The atmosphere is often more like a horror movie than a western; the eerie music and visual style support that feeling. If you don't like the traditional western style, then give this a shot.

Jim Jarmusch's entire catalogue: He's a very talented director of a lot of offbeat indie movies. My favorites are [b]Mystery Train[/b] (three entertaining stories that take place in Memphis, which include a vacationing Japanese couple and Joe Strummer and Steve Buscemi) and [b]Ghost Dog: The Way of the Samurai[/b] (Forest Whitaker is an urban samurai -- COME ON), but you also can't go wrong with [b]Stranger than Paradise[/b], [b]Down by Law[/b], [b]Night on Earth[/b], [b]Dead Man[/b] or [b]Broken Flowers[/b].
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